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Exeptionnal player Rating 10 / 10 | Position CAM | Formation 352 | Submitted by exidz on 07 December

Well, seem that Real Madrid got an amazing player this year. And this time, it's Luka Modric. Let's talk a little about his ingame preformance. I don't know why but before I ever tested him in Ultimate team or Fifa 13, I was thinking he will rock. And this is really was happened.

Playing him as a CAM in 3-5-2, Modric is the perfect Attacking middlefield behind two strikers. His ability to spot partners and give them the ball quickly and with precision is magnificent. From this only player you can control the whole gameplay of your team.

Also his good dribbling is very excellent with him as each time when he dribbles, i feel ultra smooth with him making runs into defenders, also the balance which is 94 is a big advantage for him if he was tackled.

His speed is correct for a CAM, no need to rush with him and trying to outpace anyone, just dribble one or two players and send the ball to the farest player available.

For the shooting, this attribute is also correct for him, even if he got 4 stars weak foot this year unlike last year which he got 5*, his shooting and finishing seems a bit higher than 73, i would say 76-77. He can do finesse shots pretty well, but the lack of the power shot makes the normal shot a bit difficult with him, and specialy outside the box.

Concerning his heading, i don't have to talk so much, 60 heading is weak, but he will not need it as his role is feeding his teammates with good balls.

And finally the defensive stats is pretty good for a CAM. He can play actually as CM with those defensive skills wich make him a very great mildlefield with attacking and defensive and also creative attribute.

To be honest this is, and will be, my favourite CAM in the whole game, i know he is great but he have something that save me in each time i need him.

10/10 for the quality, 9/10 for the price that i think is a bit high, 12k-14k would be very appreciated.

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Plays Just like in Real! Rating 9 / 10 | Position CAM | Formation 352 | Submitted by teamunited15 on 09 December

I played Luka Modric as the lone CAM in my 3-5-2 formation. I relied on him to deliver the passes. Just like in real life in Real Madrid where he or Ozil are at the focus when on the quick counter attacks, Modric plays the same in FIFA 13.

Whenever I'm playing defense and we get the ball back, Modric is always at a good position so my defenders can quickly outlet the ball to him, and that's when the counter begins.

Pace and Passing:
Modric's base 78 pace stat may seem slow, but he has 93 agility, and that is a true stat. Once he gets the ball, his pace gets him up the pitch to deliver a quick counter attack. His passing is greatly accurate. His long balls, and his short balls are on target.

Shooting and Dribbling:
Surprisingly, Modric's shooting is amazing! If you get the ball on either foot (preferably Right) just in outside the box, he pounds it in every time! His finishing is great! He has scored so many for me like that. Also, he has 4* star skills, and his dribbling is so tight. His high ball control works really well when doing the "complete dribbling" (holding LT+RT) he is very agile and quick.

64 Def. for a CAM is actually quite good, so if you need him to play CM, than he is the best for the job.

He has no strength, but when he is in space, he is deadly. I really did not have a problem with his strength because I was able to create space using complete dribbling. Heading is also poor but you should not be buying any CAM for their heading because they will never be in the box anyways.

Modric is a fantastic player and he is going for only around 10k now an absolute steal. Before Modric, I used KaKa, he was decent but way too slow to start any sort of quick counter, and his passing is not as good.

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Exceeds all expectations! Rating 10 / 10 | Position CAM | Formation 352 | Submitted by Chyphor on 11 January

Last year I used Modric in a great BPL side and for some reason I lost all the games that he played, sold him and never thought about him again. Back then he was 88 rated, whereas this card is 86. Even though, his stats sparkled my attention (e.g. 79 pace, 86 pass, 87 dribble) and I wanted to give him a try.

I was very surprised so see that his price is just a small 3K (at least in my formation), I would have expected a little higher seeing as Özil (rated one higher at 87) goes for around 15K! I put Modric in a very poor BBVA side (worth no more than 10K) and played a game..

And my god, I just HAD to write a review! Whenever Modric is on the ball you feel like bloody Harry Potter holding his first wand-stick-thing. It's absolutely unreal! You hear the commentator going 'Modric on the ball now' and you know something's about to go down. His passing is fantastic, the ball sticks to his feet like glue and unlike players like Messi it doesn't affect his pace because it is only a modest 78. He's creative, has that special something to make those really difficult passes come off and just dances around opponents the defence. His corner accuracy is also exceptional, he just finds players heads af if it's a pre-determined trajectory of the ball. In my first game alone he assisted twice and scored twice! He has the potential to be a key player for every team and has the ability to make a difference for your team going from losing to winning before you know it.

