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absolute perfection (recent edit) Rating 10 / 10 | Position LM | Formation 352 | Submitted by DeBoganator on 06 December

(Note: NOT A PACEWHORE) (Team I now use him in: http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/11350328/)

Where do I start? Perhaps with the fact that in my old 352 french/bpl hybrid team which includes the likes of Torres and Aguero, Lavezzi has outshone them monumentally. For me in my first game with this team he scored two incredible goals includng one of the few long-distance finesse shots that I have scored on FUT 13 which many repetitedly knocked in in last years edition of ultimate team followed by a skill run that bamboozled defenders including Dede the centre-back and Felipe Santana-- a phenomenom that rarely occurs to my knowledge on this game.

Now I thought after winning this first game that this must of been an incredibly fortunate fluke and he would probably never score a goal again. I was deeply misinformed. He has gone on to do something very similar in every game that I have played with this team. I can see why P$G bought him from Napoli (lol).

On to two stats that I thought should be highlighted: the 90 dribbling is something to behold, and in a word, incredible. Almost impossible for right-backs and pacey brazilian centre-backs to deal with. Very, very much fun to twist and turn with and create space to open up one of his ferocious long shots. This brings me on to the other stat I wanted to talk about: 72 long shots. This, I feel, is very much underrated, and much like Mr. Mario Gotze, should be rated higher. When cutting onto his favoured right foot, and with enough space to unleash a shot, you will be amazed by the power, dip and accuracy of the thunderous strike this 5'8" Argentine is able to wield.

Before I went on this incredible streak with the Argentine, Ezequiel's lightening 95 acceleration is what surprised me the most; and without trying to sound like I'm 'sweating' to much, even from the LM position in a 352 he is still able to shoot up the field almost supernaturally and the inclusion of his skills and stupidly crazy ball control make him the ideal left-midfielder/winger. For me, the precision of his turns due to his skills/ball control with the addition of his supreme pace and agility make him arguably one of the best, if not THE best (minus Ronaldo and Ribery) left-sided player on FUT 13, whether a LM,LW or LF.

Thank you for your time and enjoy another supurb diminutive Argentenian

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SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ON COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF SPEED. Rating 9 / 10 | Position LW | Formation 433 | Submitted by corkscrew on 26 December

Holy Christ.

Ezequiel Lavezzi is one the best wingers, if not the best for his price. He goes for around 16,000 on Xbox and quite frankly is a menace to any defender below 80 pace. I've used players like Walcott and Narsingh, who both have better Pace statistics on their cards, But Lavezzi bests them all in Raw acceleration. To me, he seems like the fastest player in the entire game. He is incredibly agile and seems rather strong seeing as he is mainly used as a pacey winger.

Lavezzi's dribbling is arguably his greatest attribute, he just dances around players and has his way with them, like John Terry at a WAG convention. Lav just skins defenders, midfielders and everyone up with his insane close dribbling, although Skillers will be annoyed that he has lost his 5* skills, his skilling without it is just sublime, he can overcome any situation with his dribbling, combined with his pace, he is the perfect target for any pace lover.

His passing is awesome, he is able to thread beautiful balls into the striker(s) and his 1-2 play is excellent, he will pass to the holding player and be past the opposing defender in a flash, his crossing game is pretty good and when partnered with someone like Loic Remy, they make a deadly combination, with their mix of speed to go with Lavezzi's passing and INCREDIBLE dribbling, along with Remy's blistering pace, shot and heading attributes, if you just run down the wing and cross it into the box, chances are, it's a goal.

I've played with Lavezzi a number of times in different formations, but i have to say 4-3-3 suits him best, 4-3-2-1 is a decent formation for him, but i think that his shooting leaves a little to be desired. His finesse shots are pretty good, but sometimes it seems as though Lavezzi's power shot almost has no power in it, whereas other times he breaks the land speed record and destroys nets with it. Putting Lavezzi in a 3-5-2 isn't a terrible idea, as i have played him there before, but it just seems as though he is too far forward to use in a LM role.

