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Fine like a Wine, getting better with age. Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 41212 | Submitted by ksnnwk20 on 06 December

To describe Gianluigi Buffon, I let myself to use the words, "Maritn95" has used to describe him "Fine like a Wine, getting better with age".
Well for and old player, he is just amazing.
If you have the coins to spare, then I really HIGHLY recomend him, as he is not penetrable just like a wall.
If you would put a Wall, on the goal-line, then that would be equal to lettig Buffon on the goal-line.
With his 89 positioning, he always stand there where he always should, even for crosses, he always makes good decisions if to go out, or not to go out.
Then adding to that 86 Reflexes, and 89 Diving, as well his speed 61 (which for a GK is a Top noch).
He is just impenetrable, cause he will, he just will save every shoot, and you won't even get a chance to get a rebound from him, as his 83 Handling makes him catch every ball that is aimed in his direction.

Highly Recommended Player

With Regards

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Honestly, one of the worst i have ever used Rating 2 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4321 | Submitted by Hazza6 on 26 February

ok, so a little background, i have him in a team with chelliini and ogbonna as cb's and abate and some RB,, so buffon should feel right at home with 2 italian CB's backing him up, should save most shots no? no , not at all

i played with this guy for 30+ games and he drove me mad, almost every shot within 30 yards went in, and its not like he was against any messis or ronaldos, just one suarezes and reuses and literally buffon drove me mad with the coins he costs and the saves he made (very few).

so heres a summary of this guy in my opinion and multiple experiences.

Diving(89)- its ok, low shots he can handle with decent ability, but so can any keeper really, the saves he stopped were nothing special and the shots he let in were something i expected him to be able to handle, he is utterly useless and top corner shots though
honestly he can dive for the floor ok.. but the corner of the net he just refuses to do , its ridiculous considering its "89"

reflexes(86)- bad, bad, bad, every every every every corner that was taken against this guy went in, regardless of he was in front of it or not- which he was most of the time which made it worse- and any shots which required him to flop on the floor quickly, he refused it

Handling(83)- nothing special at all.

speed(61))- only decent thing on him, he could keeper charge if i needed him to and get back to his goal quick enough , except it was useless cause he is rubbish at mostly everything else

kicking(67)-its laughable how bad his kicking is- end off

positioning(89) it should be amazing, but he isn't, as said earlier, all corners went in even though he was in front of them, all he did was flop on the floor and wave his arms about, so.... its average at best

please don't get me wrong, in real life he is really good, on fifa though he is dreadful , i have had neuer who is 87 overall as well and my god he can save shots, he is almost a a perfect goal keeper, so i see no reason why this guy should be so bad,

so in my opinion if you have the money for this guy, skip him and go for marchetti's inform, or just marchetti , he is much much better for what he costs, and the In form is just god like


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Not as good as I thought Rating 6 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 41212 | Submitted by diabolutz on 14 December

I was looking for some changes, so I decided to test Buffon, also because the reviews on him were mostly very positive. But I was very disappointed by him.

I can't confirm reviews saying that he catches a lot of powerful shots. For me, he bounced nearly every powerfull shot (RvP for ex.) and longshot, and I got a lot of goals from rebounds. At corners, he nearly never saved any header, and like other peple already said, his kicking/throwing ist just aweful. If you want to make the game fast with a long throw by your keeper, forget it... In 1on1 situations, he saved around 50%, which is imo not good for a 65k keeper.

I don't want to say that he never catches a ball, but the balls he saved, would also be saved by a much cheeper keeper. As I play Kompany and Chiellini as CB, I replaced Buffon by Hart, who is much better. I played most of my matches with a BPL Team, so I can just compare him to BPL keepers, but Hart, Cech and Reina were much better for me, than Buffon was.

All in all, If you are looking for a good keeper, I wouldn't recommand you Buffon. He was a disappointment for me and not worth the coins.

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Best goalkeeper in the game Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by Jmcgraghan on 22 December

I have to say, after using every single goalkeeper in the game practically (except Joe Hart) that Buffon is without doubt miles ahead of the competition. He is by far the best goalkeeper in the game, and here is why:

Diving: 89 - To be fair, to me this part of his card feels like 90. He seems to be able to cover the entire goal with his dive and can save a shot that is right over the other side of the goal. This helps especially with long shots, I know that I can let a player shoot from range with Buffon behind me, as he will save it unless it is perfectly placed into the corner, which is very rare.

Handling: 83 - His handling is pretty good, he can catch shots that not many other goalkeepers can. However, due to all players having 99 shot power this year, there are some he cannot catch. These he will usually palm out for a corner, and as I will go into later this is not a problem.

Kicking: 67 - His kicking is average, he can reach the edge of the centre circle in the opponents half on his best goal kick, and I never kick it up the pitch when he has the ball in his hands. So I will evaluate his throwing instead. He doesn't have the long throw trait, which I instantly thought would be a huge problem. It is slightly annoying that he can't reach the centre circle with a throw, so really you want to throw it to your full backs or wingers so that his throw is not intercepted.

Reflexes: 86 - Now here we have, a huge lie. His reflexes feel like 90 or above. He saves one-on-ones and close ranges piledrivers that even Neuer and Casillas cannot reach. Combined with his diving and positioning, this means that headers are your only real way of beating him. HOWEVER, he is the best goalkeeper to have in net when conceding a corner. He is the only keeper I have known to save power headers from corners, and when he saves them he palms them up into the air so a defender can clear it. Pure class.

Speed: 61 - His speed is very good, especially for a goalkeeper that is 34 years old. He is great when a through ball releases a quick striker into your box, you can bring him out and he will usually beat the striker to the ball. Even if he doesn't get there first, he dives at the strikers feet and keeps hold of the ball, enabling you to retain possession.

Positioning: 89 - I believe that this is the second highest of any keeper in the game, however Valdes is too small rendering his 91 positioning useless, as you can chip him when he is on his line. Buffon always positions himself well when the striker is shaping up to shoot, combined with his diving this means that he will not be beaten easily from range. One thing though, he does that stupid thing that all keepers do at the near post, where they confront the striker and leave a gap for the striker to tap into. But all keepers I have used do this, so there is no getting away from it.

In conclusion, he is the best keeper in the game by a distance and the only way he could be beaten by another goalkeeper is if Buffon himself gets an IF or TOTY, which I hope will come in January.

+ Diving
+ Reflexes
+ Speed
+ Positioning
+ Height
+ Decent handling

- Average kicking
- Average throw

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Makes Really Good Saves and Really Bad Saves Rating 3 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 3421 | Submitted by Burlzy on 03 February

I bought Buffon (on xbox 360) for 45,000 coins, my first few games Buffon was a brick wall (Like I thought he'd be) then after those few games he started to play REALLY badly he was very inconsistent with his saves. Another issue was his throwing, every time i threw the ball with Buffon it just seemed to fall to the oppositions player (I conceded many goals like this).

