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Dissapointing Rating 5 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by ellusionhd on 13 December

When i bought Angel Di Maria i thought that he would quickly become one of my favorite players in the game due to his pace, work rates, strong foot and overall rating and stats in general.
I was wrong... Very wrong:

Pace 6/10. This was for me the thing that disappointed me the most. I'm not a pace whore as my other two strikers were Iniesta and Falcao. When you tried to release his 90 pace on the counter attack he seemed very slow. defenders like Ashley Cole and Marcell Schmelzer came from behind him and over took him to tackle him and gain the ball. By the time one of my other forwards had got into a space where they could receive the ball Di Maria and already lost it.

Dribbling 5/10. Again 87 is very high for any player and especially with 4* skills i thought he would be able to stroll past defenders like Ben Arfa did for me. Nope. As he was as weak as a fat mans will power in McDonalds he was pushed off the ball with ease and just fell to the floor at the first push.

Shooting 8/10. This was one of the only things that was good about him. If you somehow managed to get past a defender he would hit the target every time and over half of his shots would find the back of the net. The reason i didn't give him 10/10 was because his shot was still the worst out of the 3 forwards in my team.

Defending 3/10. Very weak and didn't win the ball back in any cases. Didn't track back and help out in defense either.

Passing 6/10. His crossing was very poor on his weaker side but if you took the time to put it on his stronger side then it was pin point. Straight on Falcao's head resulting in a goal every time. Short passing was average however he lacked vision and his chipped through ball was poor. I tried around 5 lobbed passes with him and after that just gave up. They were so off course they would go out of play the majority of the time.

Heading 4/10. Won no headers at the back post when Iniesta overshot a cross. Only kinda useful for flick-ons from goal kicks.

If you are building a Liga BBVA team i would suggest getting Alexis Sanchez RF instead. For an Argentinian team i would get Palacio RF. Di Maria was a huge let down so don't waste you hard earned coins on this guy.

Hope this review was helpful :)

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Great player. 100% recommend. Rating 10 / 10 | Position RM | Formation 433 | Submitted by mvraiders on 06 December

Di Maria is the best player that I've played with in FUT13...
I don't have the best team ever, but I've had a lot of good players, mostly everyone below the rating of 88. I played a 4-3-3 with Di Maria on the right wing, Lavezzi on the left, and Falcao in the middle; Di Maria scored much more than Lavezzi and about as much as Falcao. When crossing the ball, Di Maria is fine with both his left and his right foot. The right foot is slightly worse, but still you can rely on good crosses from it.
If you like to dribble, Di Maria is perfect. That's what I like to do, use skill moves and acceleration. Di Maria's dribbling skills are unmatched by anybody except Ronaldo in my opinion.
Shooting is great with him too, the 79 shot lies. I think it should be about an 85 shot with the way he plays. His power shots, long shots, and finesse shots are great, but only with his left foot. His right foot will only be useful when it's an easy goal, so don't expect him to be shooting from 25 out with his right.
I recommend him in a winger or forward position unless you have a RB with a high defensive work rate. He doesn't track back that much and he when he does, he isn't particularly strong at defending. But, when he's in a winger/forward position, he doesn't need to defend that much.

Pace - 9.5/10 - seems to be able to run by most of the outside backs, but not Abate/Walker as they have 93 pace
Shooting (left foot) - 9/10 - long shots, finesse, power shots, near post, far post, he has it ALL
Shooting (right foot) - 4/10 - only hits the easiest of shots
Dribbling - 10/10 - Best dribbler I've used on FUT13, maybe best on all FUTs
Passing - 9/10 - Crossing is great, better than Navas with left foot and comparable with his right foot, long passes and short passing isn't Pirlo/Xavi good, but it'll do

Overall, I would highly recommend him. 9.7/10.

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Di Maria [German Review] Deutsch Rating 9 / 10 | Position RM | Formation 41212 | Submitted by trifid on 11 February

Es folgt eine Bewertung auf deutsch.