Simply put, if you are a bit of a pace whore, or enjoy a winger with superior dribbling - Lavezzi is your man. I would recommend, if you have the coins, to create a front three of Lavezzi, Aguero and Di Maria. They make a fearsome triple threat and together incinerate defenses with their combine pace and dribbling attributes.

Pace: 93 10/10
Dribbling: 90 10/10
Shot: 77 8/10
Passing: 74 8/10

Not the greatest winger in the game, but in my opinion, the best for his price and the fastest in my eyes. A great deal for 16 k and fits into many squads. Awesome player.

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Can be used as a Pacewhore,but also as a great player Rating 10 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by Mecces17 on 10 December

I use Lavezzi in a Ligue 1 team. I love my 3 up front : Lavezzi-Remy-Menez. Lavezzi can be used as a pacewhore and many people are pace abusing with him, this annoys. But not everyone does this, for example me. Lavezzi has great pace, yes . He also has amazing Dribbling and Ball Control and the point is : His shot is also great. Many pacy players haven't got a good shot , but Lavezzi has. Last game i scored an amazing longshot with him :) The only fact which annoys me is that he hasn't got the 5* Skills from last year. But 4* Skills aren't bad, you can still do a ronaldo chop or Rainbow flick.

I Sometimes use Lavezzi for crossing. When i realize there's no chance to cut inside (mostly with a Ronaldo Chop), i cross . Remy gets some headers and scores. If you play with Higuain or Ibra up front this is very nice because they have got much better heading stats. But back to Lavezzi.

Price: In my opinion we can be very happy about the price. I would also buy him, if he would cost 40k, because of his great skills.
I scored 168 goals in 77 matches with my 3 up front , Lavezzi scored the most ( ! )

What makes him the best LW in Ligue 1 and in Argentina ?
-his pace
-his dribbling and his ball control + 4* Skills
-and his amazing shot

I didn't use him as a LM but i think that he's also ok in defending.
GET HIM NOW !!! ;)
sry for bad english, if there are faults, i'm from Germany .. ;)

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You're not a Pace Whore if it's Pace Love Rating 10 / 10 | Position LW | Formation 433 | Submitted by cheekyshot on 19 December

“I celebrate Lavezzi, and sing Lavezzi!”
-- Walt Whitman

I came to Lavezzi looking for a really top caliber (American spelling) player at a bargain price. Among Left Wingers, he’s in there among the elites at a fraction of the cost.

As with most bargain players, the reason is probably that he’s a bit of a challenge to link up - an Argentine in Ligue 1. But as soon as I started playing with him and saw what a beast he is, I remade my team in Lavezzi’s image.

One great thing about 4-3-3 is he only needs two links. If you’re of the BPL persuasion, Tevez makes a great connection at striker (as would Aguero, if you’ve got that kind of money). I found CM to be more of a challenge, but for now have settled on fellow PSGer Matuidi, who’s played very well for me despite a 77 overall, and I can then link with BPL Frenchmen.

A challenge I’ve found with 4-3-3 is finding wingers who can finish. I’ve got Walcott on the other side, and he consistently beats everyone down the pitch, then launches it over the bar. Lavezzi is a top class finisher.

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Lavezzi- is he as good as his stats suggest? Rating 8 / 10 | Position LW | Formation 5221 | Submitted by skiilzygaming on 06 December

Where I played him:
I played Lavezzi at LW in a 5221 formation in my 100k argentinian/serie A hybrid. He had 9 chemistry without a manager but he had a few dead links which MIGHT have affected his performance.

Who he played with:
I played Lavezzi with Zarate at ST and Di Maria at RW. They worked well and to be fair they were very good on the counter attack.

Review of Lavezzi:
To be honest I don't think Lavezzi lives up to his awesome on-card stats. To be fair, he has some really good games where he might get an assist and maybe two goals or more. However, in my opinion he is completely outshone by Di Maria on the right. I think that he would be a lot better if you had a target man in the middle as his crosses are great.
Overall, he is easily the best argentinian LW and probably the best ligue 1 LW. However, I wouldn't build a team around him!

Hope I helped!