Good points:

-Made SOME good saves
-Positioning was good

Bad points:

-Made terrible saves
-Throwing was dreadful
-Very inconstant

Buffon is a brilliant goalkeeper in real life, in Fifa he just seems to be the opposite, i wanted try out a new goalkeeper so i picked Buffon and was very disappointed in him, i'm sure lots of people will disagree with me but he was awful, if you don't have a lot of coins i suggest you buy Stekelenburg if you have a lot of money you can buy Buffon but i'm not 100% sure you will you will be satisfied with his quality. There are a lot more goalkeepers out there that i'm sure you will be more happy with with there quality i've tried out Stekelenburg and he was 10 times better than Buffon, there has been a lot of positive reviews about Buffon and suggest you read them as well and i also suggest you read some of Stekelenburg's ones too, Stekelenburg is definitely worth it for his price and like I said before theres a lot of people who can afford 45,000 coins on a goalkeeper and theres a lot who cannot afford that and i feel like Buffon is just a terrible goalkeeper on Fifa, in Fifa 12 Buffon was a beast and i can't say the same thing about him on fifa 13, I just played a game and I sold my whole squad because of one of Buffon's mistakes. Like i said i'm not forcing you to buy another goalkeeper you can try him out if you want but i suggest you don't.

-Thanks for reading ;)

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A different review Rating 9 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4312 | Submitted by Hayken on 07 April

So,i thought about doing a different review from the others,ima review 4 goalkeepers in one review comparing them to each other.Ive had many goalkeepers,and out of those i picked these 4 to review:Buffon(obviously),neuer.lloris,and julio césar,all NIF.

Ima start with Julio César
The reason ive chosen Julio César its because i have a Team B squad of BPL,and i had to pick a goalkeeper and since im Brazilian ive chosen him....well i can say i was very surprised,i play in a 4-3-1-2 formation with david luiz and kaboul as CBs...he was really amazing for me,greating diving and reflexes plus great positioning.His handling was good too,he sometimes punched the ball but ive never got beaten because of that.The only negative points about him were his height(only 186cm if im not mistaken) and his long throw trait,which i honestly didnt notice...but he can throw the ball just fine.So my final rating of him is 8/10

Now Lloris,well..what can i say about the card hes the best goalkeeper of BPL,and i can say that for me he has made some real freak saves,i was very impressed with his diving and reflexes,and his positioning is ok too...But the reason ill give him a 7/10 is because,despite his amazing few saves,he punched the ball too much...and i mean..a LOT...he couldnt grab anything!i played him with 9chem and still he seemed to punch away the ball even in some real easy saves.Thats kinda of anoying for me so i sold him.

Neuer is IMO the best goalkeeper in terms of reflexes and diving,he almost never got beaten by long shots and he was quite good in corners.But his problem was his handling...he punched the ball a lot too..never really hold it,just parried it away...but then again,he has made some great saves for me and he is very tall so it was a great goalkeeper. 8/10 for me.

Now to Buffon
Buffon is the best goalkeeper IMO,the most balanced for me at least.I play him next to thiago silva and chiellini,and with 9chem hes a beast,his diving were excellent(almost like neuer) his reflexes were great too(i little worse than lloris,but better than julio cesar) his handling was great too,i saw him punching the ball only 3 times,and ive played about 80 games so far with him..of course he cant hold the ball 100% of the shots but for me the ones he parried were because it was a really good shot.The outstanding stat for me was his positioning,he was amazing in 1v1,really amazing...great in corners too,he made a triple save for me in one corner.He has made a lot of amazing saves,which i can honestly say that only neuer and maybe TOTY casillias could save.Some ppl say that his long throw is is,and in a 4-3-1-2 or 4-3-2-1 this trait is really important,but instead of throwing the ball i just kick it and ive got some really nice counter attacks by kicking the ball instead of throwing it. 9/10 for the best goalkeeper ive used so far,and ive used IF sirigu for the 9 chem with chellini and thiago but he was awful for me,even after 10 games he didnt really shine,so ive chosen to get buffon back, which i had sold to buy IF sirigu and play with thiago in 7chem (which i can say didnt changed a lot,still IMO the best CB) and it worked all great.

So thats it,the 4 review hoped youve liked it ;)

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Not worth the coins Rating 5 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 433 | Submitted by Mooney39 on 28 December

Goalkeepers divide opinion like no other position on FUT, mainly because their mistakes are so visible, and it's much easier to blame your keeper for the goals you concede than take responsibility for something you failed to do further up the pitch which led to the goalscoring opportunity in the first place.

Anyways. Buffon was a rock for me in FUT12, so once I got the coins together it was a no-brainer buying him to replace Marchetti in my Serie A team.

Oops. First game, lost 4-1. This included one weak shot on goal which dribbled beyond Gigi's outstretched fingertips into the goal, and a slight deflection which he entirely failed to react to. More worrying, my opponent had only 4 shots on target the whole match, and obviously scored from all of them. Hmm. I'll give him a chance, I thought. Lightning can't strike twice.

Second game, lost 5-0. This included two rocket-like long shots past a flailing Gigi - I've noticed in some comments that long shots appear to be a slight weakness. 53k, in order to concede 9 goals in 2 games. Not a good return.

Incensed, I shipped Gigi out at the first opportunity. He was gone for 52k within the hour, and Marchetti was restored in front of the posts. Proceeded to draw 2-2 and win (comfortably) 4-0. That feels better.

Now, I'm not blaming Buffon for whatever failings I have as a FIFA player, just pointing out that I had a bad experience, and to my mind, I'd rather have a 3k keeper making mistakes in goal than a 53k keeper, because everyone makes mistakes. All the positive reviews seem to suggest that he's a quality keeper, I'm just sad to say I never saw the benefit of that. Hope it helps you decide on the destination of your hard-earned coins.

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The Italian Beast Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4312 | Submitted by MrBKSK on 21 December

Buffon is a beast.

I could probably end the review here but i'll keep going.

He is without a doubt the best goalkeeper in Serie A and his rating will show you that. The problem many people have with him is that it can be hard to pull the trigger on players that go for about 50k, nevermind a goalkeeper for 50k. What I will tell you is that first off your goalkeeper is probably the most important position on your team so go all out for a good one and secondly Buffon does not dissapoint. You only need to compare his stats to your current goalkeeper to find out.

89 diving and positioning is ridiculous but when to throw in 86 reflexes and 83 handling I'm sold. The stats show that you will be buying a monster with enough experience to get into a good position and cut off angles for strikers, and he will also be able to react quick enough and dive strong enough to get to the corners of the box after great shots on net. The key thing is his 83 handling though because it is a promise that he will not only stop the ball but also catch it which will gain possession for your team and prevent any rebound goals for your opponent.

His age explains his speed which does mean he can't recover well and if for some odd chance he decides to punch the ball away he will most likely not be able to position himself quickly enough to make consecutive stops. As for kicking it seems to be underated and I would suggest punting the ball him rather than throwing it out.

His main traits are Leader and Loyal and it definitely seems as though everyone on his team plays better when he is out there.

This guy is a living Italian legend and in my mind will go down as the best goalkeepers in a penalty kick situation of all time. I may be biased because I do highly support the Italian national team but he practically guarantees 2 saves per pk shootout. Seeing that he is the starting goalkeeper for the Italian national team in real life you need him for a good FUT Italian team.

All in all the best goalkeeper I have ever played with in Ultimate Team, definitely worth the coinage.

