his massive black dick destroys the defense slowly, as he penetrates with his long shots. he doesnt use a condom

Pace: 91 but doesnt seem like 91 more like 87-88, but hes black so its pretty obvious whos gonna win the footrace

Shooting: i played him at the RW, bad idea because to cut in to shoot with left isnt good

Passing: 54, absolutely horrible, don't try crossing for headers with him

dribbling: average dribbling for a 3 star skiller, but his ball control is off the charts when fondling the defense. he drapes his chocolate nuts all over the defence and makes them into wonka chocolate bars

defence: prevents black dick from getting STD's by raping only on special occasions, such as playing the 5 at the back faggots

Heading: can stick his head above anything in his way, including the pussies he faces in the 5 at the back faggots, slowly, but surely, he will have dede, felipe santana, and many other grade A OP CB faggots on their knees sucking his black cock

His shot power is absolutely fantastic, the force is so great that it can penetrate any prude woman's tight pussy especcialy with his cum shots

He will find you at home and kill your kids and then destroy your house
to pieces and everyone living in that house will have the rape face of emenike scarred into their brains
After he's done with that, he will shit out everything and eat it again and use this energy to power his shots
he will leave your ass looking like the japanese flag
his sweat is filled with a combination of grape soda and fried chicken fat, making him nice and big to satisfy any 5 at the back faggots needs
the face shown in his card is the face he gets after raping your entire team.

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  • Rating
  • Position
  • Formation
91 PAC
82 SHO
54 PAS
79 DRI
45 DEF
73 HEA