This is the first time I've ever given any player a 10/10. But only one word of advice: don't use him as a CM, he is far too small and weak to hold your midfield as a CM.

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What can I say Rating 10 / 10 | Position CF | Formation 4231 | Submitted by blablabla843 on 06 January

First of all I need to say having tried all of the major cams in the liga bbva this guy is just insane. He has such high agility and this really does show in game, he is easily able to weave in and out of the opponents defence.

As we all know fut is all about pace, Modric feels quick on the ball for someone with 78 pace, although he isn't rapid he is quick enough so that it doesn't completely ruin one's game

His shooting really did surprise me, originally I was expecting for his shot to be mediocre but that was not the case. Within twenty five yards of the opponents goal you daren't expect anything less than a corner, also inside the box he is one of the deadliest finishers I have used (aguero, RVP, falcao, Benzema etc)

His heading stats are irrelevant as I would rarely use him as a target man, however although he may not be the strongest he does have what seems to be good heading accuracy (he is capable of scoring those sweaty goals)

Now then... His dribbling. He felt insane on the ball for me it's safe to say his 87 dribbling feels more like a 91 (very similar dribbling style to nani) this is due to his 96 in game agility, he is really effective when using the left trigger, right trigger action.

His passing was not his finest point. Don't get me wrong if you have a striker running through on goal and you decide to lob through ball with this guy 9/10 he will drop it on a sixpence but for me he felt really inconsistent as he would have the odd wayward short pass, expect for approximatley 7/10 passes to reach his teammate

One phrase that is most commonly associated with modric is "jack of all trades, master of none" never has this been more relevant than to his fut card. If you are looking for a all round brilliant player then modric I would recommend. If you are contemplating on whether to get modric or ozil without a shadow of a doubt I would buy modric (ozil seems sluggish and lackadaisical IMO)


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Great CAM in the 4-5-1 formation! Rating 9 / 10 | Position CAM | Formation 451 | Submitted by daanzie98 on 03 February

Here's a review for Luka Modric!

Pace: 78, It feels like 85. He's really fast. He is faster than i expected! Only his topspeed isn't really fast. His accelaration is really high, so you can sprint away with him!

Dribbling: 87, It feels like 87. He is really close to the ball, you can turn around without losing the ball. And almost no first ball contact faults. So that's really great!

Shooting: 73, Feels like 80, Sometimes i tried a longshot with him, and it worked out really well. He is a fantastic shooter, although his shotpower isn't really high. His finishing is not really good in my opinion. I can't score with him in the box.

Passing: 86, Feels like 95, Especially his longpassing is great, everytime during a corner of the opponent. Modric gets the ball. He passes the ball to the striker. Such a great pass he has. AMAZING in my opinion. His shortpassing is also really great. I played about 20 games with him. And his passing is always around the 90%. So that's amazing!

Defending: 64, Feels like 60, Not so important for a CAM. But he is not really good in defending in my opinion. His sliding tackle is one of the worst stats of him so don't use him in a CM or CDM position.

Heading: 60, feels like 72, it was really good. I did not expect that from such a small guy. But i scored a couple of headers with him and i was really surprised of it!

His pricetag is really worth the coins. I think it was about 8k on the PS3. But that's really worth it. Especially his passing is AMAZING as i already told you guys. So don't hesitate to buy him. Just buy him. I hope you liked this review of Modric.

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Fantastic support player and attacker Rating 10 / 10 | Position CAM | Formation 451 | Submitted by Itdoesnt on 23 January

Really is everywhere for me and scores some very handy goals; the best all round 451 CAM I have used so far. (not used the very expensive guys)

Playing him with a medium/medium work rate CAM on the other side helped me loads, he gets in advanced positions and his passing is a real gem.
Superb shifting the ball outside of him as well as the simple one touch pass; usually moves into space too which is nice.

