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Good all-around but inconsistent and handling to be desired Rating 8 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4321 | Submitted by jholiness on 16 December

Diving [85]
Guilherme's diving is definitely his greatest strength, as reflected by his stats. His good height of 6'5" means he will often reach to the post he's diving to. Because of this, long shots are very ineffective against him, as more often than not, he will reach. Also, in the box, he's still quite difficult to beat. Because of his great reach, curling the ball, or placing the ball in the far side of the goal, will often not work, as he'll either save it, or cover too much of the goal, causing you to aim too wide.


Handing [69]
From his greatest strength to his biggest weakness, Guilherme's handling is pretty awful. As shown by his stats, Guilherme will rarely hold on to anything. If a player shoots, he will only rebound it away; very dangerous, as a player in the right place can easily slot it in. However, when the ball is high in the air, Guildherme is mostly reliable, thanks to his height once again - he won't tend to drop or miss it.


Kicking [74]
Guilherme's kicking is pretty much average. Not much to say, decent enough, but nothing amazing.


Reflexes [82]
Guilherme's reflexes are another of his strong points. He is quick to react to shots mostly, and will often pull off real great saves. If this keeper makes a good save, you'll know about it, as he'll just look awesome doing it.


Speed [68]
Although his speed doesn't look that good number wise, it's actually way better than average; being joint fifth for the quickest. Making him rush out really shows his good speed. Coupled with his good diving and reflexes, one on one's are quite difficult for the opposing team.


Positioning [77]
Guilherme's positioning is fairly decent, he's usually positioned in good places to save the ball, and is rarely beaten at near post. His positioning isn't all that important anyway, as he's plenty tall enough to reach the ball anyway.


Pros Cons
+Great Diving -Bad handling
+Quick -Sometimes Inconsistent
+Long Reach -Lets in Some Easy Goals
+Good Freekick Saver

Overall, a great keeper, with amazing diving and real good speed, the best Brazilian keeper IMO.

Total: 45.5/60 7.5/10

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Worst goalkeeper I have ever used. Rating 3 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 433 | Submitted by Alkalis on 11 January

I use him for my Brazil squad, I used him over Diego Alves and he plays with 9 chem, so there's no problem with that. The only redeeming fact is that he's extremely cheap and that he's got okay speed.

85 diving: Feels like 70. His diving is truly awful and he is never able to reach the ball unless the shot is from a long way out. He really doesn't save very much with diving.

82 reflexes: Feels like 65. His reflexes are just.. horrible. He dives about 1 second late, literally, the ball will be past him before he dives, and it happens all the time one on one.

69 handling: Feels like 30. Now you may look at this and think it's stupid, but I have used the keeper from Barnet, and he holds the ball better than this guy, He never catches the ball, and if he does, he drops it. Normally giving the opponent an extremely easy goal.

68 speed: Feels like 68. He's quick off his line and he does actually grab the ball, but sometimes he drops it.

74 kicking: Feels like 60: Holy crap his kicking is bad, he can barely reach the half way line, and even when he does, it goes flying out of play.

77 positioning: Feels like 65: Not the worst problem about him, but he's out of position a lot and he's been in ridiculous positions leaving open goals quite a few times.

Overall, he feels like a bad silver goalkeeper or something. He is hilariously bad compared to pretty much all the Brazillian goalkeepers. The only reason I gave him 3 was because he's cheap and he does get the ball when a player is running at him.

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Sometimes is beast, sometimes is mentally challenged. Rating 7 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by EmileHeskeyTheOneAndOnly on 10 December

As many people have already stated, he is in fact one of the best Brazilians/Russian League Goalkeepers in the game, but sadly his inconsistency lets him down. I have used him for a pretty long time now (almost 30 games with him) in a Russian League 3-5-2, and if there were someone I would change, it would be him. However, there are really not a lot of choices so I just stick with him.

-Good diving
-Good reflexes
-Decent positioning

-69 Handling REALLY does show.

He would be the perfect goalkeeper if he had a better handling, but it just seems that every single GK that I use can't handle any balls, (that's what she said) even if they are easy, slow shots Guilherme sometimes reacts as if he were afraid of the ball and just punches it upwards, which sometimes causes some embarrassing goals against me.

I found out that the only good, consistent keepers are the ones worth tons (such as Hart, Cech, Neuer and Co.). FIFA goalies in general are very inconsistent, and Guilherme is no exception to this. However if you are building a Brazilian or Russian League side I would strongly suggest to use this guy, at least until a good In-form comes out. Just don't get surprised if Guilherme appears to be mentally retarded.

