SO i played him in 352 (
I was not a Benteke fan or a fan of Lukaku but i thought he is not so expensiv i can try him and now after a few games i must say he is absoulutly BEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

SHO: his shots are fucking awseome and is weak foot is like 6 of 5 stars
PAS: his short pass is goooooood but the longs are terrible but i don´t needed the long passes
PAC: fells like 88 you can compare his pace with bent or suarez
DRI: 74 a lie it fells much better not awesome but really goood
HEA: because of his tallnes and strengh he is great in headers
DEF: its ok but you dont need it he has much strengh thats all you need

one of his best things is his strengh nobody can steal him the ball and when he heads he wins it always
In game he stands always in the right possion and walks right
its really nice to creat teams with him becaus in barclays are many good players and belgium has nice players too like mertens sif or witsel if many belgium players ale in bpl ( = strong link) like fellaini, hazard, mirralas, kompany, verthongen

After 7 games he has 11 goals and many assists with neymar or eto if i had more goals after 7 games but the way benteke scores is muccccch better his shots are like fighter jets

He is the best St I tried and I tried Agüero,welliton,eto if, hernadez if, mlapa, podolski, welbeck if, emenike, suarez, rvp, falcao , benzema, balotelli and much more. I think he is much underated and i hope ea will upgrade him in FIFA 14

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82 PAC
79 SHO
65 PAS
74 DRI
46 DEF
83 HEA