Di Maria ist ein sehr guter Spieler. Er ist schnell und laufstark. Seine Flanken sind exzellent und der Schuss ist auch nicht schlecht. Ich spiele ihn in folgendem Team. http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/1648052/
Die herausragende Eigenschaft ist die Geschwindigkeit. 90 Tempo sind gut und fühlen sich auch sehr schnell an. Er ist sehr flink unterwegs und bisher kann ich mich an keinen Verteidiger in meinen 350 Spielen erinnern, der schneller war. Di Maria führt den Ball auch sehr dicht am Fuß, wofür der Dribblingwert verantwortlich ist. Er hat auch 4 Tricksterne, was für mich mehr als genügend ist. Verblüffend ist die sehr gute Verteidigung. MIt einem Wert von 58 kann man nicht gerade vie erwarten, doch das Gegenteil tritt ein. Er hilft viel in der Verteidigung aus und kann den einen oder anderen Ball gewinnen.
Der Kritikpunkt ist, dass er nur 2* für den schwachen Fuß hat, jedoch wird das durch die Fähigkeit 'avoids using weak foot' ausgeglichen. Desweiteren besitzt er leider nur eine Stärke von 64 und ist somit leicht abzudrängen, aber das fällt nur minimal ins Gewicht bei so einem guten Spieler. Alles in allem ist er ein guter Allrounder und man kann sehr leicht ein Team um ihn formen, da er in einer der beliebtesten Ligen spielt und Argentinier ist. Di Maria ist ein Muss für ein Team aus der spanischen Liga, denn er ist einer der besten Mittelfeldspieler, die es in FIFA gibt. Der Preis von ca. 30k Münzen ist mehr als gerechtfertigt und eine gute Investition.

So, dies war meine erste Rezension und ich hoffe es hat euch gefallen. Es werden mehr folgen, wenn eine positive Resonanz auftritt. Spielerwünsche könnt ihr mir gerne mitteilen. Bevorzugt sind natürlich Spieler aus meinem Team, aber ich habe auch mit vielen Spielern der Ligue 1 und der BPL gespielt.

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Amazing Left Midfielder. Rating 10 / 10 | Position RM | Formation 352 | Submitted by andrewmichie99 on 20 December

Di Maria is the all round ultimate left midfielder. He uses pace and quick feet dribbling to run round defenders like hes running round a park. Di Maria is 4 star skills, so he preforms tricks such as the berba spin and ronaldo chop with ease and quickness. In my team I use Di Maria as a left mid with a 3-5-2 formation. He links up very well with playmakers such as cdm Xabi Alonso and cam Ozil. His crossing ability helps him find good finishers such as Falcao and Benzema etc. He has 90 power in his shots so he is very good at cutting inside onto his preferred left foot and shooting from range. I find from about the edge of the box to about 30 yards Di Maria finds the top corner of the net with power and percision.

Di Maria provides his abiltiy in a number of teams such as a Liga BBVA team or an Argetian team. Currnetly I have a Liga BBVA and Di Maria is my top assist and 3rd top goal scorer. In my team Falcao has 43 goals, Benzema has 37 and Di Maia has 31 goals. However Di Maria's strong point of his game is his passing. His precise through balls and croses are deadly to play against a and are a very strong point of my game whilst I have Di Maria on the pitch.

Two teams I think Di Maria is just unbeliable in are; a Liga BBVA team and an Argentian team. First the Liga BBVA team, formation 3-5-2, GK - Diego Alves Cb's Pepe, Mascherano and Miranda Cdm's - Xabi Alonso and Alex Song Rm - Di Maria Lm - David Villa Cam - Ozil St's - Falcao and Benzema. This team is the best team I have ever played with. Falcao and Benzema are clinical finishers. Di Maria and David Villa score nearly as much goals as the two strikers. I hope that anybody chooses to make this team they are as successful as I have been using them.

Now onto the Argentian team. This team is the second best team i have ever used. I used 4-5-1 formation, Gk - Romeo Cb's Mascherano and Samuel Rb - Zabaleta Lb - Ansaldi Cm - Aimar Cam's - Pastore and Zarate Lm - Lavezzi Rm - Di Maria and St - Tevez or ,if you can afford him, Aguero. Both these teams are just out-of-this-world. They are both so good, full of amazing players, especially Di Maria.