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Best Brazilian/ RPL Goalkeeper Rating 9 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 3412 | Submitted by Smally on 08 December

Absolutely outstanding. Height is great, 197cm I believe. Reflexes, handling, diving, etc. are all first class and I'm pretty sure he's the fastest goalie in the game. Better than Akinfeev, better than Diego Alves, and an absolute bargain.

He's absolutely amazing, right up there as one of the best goalies in the game IMO, alongside Szcesny and Marchetti.

It says the review has to be 150 words longs, but I have nothing left to say. I will copy and paste this again to reach 150 words.

Absolutely outstanding. Height is great, 197cm I believe. Reflexes, handling, diving, etc. are all first class and I'm pretty sure he's the fastest goalie in the game. Better than Akinfeev, better than Diego Alves, and an absolute bargain.

He's absolutely amazing, right up there as one of the best goalies in the game IMO, alongside Szcesny and Marchetti.

It says the review has to be 150 words longs, but I have nothing left to say. I will copy and paste this again to reach 150 words.

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BEAST Rating 9 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 3412 | Submitted by Truelsen on 08 December

This guy is just a beast. Makes so many good saves for me. And for the price of 1k, he's just a bargain. Amazing, with his 197 cm in lenght he saves a lot of finesses only a few goes in and reflexes are very good aswell. First of i tried Dikan (haven't gt many coins) and i thought that he played really good. Then one of my friends told me about this guy and i tried him out and i'm really glad that i did. He gets over 9 rating almost every game and has more than 5 saves and some of them sick.

The best goalie in the Russian League for under 1k he's well worth a try. Akinfeev is not better at all. If you're making a Brazilian team then Diego Alves is the only one that can be better than him and i'm not even sure about it.

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The BEST keeper on UT Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 41212 | Submitted by ohpandahh on 02 June

Yeah, you're probably wondering why the title says that when there are other keepers with the likes of Buffon, Casillas, Cech etc. But I am here today to tell you that this lad, Guilherme, is the BEST keeper I've ever used on any FIFA.

Diving (85): 85 PSHHHHHHHHHTTTT more likes 99!!! This guy can dive left, right and centre, he is just that good! I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he has better diving than Sergio Busquets! ;) But in all honesty, his diving is absolutely immense.

Reflexes (82): Man oh man is this guys reflex saves crazy. He can make those double saves, triple saves and even QUADDDD saves for you, he is GODLY in the reflex section. He has saved me countless times especially when someone tries passing it across goal Guilherme is there to save the day and stretch his arms out to save it.

Handling (69): 69... Giggity ;) Handling, yeah SOMETIMES he has a bit of trouble keeping the ball in his hands but that's when no one is around and there is no pressure around him so that's fine with me but still, very very good in this department.

Speed (68): With the speed of 68, he is one of the fastest keepers on UT, when he is coming out of the box for those 1v1 challenges he is there to clean house and sweep it out of danger with no pressure what so ever. Amazing speed.

Kicking (74): This guy can kick soooooooooo far up the field it's not funny, he has set up so much counter attacks that I mostly score of them, all because of his kicking.

Positioning (77): Bit decent, not the greatest, could improve but still very good.

- Diving
- Handling
- Kicking
- Reflexes
- Speed

- Positioning

Overall, Guilherme is an AMAZING keeper and I 100% recommend you to try him, simply a beast.

Cheers for reading this and I hope you use him.

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Berlin Wall Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 433 | Submitted by sXHulk on 07 June

After reading some reviews here on futhead, I decided that it Guilherme was, at least worth a try. So I bought him for 800 coins, and put him on my Brazilian team. On the first match his performance was really above average, as he saved every shot! He even did some miracles. And it happens in every match I play. So lets go to the review of the stats of the best GK in the UT

85 DIVING -- Manages to go for every ball, at least throwing it to corner. Amazing. 9.5/10

69 HANDLING -- Didn't fell that bad 7/10

74 KICKING -- I thought it was pretty good, he always managed to put the ball on the foot of one of my midfielders 10/10


68 SPEED -- He always reach the ball earlier than the ST, even when the ST is the monster Wellinton. 10/10

77 POSITIONING -- He is always in the right place at the right moment, no matters what. This guy is a monster.


I use this guy on every squad I have! It dont matter if it is a English, Spanish, Brazilian, I always manage to insert this guy in my team, making chemistry with Felipe Santana and David Luiz. His overall is really underrated, and I do think that he is the best and the most consistent keeper in the UT, with him in my team, there isn't space for Neuer, Buffon, or whatever other GK that you may think it is good. After you try this little monster here, you will know what I`m talking about. Give him a chance, you really won't regret him.

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Let down Rating 4 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4321 | Submitted by MattyPig on 18 December

I don't have much great to say about this player. I'll start with the first few good things. He did make some amazing dives that kept me in a couple of games...