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Best LW on the game Rating 10 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by Sgerrard on 18 June

I've played Lavezzi in pretty much every position and formation in the game and he excels massively in each and every one

LW - LF - playing in a top 3 of Lavezzi Ibra and Di Maria, Lavezzi was definatley the stand out player, he is so quick but it's not just pace with him his dribbling, skill, shooting, crossing and passing is just awesome i've played 79 games with him this time round and scored 83 goals, all online, he must have well over 70-80 assists as well, i just don't understand how atm he goes for like 2-3k on xbox especially being 86 rated with 2 90+ stats on card, i've used most LW on game including; Ronaldo, Iniesta, Ribery, Bale, Neymar, Hazard, MOTM Reus, TOTS El Shaarawy. and this guy is just a class above the rest, (Ronaldo is obvs best player on the game but taking price into consideration Ronaldo - 950k Lavezzi - 2.5k, is Ronaldo 380x better? no lol the only thing ronaldo has on him is 5* and height. so therefor i prefer Lavezzi)

LM - he is also great in LM which i was surprised about to be honest considering his low work rate and 5 foot 8 also the 49 defending, but he works superb he is always picking the ball up deep finds his own space, just gets the ball and breezes past everyone down the wing can either put a cross in lay it off to someone or just cut inside himself he's that good of a player he can literally do anything i would easily pay 200-300k for him maybe even more miles better then Ribery in my opinion. but this just sums up the review if your wanting to try him out don't hesitate of playing him in LM/LW/LF or any formation because it will work ;)

thanks for reading, i also have a couple of squads around Lavezzi on my page if you wanna check them out and leave a comment.


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Co za Bestia (Polish language Rating 10 / 10 | Position LW | Formation 3412 | Submitted by triangleefiks on 24 April

Co za Bestia zrobiłem sobie skład do odnowienia kondycji i kupiłem go. Teraz robię squad wokół niego sam wygrywał gry, sam niszczył przeciwników. Granie nim to była i jest sama przyjemność. Jest to gracz jakby nie z tej planety robił z obrońcami co chciał według mnie najpierw lepiej jest kupić jego, a potem Ibrachimowica. Jedynym i chyba największym jego minusem jest jego liga nie mogłem dobrać dobrego squadu do tego zawodnika Niepotrzebnie się przenosił do Francji nie pomyślał o graczach UT :)
-Tempo wyprzedza każdego
-Drybling kiwa niczym Neymar
-Wykończenie strzela lepiej niż nie jeden zawodnik
-Zwinność nie potrzebna mu jest siła jest tak zwinny, że przeciśnie się przed obrońcę i jego szybkość pozwoli mu uciec
-Umie podać, a jest to rzadkość i skrzydłowego
-Drybling na 4 gwiazdki
-Ligue 1
-Nie udzielał się specjalnie w obronie miał pare akcji w obronie, ale to dlatego, że wracał ze skrzydła (musiałem wcześniej ustawić taktykę ultradefensywną)
Czekam teraz na to, aby był w drużynie tygodnia obym nie musiał czekać do fify 14 :)
Squad którym grałem był w formacji 3-4-1-2 także miałem komu podać piłkę używałem dorbych szybkich obrońców tak wiem wszystko o szybkość, ale obrońca bez tempa w fifie to jak Barcelona bądź Real bez swojej gwiazdy fifa poprostu tego wymaga nieodbiegając z tematy ważne jest też, że jak ma się coinsy to można go dać do składu z Messim i Aguero a oni prezentują podobny styl gry tak więc ,,Lavezzi" byłby wszędzie a to jest właśnie to co byśmy chcieli trzymajcie mnie za słowo. Tak więc według mnie jest to najlepszy piłkarz jakim grałem a grałem wieloma np: Neymar if Torres if Suarez Robben i mogłbym tak wymienić conajmniej z 30 następnych nazwisk, żaden nie zrobił na mnie takiego wrażenia jak ten stosunkowo nie wysoki ale świetny technicznie gracz ogrywa obrońców jak chce. :)
Squad którym grałem:
Pozdrawiam Triangleefiks :)

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Beast LM Rating 9 / 10 | Position LM | Formation 352 | Submitted by sweatybum on 29 December

I was looking to inject something special into my 352 squad. I have Bastos but he felt a little sluggish. He reminds me of a Nani in my BPL squad...Quick, turns on a dime, excellent shot.