Scoring is fantastic and so is his positioning; in many teams he is overshadowed by better players but in a 451 his abilities can shine. (I used him in 352 too, and he is great at linking up midfield to strikers)

Pro's -
Quick enough
Good shot
Great pass, including defence splitters
Superb touch and quick pass
Fantastic positioning
Midfield defensive
Decent finesse shot

Cons' -
Bit weak and so can be bullied on and off the ball
While he can run away from a defence don't count on it being a regular occurrence so use his passing abilities
Chemistry outside of La Liga

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Criminally Underused Rating 9 / 10 | Position CAM | Formation 352 | Submitted by comeonarsenal on 06 February

Let me start by saying that i used Modric in a 3-5-2 with Navas,Bastos, Benzema & Inform Soldado. I used Fabregas,Ozil,Kaka & Costa before trying Modric and has massively surprised by him, not only was his passing exceptional (as expected) but he seemed really quick with great ball control. Modric also has great pace for a Midfielder making it easy to get up and down the pitch aswell as going past players, he also seems to always be in the right position whether thats making a tackle or putting home a rebound but my favourite part of Modric' game is his shooting he only has 72 finishing and 71 longshots but in my opinion that is a lie. He always manages to at least hit the target from within 30 yards and usually scores. Luka Modric is having an average season in real life by his standards but dont let that put you off. With his high agility it makes him a really fun player to Dribble with another thing that makes Modric a really special player is his 4* Skill & 4* Week foot, he's not the most effective skiller but can still pull them off fairly easily & he is equally as comfortable using his left foot. His ability to use both feet mean he's hard to tackle as you cant just deny him the use of his right foot and force him back. I also used him in a 4-3-3 he was also very good in this formation but in my experience he performed better at CAM. If you can get over the fact that he looks like Gail from Coronation street then i would highly recommend buying him and as he's so cheap so you really cant go wrong go buy him!.

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OMFG Rating 10 / 10 | Position CAM | Formation 352 | Submitted by Joshuafish on 29 March

I use this team: but then when Ozil was low on fitness I went out and bought Modric. Modric is now my first CAM because he outshone Ozil by scoring 10 goals in 3 matches. Thats just what he scores, he sets every other goal up. He holds the midfield absolutely amazingly, I never thought a player could score so many goals so quickly, especially with his tiny price tag. His goal-sorcing ability is not the best bit about him, its the way he plays.

He feels so fast and his skills let do my favourite skill: The Ronaldo Chop. I swear that on all my teams (including this: he is the most underrated and one of the best players. Modric is truly unstoppable, every shot he takes finds its way in to the back of the net. His lowest rating out of all the matches was 9.5, which was not the best on my team because of other players who took goals he set up!

Sat by Sat Rating:

Pace (78) = Complete lie, he runs through every defender, its more like 85.
Dribbling (87) = Feels more like 90, the ball is quite literally glued to his feet.
Shot (73) = BIGGEST LIE EVER! More like 86, he scores so many screamers.
Defending (64) = Maybe more like 70, but doesn't really matter in the CAM role.
Passing (86) = More like 99!! Every goal has been assisted by him.
Heading (60) = LIE AGAIN, more like 72 but again doesn't really matter in the CAM role.

This player is so nice to skill with, but thats not his only strength so you don't feel like you have to skill.

You truly have to go and buy this player now, he is one of the best bargains ever. Honestly, if you don't go and pick this player up, then it will be the biggest mistake ever.

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Croatian Legend Rating 10 / 10 | Position CAM | Formation 4222 | Submitted by Maxizoa on 13 February

I use Luka Modric in a 4-2-2-2 BPL/BBVA hybrid, with Mesut Ozil as the other cam.
Modric did only cost me 7,200 coins, while I paid 21,500 for Ozil.. That's three times as much, but to be honest, Modric is a lot better!

I played 23 games with him (according to the stats, I've also played him a lot against friends), and he managed to score 18 times. He's the 2nd topscorer for me after Benzema, Ozil only got 10 goals. But the most important thing are his assists. I don't know where to find how much assists he made, but I'm sure it's a lot. He always sneaks into those little spaces and gaps, so you can easily pass the ball to him. Your opponent will focus on Modric, so you just have to wait until your striker found space, and boom: goal.

He has everything a cam needs; decent pace, a good shot, incredible passing and great dribbling.

Pace: Like I said, it's not the best, but good enough for a midfielder.
Shooting: It feels more like he has somewhere between 80 and 83 shooting, it's not amazing but it's really good from inside the box... Not much power, but a great finesse shot. His free kicks are decent, but not amazing.
Passing: It's awesome. Just as good as Xavi and Pirlo. Every pass will be accurate, long passes and short passes. He also has the Long Passer and Playmaker traits.
Dribbling: Great, but doesn't feel like 87 to be honest. More like 83-84, maybe because he doesn't have the Speed Dribbler trait.

The cam's I used till now are Nasri, Ozil, Modric, Cazorla, Gerrard, Leitner, C. Gardner, Gerrard, Silva and IF Hiljemark, but this guy is definetely one in the top-3.
7,000 coins for this guy is an absolute steal, believe me! Use him in a BBVA side, or hybrid. You could use him with Ozil for a strong link, or with Rakitic who is also Croatian and has a suprisingly good longshot!

