Buying Fellaini :
I picked Fellaini for 284,000 coins on the PS3; which, seeing that his price is only going up, looks like a great bargain. Being that I had originally wanted to build a Belgium squad with all the new players (TOTS Vertongen, IF Mirallas, IF Benteke) I converted him to a CDM to link SIF Mertens and IF Witsel at the CAM.

Note, I would advise you purchase Fellaini as a CAM and then pay 4-5k for the CAM-CM and ~250 coins for the CM-CDM position consumables. If you choose the route of instant gratification, you'll spend much much more buying him already converted as a CDM (difference between a CAM/CDM Fellaini was about 75k the night he was released).

I had originally purchased TOTS Vertongen, but he was much too expensive (but, most definitely worth it) on my budget so I mostly gave up on the all Belgium squad idea. As a result, I play Fellaini in the following squad, next to IF Mirallas, TOTS Carrick, SIF Vertongen, and IF Koscielny:

Squad Links:
Futhead-- or the
EA FUT Web App Link--

How he plays:

In a single word-- Fantastic.

If you have ever used any of Fellaini's previous cards (especially his SIF) you would have realized that he excels all over the pitch. You are all capable of reviewing his stats on his page (, so I don't want to get into a stat by stat review of him; I'd rather just elaborate on his in-game performance.

So far I've played 10 games with him and he's scored 11 goals; mostly off of headers. However, the best part about him is that he created those FK opportunities. He has such a strong and powerful shot that, when combined with his long shot ability, allows him to challenge the keeper from all angles all over the pitch.

His offense is great, but it is his immense increase in defense that truly sets his TOTS card apart from his SIF. You can definitely notice the pace upgrade (not that he was slow before), and his increase in physical/mental stats are just ridiculous. Everything about this card is great.

Final Verdict: 10
Whether you are a "paceabuser" (i.e. only uses Nianggolan because of his 84 pace) or like to develop your play through the middle (look at his passing; him and Carrick are two peas in a pod), Fellaini is definitely a player you should pick up if you have or decide to build a BPL/Belgium team. Having now played with him, I would definitely pay around 400,000 coins for him already converted into CDM.

Last Words:
Hopefully this helped. I'll try and put something up for TOTS Carrick (looking like a good buy), IF Mirallas (great buy), IF Vagner Love (as of now, only used him for 2 games; so no idea). The other players already have enough reviews to not warrant a repeat. But, TOTS Mignolet is looking like another great buy.

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