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Octopus. Rating 9 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 433 | Submitted by SourceHUT on 09 December

My review: He is a decent all round keeper in game he can make amazing saves and silly mistakes, for 50-60K he is the best serie a keeper i have ever used, if you have the coins i suggest you get him.

He gets beat by finesses a lot but long shots and headers he has covered 24/7.

I used marchetti and he rarely saved anything for me so i was desperate for a new keeper and got buffon, the difference in price is big but the difference in game play is huge.

He works great in serie a teams or with 2 Italian center backs in front of him. His kicking can get you in trouble sometimes but overall not much he can get the ball up there for the counter attack.

Overall he is worth the price seeing as he is the best keeper in a serie a team, You probably won't regret buying him 9/10.

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Amazing....except for one important thing.. Rating 7 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 3412 | Submitted by themilanisto on 22 December

So I have a Serie A Squad that I'm playing 3-4-1-2, and for the most part, Buffon fulfils his role as keeper. He stops a great deal of shots that seem ridiculously out of reach, and he comes out really effectively to stop runners. There are only two ways that he is normally scored against. The first is the standard passback, which isn't his fault, but the second is ANY ball over 8 feet off the ground. 80% of the time in a match, Buffon will literally be impenetrable, but the second there's a cross or a corner, i know that I've conceded. He literally dodges the ball like its deadly or something, he limbos under it.

Five times now in Division One I've come across a 4-3-3 with a good header like Gomez or Pazzini and just thought...well thats it then, goodbye 3 points. 50% of corners that the opponent manages to take a shot from goes in, because Buffon, for some unknown reason, just can't deal with the airborne balls. For an 87 rated keeper (and one that costs 50k+ at that), I can't believe that there is such a ridiculous weakness. It means that this player, who should be getting a 10/10 only gets a 7/10.

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Best Keeper I've Used so Far Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by Agxo on 06 December

I have used many keepers in Fifa 13, and let me tell you, Buffon is by far the best. I have used Neuer, Cech, Marchetti, Sirigu, and many others. However, without a doubt, Buffon is the best. Every time there is a 1 on 1 between the striker and Buffon, I am confident that the player has a very low chance of scoring.

The amount of games I have won because of Buffon is unreal. If your opponent even tries a shot from outside the box, it is almost guaranteed that Buffon will save it. Nothing works against him. He saves long shots, finess shots, and even shots inside the box. The only thing that will go in against him is an unsaveable power shot into the bottom corner. He hardly ever has to parry a ball away because his handeling is so good which prevents your opponent from getting an undeserved goal.

All in all, if you are making a Serie A team, or any other team, you need to find a way to work Buffon into your squad. He is worth every penny and you will not be dissapointed in him.

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Buffon Review: Terrible Rating 1 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4231 | Submitted by benlems on 20 January

I don't usually feel the need to write player reviews, but I simply have to with Buffon. I love this keeper in real life and it's true, he is like wine, better with age, but on this game he was appalling. I sold him after 4 games, no matter where my opponent shot from it would always end up in the back of the net. There are great keepers you can buy for under 10k, I have used a lot of them, but he cost 60k! H e was by far the worst in my Serie A team, and I felt much happier buying Marchetti as an alternative. It didn't mmatter how well I defended, if the opposing players had space to shoot and did, it seemed like he did not even attempt to save them. He made little to no saves and for me he was shocking, and for the price, you can spend your coins in a much better way than to buy Buffon.

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Shocking Rating 2 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 41212 | Submitted by InformUsername on 21 February

Used this guy in my Serie A side because of all the positive reviews I'd read about him. He was shocking. No different on Seasons or Career Mode either.

Diving - 89 - Feels about 77. He took FAR too long to dive to have a chance at reaching the ball. Terrible.

Reflexes - 86 - Feels about 80-ish. Very slow, just about saved shots any other keeper would save with ease.

Handling - 83 - Feels about 73. Couldn't catch anything to be perfectly honest with you. My opponent had a bicycle kick and it bounced in off Buffon's elbow. Also, didn't both to pick up a ball that rolled over the line at around 2mph.

Speed - 61 - Feels about 50. Very slow off the mark. Failed to catch up with opponents players. I've seen a dead snail go faster.

Kicking - 67 - Feels around 70-ish. Probably his best attribute. Could kick the ball high up the field. Very strong foot and very good with long ball deliveries.

Positioning - 89 - Feels about 84-85. Very slow to reposition himself, was misplaced for some of the easiest shots, allowing them to go in. Very very poor keeper in this area.

Overall, very disappointed with this ''legendary'' keeper, he lacked ability in many areas and I would suggest not buying him at all. A huge waste of money at around 45-60k coins. Would feel the price would be more acceptable maybe around 10k-15k coins. A very unreliable and inconsistent goalkeeper on the pitch. Very disappointed, do not feel his is worth the price his is currently at and I would recommend Frey, Marchetti or Stekelenberg as they are cheaper and better alternatives being priced at around 700 coins (for Frey), 1.2k coins (for Marchetti) and 850 coins (for Stekelenberg). Disappointing keeper, disappointing in-game, Overall, overpriced and overrated.

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Absolutely worth his price! Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4312 | Submitted by ElBajapanty on 19 December

Gianluigi Buffon is without a doubt within the Top 3 GK in the game. Now that his price is beginning to drop it makes him one of the best and cheapest high rated GK in the game at about only 50k.
I've won many close games because of the play of Buffon and I definitely recommend getting him if you have a Serie A team or honestly any team because hes just that good. There is no way that anybody will be able to score cheap ass 40 yard goals with random players or any player really because it's almost impossible to score long range goals on him. The only downside is that his throwing can be a little inaccurate at times but if you're smart with the ball you can easily keep possession. His kicking isn't as bad as many people say it is, it gets the job done. Definitely a 10/10.

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ON HIS GOOD DAYS, WOW. OTHER DAYS... Rating 5 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 3412 | Submitted by Jakeeeeh on 05 April

Gianluigi Buffon. One of the greatest keepers in the world right now. I was so excited looking to use him. WHAT as disappointment. I was expecting a very good, solid keeper, and I got nothing of the sort. Every number of games he will have an amazing game, but there is no consistency, I got so many disappointing performances from him. I will just go through each stats individually.


Not at all 89. Felt like maybe 78 at the most. He struggled to reach anything near the post, and that wasn't straight at him. A huge let-down for me.


The biggest let down of the lot. He couldn't catch anything, even when shots went straight at him and had next to no power on, he would parry them straight back towards their striker, and this cost quite a few goals.


Kicking isn't really that important to me, unless the kicking is 90+, to start counter attacks. So instead I will talk about his 'throw'. I like a keeper who can get the ball down the pitch after a corner or set piece (not that he managed to catch any of those...) and get it down the pitch towards the half way line, someone like Petr Cech being a great example of this. With Buffon, his throws would barely reach 30 yards out, really diminishing any form of counter attack.


Looked more like an old man getting out of bed than a top goalkeeper. His reactions were appalling. I don;t really have any more to say on that. This combined with his handling made him pretty bad at any shot-stopping.