Now the downsides of Angel Di Maria. This remarkable player only has one problem, d e f e n c e. He is very fast and amazing at attacking but when it comes down to getting back, he's pretty lazy. And in the odd time he doe strack back he normally concedes a free-kick, penalty, yellow card etc. That's why with the teams I have suggested you have a number of defeders or players with a high defensive workrate. I think the best idea is for a high working defender, cdm etc to be behind him. Apart from this one problem Di Maria is an all round attacking left midfielder/left winger.

Pace, 9.5/10, easily gets past average speed players but stuggles against fast right backs such as Walker and Abate.

Dribbling, 10/10 amazing fast feet, only 4 star skills, should be five.

Shooting, 10/10, just amazing shot from anywhere on the pitch, scores whe you least expect it.

Defending, 5/10, not the right player if you are a defensive player.

Passing, 9/10, amazing.

Heading, 7/10, npt spoke about heading in this review. Actually pretty decent scores the odd header from time to time.

Overall I believe that Angel Di Maria is an overall rating of... 10/10. His pace and quick feet are just too hard to match and in my opinion he is the best affordable right midfielder in the game. He plays well for me in both online seasons and in fut13.

I hope my review on Angel Di Maria has helped you make your decision on whether to buy him or not.

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Amazing as a RF Rating 10 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 5221 | Submitted by SkiiLLz on 10 March

This guy is incredible, ive used numerous right wingers for example robben, palacio, sanchez, navas etc and none of them except robben can even compare, i use him in 5-2-2-1 along side aguero and lavezzi with silva and toure to feed the balls through, on the counter he is perfect, sits just infront of the half way line ready to pick the ball up and run and either let of a rocket or feed the ball to my other forwards. I will give you a stat by stat review but before i must say i have played 100games and scored 78 goals with him so it will be a thorough review.

These are the stats i would put on his card judging from how he played:
Pace - 90 - feels just right, maybe might seem abit slower because of fantastic ball control but he can outpace many LB's such as Alba, marcelo, clichy, maybe sometimes gets caught out but most of the time he will leave them for dead, he is so quick accelerating and he never seems to slow down, also if you use the skilled dribbling with this guy he has a sudden burst which is unbelievably good, i wouldnt say he is as quick as lavezzi but he is not far off. i would say acceleration was around 92 and sprint speed around 92. he is extremely agile so i would give agility around 93 and balance i would say is his main let down, when running he tends to be off balance sometimes and if you take a shot while off balance with him it'll be quite awful.

Dribble - 89 - i think 89 would suit Di Maria as his dribbling is phenomenal, the ball sticks to his feet and he can weave in and out of players with ease, he is extremely light on his feet as he is in real life and can draw challenges from defenders such as thiago silva, kompany, chiellini and just sprint straight by them, combined with his pace his dribble is deadly and a key attribute for a winger, i would say his dribbling is not far off Robbens and seems to have a quite unique style of dribbling aswell. i would say ball control was around 93 and dribbling around 90 which is excellent.

Shot - 85 - this one really surprised me, i know your thinking i must be mad to give him a 85 shot rating but his shot was superb, cutting in from the right on to his left foot is perfect and he can let of an absolute bullet, ive scored so so many goals from outside the box which have flew straight into the top corner, when he decides to run in on goal and go near post he normally hits it with his left and his shot power feels around 93/94 it is that powerful. I would say his long shots were around 89, i have used players like Benat with unbelivable long shot stats and his are just as good honestly. Also smash shots arent his only strengths, on the odd occasion he can let of a beautiful finesse from the edge of the box and lets just say 1 on 1 he will score 9/10 times no doubt so dont be scared to finesse.

Pass - 82 - i would say this was about right, his short passing hardly ever fails me and his long pass is sometimes good sometimes bad, he can sometimes play some emmaculate balls through but his passing is nothing special as expected. i would say short pass was around 86 and long pass 75-79

Defence - 58 - seems about right and hardly drops back due to high attacking workrate, but when i did use him in 3-5-2 as RM he occasionaly put in a good challenge to start a counter but with a winger you cant expect much defensively as he is very offensive.