I'm not ashamed to say I don't like slow players. I Love fast players, like I love fast cars...do you like slow cars? Didn't think so. He literally blows past defenders. I had Robinho before and he even feels faster than him. Take him all the way up the pitch on turbos, then either cut in and take it yourself or pass it off to your strikers....with his pace he pulls defenders toward him freeing up your strikers.

The ball is basically stuck to your feet. Run holding down sprint then cut in any direction. Sprint onto the ball, no problem, his first touch is butter.

His shot is absurd. No weak foot was detected, really smooth chops, just get anywhere near the box and pull the trigger, with laces or finesse, no problem.

He does have low defending workrates and stats, which can be worrisome for a LM, but with the unit of Sakho and Sissokho patrolling the area like rabid pit bulls, it hasn't been a problem for me.

Well worth the coins, so much fun to use! If you've used Nani or Giovinco, Lavezzi feels a lot like them. I feel like Bastos was way more solid defensively, but in a 352 felt a little stagnant and Lavezzi pumps a lot of electricity along the left flank.

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The Lavezzi Way Rating 10 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 3421 | Submitted by Redz93 on 07 December

Lavezzi was by far the most effective player in FUT12 for me, skilful, lightning quick, shooting ability was out of this world and im sure his boots came with a tub of glue because there is no way his dribbling could be that legit, the ball would literally stick to his feet when he advanced with it.

Coming into fifa 13 and seeing that he was no longer a 5* skiller i was a bit sceptical that he wouldn't be as much fun to use and that he wouldn't be as effective as before, boy was i wrong, i made a 3421 squad around him with him being LF, he single handedly dismantled every opponent i was put up against, he doesn't need the 5* skills to overpower the opposition anymore, a very ruthless winger indeed.
The shooting attributes on his card are false, he can score from anywhere at anytime in the match. One thing about him no longer having the ability to perform 5* skills is that you don't feel obliged to showboat, instead you proceed to play like a boss.

A player like lavezzi however is best used in a formation/position where he requires very little defensive duties, eg 3421, 4321, 433 or 5221. He played alongside michel bastos (lm) and lisandro lopez (st) and he would sit about 20 yards inside the opponents half waiting for the ball, and when he received it, even i was afraid of what he would do. If you've gotten this far and still haven't purchased him, i suggest you do so right now, you won't regret it at all, bare in mind what i mentioned about what formation/position suits him best.

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Ronaldo + Messi = LAVEZZI. Rating 9 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 5221 | Submitted by FludehPls on 31 December

This dude is amazing.His pace is out of this world,and he has + 70 strength as well,which makes him like Ronaldo in-game.But also he has high balance,which means you can't tackle this guy.
93 PAC - Feels like 95,trust me.You can't stop this guy.
77 SHO - His shot is good,not amazing but I scored some long shots with him from 30 yards.
74 PAS - Actually,he is an amazing play maker,even from a LF.No way it's only 74 passing.
90 DRI - Yep,no first touch control problems,his dribbling is perfect.
49 DEF - Can't really tell because he is an attacker...But if you want him on 352 - he is the worst choice in your life,he can't tackle and his workrates will leave left side open.The only good thing is his 80+ aggression and 72 strenght in-game.
58 HEA - Don't really know,he can win some headers but losses most of them.
His best position is LF or LW,don't use him as LM.
Also,his freekicks are amazing,and he is all around great set piece taker.

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his fut 11 reincarnation Rating 10 / 10 | Position LW | Formation 433 | Submitted by N_Rai_985 on 27 January

I want to start of by talking about my history with lavezzi. He was my favourite player in FIFA 11 and so much that i bought an inform lavezzi with nearly all my coins (60k)and
he was godly played a lot like TOTS aguero from last year without the off games
In fut 11 he was a ST and last year i was annoyed with ea for changing him to a LW. I liked him last year quite a bit but I found something missing from his previous IF from fut 11. His motm card was brilliant but for 500k and still not near his fut 11 IF.

