I bought Marouane Fellaini for 2,100 coins is a 3-4-3 formation and I play him as a central midfielder and I pair him with Santi Cazorla. Here is the squad that I use him in: http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/9896061/#

Now Fellaini is quite tall 6'4" inches, for his height he is relatively quick. Fellaini is also very strong with 90 strength, his aggression makes him feel a lot more stronger as he can use his strength. One thing that is outstanding about Fellaini is how good he is in the air, he has 88 heading and he does not even need to jump. His height is by far one of the biggest advantages for him as he can receive headers easily without even jumping. Another thing which is great about Fellaini is that of his work rates, he has a high defensive work rate which means that he will burst a gut to defend your territory and to defend your goal. He is almost like the fourth centre back, he is so good that he does not allow any attackers to get passed the half way line. From 10 games that I played with him I have won all of them and conceded just one goal.

Fellaini is also good at passing, passing is important if you want to have a lot of possession and for that, Fellaini is an excellent short passer, I feel that his passing is even better than the abilities of Cazorla, Arteta and Anita of whom I all have. Fellaini's passes are so accurate and precise that he would never miss any. His long passing is okay, it isn't great well there are a few misses due to the inaccuracies because his Long Passing is not very accurate. It feels like his long passing is in the high sixties on the other hand Cazorla my other midfielder has better long passing.

Fellaini is also a good dribbler, if you look at it in a defensive central midfielder who you have only bought for the defence, then yes, his dribbling is great. He has good ball control as well which means that it is less likely for him to lose the ball. Unlike all of my centre backs Fellaini is the best at dribbling and it almost feels as if he is a defender.

To summarise this review:

Felllaini is a good a central midfielder who possesses great passing stats, while his short passes are very accurate his long passes aren't. Fellaini is also very defensive and aggressive and he wins many slide tackles and stand tackles he is so strong that he can literally bring down players with a small touch. His heading is also great because of his height and he has scored so many headers for me, it is just unbelievable. His dribbling and pace are also good stats as if your going to emphasise him as your defending midfielder then his pace and dribbling is good. Also Fellaini's shooting is okay, he mostly scores from headers.

Rating 9.3 out of 10

Weak Foot : 3 stars

Skill Moves : 3 stars

Work Rates: High Defensive
Medium Attacking

Cost: 1,800 to 2,500 (XBOX 360)

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72 PAC
67 SHO
79 PAS
74 DRI
82 DEF
83 HEA