Heading - 73 - his heading really surprised me, if you played with robben on fifa 12 you would know about his hidden heading abilty and for me di maria tended to win alot of headers from either goal kicks, or at the backpost from a cross against wing backs and sometimes centre backs, he doesnt score alot of headers but he can flick the ball on and if he has a free header he will score 9 times out of 10. i would say heading accuracy was around 83 and jumping around 78.

Workrates - i have aguero and lavezzi with both low defensive workrates who tend to sit very high up the pitch, toure who is very defensive and silva who sit on the half way line, di maria tends to be just infront of silva waiting to get the ball from him and charge forward which works perfectly. his high/med workrate means he is not to deep or to defensive and is perfect to bring the ball up the pitch, i would say his workrates were more like a RM's as he is default RM but he works perfect as a RF aswell.

They are Di Marias key stats but now onto ones i thought were worth pointing out

64 strength, this might look really bad, he does sometimes get bullied off the ball, but because of his amazing agility it makes up for his weakness as he skips challenges and can maneuver past defenders and leave them for dead.

81 positioning, seems more like 86 to me as he is most of the time in the perfect position attacking wise hence why he has most of his goals.

74 finishing - seems more like 83-84 to me, finesse shots are almost guranteed to go in inside the box and most of the time outside the box and his smash shots are almost flawless

His only let down as you can all guess is the weak foot but he is still excellent, also the avoids weak foot trait helps alot as when on his right he tends to use the outside of his left boot!

Overall i would say Di Maria is joint best RF with the likes of Robben but price wise he is THE BEST right sided player i have ever used, hes got the lot and for under 30k i dont see why i dont come up against him every game!

This review has been long but thank you for reading and i hope i influenced you to buy this BEAST because you will not regret it!!

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Two face don't forget (French/English review Rating 7 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by melvyne07 on 05 March

Deux mot resume ce joueur :pied gauche

C'est vrai qu'il est trés rapide (90 de vitesse) mais sa technique est a la hauteur de cette vitesse. Son jeu de passe se limite au passe courte et les debordement ne seront pas efficace car ces centre du pied droit sont très mauvais (2 etoiles). Je l'ai utilisé dans un 4321 en AVD donc. Je pense que c'est la meilleur formation pour ce joueur car vous rentrez dans l'axe avec lui et n'hesitez pas a frapper avec son pied gauche car celui ci est a la hauteur de celui de Robben. C'est un très bon buteur son placement offensif (81) est parfait. Pour moi c'est un des meilleurs attaquants argentin et de BBVA ou meme dans une hybride comme je l'ai utiliser : http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/6822612/
Ses premiere touches de balles sont trés propres , ce joueur fait peux d'erreur technique et ses dribbles sont très précis ( ne partent pas loin quand il les réalise comme pour un mcgeady spin par exemple). Il est très portait vers l'attaque et va très rarement en defense (haut en attaque et médium en defense)

Pour conclure je dirait qu'il y a deux face chez ce joueur : Une gauche magique et une droite de moins bonne qualité. A vous de juger ;)


ANGLAIS ::::::::::::
Two word summary this player: left foot

It is true that it is very fast (90 speed) but his technique is the height of this speed. His passing game is limited to short pass and overflow will not be effective because the center of the right foot are very poor (2 stars). I used it in 4321 in AVD so. I think this is the best training for this player because you get in line with it and do not hesitate to strike with his left foot because it is the height of the Robben. This is a very good offensive scorer placement (81) is perfect. For me this is one of the best strikers in Argentina and BBVA or even a hybrid as I use: http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/6822612/
His first bullet buttons are very clean, the player makes a technical error can dribble and is very accurate (do not go away when he realizes as McGeady spin for example). It is very wearing to the attack and defense will very rarely (top midrange attack and defense)

To conclude, I would say that there are two face in this player: A magical left and right lower quality. You decide;) SORRY FOR MY POOR ENGLISH

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Di Maria: The Angel of my Team Rating 9 / 10 | Position RW | Formation 433 | Submitted by kirem17 on 03 April

Hey guys, I hope you appreciate my review today and this is my 1st time making a review to him.

