Omg this guy is a beast wow there is no word to describe it, i have played 6 games with him in a 3-5-2 bpl team with 3 other bpl tots (they all sucked) and he just performed like the gun he is. I got him in a pack earlier, Sold him and bought him later for 40k less. This is my first review so i just had to say how good he is and had to write one. GET HIM HE IS A MUST AND IS AMAZING he will get any job done. screw the price he is on he is not a joke i would give him an 11/10

85 pace- Feels faster. Breaks through everybody. annihilates everybody
88-Shooting- More like 99. Long shots r us plus deadly accuracy plus amazing shot power. Also amazing free kick taker
92 passing- Set up most the goals in the team i made. If you dont want to take a shot just chip it over and you have basically got a goal
92-dribbling- Wayyy more always sneaks his way past every single player, dribbles them and takes them down one buy one.
defending and heading aren't really much to look at

I dont think theres any cons to this guy in my opinion he is just pro the person i compare him to is ronaldo just not as fast and yes i have used ronaldo.
THIS GUY IS A MUST GET HIM IF YOU ARE UNCERTAIN ABOUT BUYING HIM WORTH EVERYTHING. He may get knocked over a bit but thats a bit and its only to defenders like luiz/santanta. I absolutely destroyed a brazil sweat team thanks to this guy. His weak foot is something out of heaven. its like shooting with Robben/van persie. Un freaking believable and he feels way stronger to others he basically scores for fun

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85 PAC
88 SHO
92 PAS
92 DRI
55 DEF
70 HEA