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HE GOES IN WITH BOTH FISTS Rating 10 / 10 | Position LB | Formation 4222 | Submitted by dineldacool on 08 April

To the naked eye, Radu may look like your average schmuk who you get in a pack and discard. But if you look closely, you may just see his workrates. Low attacking, High defensive, and he is a left back! You know he goes in.

First off, he is in the Serie A do he will link with plenty of good and sweaty players who I dont need to list. I chose to play im in a 4-2-2-2 where he was linked with Gamberini at CB and Zanetti at CDM so he had an easy 9 chem.

Okay, we've established who he is and some positives, but how does he fair on the pitch? The truth is, it's not fair, not fair at all on your opponent to have this monster at LB. I have scored 0 goals with him but he has prevented plenty. He doesn't leave a gaping hole in your defence, instead, he leaves one right where your opponents anus used to be.

I have played over 600 games on FUT 13 and I am used to your average left back making stupid runs up the pitch when they cant pass or shot for their life, forcing me to go ultra defensive to try and stop him. When I tried Radu however, I noticed he was special (and not in a "my my mum says im spershul" kind of way. While I'm controlling the attack, I can always be safe knowing that he is ready in case of a counter attack. When my opponent plays a 60 yard ball over the top, he cuts it out. He is simply the perfect left back.

Thanks for reading (unless you skipped to the end) and I strongly reccomend Radu, he is cheap as chips so if you don't like him, you can simply discard him.

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Radu is "different" Rating 9 / 10 | Position LB | Formation 41212 | Submitted by Blast on 22 December

Hello everybody,

First, my apologizes for mistakes, English is not my native language...

I made a SerieA team because of the famous central defenders and italian GK. I prefer play with a 4 backs formation. For the RB I try Abate and I was very satified by his capability to stop fast leftwingers as Hasard or Gervinho. For the LB I first thought a fast one would be as efficient as Abate so I bought Armero. But... His workrates made him play very high, almost midfielder (I didnt feel that problem with Abate, faster and better marking skill). I had to replace him and I found this guy...

Radu is clearly different to the other LB. He is an oldschool left BACK (as before RobertoCarlos...) I tried him for the workrates but I keep him for the skills.

So, Radu is always between the winger and the GK. And I clearly prefer to have a strong guy with an opportunity to stop a Walcott at the front than a guy even faster trying to come back behind him...

Now, this guy IS NOT SLOW. Of course most of the LB in FUT are faster than him but he stays faster than 95% of the CB. Radu is able to come back in postition really fast and when he is...

Radu is stronger than Gamberini for exemple. He almost have the same takle capabilities. 6.0 ft with almost 80 jumping is helpfull too.

I warmly recommand this guy for a 4 backs formation, especially when the RB is an attacker more than a defender. Since I play with him I search similar LB/RB for my other teams.

- Dont expect outrun and dribble half of the opposite team with him (but I already scored a nice 15yds powerfull shoot with him)
- Difficult to fit him in an other team than a Serie A one.
- Not a rare card

- High defensive workrate
- Low attaking workrate
- Strong and defensive skills
- Fast enough
- Price, 300/350

This introduce my short conclusion: just try him, its free!

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RADU FOR THE WIN!!! Rating 10 / 10 | Position LB | Formation 41212 | Submitted by Jake moss on 09 April

This guy is BY FAR my favorite RB in the game for many reasons. first of all personally I like my right back to be far more defending than attacking because it gives me more defense on the wings vs all of the FUCKING pace abusers in D1. I used him in this squad which I managed to win d1 once with out of two tries.

Now for the real part. THIS MAN IS A HIDDEN GEM!!!

