Samir Handanovic is my GK for my Juventus/Inter/Bayern Munich hybrid. I paid only 1000 coins for him, and I could not be more pleasantly surprised by how good he is! He is by far the best goalkeeper I have used in this year's game, even compared to Buffon, Hart, Diego Alves, and Cech.

His diving and reflex stats (certainly the most important stats for a GK) are both 84, which stack up relatively well to other goalies, but the aren't that impressive. His positioning of 86 really does make up for this, so he can still get to most shots with ease. The best part of his game is that he is 6'3". He's a giant, and trust me, there is no one better to put as your goalie than a giant. He reaches so much farther than other GK's, and it makes the impossible saves turn into effortless saves. My favorite part about him is his kicking. The stat is only 80, but his punt goes from the top of his own box three fourths down the field and gives my strikers Gomez and Muller great counter attacking opportunities, and it automatically makes him one of the most dangerous players for the other team to look out for whenever he makes a save. Better yet, his even more accurate throw makes it all the way to half field, setting up a heavy attack going forward.

To finish up, Handanovic is my favorite GK in the game, and he is certainly worth the dirt cheap price of 1000 coins, and for all the Serie A squad builders out there, the money you would spend on Buffon would be much better spent on field players like Pirlo, Sneijder, Chiellini, Cavani, or Di Natale by getting Handanovic rather than Buffon.

Thanks for reading and give me a thumbs up,

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  • Rating
  • Position
  • Formation
84 DIV
78 HAN
80 KIC
84 REF
57 SPE
86 POS