This year i have come with high hopes for lavezzi but was disappointed with his lack of 5*skills but i could deal with it. Now i must say this card is the closest thing to my fut 11 glory days. I play him with pato and maikon elite up front in a 433 with 9 Chem and he is brilliant. His pace is blistering, shot takes me back to his IF and he now has 72 strength to wrap it all up. For me he is the best value for money LW in the game. I haven't tried neymar or ronaldo but this guy is way better than the rest.

Finally i will like to talk about his ability to fit in hybrids. Lavezzi is gifted by having pastore to give him 9 Chem, you can fit him in nearly every team due to this and is something that i value massively in players.

final comments: best LW for value for money. Stupidly fast, great hybrid options with pastore and thiago Silva, his shot is great and isn't weak either and also the most important thing, for me at least, is that he is like his fut 11 IF card which means he is OP!!! :D

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Lavezzi is nothing but BEAST! Rating 10 / 10 | Position LW | Formation 3412 | Submitted by joelmurph on 13 January

I started using Lavezzi about 3 days ago so I can't give a very detailed review.

I rate myself as an average FIFA player but Lavezzi makes me look absolutely amazing, there are no downsides to him, he blasts past the defense, puts on great runs, can dribble past the best defending, can hit a shot from nearly anywhere. Lavezzi is leading the goal scoring for my team, im winning a lot of games with him and he seems to be the one leading the way. There are a couple of tips i will give to people who are looking to buy or just bought Lavezzi.
Number 1. Use Lavezzi's wing 9 times out of 10. I prefer to use the right wing most of the time it is a weird force of habit, but when i use Lavezzi's wing i seem to score more frequently and much better looking goals.
Number 2. Don't be scared to dribble with him, even if you aren't the best at dribbling you will find it so easy to dribble around players.
Number 3. Do not over use him, he is the best player on my team so when i first got him i expected him to do everything it made him very tired and i turned the ball over a fair but trying out freakish dribble moves, sometimes they pay off but more often then not I have to defend a counter attack.

Overall I rate Lavezzi 10/10 so far, he leads my average at most squad to more victories then i would usually get. Buy him and if you are having second thoughts, don't hes worth every cent.

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Lavezzi Is God Rating 10 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by Wedgiieee on 14 December

Lavezzi used to be a rather skillful man on FIFA 12 and I have been made to believe that now he does not have the 5* skills he is an average player, however I was very wrong. Him being revoked of the 5* skills makes no difference whatsoever, he can just dance around players like it's nothing.
His dribbling, pace and finishing put together is sublime. i played him up front with many different ST and 2 different RF as i just couldn't find the right players to go with him, i can't afford Ibrahimovic so i used IF Gomis, Remy who linked with Ben Arfa then i had Higuain and Di Maria, however Lavezzi just seemed to raise the bar every time and he was my top goal scorer with 26 in 24, this may not seem much but he always seems to shine out over everyone and score when it is crucial.
The amount of long shots I have scored with this guy is unbelievable, he just seems to get them perfect from around 35 yards, even off balance.
99% of his passes get to where they need to be and his positioning is great. Almost every attack he is in space pulling away from the defenders, and every time its a goal. Im not the greatest of FIFA players but I can tell you Lavezzi is well worth the 20k price tag(PS3)
Also his heading is great, feels better than 58, he always seemed to win the ball over defenders, however, he's a winger so he doesn't really need heading anyway.
Overall definitely worth a try.

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Lavezzi, Buy Him NOW! Rating 10 / 10 | Position LM | Formation 41212 | Submitted by T90Goal on 30 March

Lavezzi, PSG, 86 Rated. This player is class on FIFA 13 and especially on FUT. Lets go through his stats.

