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Wow! An absolute monster in disguise. Rating 10 / 10 | Position CM | Formation 4312 | Submitted by Totalitarianism on 05 January

What can I say. Yohan Cabaye is one of the best midfielders I have used, and I include him among the best I use with Silva and Ozil.
I'll go through the positives and negatives of him. I play him in 4-3-1-2 next to Silva and Wilshere and he's scored 13 goals for me in 20 games.

Balanced: There is absolutely nothing bad about Cabaye. All of his stats are very good and this makes him a well rounded player.
Positioning: He is always in a great position on the pitch, pretty much wherever the ball is. He is back on defense, in the middle making passes, and in the box nailing shots in off the rebounds of deflected shots.
Shooting and Dribbling: He has an great shot for a midfielder and his ability to deke defenders and make space for himself makes it better. His 84 long shots help a bunch and all of his shots that he takes, when open, find the back of the net.
Passing: An amazing passer. Absolutely amazing. I had a game where he made a through ball between 3 defenders and it went perfectly to my striker for an easy goal. He makes every goal that he's involved with as easy and simple as the snap of a finger.
Free kicks: I've scored about 3 free kicks with him. His free kick stats are very good and he can nail them easily from 20 yards out.
Heading: Nothing to complain about here. His heading is good enough to put crosses into the net.

Strength: My one complaint is his strength. Sometimes when I'm trying to create an opening and make a play, he will get pushed off the ball from behind or a rushing defender will knock him off.

Overall, I'd give Cabaye a 10/10 and I'd definitely recommend him.

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Best holding CM in a 4-4-2 Rating 9 / 10 | Position CM | Formation 442 | Submitted by Airwalker999 on 07 December

I have Cabaye in my France/Ligue Squad playing next to Obraniak. He's just the player you want to have in a 4-4-2 !

+ med/med workrates make him a perfect CM
+ decent dribbling and shot
+ outstanding passing
+ great finishing (scored some goals)
+ longshots!
+ helps the defense
+ he is everywhere on the pitch

- 68 strength sometimes lets him down
- his tackling is not that good (needs another CM along side who has med/med wr or can defend)

He kinda organizes the midfield with playing amazing through balls and scoring sometimes. I think he scored 10 goals in like 25 matches for me. If you're thinking about building a french or bpl squad, you have to get him. No matter whether or not your squad is going to be expensive. You just can't go wrong with paying around 1k for this beast. He also perfectly links up with Ben Arfa. In my opinion he can easily be used as a CAM in a 3-5-2 or 4-1-2-1-2.

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Cabaye - The Playmaker Rating 8 / 10 | Position CDM | Formation 4231 | Submitted by GS&Hybrids on 06 March

I used Cabaye as a CDM in a 4-2-3-1 with Yanga M'Biwa, Moussa Sissoko, Mavuba and Nene (squad will be on my profile).

He was absolutely amazing, good workrates keeps him in the right position the whole match. There is no doubt about what makes Cabaye special, he's pass and shot. Though as a lot of players he aren't good on the ball not to strong nor pacey, also seems to have a agile/smoothness lack, but remember he is a playmaker not a speed dribbler.
Anyway here are the pros and cons!

- Amazing shots! If I could rate he's shot, I would rate it 10/10!
- Good workrates!
- Amazing playmaker
- Cheap!
- Good nation and league!
- Good at freekicks (precision) and corners (curve)

- Bad defending, doesn't quite have the strength og tackle stats to be a 10/10 CDM
- Small and weak, easily pushed off the ball so remember he is a playmaker
- Pitty he doesn't have more pace...
- Kind of "unagile," not so smooth big turnings and movements, which seems to be a bit of a lack to a lot of players.

Overall a very, very, very good player for the price.
He will definitely go in my BOTY GS (bargains of the year).

I still have 162 words to fill in so I'll make a bit commercial of my profile!

Go ahead and take a look at my profile!
- Lots of cool hybrid and GS's
- I'm always ready to help you out making your squad!

And by the way I'm looking to buy Cristiano Ronaldo, sadly I can only offer 800k + some players, but I can negotiate to you by helping you out with your squads.

Lots of good stuff coming up on my profile, take a look at it!

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Best CM I have ever played with. Rating 10 / 10 | Position CM | Formation 4321 | Submitted by imodforcod on 23 March

I used him in this team: http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/7836853/

I played him along side Cesc and Nasri and Cabaye out shined both of them and anyone on the team(but Pedro).Even though my midfield was set and performed very highly Cabaye just boosted the way the midfield was run he would be up and down the pitch in most of the games I played with him and there was not a single time he was out of position or could not be seen as an influential figure on the pitch and his long shots are insane!!!

-Epic long shots
-Never out of position and can always be seen on the pitch.
-Passing ability is far superior then his card says (feels and deserves 87+ passing).
-Low price,seriously he is the best non-rare card I have ever played with (yes even better than Gundogan)
-Can play defensive quite well,sometimes he even out performed Naldo and Felipe in defense.
-Impressive strength.

These where just a few good points on him but the one point about him that stands out is his passing ability.He can literally play a better pass than many and I mean MANY midfielders in the Prem and in the game.

Another thing is his pace does not feel like 74 pace what so ever he feels more like a 78-82 pace but the main thing is he feels a lot quicker than his card says.