Now that was that the one good thing now where do I start?! He didn't seem to want to catch the ball for example one person had a shot from around 40 yards out and it was straight at him and he just stood still and punched it over. This meant it went out for a corner and the guy scored! Another bad thing is shots that are really close to him he dives and makes then look hard as hell! He does stuff the hard way. He has very bad throws that aren't accurate and just goes to the other team.

I would say that he is alright for like 900 coins but if your in division 1, 2 or 3 then I would buy another goalie.

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Best Brazil GK By Long Throw Rating 9 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by afro_panda_man on 30 June

First of all i am using Guilherme in this team: he makes epic saves to keep me in the game, the only problem was his handling and what i found with all the OP keepers is that they save most shots but hardly catch any
here is a review of his stats:

Diving (85): Amazing diving to saves shot and most of the time he reaches the ball. 10/10
Handling (69): he hardly catches any shots and mostly parries them away into a area were the opponent can score a rebound goal, which most goals i have conceded with Guilherme. 6/10
Kicking (74): I hardly ever kick with my keeper's and mostly play it short to my full-backs but i do kick his kicks mostly reach the person i wanted. 9/10
Reflexes (82): Reflexes and diving kind-off make the same stat and he was really quick to get to the ball and reacted well to sweaty/rebound shots. 10/10
Speed (68): He is exceptionally quick off his line to come out and close down the attacker and very quick to get back to his line once he had come out. 10/10
Positioning (77): He is good good at positioning himself and rarely makes faults and is out of position to lead to an easy goal. 9/10
Throwing: He can throw really far and to get to my attackers and then start a quick counter attack. 10/10
WF: Never really notice the WF on my keepers.

+Amazing diving
+Amazing reflexes
+Super quick (fastest keeper i've used)
-Sometimes out of position (rarely)
-Not great at catching the ball and most of the time parries it

My stats for Guilherme:
DIV: 90
HAN: 69
KIC: 74
REF: 90
SPE: 90
POS: 77

Value for price: 10/10

Probably the best Brazilian and Russian league GK in the game for only 700 coins and is a much better option than Julio Cesar and Diego Alves. Overall i would rate Guilherme 9/10 for excellent speed, diving and reflexes, he just needs to catch the ball a bit more to earn the 10/10

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Amazing Stopper! Rating 9 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4312 | Submitted by hockeyalex8 on 03 January

First of all if you want a GK who makes Tons of saves this is your man. He won't save any breakaways with an incredible save, but he will make every save from outside the box.

If your not good against corners DO NOT get this guy you will LOSE EVERY GAME because he Almost Never catches the ball so a lot of balls go out for corners.

If you are good at defending corners and use pretty pacey defenders in the squad (I used D. Luiz and Santana in this squad and do not give up breakaways you will almost never give up goals.

Don't think twice if your making a Russian League or a Brazilian team get this guy best GK in both cases.

Thank you for taking a look at my review of my favorite keeper on Fut 13.

Great Goalkeeper for me go get him while he is cheap!

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One of my favorite goalkeepers in the game Rating 9 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 442 | Submitted by EpicSeaPancake on 10 December

This guy is amazing. He has tons of great saves for me. The one thing I really noticed is that he is very good even though he is tall (197 cm). Iv'e used lots of tall goalkeepers in FIFA 13, but this man takes the cake. He also has the "long thrower" trait, which i just love. His height also results in him never letting high or finesse shots in to the back of the net. He is quick (for a goalkeeper) and has the "rushes out of goal" trait which makes him perfect for 1 on 1 situations. Also, if you are wondering whether to buy this guy or Diego Alves, I just have to say that Guilherme is ALOT better. Tried both of them a couple of times, and this guy is really one of the best goalkeepers in the game. He is a real steal for his price as well. Get him, just get him!

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Стена на последнем рубеже обороны. Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by fm56 on 22 May