So let's get started. First of all... The reason I've bought him is because:
-I wanna try a La Liga team with him and Benzema and Lavezzi in it, here's the squad: http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/8578389/ (It cost me around 175k to build this on PS3)
-I don't wanna sell him, because he has saved my ass A LOT of TIMES, especially when I'm struggling to be the Division 2 champion, he managed to score and the game ended as a draw (making me the champ as I need 1 point).

Let's review his stats:
Pace (90) - Feels just right for him, he can outrun defenders easily especially those who suck at defending and as I said earlier, he has saved my ass alot.

Dribbling (87) - It's so unreal, it feels more like 91 or 92. I can dribble around defenders, play around with them, he is so Agile and his most useful stat, I say "Para Messi, Para Messi" a lot when I dribble past defenders with this guy.

Shooting (79) - This stat is good for him too, his shot power is a monster here, I managed to score 2 longshots with this guy & he scored 11 goals in 13 games for me.

Passing (82) - This stat is also required for him as a winger, but I think it should be higher though, it also feels unreal. They play a beautiful triangle passing with Benzema and Lavezzi. Him and Lavezzi can pass the ball to Benzema, Di Maria will just get behind defenders and beat the offside trap and Benzema will through pass the ball to them. Amazing playmaker also.

Defending (58) - Not needed for him as he plays as a right winger for me, not a FULLBACK.

Heading (62) - Not very good at receiving crosses but a very good crosser.

So yeah. That's it for my review guys, I really really recommend you to buy Angel "The Angel" Di Maria. He's the best winger I've used, he's also a Clutch for me though lol. (Forget Walcott, he just have pace but very bad dribbling.) I have a saying though "Where's the pace if the dribbling's lost."

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Use him right and he'll shine Rating 8 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by chicknorris on 07 May

22 goals in 30 Div 1 (Ultimate League) games.

Just like every player in FUT, Di Maria takes a bit of getting used to. He's got strong points and weak points, and if your playstyle happens to bring out the best in him, you're in for a treat.

1. Beware of his right foot.
And I mean that in a negative way. Most other attacking players are decent on both feet, so if a chance lands their weak foot, they should at least be able to get a shot on target or win a corner. Not Di Maria. He'll either put it over, wide, or hit it real softly so it rolls right to the keeper. He HAS scored twice for me with his right foot, but both were absolutely unmissable open goals. This is a problem because most of us are right handed/footed, and you'll notice that it does affect how you play any computer game especially first-person shooters, so it may not come consciously for us to 'tilt' Di Maria so that he shoots with his left foot. But when you do, you won't regret it. His left-foot shot can pull of some of the most clinical shots you'll ever see in the game. Rockets, finesse, lobs... you name it.

2. Exploit his quick feet.
I'm not a skills player. I don't ever touch L2 + R3. But that doesn't mean his 4-star skills will be wasted on you. Just a change in direction on the L-stick will cause him to turn in a way more "fancy" than most other players, such as pulling the ball back through his legs then flipping it in another direction. This means he's able to change direction a split second faster than other players who will step on the ball to stop it, pull it back, and then nudge it (3-4 steps compared to Di Maria's 2 steps) in the new direction. More importantly, this also means he can dumbfound defenders just as quickly. This is especially useful since he's a left-footed player on the right side. Quick cutback, switch to left foot, BAM.

3. Inconsistent pace.
Card stat says 90. It sometimes feels like 92, and at other times it feels like 75. I theorize that against stronger defenders who exert physical pressure on him, he ends up slowing down quite a bit. But if you do manage to release him and there's space ahead of him, no defender can catch him. You can also safely use the R3 flick to pull away even further from the last man because he'll be able to get to his flicked ball without breaking a stride.

I won't say anything about his passing because my playstyle doesn't require him to pass much. It's more focused on releasing him into space and letting him fashion his own chance at goal, or cutting back to a supporting player with a simple pass if he has nowhere else to go. Any player can do that.

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Gets the job done Rating 9 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by dkyxjay on 04 January

For me a great addition to the team iv built around Ronaldo. The team is basically Real Madrid with the exception of 2 players, Alex Song and De Marcos who are both in the midfield.

Games/Goals to date - 45/27

Pace - 9/10 - Very quick on counter attacks but occasionally slips up with his first touch giving defenders a chance to catch him up.

