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We need your help! As hard as we try not to, we're bound to make some mistakes. Players end up with the wrong position, club or in game stats. To remedy this, we turn to you, our awesome users. This page allows you to view submitted requests for change on a player, vote on them if they're correct, and also add a request for change if you don't see what you're looking for.

We want to stress that these requests for change should reflect the actual data in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. We're sorry that David Luiz isn't as fast any more or that Torres is white, but we want real data here.

Finally, please do not abuse this page. I literally have a ban button attached to this page for each submission, if we get trolling here your account will be deleted, all your posts will disappear, and I will smile and move on. It's not worth it, so just don't.

Sorry, only logged in users can add requests for change

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Be sure you check below to see if someone has already submitted this request. If they have, just upvote it! The more upvotes things have, the more likely I am to see them.

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