Скажу сразу, если кто-то выбирает кипера в РПЛ или сборную Бразилии, то только ОН. И никто больше. В этих двух командах его даже сравнивать не с кем. Остальные на его фоне кажутся дёргаными трясущимися прыщавыми подростками с дрожащими ногами и руками. Это всё о РПЛ и Бразах.
Если смотреть весь УТ, то на столь же высоком уровне играют только Рейна, Харт, Сиригу, Визе и Джи-Джи. Кас хуже, Ноер хуже, Чех хуже, Льорис хуже.
В сезонах картина другая, но в УТ так.
Статы можете даже не смотреть, это ложь и провокация :) Моя первая тима в УТ была РПЛ. И естественно на раму я поставил Игорька. Он привозил мне в среднем по 2-3 банки за игру. После на форуме я спросил есть ли ему альтернатива? Мне посоветовали Гильерме. Решил попробовать...и всё! Теперь он у меня трудится на три фронта, РПЛ, Бундес (через Луиза) и Бразилия. Гильерме феноменален в УТ.
Реакция - как-будто знает наперёд куда будет бить нападающий. Намертво ловит не всегда, но вот грамотно отобьёт - в этом будьте уверены.
Выходы - настолько уверенные, что если на ваши ворота соперник вышел 1 в 1, смело зажимайте кнопку выхода вратаря и будьте уверены что он отработает! С ним 1 в 1 мне забивают 1 из 10.
И да, вброс рукой. Здесь он вообще Бог. Видение поля у него потрясающее. Настолько точно и далеко не вбрасывает ни один другой кипер в УТ. Он может ввести мяч в игру так что вы сразу окажетесь на рандеву с вратарем соперника.

Моё мнение можете считать объективным, потому как в моих командах Гиля провёл 400+ матчей и я теперь уверен что это лучший воротчик УТ.
А вообще если ни разу его не ставили в состав, обязательно соберите с ним команду и сами всё поймёте. Благо стОит он в 100 раз меньше чем должен :) Игрок-находка в УТ, это несомненно, также как и Гюндоган, Арнаутович, Луиз, Коне и др.
Спасибо за прочтение моего обзора. Стараюсь для Вас.

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Sometimes very good but can be very shocking at times Rating 8 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4411 | Submitted by mruntouchable on 21 March

Hey guys this is my 1st review i have ever done so i decided i'm going to do it on this lad named Guilherme purely for the fact of how good he can be right i bought this guy for 650 coins so i wasnt expecting much from him i played against a friend in my 1st game with him my friend had a shot with Robinho close range Guilherme saved it then Ronaldinho hit the rebound again Guilherme saved it no word of a lie 3rd rebound he cleared it off the line this guy is a beast

But this is the bad side of him as you can see on his card he has 69 handling this really does show in-game he makes saves but rarely catches the ball so if you are in a 1v1 situation then your most likely gonna concede unless Guilherme manages to parry it wide

So yeah the only real let down is his handling otherwise he would be the best brazillian keeper on the game but if you want a cheap brazillian keeper thats good i would recommend getting this guy you will most likely be able to pick this guy up now for less than 1k so for that price a low stat like his handling is to be expected

If your making a Brazil team or Russian League team and have about 5k to spend on a keeper i would get Diego Alves (Brazil) Akinfeev (Russian League) but if you have like 1k GET THIS GUY

-Good reflexes
-Speed seems higher than 68
-Good at making double or triple saves
-Rarely conede goals if you have him in goal
-Good at saing long shots
-Good diving
-Very cheap
-Tall aswell which helps
-Decent positioning

-Bad at 1v1's
-VERY bad handling
-Bad at catching the ball from corners due to his handling
-So Yeah thats my review of Guilherme overall i give him a 8/10 rating as its only his handling that lets him down hope this helped you decide whether to buy this keeper or not :)

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Reflects his price. Rating 5 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 41212 | Submitted by Barnesy on 16 June

So I bought this guy having seen all the likes he'd got amongst other Brazilian keepers and having not tried him before I thought i had to be worth a go.
I picked him up in 4-1-2-1-2 for a buy it now price of 1,100 coins and stuck him straight in my Brazil team:

In my first game with him he conceded with the first shot from the opposition - a low 20 yard drive from Arnautovic which he spilled into the corner when it looked to be a straight forward save. It seems a common theme for me that he gets beaten from distance, regularly flapping things into the corner and to be honest, with him being so tall and having a solid diving stat, I expected one of his strangths to be making saves from distance.
My other major problem I have with this guy is that he seems very slow to react when he rushes out in a one on one situation. He dashes to the edge of the box fairly quickly but seems so slow to react when the striker pulls the trigger and will finally spread himself/dive when the ball's hit the back of the net.

One thing I was impressed with however, was his handling. The most comparable goalkeeper for handling I've used is probably MOTM Courtois. He seems to excel at holding on to crosses and equally headers if they aren't to far from him and has stopped me conceding a fair few goals by doing this making it probably his best asset for me.

His distribution is bad either but I find most goalkeepers on FUT have very accurate distribution so this a long with his handling wouldn't make me go out and buy him.

I might be being a little biased as I was expecting quite big things from him due to some other reviews on him but like one of the comments on his page says, he seems to have the 'Julio Cesar effect from FIFA 12' and for me, I really don't like him. If you're just looking for a cheap goalkeeper I feel he won't disappoint but for one of the top rated Brazilian keepers according to FUTHead I really did expect quite a lot better.

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