-Heading isn't great.
-Doesn't fit a more attacking roll to well (CAM,CF)
-Has troubles getting out of tight areas.

All in all if you are looking for a good midfielder that is superior to the expensive 15K midfielders get Cabaye he is the full package the only thing I can recommend to get the full performance out of him is to avoid playing him as a CAM he is still good in that position but not as good as a CM or in a CDM position he fits the more holding type of rolls.

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A non-rare beast in disguise Rating 8 / 10 | Position CM | Formation 433 | Submitted by InformUsername on 22 December

Well, what can you say about Yohan Cabaye?

I used him in my BPL Ultimate Team and he was an outstanding midfielder, maybe the best of my 3. His passing was absolutely fantastic and he barely made any mistakes with them. His main feature that I was mostly pleased with was definitely his long shots. I came up against teams with the likes of Casillas or Buffon in goal and even from awkward angles Cabaye still managed to smash them in. Even being off balance, he smashed them in with confidence, and that was against defenders like Pepe or Pique.

Overall, an absolute BEAST on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, you can get him for 1.5k, or possibly even less. He is a great all round midfielder, consistent stats and also even though his pace is only 74, he feels much like an 80+

A fantastic midfielder, great for any Premier League/French squads, perfect.

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Cabaye! wow Rating 9 / 10 | Position CDM | Formation 352 | Submitted by airforcer on 13 December

Holy. Wow. Omg,

Playing him in 3-5-2 next to Lars bender in a hybrid and man this guy is good at everything!!! give him room will score from 30+ yards. His passing is amazing. Doesn't really need to be good at heading but still is alright at it his dribbling feels really smooth and his pace isn't the slightest of problems as hes small and runs pretty fast. He is also a great defender that can tackle like a beast. From 50 games he gave around 40 assists and scored around 20 which is amazing for a cm. His free kicks are one of his pros as well as he has 80+ all free kick stats. In total he is an alround beast! he is like inform inler but in my opinion better. If you need a cm do NOT hesitate to buy him I would buy him even if he was 20k+ but hes not hes only 1k which is a great price for a amazing player

Shooting 9/10
Pace 7/10
Passing 9/10
Headers 7/10
Defending 8/10
Dribbling 8/10

Total 9/10

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Cheap Awesome Player Rating 8 / 10 | Position CM | Formation 4411 | Submitted by MambaGaming on 27 May

Sorry if this review is sh!tty but it's my 1st review lol

I just want to say that this guy is a really good player and I'll be doing it stat by stat

MY squad I use him in: http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/11206149/

Pace: 74 Since I really don't use pace in my formation with the CMs i really don't care but it's decent 7/10

Shot: 76 This is a straight up LIE this card should be 80-83 Shot I've scored like 10 goals in 20 games outside the box because he has a cannon of a leg 9/10

Passing: 81 This is also a lie should be around 85, he's really good with through balls and short passing but long passing he's ok 8/10

Dribbling: 78 This guy has a smooth dribbling and won't lose the ball that much 8/10

Defending: 75 I have him with Santi Cazorla so Cabaye is kind of the more defensive minded CM and will intercept some passes but he's ok at defending faxt people but sometimes will not keep up because of his pace 7.5/10

Heading: 70 My whole squad sucks at heading including him except Remy but Cabaye will score a couple of headers each 10 games 4/10

Overall 8/10

Excellent Passing
Cheap as ****
Really good through balls

So overall this guy is a great CHEAP CM you can pair him up with a more attacking CM if you're playing 4411 and he will score long shots with his 84 long shots and will rack up assists with through balls but his Stamina is what pretty mch sucks the most since I always gotta apply a fitness card on him every 3 or 4 gameseven though he has 83 Stamina and no I'm not a pacewhore.
So yeah guys this is my 1st review hope you enjoyed it

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Best Non-Rare Card in FUT13! Rating 9 / 10 | Position CM | Formation 4312 | Submitted by FunAtFifa on 03 July

I'm looking at Yohan Cabaye's card and still can't believe he hasn't got any upgrade or IF because he is a quality player IRL, one of the few positives for Newcastle after a very poor season. However, we are on Futhead and we are only interested in how the players perform in-game, so here we go!

Firstly, take a look at his price. Everybody can afford him and I recommend you purchase him now, no matter how good your squad is. I have been trying to put him into every squad I built just because he's so good. Considering the fact he plays in the BPL and comes from France, it is not very difficult to do that.

Although EA decided to give Cabaye only a 81 rated non-rare card, his shooting and passing stats are absolutely insane. Until now I haven't used a player with a better longshot on him. Give Cabaye some space and he will score 9 times out of 10, even with his 4* weak foot. In order to get the most out of his playmaker abilities you could even use him as CAM but if you prefer another player in this positon (as there are many options in the BPL), just put him in central midfield like I did. Because of his medium/medium workrates he is always in the right position to play the deadly pass or take a longshot.

Additionally, his defending is very nice as well. Of course, he is no Yaya Toure or Fellaini but he will do the job, especially if you partner him up with a strong CDM next to him (like Tiote for example!). His dribbling is solid, nothing special but he isn't the player who goes for crazy skill runs.

I find it very difficult to mention negative aspects of Cabaye. Maybe some FUT players dislike his 3* skills but as I'm not really a skiller myself, I don't really care. So, you have got nothing to lose, try him out and you will be surprised how his performances will have positive impact on your game!

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