Meh. Not much to say on this one. Felt more like a 50 or so, definitely not an impressive 61.


Definitely the best thing about Buffon. His positioning was top class, and if it wasn't for this I may have had to quicksell him, so no-one else can use this horrible player.

The only reason I gave him a 5/10 is because of his positioning and the odd game where he would be unbeatable. But I would recommend to keep your cash and get Marchetti (if he fits into your squad), or maybe inform Marchetti. A huge disappointment for me, not very happy. Thanks for reading, I hope this helped.

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Not Living Up To Expectations Rating 4 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 433 | Submitted by FrijjyyHD on 29 December

before i start i think Buffon is a quality keeper so dont take this the wrong way!
I was using my hybrid 4-3-3 add using Storari (Second juve keeper) for chem with Chiellini them i decided to go for Buffon, as i was conceding.

Anyway I Am in devision 1 and he was great for the first 10 mins then let in 2 sloppy goals, which can be saved by pretty much any keeper. Then throughout that season he was become much worse. Very inconsistant. So i put Storari back in for 2-3 games and there was a change in reflexes and diving. Buffon didnt save a single 1-1 and i believe their are better Italian keepers out there and much cheeper. For Instance Marchetti for Lazio Or Handanovic from inter for your serie a squad!

My overall verdict is he not worth it lads, save your coins and go for Marchetti!

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THE ANIMAL Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4312 | Submitted by MicadoPado on 14 January

I tried him in my Seria A team and he is an absolute animal. I have tried IF Marchetti, Neuer, Lloris and many others, but Buffon is the best. In my opinion the best goalkeeper on Ultimate Team.

He is very good to save longshots, and one on ones. His speed is not bad either. His positioning is brilliant, and makes up for "only" 86 reflexes. Brilliant goalkeeper. Really recommend him, instead of Marchetti or any other. Who cares about kicking, he is so good to save shots, that's the most important. The price is not very expensive, he is worth every single coin. I would have bought him if his price was 150k. So crucial important for me. I started to win matches, after I got him. He always play good. Every single match!

Fantastic allround goalkeeper. An animal in real life and also on Ultimate Team. I feel safe when he is in the goal. BUY HIM NOW!!!!!!!!

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Buffon we hardly knew you. Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4321 | Submitted by Prostitute on 10 February

I sold my Liga BBVA team this morning (Alves in goal) as I make teams every few days and can't seem to find one that either holds it's on as I progress or I just can't play with the team.

Made a Serie A team for the 5th time and could this time afford Buffon and a few other choice players I had my eyes on.
He saved a few longshots and a lot of tramp attempts in our first game and I kept thinking "I paid 60k for a Italian Valdes.." Few games and completely shocked me. This is how Neuer wishes he could play. He will save 90% shots and headers.

He's let me down a few times, won't lie to you to hype the man.
There has a few times where I'm thinking "Neymar could dive better then that!" No offense to Neymar, was just playing him at the time.

But you aren't going to save every shot with the TOTY Casillas. Let alone someone a fraction of his price.
Good defending will help, obviously. If you can't defend you're keeper is the only thing keeping you in that match unless you're a very good tramp scorer.

I make mistakes in my defense time to time. This man manages to keep me in the running long enough to give me a chance to get an extra 3 points.

You're going to see people say "He can't save tramp shots" and you'll see "He ALWAYS saves them." No. Remy and Muriel will give them a run for his money, but he does hold his own. As a keeper at this level and this cost should. Don't blame your inability to defend your keepers fault he's having to block a shot every 15 seconds.

Keeper wise he is probably the best I've ever used.
Lloris let me down quite a lot.
Neuer was a TANK. But couldn't run out fast enough to stop the striker from running around him.
Hart .. Is Hart. You pay 30k you get 30k worth.
Casillas is amazing. Second favourite keeper on this game quite frankly. But got beaten by finesse far too easily.

I'd rate him 10/10 for price and ability anyday.

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Buffon Fantastic Keeper Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 41212 | Submitted by magic80 on 01 January

Buffon is outstanding! He has been nothing short of spectacular for me. I haven't played many games with him yet, but during the few that I did play he has been "walking on water" for me. Most have actually been losses, which may surprise some, but they easily could've been blow outs if I had a "towel" hanging in my goal as oppossed to a quality keeper. I won't get into specifics and start rating all of his attributes individually; I don't think folks want to read a book report. Frankly, I don't even have to because in all honesty Buffon shines in every situation. Bottom line, his stats speak for themselves. He does not have a glaring weakness in my opinion. His lowest stat, handling, was far from a weakness when he was in goal for me. I was very impressed with several 1v1 saves when he actually hung on to the ball after a point blank shot. He was active in goal, made the saves he was supposed to make and made many more not too many keepers would have. Again, I haven't played a ton of games with him yet, but can't recall an instance where I thought, "come on man!!!... you should have gotten that". More than often it was, "holy s*** I just got lucky!!!" Fortunately, it had nothing to do with luck ;) Judging strictly on his performance in MY games, he is worth the price tag and will make games against players who sleep with their controller under their pillow much more tolerable :D

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The best of the best. Rating 9 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by Protatoes on 04 January

I used Buffon in a 3-5-2 Hybrid ( And in my opinion he is the best keeper in the game!

So far I have used:

- Joe Hart
- Manuel Neuer
- and Iker Casillas
- As well as some average keepers such as Wiese and Diego Lopes

Let me assure you this guy beats them all by a country mile!

- His diving is exceptional as he can save some unbelievable long shots and 1v1's
- His reflexes are average, however this is made up for by his amazing 89 positioning.
- GiGi is fairly quick for a GK with 61 speed which combined with his positioning means he is a nightmare for pace abusers as he intercepts many lobbed balls.
- The only thing that lets Buffon down is his 67 kicking which really reflects in game as he can barely get the ball to the center of the field even with a fully powered goal kick.

- Good hieght for a GK (6'3")
- Good 'Hybridability' (Perfect link with Chiellini and Barzagli)
- Amazing diving and positioning
- Okay handling

- A bit pricey
- Bad Kicking
- Average reflexes (Made up for by positioning)

Overall I would highly recommend Buffon for a Serie A or Hybrid Squad as he is the BEST keeper in the game

-Protatoes :)

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Try and get past this brick wall Rating 9 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 5221 | Submitted by pands208 on 02 January

Ok, so i am here to review Ganluigi Buffon (pardon my spelling) and i use him in this team: So i have read some other reviews on this website of this player and I must say he has a very high success rate and to be honest he is pretty much the same for me as well. I bought him for like 56,000 coins and if you ask me it shouldn't be that high. But that was the cheapest on the market at that moment

Ok, so he has many positives:

-His diving is amazing, he will stop many shots which would ussualy go in
-His positioning is also very good he knows when to come rushing out and when to stay back.
-He catches everything unless it is very powerfull

There are'nt many but there are negatives:
- For some reason he always lets in headed goals
-His Jumping isn't the best but it does the job (just)

So all in all i would price tag him at about 40K and not the 56K i paid for him. Hope this review helped.