Shooting (left foot) - 9/10 - Put into the right position most of his shots find the back of the net.

Shooting (right foot) - 3/10 - 2* weak foot makes the right footed shot very poor so unless hes right infront of goal i would highly recommend avoiding his right foot for shooting.

Dribbling - 9/10 - keeps the ball at his feet most of the time but his first touch occasionally lets him down

Passing - 9.5/10 - Picks the passes practically every time.

Attackive Positioning - 7/10 - Most of the time he is where you need him to be but sometimes find hes still in midfield when Benzema and Ronaldo are up on the counter attack. i usually find De Marcos switching with him after defending a corner.

Overall. hes worth it in my eyes :)

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absolute BEAST Rating 10 / 10 | Position RM | Formation 451 | Submitted by louis.dowle on 13 February

I got this guy in a pack and straight away i HAD to use him guy in my liga BBVA team in right mid and he was absolutely brilliant he linked up with luka modric like a boss.

Pace: 9/10 his card says 90 pace but personally he felt like and 87 pace but he could still beat any wing backs the challenged him and once he was past them they wouldn't catch him.

Dribbling: 10/10 if anything his dribbling seemed like he had 89/90 dribbling the ball is almost glued to his foot whilst running.

Shooting: 8/10 shooting wasn't really the work of di maria that was usually the work of falcao, modric or ozil but when it came down to di maria he would score 7/10 times

Defending : 2/10 defending wasn't really important but what was a poor factor because if i was trying to hold on to a lead I couldn't because they would always attack down the right side and di maria wouldn't get back

Passing: 8/10 di maria was surprisingly good he would link up with modric, falcao and joao perreria really well and the would link with him aswell he was quite literally the engine of the team

Heading: 5/10 maria was terrible when it came to heading thats why i used him as a corner taker he would score about 1/60 headers for me

so my advice would be if you get him by either getting him in a gold pack or buying him use him in your team because for me he was like the ronaldo of my team he is beast in real life and on the game hes is definatly going to grow in to a special winger because of his great speed , dribbling ability and passing definatly a must buy get him you will rule down the right wing

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Great Player Rating 9 / 10 | Position RW | Formation 433 | Submitted by jamesy1314 on 09 December

The was my first time purchasing Di maria, i used him in a 4-3-3 in a slightly hybridised squad. ( This is the squad if you would like a look http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/1614972/). The front 3 where Di Maria at RW, Pato at ST and Robinho at LW. I knew this was certain to be a very dangerous front three and i was very excited in using Robinho and Pato in this formation, however Di Maria eclipsed both of them.

A player that i heard many you tuber's say they where not very impressed with was my favourite player in the team! I usually like to have one winger that can cut in onto his good foot and shoot (like Robinho) and the other i can run up the wing and cross the ball with his preferred foot.

However there was no need for crossing Di Maria was exceptional at cutting inside, his skill moves come of so silky and his ball control is phenomenal. Then there is his pace and agility, defenders just cant handle him and once you cut inside and get the ball onto that left foot you can shoot from anywhere! His shoots complete rockets! I really disagree with the many you tubers that have tried Di Maria and where disappointed, he was the stand out player of my team and I would recommend him to everyone!

One thing i will add is that i think the problem with Di Maria is that many people use him as a RM, i dont think he would be great in this position and i would recommend using him as a RW or a RF.

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Best RW in the GAME Rating 10 / 10 | Position RW | Formation 433 | Submitted by freshayy69 on 31 March

I Used Di Maria in this team:


My Goasl to Games Ratio - 2.1:1

If i was to sum Di Maria up in two words, it would be LEFT FOOT. The fact that Di Maria is a left footed player on the right hand side of the pitch means that his power shots are incredible, and it's almost back to FIFA 12 with his left foot finesse shots cutting in off the right hand side. His 90 pace is very, very good and he can blast past defenders with his pace and use his 4* skill moves to beat any defender. There are many reasons why i believe that he is worthy of a 10/10, so here they are:


PACE - This stat is so important in FIFA nowadays, and Di Maria has excellent pace (90)
SHOT - Di Maria can certainly hit the ball and his finesse shots are ridiculously easy to score with
CROSSING - This stat isn't on his card, but he has 93 crossing in game. This means he can whip the ball in with serious accuracy and he is deadly from corners, almost always finding the open header
DRIBBLING - Purely insane. He has 87 dribbling and this allows him to weave inbetween defenses and find the opening. His ball control is also excellent, so when you are sprinting through on goal he will keep the ball close to his feet.
SKILL MOVES - 4* skills are great, and are very easy and fluid. 5* would be fantastic, but this is not a negative
WORK RATES - High Attacking Work Rates Means that he will make runs on the attack, and his Medium Defensive work rate means that he won't be always tracking back, meaning he won't get tired unnecessarily


WEAK FOOT - Only 2*, which isn't a huge deal but it can be frustrating if you can't move it on to his other side, His right foot shot is definitely a lot weaker
PRICE - I bought him for 35k, which is out of some people's price range.

OVERALL: 10/10

I couldn't recommend him highly enough

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LOVE THIS GUY, PERFECT RF Rating 9 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by BeastMind on 27 April

Di Maria is just a great player, not just because of his pace but also his shooting, passing and dribbling. He's got 4 star skills which means you can Ronaldo Chop, roulette and use step overs which is all you really need.
For anyone who wants to know, I use him in this squad and it works really well for me: http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/9830716/

Pace: Enough said, it's 90. I'd say it around 91 or 92. He gets past every defender with ease so always play through balls to this guy, he WILL get there. 9.5/10

Shooting: It's only 79 on the card. LIES! His left foot is just amazing, 88 shot power means he'll hammer them in every time, especially near post OP! His finesse shots are also great, I've scored some really nice finesse goals with him so don't be afraid to finesse it. The one problem is that his right foot is BAD. Shots hardly go in with his right, clearly because its only 2 star. But his left foot is awesome so 9/10

Pass: He actually passes very nicely, his left foot passes are very good and his right foot is decent too. Great with lobbed through balls so its easy to play into your ST or LF. His crossing is great though, always goes to the right guy, and meets the head of the striker perfectly. 8.5/10

Dribbling: YES. Great on the ball, he can just walk past defenders. I can get past defenders without even using skill moves because he just dribbles past and then his pace just keeps it going. 9.5/10

Defending: Hey, he's a right forward. Who cares?

Heading: Not good really, his heading is very weak and inaccurate so don't send him up for corners. 5/10

Oher stand-out stats:
Agility: 90 - He always manages to weave his way through defenses, also good at changing direction quickly so you can easily cut in and shoot with his left.
Positioning: 81 - Feels 85ish, always in the right place to be played onto goal or into space.
Vision: 84 - Great for lobbed through balls, often picks out players when you don't expect it.
Curve: 84 - Why his finesse shots are awesome, really curve in the air.

Overall, Di Maria is a great player, he's really consistent compared to other RFs. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a quick, powerful RF. Now you can get him for only 20k (BARGAIN) so buy him NOW.

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A great player! Rating 8 / 10 | Position RW | Formation 433 | Submitted by alex92922 on 07 April

I can honestly say that i have never bought him. I have tried him many times both offline and online at my friends place but never on my own. I did try him out just to see if I would get the same feeling on my own. Boy was he good!

To describe Di Maria is very easy. Great pace, exellent shooting (only with his left foot) and 4* skills. When used correctly these attributes are deadly. I used him in a RW position to complete a pace abusing squad (don't hate) and HE WAS AMAZING. Every shot went in. I did not skill so much but when I did it felt so smooth and I got past the opponent easily. His pace made it easy to sprint by defenders and cross or shoot.I think that he is the best RW I've ever used.

Di Maria may be a good player but he does have some weeknesses to. He could easily get pushed off the ball. I found that to be anoying since I hate to lose the ball with a quick player. Another bad thing about him is his heading. I did not expect so much but come on, you have to be able to win atleast 2-3 headers a game. Too many times have I gotten frustrated with him for not winning a header against someone shorter than him.

To make a long story short, he is great but his weaknesses can too many times be a big problem. his strentgths will however mostly compensate his weaknesses and that makes him a must buy for those who have not tried him out yet. For around 30 k in the RW position you will have a problem finfing a better player. If you agree with me drop a like so that people can see and maybe try this beast of a player.