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If you're bored at UT, try Modric! Rating 10 / 10 | Position CAM | Formation 352 | Submitted by miceskillz on 24 July

Oh my god! I've played this guy several times before and tried him again now. Used him as a CAM in 3-5-2, and hoolyy shiiiiiit! Bought him for ONLY 3000 coins! Scored 10 times in 8 games and he gave 12 assists! I give you review stat by stat, and I also apologize my bad english because it isn't my native language.

78 Pace: What a lie, he feels so fast, like 85 pace easily. Acceleration is on card 82 but feels so much more! Easy to outpace most defenders, expect David Luiz of course...

73 Shot: No way man, no way! Shot power is on card 68, what the hell? Modric's shots are so powerful and almost every time goes into goal! Also with his 83 curve and 79 freekick acc its easy to score freekicks and i scored couple in 8 games, which were close to box. If you're strikers have problem to score, Modric can do that job! Also 4 star weak foot is helpful :)

86 Passing: Yeah, passing is his best asset! 88 long passing and 90 short passing. His trough balls are so good and it's so easy to assist goals with Modric, 12 assists in 10 games tells you that!

87 Dribbling: Modric has perfect dribbling, ball sticks into his feet and L2+R2 dribbling is OP with him! Ball control 90 and Dribbling 84 tells everything! 4 star skills are awesome for CAM!

64 Defending: Not important for CAM of CF

60 Heading: Wins headers surprisingly a lot, scored couple headers with him!

I highly recommend you to use Modric as a CAM or CF, because he is the best in his position in my opinion, so much fun playing with him when he rapes opponents :DD

Here's couple teams you can use him:

Cheap hybrid 3-5-2:
Cheap 4-2-3-1:
And a expensive squad 4 rich mother fuckers:

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Possibly the best player for the money Rating 10 / 10 | Position CF | Formation 4231 | Submitted by ryankillen88 on 29 May

I use a La Liga squad:

This is long, but trust me it should help.

This should be helpful background on Luka Modric and my team.

Luka Modric fits perfectly into his role. It helps for him to have the support that he does, but Luka modric is much better than fabregas kaka and many others. If you have a La Liga Squad he is a must have, especially in a 4-2-3-1. This squad is expensive, but not that expensive if you put some other teams in perspective. I have won two straight Division 1 titles with this squad with luka modric coming in 2nd in goals just behind benzema. I play a possesion tiki taka style of play then play the deadly through ball. I would suggest getting a di maria (who i use) navas or sanchez to go on the wing. If you guys did not know if you bring a player off the bench whatever player being substituded' chemistry is that player coming on receives that chemistry. in this case di maria comes on with 9 chemistry to replace fabregas most games in the 1st 5 minutes. Modric loves passing to di maria. a good example is benzema receives plays to modric who just slips in di maria because he is so fast.

OK that's how i would use him. I'd pay about 30k for this guy even though he only costs 2k on xbox

pace- card 78- my 85
His straight away speed is good to get away from most center defenders which is why he should play in the middle. His agility is crazy good.

SHOT- card 73- my 88
I have no idea how his shot is 73 if that is what is scaring you away then do not worry at all.
Luka modric has just good an amazing shot. He is the best shooter on my team and yes that is saying something. His left foot is also crazy good. If you get a shot from just outside the 18 on either foot he puts it upper 90 9/10 times no joke, this guy is unreal.

Passing- card 86- my 89
If you get modric do not think that just randomly kicking a through ball is going to end up in a breakaway. He is not that great at really nice through balls. He makes the simple pass and always converts simple through balls, perfect for tiki taka, but is also great at counter.

Dribbling card- 87- my 87
Luka does not do fancy flashy or swift moves. He just gets it done. Mesut ozil is a much better dribbler and my along with modric my favorite player. Luka instead just keeps the ball close under control and away from defenders, and is a little weak when getting tackled.

Defense card 64- my 66
You crazy people that put players like modric nasri tevez mullerpodolski even ozil as defensive mid partners are just crazy, ive seen some crazy things even vanpersie at cdm. So don't put him at defensive mid unless you have another stud with him. He does not tackle hard, but can get some sneaky interceptions.

Heading card 60- my negative 478
This guy can't win a header if his life depended on it, but who cares that is not how you should chose a center mid.

Hopefully you guys read this, so to close i will say just get him. if you have any questions just post below.

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