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Gigi Buffon: King of keepers Rating 9 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 442 | Submitted by Bastone on 04 February

Preview: Gianluigi Buffon is an Italian GK who plays for Juventus in the Serie A, I used him in my Serie A Italian team. Buffon is perhaps the best keeper I have used on FIFA this year and I have used essentially all the top ones and Casillas may be his only rival but Buffon is much more cheaper making him much more valuable.

Review: Gianluigi Buffon is one of my favorite players on FIFA 13 because his reliability while his card certainly has good stats and his rating is high sometimes you got to look beyond that and ask is my player really performing at that level/price range? To me Buffon does everything I ask for in a GK. To begin with lets start with his diving which of course Buffon is excellent in, he is truly an elite shot stopper that can match up with the most elite of finishers, he has no problem at all dealing with long range attempts at all and does great against those pesky players who sneak into your box and release a finesse shot. Actually Buffon makes so many diving saves its really kind of nerve racking as every save he makes seems to be an acrobatic dive that he get with the very tips of his gloves but he always seems to make them. His reflexes are awesome probably better than what it says on his card, what probably separates him from others keepers is his ability to bat away even the closest of headers in a split second I am supremely confident with him in the net during corners and set pieces he simply makes no mistakes and cleans of the mistakes of the rest of my defenders in a split second.
On shots that aren't struck well or are inaccurate Buffon does well to catch them in order to save you from the pain of conceding to an opportunistic poacher (and even then he seems to make the great double save.) allowing you to send the ball back up the field and begin your own attack. Another great thing about the Italian is that he is versatile, you can rely on his acrobatic skill to save shot or you can have him run of as well which he does very effectively combined with his reflexes he can narrow an attacker angle or pounce onto the ball. Buffon also does well to bolt right off his line and run underneath lobs and crosses sent into his box. One of the only knocks on Gigi his he doesn't have much of a boot on him and doesn't have elite play distribution as say a Manuel Neuer but many players tend to underutilized this aspect of the game anyways I personally tend to play more possessive style football so a simple throw or pass suffices for me but for those who like to thunder it down the pitch he will be a bit lacking. Finally his positioning which is really one of his shining points, high positioning and diving allows Buffon to deal with any threat in any position, when you really appreciate Buffon is when you combine him with good defenders narrowing their shot angle you know Buffon will not let the ball in this will frustrate your opponents and takes them out of their rhythm.

Pros: -Outstanding shot stopper, will cause your opponents much grief after getting to such well placed shots.
-Always in the right spot either to rush out to a overplayed pass or position himself to save an angled shot
-Very sure handed
-Owns the box during corners

Cons:-Very weak distributor of the ball, not a long thrower or strong kicker
-Loves match fixing! lol kidding.

Final Verdict: Diving: 10/10
Reflexes: 8/10
Handling: 7/10
Speed: 8/10
Kicking: 3/10
Positioning: 10/10

Conclusion: I like having a very good man between the sticks in my team if I can manage it and Gigi is the King of keepers to me, worth every coin if he is in your price range, Casillias is good but the price and the Spanish players cost around him just makes him not quite the value Buffon is. Final Score 9/10.

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I'm a great defender, but he is still Shit. Rating 3 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 3412 | Submitted by normannb11 on 17 May

Hey there!

Normally I hate keeper reviews because I feel like people suck at defending and have unrealistic expectations for their goalies. You can't keep failing to close down players then blame your goalkeeper for every goal.
However, after playing a few games with Giluangi, I started to sympathise with the frustration already well explained by many here. Let's cut to the chase, Buffon is terrible.
I've always made Serie A squads and I love playing with Sirigu and In-form Sorrentino. This morning, I decided to get Buffon. I felt like it was the logical move to boost my squad. Boy was I wrong! Let me explain.

Buffon doesn't dive. This is quite annoying because when I play against him, he suddenly becomes spiderman. He was utterly useless. His dives are as awkward as Hart's on Ronaldo's late winner against City back in October. I assumed it was a one time thing but after noticing the trend I gave up on him.

Buffon has slippery hands. I don't know if this is me just being a dreamer or it's that I expect too much from him, but Buffon can't handle for shit. He just never grabs the ball. The opponent's striker will place a weak low driven shot on the near post, Buffon will get there, he'll stop it, but it would bounce inches away from him... It's not like he blocked the ball or something, he tries to grab it but he doesn't... and the opponent finishes you off.

Buffon has great positioning. I'll give him that. His positioning is just beautiful. That's probably the best and only good thing about him. He just seems to be at the right place at the right time.

I'm a better Kicker / Thrower than Buffon. His kicks barely make it past the halfway line and usually get tossed back to the striker by the opponents DM. His throws are just disastrous. Coming from Sirigu and Sorrentino, I had the habit of making immediate long throws to hit my opponent on the counter. Needless to say I tried that with Mr Giluangi, and failed. The ball goes to the nearest player in the path of the player you initially wanted it to go to. Most often this player is the CB and God knows how awful their first touch is. Long story short, the opponent gets the ball and boom, Goal.

Save your money. Here are alternatives. If you're poor, get Sirigu. If you're rich, add 20k and get In-form Sirigu. If you love beautiful cards and hate Sirigu, get In-form Sorrentino (15k).

That was my review guys. Hope it helped! :)

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Great, but annoying at times Rating 8 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4312 | Submitted by SerieASAF on 06 March

Buffon has been a relatively good keeper for me so far. He has saved me numerous times by making those amazing saves which you think would be impossible to do so. He was also able to make multiple saves from rebounds for me as well.

Buffon has also saved most of the long shots made against him. In one-on-one situations, you can also be assured that he will catch the ball off the striker's feet safely provided you time his charging properly.

For corners, I am quite satisfied with Buffon since my Serie A players, including my defenders are quite short compared to players from other leagues such as Bundesliga. My opponents' players are usually taller than mine so they are lethal for me in corners as there is a higher chance that their players reach the ball with their heads first. If Buffon manages to save the corner kick, he will be able to catch the ball safely with his hands. At other times, he punches the ball away, leading to another corner. He concedes some corners for me but I cannot blame him since my opponents usually have advantage over me in corners.

However, one thing I do not understand about Buffon is that despite him being able to make many impossible saves, he sometimes seems to concede goals that would have you thinking "I could have saved that myself!". He let in a lot of pea rollers and he seems to watch the ball go in the goal post at times. I remember when I played against an opponent in a rainy condition, his striker kicked the ball without much force and the ball still managed to go past the goal line despite it rolling slowly on the wet grass. Buffon just watched the ball go in and only reacted after the ball went past the goal line.

Overall, if you have the money, I would suggest that you try him since he is the best keeper in Serie A in my opinion. However, be prepared to let in annoying goals. Other than that, you can be assured that Buffon will keep away many lethal shots made towards him with him in goal.

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Buffon, the Italian legend, disappointing in FUT13 Rating 4 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by LeDeff on 27 June

Just letting you know, I'm german so please excuse spelling mistakes or anything else...

So, I made myself a Serie A team with Barzagli, Chiellini and Samuel IF at the defense in a 352.
First I had Marchetti in goal, who was very solid but not perfect, so I picked up Buffon (before the market crash) for 42k.
He was alright at the first few games, I event thought he would be a bit worse than Buffon but I said to myself, every GK makes mistakes.