Pace: 75 Dont let the pace draw you away from this tank because I can tell you it is not a factor because of his unbelievable workrates(Low Attack/High Defense). these workrates keep him back with the center backs. This means that you should compare his speed to center backs when looking at it( EX. Yanga-M'Biwa is considered one of the faster cb's with 76Pace). 9/10

Dribbling:52 This feel a little bit low but by no means does this BEAST have good or even decent dribbling. This tends to let him down at times if you find yourself trying dribble the ball up the field with him. But that is not what this guy is meant to do he is meant to bulk up your defense and act as another strong defender at the LB position. 5/10

Defending: 81 This stat is under valued THIS MAN IS A BRICK WALL!!!!The only green stats on this guys card have to do with defending 83 Marking, 82 Sliding Tackle, 83 Standing Tackle, 82 Interceptions, and 83 Aggression. Nothing gets by him on the wing. In Form Di Maria NOT TODAY this man will steal the ball from him with ease. There is not much more I can say about his defending other than NOTHING gets by this man.10/10

Shooting: 46 This is a non-factor because of his workrates(see the pace section) he rarely ever manages to get past half field. I never even managed to get off a shot in the 30 something games I played with him. 4/10

Passing: 65 Even though it says 65 passing, it is far better than that. When I was writing this review I was very surprised to see that it was as low as 65 I expected it to in the low 70s because in-game I never found myself cursing this guy for a making a terrible pass that resulted into a goal, but by no means is this guy Xavi. 7/10

Heading: 77 This stat is a great stat to have for a RB or LB. This stat is most useful when some PACE ABUSING BITCH comes running down the side with walcott or biabany and crosses it in expecting Kone to slot it in with his head when instead Radu comes in heads the ball to safety with his superb heading for a Right or Left Back.9/10

Price For Money. This is an easy 10/10 because I would choose this guy over ANY RB OR LB OUT THERE!!!! he is only how much????? right around discard price. I bought mine for 400 coins.


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Radu, an Old Fashioned Lb Rating 10 / 10 | Position LB | Formation 41212 | Submitted by petersham1 on 13 July

Radu is all about one thing, DEFENDING.
He rarely goes forward due to his High Defensive and Low Attacking WORKRATES.
This makes him great for keeping your shape at the back.
Very Good in the air and as strong as a ox.
He is practicaly a centre back playing at left back.
Now lets get real, his technical stats are not the best. Do not try to go on mad solo runs with this guy or try any fancy passes.
Keep it simple and this guy will be your most consistant player.
In Serie A a problem position is LB if you dont have the coins for TOTS PASQUAL.
But this guy is even better than all them LB'S. He never leaves position, and in the right formation (41212) will still give you enough backup on the wing if your attack slows momentum.
How this guy is not a rare is beyond me. He has played 73 games for me and he has scored 1 goal.(The Rare time he shot).
He is dirt cheap and you will pay no more than 500 Coins for this monster.

Pace 75- Not Abate but he can keep up if you dont dive in, is that strong that if you push and pull will stop winger without problem.
Shooting 46 - Very poor, scored one for me but pure flook, Dont Bother Shooting.
Passing 65 - As I said, play the simple stuff. He is not Pirlo but he is competant with short simple balls.
Dribbling 52- A Slow dribbler, a CB Playing LB Really, his weakest asset IMO. Takes big touches when sprint dribbling.
Defending 81- A Monster, will stop most players on first attempt. Great Standing tackle and rarely CPU dives in.
Heading 77- A Big man at 6'0 and strong, Great for when the opposition pulls to back post, is very able to head away from the striker.

Strength 78- Can Prove invaluable in around your own box, outmuscles most Wingers and a fair few forwards.
Aggression 83- Wins the ball with strong aggressive tackles and never gets bullied by wingers
Standing and Slide Tackle 82 & 83- A Great tackler never mistimes a tackle unless you mistime it yourself!

Workrates- Low Attack,High Defensive- These are what make this man such a great Left Back In Ut. His workrates mean he is always back and you never get caught on the break, I Find this invaluable from my attacking corners as if i lose the ball he is back in position in a matter if seconds!

Technically not great but competent.
For some players he may be a bit slow.

Price (500 Coins Maximum)
Always in position
Great Defender
Tall For Headers.
Very Aggresive, but not overly so.
A Great Backup when attacks slow momentum and need a easy safe pass as he is in the LB positon!

Like this review and check out my others on my page.


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