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Angel Di Brilliant Rating 10 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by mufc4ever on 28 May

PACE: 90 pace is great he can just power through defenders such as Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Chiellini.

SHOOTING: His left peg is SENSATIONAL such a rocket 79 is a joke

PASSING: Average passing.

DRIBBLING: 87 dribbling is soooooo good the ball sticks to his feet.

DEFENDING : Average.

Heading : Decent.

Overall briliant player and definatly BUY HIM

On 28 June 2010, Real Madrid posted on their website that they had come to terms with Benfica for the transfer of di María. He signed a five-year contract for €25 million, plus €11 million in incentives, as announced by the Portuguese Stock Exchange regulating entity.[11] On 7 July 2010, di María arrived to Madrid directly from Buenos Aires,[12] and passed the medical test on 8 July.[13]
He made his debut on 4 August 2010 in a friendly match against Club América, which Real Madrid won 3–2–.[14] On 22 August, di María scored his first goal in another friendly against Hércules CF, which Real Madrid won 3–1.[15] In the last match of preseason, on 24 August, after an individual play described as a "magic moment", he opened the score of the 2–0 win against CA Peñarol, for the Santiago Bernabéu Trophy.[16]
His league debut came on 29 August, in a 0–0 draw against RCD Mallorca.[17] On 18 September, di María scored his first league goal for Real Madrid in their 2–1 win over Real Sociedad.[18] Ten days later, he scored his first goal in the Champions League against AJ Auxerre, in a 1–0 victory.[19] He scored a controversial first goal against Sevilla FC on 19 December. Days later, di María assisted Karim Benzema's two goals and Cristiano Ronaldo's goal in an astonishing 8–0 win over Levante UD on 22 December. In the second leg of the Champions League last 16 round against Olympique Lyonnais, he scored the third and final goal in a 3–0 win to send Real Madrid through to the last eight for the first time in seven years.
Di María scored Real's third goal during their first-leg Champions League quarter-final victory over Tottenham Hotspur. On 20 April 2011, he was sent off in the 31st minute of extra time in the Copa del Rey final against rivals FC Barcelona. Real Madrid won the game 1–0, the lone goal of this game (in the 13th minute of extra time) being a header from Ronaldo, assisted by di María himself, thus obtaining his first honour with Real Madrid.

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Has his moments, but not the beast I expected Rating 8 / 10 | Position RM | Formation 352 | Submitted by ellthepotato on 14 April

I use him in this team: http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/9028296/

+ He is very fast, ideal for bombing down the wing. When the play goes to the left flank, he tends to dart into the centre,making chances as a second striker. His pace allows him to do so quite effectively
+ Very agile and good balance
+ His crossing is brilliant (providing it is on his left foot). I have Falcao in this team, and it definitely helps having a player that is so adept at crossing. He can place is very well, and the curve is brilliant. I take corners with him as well, and he is also very good at this. Most of his assists have come from corners
+ His shot power and finishing is outstanding. Finesses are ok with his left foot, but power shots are brilliant with him. Even outside the box, his shot is incredibly accurate and surprisingly powerful
+ His passing is very good as well, especially at a RM formation. Short and long passing suit him quite well
+ His ball control is very good
+ His dribbling is also very good, he has close ball control
+ Weirdly, his tackling is actual better then I expected. He has the dives into tackles trai, so he really tries to win the ball back, and he seems to do this more than I would anticipate. His agility means he can dart around causing problems for the other players
+ Stronger then expected (not very strong though), but for a winger, not bad

- Although I said he was stronger then I expected, he still is very weal
- Again, he is quite fast, but not 90 pace fast. When he has the ball, he does not blaze away from defenders like you would hope. The usual suspects can catch up with him more then you would like
- Gets tired quickly
- 2* weak foot is rubbish. He will avoid trying to use it, but sometimes when you want a two footed player to take a shot, he is very weak wit it on his right side

Overall he is very good, one of the best in his nation and league, but he does have some cons that really effect him. Bare these in mind however, and he is an agile winger with a powerful shot. Perhaps best in a RF/RW position, but he is actually one of the best RM's I have used in game that specializes in going forward.

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