But from game to game the mistakes got worse and I decided to sell him and get Marchetti again.
I could compare them very well and my decision was clear, Marchetti is way better. Buffon a 87 rated GK, a class player IRL, but very disappointing in Fifa.

89 Diving: Incredible on 1vs1 even on close range shots very solid on diving, REALLY bad at longshots. Conceded so many longshots...
86 Reflexes: Good on 1vs1 as already mentioned, but not very special.
83 Handling: He gets a lot of rebounds, really bad handling.
61 Speed: The probably biggest letdown. Takes him years to get up again and not good on GK rushes.
67 Kicking: His kicking was relly disappointing. not precious and way too short.
89 Positioning: No, just no. His by far worst stat, sooo often out of position. Combined with his low speed this can be so frustrating.

All in all Marchetti is a way better overall keeper.

But I must admit Marchetti isn't even close as good as a keeper like Hart or Neuer, so I moved on with my search for a perfect Serie A keeper and after a long time I found him:


He is so much better than both of them, probably my favourite keeper in FUT13.

Don't get me wrong about Buffon, he isn't bad, but damn, not even close to an 87.
I loved him IRL (he's getting old and inconsistent lately) and he's total class.

But don't buy him in Fifa.

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Not Perfect, but is any keeper? Rating 8 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4231 | Submitted by SixtyCoffees on 05 April

I've played ultimate team for a couple of years now and I've always been a player to play with silvers, so i usually have a back up gold team just in case any friend wants a match. Now I sold a brasilver squad so create this in which I had Buffon in goal, picking him up for an eye watering 47,500 coins. I've played only 19 games with the team currently but i'll give a review of what i've seen so far.

Diving - 89

Buffon could dive, he could stop the odd shot into the top corners from distance and prevent some closer range shots going in, but there was also times where my grandmother could have jumped for the ball and buffon let it in. Inconsistent is the word i would use, i'd say then 89 feels a bit much and would give him a 7/10 in this department, i've seen other keepers do better.

Handling - 83

Exactly what i expected, handled a lot but also parried a lot, 83 seems accurate and i'll give him an 8/10 in this department

Kicking - 67

Kicking was seemingly average and his throwing was as bad as it gets, without the GK long throw trait he couldn't get counter attacks started like Marchetti can. 5/10

Reflexes - 86

Brilliant, really really good at stopping one on ones and those close shots in the box, no less than 10/10 for this

Speed - 61

He could run out at the same pace as all the goalkeepers, nothing special but nothing out of the ordinary. 7/10

Positioning - 89

Did not conceed one longshot in the 19 games and it showed, he wouldn't drift too far forwards in his own box, did conceed cutbacks frequently though even though they are hard to stop, he wasn't perfect. 9/10

Overall i have to give him an 8/10, he's a brilliant goalkeeper and just about justifies his price, but he's not perfect and will still conceed regularly. But that's fifa, no goalkeeper is invincible, but i think buffon is the closest i've tried to being impenetrable, but could still be better.

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Mussolini Of Goal Keeping Rating 8 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 442 | Submitted by BloodiestTramp on 28 February


A little over view of this BEAST.
My team is primarily Liga BBVA although i have Chiellini in the back as a mix with buffon.
He is an incredible Keeper, He blocks shots very well, although headers he usually struggles.
He has never blocked a corner, thank god he has Chiellini to get them out for him.
He is great coming off the line. it will take a fantastic effort on him to score a 1v1 goal. he is a Fantastic keeper i highly recommend this player. His price should to be lower then 50k.
although i got him when his price was 70k
He is the best keeper i have played with in Fifa 13!
His positioning reflexes and diving are phenomenal. In my eyes those are the most important features for a keeper.

His length makes him able to get most of the shots coming toward him, When I play with him i feel as if i have a security bonus on my side, i know if the opponent hits the ball from a distance that there is no way Buffon wont block it. The only trouble i have with him, is his inability to make a counter attack. if he catches a corner (which is quite rare) i usually would throw the ball to a outside midfielder instead of kicking the ball. His kicks generally get stolen or do not reach the distance necessarily for making a counter attack. his Throw is pretty nice though he can usually get the ball to half field. he plays with a hard work rate. One game i was losing and i had a corner in the 90th min and Buffon scored. since then i have had a everlasting love for Buffon. He plays like a young goalie and has fantastic a great dive regardless of his old age.

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Buffon... What happened???? Rating 2 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4222 | Submitted by TheRealDyzzii on 27 July

Buffon... Where do I start,,,

So I got buffon around chritmas for the first time, and he played alright. Nothing to special. I eventually sold him off due to boredom of the team he was in. So just now I realised I havn't used him since then. So I bought him and stuck him in a pretty nice Serie A team (had tots Di Natale in it, but hes not worth the money.)

So ive played 10 games with Buffon, just planning to write this review. He has made 18 saves, from 62 shots on target... And almost all of those saves, were either parried into another opponent attacker who finishes it off, or were pickups from an opponent clearing it. All games were in div1. Buffon really didnt save anything... He couldnt save the weakest pearollers from outside the box, couldnt save medium power shots straight at him, couldnt save longshots. He really didnt stand out for me at all except for from corners. I never conceded one corner with him. However when your opponent crosses it... Your screwed. One situation my opponent tried to sweaty cross me, and it landed on my defenders head. My defender tried to clear it, but buffon dived infront of him to try and stop him and ended up somehow bouncing it into the back of my own net...

I have also tried out Buffons TOTS, and he is also just awful. Currently the only goalkeeper I can actually count on to save me, is TOTS cech. He is the defintion of a goalkeeper. He stops EVERYTHING. But thats for a different review.

So in conclusion, Buffon is far to unreliable. He will never save you when you need to and only seems to ever make saves when im completelly murdering my opponent and it wouldnt really matter if he let a couple of goals in. But in end, DO NOT buy buffon, he is awful. If you need a cheap, Serie A keeper, get Marchetti, or Sirigu if you just need an Italian.

End rating: 2/10

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Gianluigi Buffon. Rating 6 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by therianthropy on 10 April

Games Played: 20
Clean Sheets: 4
Team Used:

Buffon wasn't as good as i expected. I know goalkeepers can't save every shot, it's impossible. However Buffon really wasn't consistent enough. 20 games and only 4 clean sheets, that's no where near good enough for an 87 rated goalkeeper.

Diving: 89 - My defence was fairly solid and blocked 8/10 shots taken. However, when my opponent got through my defence or took a shot that wasn't blocked, Buffon just seemed to do a slow motion dive as the ball flew past him into the back of the net. Although he did make some unbelievable saves every now and then.

Reflexes: 86 - To me Buffon seemed to have decent enough reflexes and he made some pretty decent close range shots or headers when required. This is about the only thing i found good about buffon.

Handling: 83 - Buffon's handling was diabolical. He never caught a single thing. He always parried the ball away, either out for a corner or into the opponents feet so a 'tap in' could be scored.

Speed: 61 - This is a lie. It felt like 40, if not less. Buffon was so slow at getting back up and sprinting towards the opponents attacker. He is unbelievably slow and caused quite a few easy goals to be conceded.

