Kaboul is definitely the David Luiz of FIFA 13. He is cheap. He has got pace and strength. His defending is excellent. He plays in the BPL and is from France, so he is great for hybrids. Basically, he is almost the perfect defender. The only thing that he needs to get a 10/10 that he doesn't have is that little extra that Chiellini and Dede has. But let's get on with the review.


(74) Acceleration: I guess it's quite good for a center back. Feels like 74 to me.

(64) Agility: Not the greatest. He is 191 cm / 6'3", so he is a little clumsy on the ball.

(47) Balance: Ouch! 47 balance is not very helpful. Can make some mistakes because of this, but all in all, it doesn't really affect the way Kaboul plays.

(81) Jumping: Pretty nice. He wins a lot of headers in defense, a few in attack as well. He also has 83 heading accuracy to go with it.

(76) Reactions: Decent reactions, I would say. Nothing special, but not bad at all.

(79) Sprint speed: The main reason people want to get this guy instead of players like Ferdinand and Terry is (obviously) his pace, which as I have already told you, is quite nice.

(74) Stamina: As a center back, he doesn't really need to run too much, but I find that he can help out in attack sometimes, because of his medium attacking work rate. If I then lose the ball and is on the defense, it's very important to me that both of my center backs are in place. With 74 stamina as a center back, you don't really get tired, so when they come on the counter attack, Kaboul is in the right place at the right time 9 times out of 10.

(86) Strength: I like my center backs to be both pacey and strong. Kaboul is that kind of defender. Not even Emenike is safe when Kaboul is after him. And when he is on the ball, the only way of losing it, is by running straight into an opponent, because getting him from behind is as close to impossible as it gets.


(84) Aggression: For you who don't know what it means, it's how aggressive he is in the air. 84 is great, he really tries to win those headers!

(50) Positioning: As a center back, it's not important to have good positioning, but even though it says 50, his positioning is actually great. The few times he comes up to attack, he is in good positions.

(79) Interceptions: I really like this part about him. He can easily intercept high through balls, as he is quite tall, he can also slide very well, and use that as an advantage.

(50) Vision: Well, as you can see, he is not exactly a Pirlo or Xavi. He can pass it short quite decently, but I would avoid aerial passes like a long pass or high through ball.


(65) Ball Control: Feels a bit higher than 65, but not too great. It's not like he has horrible first touches every time.

(55) Crossing: Crossing is arguably the least important stat for a center back. Besides, if you use assisted crossing you should be fine with almost any player.

(43) Dribbling: All I have to say for this stat is: don't try to dribble with him.

(51) Curve: The number speaks for itself. No more to say.

(20) Finishing: I haven't really tried finishing too much with him. If you get the ball with him in a shooting position, just do a power shot. He has 92 (98 if you play UT and he is on 9 chemistry) f***ing shot power!

(32) Free kick accuracy: Well, they are horrible. As you can see from the stat above, his is of the players with highest shot power in the game. Therefore, I tried him out sometimes. When Kaboul takes a power free kick, it's either not powerful enough, or way too powerful. And it's not my timing skills there are something wrong with. They are insanely powerful, but still really, really bad.

(83) Heading accuracy: A lot of people think that heading accuracy is what makes players win the headers. It's not. It's how well they can place them in the oppositions goal, how powerful they are and how good the player is at passing the ball to his teammates with his head. Kaboul is very good at this. He has scored a couple of headers for me, and would probably score a lot more if it hadn't been for that a use a custom corner tactic, which makes me get into position to score bicycle kicks (actually scored one today).

(53) Long passing: If you use assisted passing, he can still pass the ball to the other players in your team, if he is not covered.

(54) Long shots: It's a shame how he has so much shot power, but only 54 long shots. If it hadn't been for this, he would have been one of the best long shot takers in FIFA 13. And if you didn't understand it: he is crap at long shots. He can score sometimes from just outside of the box, but not from any longer than that.

(76) Marking: His marking is great. He marks his players properly and stops a lot of goals for me that way.

(50) Penalties: To be honest, they are not the greatest. If you give much power, they might go in even though the placement isn't perfect, but I would keep away from taking penalties with this guy.

(70) Short passing: I like all players in my team to have good short passing, because it fits my playing style nicely. 70 short passing for a center back is not bad.

(92) Shot power: Oh yeah! If you look away from his pace and defending, this definitely is the stat that brings the most attention. Anywhere from inside the box or right outside of the box, he will have a great chance of scoring. 92 shot power is so true. He has awful finishing and his accuracy is just bad, but when he steps up for the power shot, the goalkeeper pees his pants.

(79) Sliding tackle: Feels more like 85. If he is close to the player on the ball, he will do everything to get it if you press X/Square
(82) Standing tackle: Also feels like 85. When your opponent tries to dribble around this man, the ball is of his feet in a heartbeat. So, so good standing tackling.

(33) Volleys: As a center back, he doesn't get into many volley opportunities. I tried a few in the training ground, but they were quite bad.


(77) Pace: Excellent for a center back. Third quickest gold center back in the BPL behind David Luiz and Figueroa, who both has less defending and heading than Kaboul. (9/10)

(46) Shooting: It says 46 because of his horrible finishing and volleys, but if you do the power shot, it is likely to hit the net. (5/10)

(61) Passing: I don't really care as long as he has a decent short pass, but that's all he has. (7/10)

(56) Dribbling: He is big and sluggish on the ball. Bad dribbler. But then again, he is a center back. (2/10)

(80) Defending: Not all people care about defending stats at all. Poor people. It feels more like 85! (9/10)

(83) Heading: Very good in defense. Pretty solid in attack as well. (9/10)

Final verdict:
You could almost call him the perfect center back, but as I said earlier, he just need that little extra that Chiellini and Dede has. I'll compere his to some other players for you. Kaboul > Koscielny - Kaboul > Luiz - Kaboul > Sakho - Kaboul > Yanga-M'Biwa. Personally, I would say he is the best center back from France, and maybe even the BPL. It's hard to tell with players like Kompany in there. If you want to use him in hybrids, go ahead. He gets a ultra link with Lloris, and a strong link with both Koscielny, Clichy and Nasri.

I spent a long time on making this review, so if you could please hit that +1 button, I would very much appreciate it.


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77 PAC
46 SHO
61 PAS
56 DRI
80 DEF
83 HEA