(I update some things like the little errors that I spot and some attributes that I didn´t know how to review. I also add some IRL facts and his goal ratio.) To start I would like to say that Aguero is one of my favourite players on Fifa and it´s a pleasure to review him! This is review is going to be enormous so if you don´t have patient to read everything, you can read the summary I did.Can you please give a like for the job I had? :) This review will be divided in 5 aspects:

-Every stat review
-The best way to use him
-What I think about him
-Pros and Cons
-Some IRL facts about Aguero


- Acceleration(93)- His best stat, if you make a lob pass to him, he will start to run and no one can catch him! 10/10
-Agility(86)- It´s very good combined with his dribbling makes him deadly! 9/10
-Balance(90)- Almost perfect for me it´s like 99! 10/10
-Jumping(76)- Average, but play with him in the air isn´t the best way to use him. 7/10
-Reactions(86)- When him or a team mate shoot to the bar he manages to get the ball back very quickly so he can finish and score! 9/10
-Sprint speed(85)- I prefer acceleration to sprint speed because it´s more useful, but after the acceleration he is still able to outpace every defender. 8/10
-Stamina(66)- A little bit bad, but his workrates(low/high) help him to not get too tired. 6/10
-Strength(70)- For me it was a surprise, I thought that anyone could out muscle him, but that is lie, of course that Pepe, Chiellini, Pique can out muscle him, but I was expecting a lot worse! 7/10


-Aggression(57)- He isn´t a defender so aggression isn´t necessary, but aggression shows too, how hard can a play work to get the ball,so this stat could be better. 6/10
-Positioning(87)- He is always in the right place to get good passes, he is never on offside. 9/10
-Interceptions(24)- He isn´t a defender, but interceptions are useful when the opposition defender makes a pass inside his box to the midfield and in that case Aguero never catches the ball. 2/10
-Vision(83)- It´s great for a striker, he can make some beautiful passes! 8/10


-Ball control(90)- Perfect, he can make anything he wants with the ball! 10/10
-Crossing(70)- I don´t always cross with him, but when I do the cross is bad ;) 5/10
-Curve(82)- He makes some good finesse shots, however his powershot is better. 8/10
-Dribbling(93)- Alongside acceleration, his best stat, he can pass through any player by dribbling him/it, another thing I love in his dribbling is how fast he can change the direction. 10/10
-Finishing(89)- Perfect! He can finish anything inside the box! 10/10
-Free Kicks(72)- Bad free kicks, it´s simple don´t take free kicks with him! 4/10
-Heading(72)- When he can head the ball generally he fails, but like I said in the jumping review,playing in air with him isn´t the best way use him. 5/10
-Long passing(63)- For me it was rare to use long pass with him, but when I used it, he didin´t fail. 7/10
-Long shots(79)- He can score some good longshots, but don´t expect nothing special. 7/10
-Marking(13)- The number says it all, he can´t mark annyone, but he is a striker... 2/10
-Penalties(76)- They are average and consistent and the green bar is big enough, but you should choose anyone better(probably you have a 80+ penalties in your squad). 7/10
-Short passing(82)- It is cool and very useful to make 1-1 passes with your another striker(if you have it) 9/10
-Shot power(86)- His shot are bullets beyond that they are accurate too! 10/10
-Sliding Tackle(12)- Very poor,every time I tried to make sliding tackle with him I gave a foul to the opposition. 2/10
-Standing Tackle(20)- Not to bad as I thought it would be,sometimes he can get the ball! 4/10
-Volleys(87)- It was rare to get a chance to volley with him, but when I had the opportunity I scored! 10/10

Base Stats:

-Pace(88)- It feels a lot faster than 88, I think that 92 is more fair. 10/10
-Dribbling(91)- It feels like 95, it´s just perfect! 10/10
-Shooting(84)- It´s great, especially the powershot. 9/10
-Defending(42)- He is bad at defending, but he is a striker. 3/10
-Passing(73)- It feels more than 73, because of his vision and short passing. 8/10
-Heading(72)- I believe that is the right rating. 6/10

Weak foot(4 stars)- Very good and useful,he can score with any foot!
Skill moves(4 stars)- For me 4 star skills in enough, he was able to make the skills that I wanted!

Traits- Tries to beat offside trap- I´m not sure,but the "Tries to beat the offside trap" means the he will make lots of good runs when a team mate makes a through ball. That is great alongside the pace he got!
Flair- I´m not sure what that means( In Portuguese means "faro" I think that means "faro para o golo" in English "flair for the goal". If I am right, that is right Aguero scores a lots of goals!

The Best Way To Use Him:
I think the best way to use him is playing with a Tall striker like Giroud so you can have two options upfront(Pace and Heading). I also recommend you to have a CAM/CM with high Vision so he can make lob passes to Aguero so he can run and finish! I wouldn´t recommend him as lone striker(like 4-5-1) because I don´t think is strong enough to hold on the whole attacking zone.

What I think about him:
I played Aguero in 3-5-2 formation with Balotelli as another striker and Samir Nasri as CAM.His goal ratio is 1,43-79 goals in 55 games. He cost me 135000 coins. For me Aguero is the best Barclays Premier League striker, because he has a deadly combo: Pace+Shooting, so he is very complete player, the insane dribbling stats + 4 stars skills make him very fun to play,the 4 star weak foot guarantees that he every angle that you shoot you have high probabilities to score.The fact that he has Low/High workrates make sure that he is always focused on attacking tasks and that is crucial for a striker.In terms of physical and skill stats you can´t ask for more.The only thing that could ask for better is the strength and heading skills, but obviously there is no perfect player, so if you have the coins, buy him I´m sure that you will love him!


- Pace is perfect!
- Dribbling is insane!
- Shooting is unbelievable!

- It´s very expensive.
-Poor heading
-A little bit weak.

Some IRL facts:
-Sergio Leonel Agüero del Castillo was born in the 2nd of July 1988(24 years) in Quilmes,Argentina.
-His height is 1,72 meters.
- He became the youngest player to debut in the Argentine Primera División at 15 years and 35 days, breaking the record previously established by Diego Maradona.
-His nickname is "Kun" because of some cartoons that Aguero whatched where the principal character was called Kun-Kun.
-Manchester City payed 45 million Euros to Atletico de Madrid for him.
-He has a golden Olympic medal.
-Like Messi he has the name Lionel.
-City pays him 10 million Euros per year.
-The grandfather of his son(called Benjamin) is Maradona and his godfather is Messi, he has lot of pressure don´t? :)

Hope you like it and sorry if this has grammars errors, English isn´t my first language!

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88 PAC
84 SHO
73 PAS
91 DRI
42 DEF
72 HEA