BALL CONTROL: 88 - His ball control is brilliant how he turns in and out of defenders with ease.
CROSSING: 78 - Which is a lie because all of his crosses always land up on one of your strikers heads.
CURVE: 79 - His Finess shot is very good and normal like most players, not amazing but very good.
DRIBBLING: 90 - His dribbling is spectacular and thats why his ball control is so good.
FINISHING: 76 - His finishing isn't amazing but most of his shots go in the back of the net.
FREE KICKS: 76 - He has good Free Kick accuracy and lots f his Free Kicks go in.
HEADING: 47 - Being 5'8 he is quite small which is why is heading is low, but being a winger he usually is the one crossing.
LONG PASSING: 60 - His long range passing isn't brilliant but is still reasonable.
LONG SHOTS: 72 - This is a lie because I have scored loads of long shots with him.
MARKING: 20 - His marking is very poor but thats because he is small and usually the one man upfield at corners.
PENALTIES: 68 - Penalties aren't Lavezzi's strong point but can bury when needed even though the green bar is quite small.
SHORT PASSING: 80 - His short passing is very good and is great at 1-2s.
SHOT POWER: 83 - Lavezzi has a rocket of a shot and has a very fierce shot.
SLIDING TACKLE: 36 - He isn't really the sort of player how tackles that much.
STANDING TACKLE: 39 - Same reason as above.

ACCELERATION: 95 - He has unbeliveable pace and can burst past every defender in the game with ease.
AGILITY: 94 - His agility is also brilliant and he has amazing stats to show it.
BALANCE: 92 - He has great balance which makes his dribbling and ball control great.
JUMPING: 68 - His jumping isn't great because he is quite small and usually takes corners.
REACTIONS: 85 - His reactions are great and when the ball is suddenly played to him, he can get it straight away.
SPRINT SPEED: 92 - His pace is great and so is his sprint speed, he is just so fast.
STAMINA: 87 - Stamina is key in fast players and Lavezzi has lots of it.
STRENGTH: 72 - He isn't the strongest because he is a small player.

AGGRESSION: 75 - He is quite a calm player.
POSITIONING: 82 - He always seems to be in the right place at the right time.
INTERCEPTIONS: 30 - He doesn't intercept the ball that often.
VISION: 81 - His passing is amazing he can pick out any striker.

My overall review on Lavezzi is that he is a great player, reasonably cheap and has 4* Skills and 4* Weak Foot. He is overall amazing!

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Pace? Skill? Both? Yes. Rating 9 / 10 | Position LM | Formation 352 | Submitted by rms197 on 03 January

The most expensive player on the Ligue 1 team and he plays like it too.

His pace, especially the burst of acceleration he puts on when you jam the spring button is awesome. He'll absolutely fly down the wings. This is especially helpful on the counterattack. But if you're not feeling so 'sweaty', then you could also utilize his dribbling. He pulls off skill maneuvers with astonishing fluidity. The L2+R2 dribble is also very effective with him. He crosses decently... I don't cross much though. His shot is actually quite good. If you get a proper angle cutting from the left, you can smash it with his right foot, and you'll surely test the goalkeeper if not beat him. His shot is an effective weapon to use to catch your opponent off guard. His finesse shot is decent too for FIFA 13 standards. One thing I really love about him is his positioning. He always seems to be in the right place at the right time for me, and he seems to play the smartest at the most crucial times. He makes the best runs and puts himself in places to pulverize the defense. It's amazing.

He isn't the strongest player, so if a defender can get close enough to challenge him on the ball, then things may not end well. Besides that, he's very very good and worth the coins!

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I do not know where to start. JUST BUY HIM! Rating 10 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 5221 | Submitted by SpiderRico on 23 May

I dont understand fifa
why does Lavezzi cost 3k?
Me and my brother play fifa quite alot and have played with many players on UT but Lavezzi is easily the best. AN ABSOLUTE MONSTER!!!
I have 1.3mil and was thinking if i should buy ronaldo and a team around him then realised that Lavezzi was the same position. I chose Lavezzi.
Pace is perfect works well with dribbling easy to cut in and out of defenders. Im in div 1 and havent played a team that could stop him.
I have him in 5221 with aguero and IF di maria up front and in 50 games he scored 76 goals which is unbelievable for a LF, aguero had 67 goals in the same amount of games while di maria had 45.