Kicking: 67 - This is about right. I tried kicking the ball with him to try and get on the attack, but it hardly ever cleared the half way line or the opponent got it. His kicking really isn't a strong point about Buffon.

Positioning: 89 - He would only be in the right place once every few games where he makes a fantastic save. However Buffon was all over the place, the majority of the time.

In conclusion I honestly don't think Buffon is worth the money and he shouldn't be an 87 rated Goalkeeper. I would say buy Marchetti instead of Buffon. Marchetti seemed to be so much better than Buffon in every single way.

+Diving (occasionally)

-Performance in games.

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Best keeper in game! Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by brambino12 on 24 June

I used him in several teams and believe me he is the best keeper in game! If you like to play 3 defenders, put him with ogbonna, chiellini and barzagli together. You'll see his amazing saves, all longshots will be his.

My reason to do this review is the game Italy-Brazil at the Confederations Cup, I like the Italian national team and when I saw Buffon singing the national anthem I wondered why no-one mentioned this in the reviews. It's like an opera singer, his eyes are closed and he's singing loud.

I think Buffon needs to be in every team, he's cheap and he will catch every shot, with corners he's fantastic. He will catch or save EVERYTHING!
So if you believe me BUY him and use him in every team!

The stats:
Diving: 89, it's good but i think he should have like 91 or something.
Reflexes: 86, IRL it's right but in FIFA I think it should be like 90 because he catches every header and the shot afterwards.
Handling: 83, it's a lie, he catches everything. He doesn't block the shots he catches them!
Speed: 61 is good, I think it's fast enough for a GK.
Kicking: 67, it's not right, he kicks every ball to Pirlo who passes the ball to every other player and you score a goal.
Positioning: 89, it's true I think, he's always in the right position. He always saves the ball.

Compare to other Italian GK's:
Marchetti is fantastic, Sirigu is too but Buffon is the best!
Buffon does the magic things which Marchetti of Sirigu can't do.
Sirigu and Marchetti are very cheap, Buffon is more expensive but still cheap. If I were you, I should buy him immediately and put him in every f*cking squad.

So if you believe me, buy him now and compare him with my review.
You can try him also in h2h, so you can hear the Italian anthem too and see Buffon catching the shots!
Thanks for reading, a like would be awesome!

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Absolute Garbage for the Money Rating 3 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by GRGCatania on 09 March

I can't really even express how disappointed I am in Buffon's performance in FUT.

Whenever I play friends online as Juventus, he's stopping Ronaldo's shots left and right––but in FUT he's as porous as swiss cheese.

89 diving: More like 85. Seemed average to me, but definitely not the biggest lie on the card. However, he does fall victim to quite a bit of long range finesse shots.

86 reflexes: In my opinion the biggest lie on his card, maybe aside from positioning. If someone shoots near-post at any time you are finished. I can't how many times this has happened to him with Bent as an opposing striker, even from outside the box.

83 Hands: Feels more like 85 IMO. Never really had a problem with his hands.

67 Kicking: Yes, it's pretty bad, but not the worst. More would be helpful for quick counter attacks.

61 Speed: Would be nice for quick counters if his throwing and kicking was better, but still is helpful.

89 Positioning: I can pretty much some it up in one word: abysmal. In the 20+ games I have played with Buffon he has yet to save a corner without me bringing him out of the net, even on headers beyond the penalty spot. Like I said, the only time I haven't conceded on corners was when they either missed the net or I brought him out.

Really, the reason why I gave him a 3/10 is more for the value-for-money aspect. Coming from Joe Hart in the BPL squad I had previous to Serie A, (one of my favorite goalies in the game) I feel extremely let down. For the 42k and prior experiences I had with him in online matches with real teams, I feel let down. Hopefully Sirigu or Marchetti can be a decent substitute for him until I can get IF Marchetti.

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Exceptional is an understatement Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 3412 | Submitted by IronMike on 23 April

It's a shame that this review can only be 300 words long because I could tell you all day about how truly great this man is. The amount of games he has kept me in is unbeleivable. The amount of times I have been drawing a game at 90 minutes, and a striker is running at goal. Takes a shot, and Buffon swats the ball away to create a counter attack. This man is worth every coin, I am telling you there is no-one else I would rather have protecting my goal.

61 speed? feels like 70-75. He is fast enough to run to a ball that is loose in the box.

89 diving? wtf!!! 94+ I occasionally verse my friend, and he tends to take long shots. Now this isn't a problem because no matter the distance, buffon either manages to clip it over the bar or grab it and throw it out for the team.

86 reflexes? 88! I will name one weakness for buffon, but this applys for every GK. HEADERS. the problem with buffon is that he can put it out for a corner. And when you are versing players like David Luiz *cough* OP, he struggles, but sometimes he manages to save them. He put out like 5 corners, saved them all and then the opposition scored, but it is inevitable. I am sure that even GK's like Casillas let in headers, so that EVEN isn't a bad thing.

89 positioning? 99!!! he is exactly where i want him to be. Period.

67 Kicking? He can kick it far enough to create a counter attack , and the other great GK's dont have great kicking either.


This player deserves a higher rating than ten. Nuff said

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Between awful and horrible Rating 2 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 41212 | Submitted by Lorrener_Zorro on 01 April

So, I use this in a 4-1-2-1-2 Formation, but I don't think that this is very important.

Just to make sure he plays on full chemistry (with Chiellini & Ogbonna - 2 green links) almost every game on full moral and every game with 95+ fitness.

He can barely save a shot from outside the box and he isn't able to save one from inside the box. If your opponent wins a header and it goes on target the ball goes in every time. Pretty annoying!

Also, when the opponent passes a ball deep, he automatically storms out of the goal like a bull, although I would get the ball with Chiellini/Ogbonna before my opponent anyway (I do not press any buttons, in particular not the triangle button).

He saves one shot per game for average. Sometimes I loose games 3-5 or something like that and my opponent had only 6 shots. He really saves nothing at all.

Furthermore I tried to make a Squad Builder for Youtube (my Serie A Team) and I played 10 games with it. I wanted to put in maybe 5 highlights of every player I used in the squad in it. And after those 10 games I didn't have a single highlight for Buffon.

So, ultimately you can see that you should definately not buy him, in particular not for 70k. Maybe you should give Marchetti IF a shot. I'm really surprised that there are so much positive reviews on him.

Buffon - GK :

Reflexes: Feels like 70

Diving: It always looks damn sexy when he flies through the air, but he still can't save a shot - Feels like 65

Handling: He also drops many balls tbh, feels like 70

Positioning: ??? As I said he storms out of his goal every time although I don't do anything.

Price: 3/10

Performance: 2/10

I really like this guy IRL, but he's a joke on Fifa.

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Solid. Rating 9 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4231 | Submitted by skybluecam on 09 March

Now, the two FIFA games where I have played Ultimate Team have been 12 and 13. In twelve, I got the game at Christmas and failed to get above 100k. Last week, my coinage peaked at 320k and so I decided to build this team:

I decided to put Buffon in as he is quality in real life, and according to my mates this is accurately represented in game.

Stat by stat:

89 Diving- This is true and accurate as he can reach the corners of the goal. 10/10
83 Handling- Very accurate and he does hold on to some shots, however I would say that it does not feel like 89-90 as sometimes he will palm them away or out for a corner. 8/10
67 Kicking- His kicking feels fine, I rarely kick it far. Mostly I put it to Abate, Evra, Carrick and Pirlo, so I'm not kicking far.
86 Reflexes- Very, very good. He can sometimes stop shots from 3-7 yards out when he moves incredibly quick and puts it over/wide. He also is very consistent and never seems to inexplicably fail and let in a sitter. 9/10
61 Speed- He is brilliant at coming out and diving to the strikers feet. He gets out quickly and usually gets the ball. 10/10
89 Positioning- I would say his positioning feels a little lower, maybe 84-86. This is because sometimes he seems to be a little out of position sometimes but he can make up for it with his other stats.

Final thoughts:
Buffon is a great keeper, and he will be keeping his place in my team. However, I would say 42,000 coins (the cheapest on the market in a 4-2-3-1) is a lot to pay for a keeper, and unless you have a decent amount to spend on the rest of the team I would get another keeper- Maybe Stekelenburg or Sirigu? Overall, Buffon is an amazing keeper that is worth the coins.

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The Italian legend IRL - wish he was that on Fifa 13. Rating 6 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4321 | Submitted by tage3x on 25 May

First of all, his stats looks amazing.
89 diving
83 handling
67 kicking
86 reflexes
61 pace
89 positionering

When i first bought him at the price of 48k i was amazed. His performings ingame were absoulutely worth the coins, his reflexes really showed up + his diving made him sick and he was always at the right place to the right time. His kicking is not so very good, i rarely kick it out, his throwing is amazing. His pace is also very good compared to other keepers. The highest pace on a keeper is 70 and thats TOTY Casillas. Imagine when this sexy bastard gets an IF.

AFTER 80 MATCHES: I regret almost every thing i have said about him, he is not worth the coins, do not buy him. I started using Marchetti after 80 matches and he were so much better, tough almost all his stats are lower rated on the card, they do not feel like it. He was an absoulute beast in goal, but then TOTW 35 appeared and i were spechless. A second inform Samir Handanovic 85 rated had been released and his price slightly dropped. I picked him up for only 30k which i find very cheap for such a quality keeper, he saved even sweaties and 1v1 against him. I also said Buffons throwing were amazing, but it was decent compared to this guy which had the goalkeeper long throw trait.

CONCLUSION: Stay away from Buffon, hes not a so good keeper i expected him to be. When TOTS came out, his price started to drop to 20k. Plus on 10k and you will have a world class keeper, you will not regret, get Samir Handanovic. He is the best keeper i have ever tried since i started playing FUT13. This is what i think, but here is one of the reasons why i sold him.

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Go Retire. Rating 3 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by brazesnacks on 21 May

Oh my god. Where should i start..? This is my first review (FYI) so, sorry if it's not to your standards. Also im Norwegian, so I excuse my bad English. I used him for 15 games before i got completely mad and decide to write this review to calm my nerves. I played him in a 352 Serie A with Chiellini, Ogbonna and Gamberini at the back, a pretty strong defense imo. I have had this team for a long time and it works quite well, i decided to change out Marchetti with Buffon because i had the coins.. Oh how i regret.

SO, 89 Diving : Really.. 89? Feels more like middle 70's.. he just cannot dive. I was shocked.

86 Reflexes : He has decent reflexes, sometimes it seems to me as he is to keen on saving the ball, like lets say a longshot is fired, he throws himself to early, so he wont be able to take the ball. This was really annoying at times.

86 Handling : This is a serious lie. I was totally blown away with this stat. He felt like a handicapped monkey trying to eat a banana. Totally hopeless. He just couldn't hold anything! Longshots, finesse, pee-rollers, anything! He would not hold it. This was the worst stat, i'd honestly say High 60's.

61 Speed : Seems about right.. He is not the fastest, neither the slowest, one of the decent things about him.

67 Kicking : I didn't really notice this stat so much, because I usually pass it out from the back. I don't know if this stat goes for throwing aswell? Anyways, his throwing is really bad. Worse than a good silver GK.

89 Positioning : WOOW, 89?! Did i read that right..? This is one of his worst stats, almost as bad his handling. You should expect him to be at the right place all the time, he definetly is not.

FINAL OPINION : Do not get this guy. He is definetly not worth it. Go pick up Marchetti or any other Serie A keeper. For the pricetag on him, oh my lord. Get Emenike and put him in goal, he is better. Im out.

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OMG! The italian Brute Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by keeenanyo on 12 July

This guy is amazing i don't understand why so many bad reviews. This man keeps you in games trust me if you're not very good at defending or just want someone to keep you in games you don't deserve GET HIM NOWWWW

Diving:89 it feels like it's about 95 he get down low so fast aswell as reaching those top corner shots 10/10

Reflexes:86: he dives so fast also he can sometimes save those annoying near post shots 10/10

Handling:83 he handling is decent not amazing but he's not like sirigu who can't catch a cold he can catch long shots but shots within 25 yards he normally won't catch he hasn't let in a rebound yet so 8/10

61 speed: he is one of the faster keepers he comes out of goal so fast i was happy with his speed 9/10

67 kicking: i don't know what this does but i normally throw it anyway but he doesn't have the long throw trait but his stats make up for it ?/10

89 positioning: he's always in solid places to save the ball very impressed with it 9/10

so buffon is outstanding best keeper i've used better than neuer thinking of getting his tots witch should be unbeatable just about. anyway thats my review on him deffo recommend him casillas

Team i used him in

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Really Don't Waste Your Coins Rating 3 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4321 | Submitted by Connor_4 on 09 May

Hi guys, today I am really going to be trying to convince you to steer clear of this player :O

A brief summary for all you non-readers DON'T BUY HIM PLEASE

I bought Buffon during the TOTS market crash so his price didn't break the bank, after all the hype from youtube, Futhead and the hype from mates I was extremely excited to use this card because besides IF Handanovic I can't seems to find a reliable keeper in the Sirie A. I played 10 games with this team ( and he was the only weak link in the team, out of the ten games I played I won 4 and lost 6 and this is mostly down to Buffon. It almost seemed as if he really couldn't be bothered to get into the game he would sought of just want to fall on the ball instead of diving for it. In fairness he was amazing a stopping longshots but if a ball was shot in or just outside the box ten times out of ten it would go in for a goal.

+ He will never and I mean never let in a longshot which is handy
+ He seems very fast of his line so you can snap up those through balls

+ Slow diving feels more like 70 then 89
+ Reflexes once again it feels a lot worse than 86
+ Positioning he did have very good positioning but like Victor Valdes I feel as if this hurts him greatly because he is in a position to save the shot and then they move at the last moment and then his slow reflexes and diving really eff him over because he can't get back in position to save the shot
+ Don't bring him out for corners it never ends well

In conclusion this card really left me wanting more, the hype surrounding him is not warranted because he can't deliver, if you can afford Buffon you can more than likely afford IF Handanovic who is a goalkeeping god on this game and if you can't just buy his NIF card it is fairly decent.

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