Pace 93 : feels like 95, great acceleration good for getting off the mark with chip through balls
Dribbling 90 : feels like 95, works well with pace, blasts through the defence no one can stop him
Shooting 77 : feels like 89, only comparable with van persie. You will be amazed with the amount of long shots he sinks the goalies are put to shame
Defence 49 : ...........
Passing 74 : feels like 80 never misses a pass
Heading 58 : i never cross it in and i never use his heading

Its amazing how much of a beast he his. What ever you do make a team with lavezzi. Good to make hybrid with aguero and di maria, maybe messi if you have enough coins. People dont understand how good he is but I am telling you right now buy him, buy him, buy him!

Cuts through defence, no one can stop him
Best long shots I have seen, puts goalies to shame
speed dribbler trait adds to speed, defence cant put up with him


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This kid is an animal best LW in the Ligue 1 Rating 9 / 10 | Position LW | Formation 433 | Submitted by thechap on 24 March

Lavezzi is a pretty good LW hes more of an attacking player then a defensive so i wouldn't even bother buying him LM here is what i think of all his attributes :


88 ball control: his ball control was excellent for me it never failed
78 crossing: his crossing was a little disapointing but again hed did get some good crosses through
79 curve: curve went great with his fitnesse
90 dribbling: you weren't able to touch him with his dribbling and 4 star skill
76 finishing: his finishing was world class for me considering he's a LW
76 freekick: i only used his freekick to cross the ball never shot with his free kick
47 heading: is heading was dirt he jumped in the air and was able to get in thos positions but couldn't but it in the net
60 long passes: he was better at long passes than the rating says
72 long shots: suprisingly good
20 marking: shit but he's a LW so who cares
68 penalties: never got one with him
80 short passing: class pass
83 shot power: its great shot power
36 sliding tackle:shit
39 standing tackle:shit
79 volleys: class




thers no bad stat in this except for interceptions but i didn't really notice that

Ezequiel Lavezzi is an absolute tank hes cheap aswell only like 6,000 on xbox but hes so good i know it kinda sucks the way he is 4 star skill instead of 5 but it wont really bother you once you got him just go out and try out lavezzi you wont regret it honestly hes not even that pricey

a couple of things to rember about lavezzi though
-hes a LW not a LM
-dont take far away free kicks with him
- and finally make sure he scores every game keep him in good fittness and morale


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The Biggest Steal in Fut 13 Rating 9 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by ashwin.kulkarni.5 on 30 December

I used lavezzi in a 4-3-2-1 formation with lavezzi on the left, aguero as a striker, and then di maria on the right. And where can I start.
Pace 93 (Feels like 95)
He feels just as fast as walcott. This man is a walcott who has strength as well. Lavezzi is one of the quickest on the ball and I can hit him with almost any through ball, especially from my premier league center mids, especially steven gerrard. He has world class pace, needed for any winger.
Grade: A+
Shot 77(Feels like 79)
Lavezzi is not known for his shooting, but he certainly is not lacking of the trait. He does not have world class long shots, but it does help that he has a right footed shot playing on the left side. I have scored numerous goals with him cutting in and shooting. In the end, Lavezzi is clutch inside the 18, although most of the times, his pace puts him one on one with the keeper, often leading to a goal.
Passing74(Feels like 70)
This is the weak part for Lavezzi. He is not a gifted passer, and fifa does depict that accurately. He can make the short passes but the balls that will win you games, he will not compose those.
Dribbling90(Feels like 92)
combined with his pace, Lavezzi's dribbling is out of this world. He has the same skills as giovinco, although his skills may not be 5 star. he still has the quickness to outwit almost any defender, even the best in the world including sergio ramos and thiago silva.
Grade: A

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Lavezzi Review Rating 9 / 10 | Position LW | Formation 433 | Submitted by JustPlaying on 29 March

I used Lavezzi as a left wing on my 4-3-3 Argentina/Brazil Hybrid (on xbox) and I found him as one of the best wingers in the game in terms of his value for money as he is only about 7,000 - 8,000 coins and to me is very surprizenly for a player with so much pace especially his 95 - Accelaration along with his sturdy 86 rating i would probelarly go for more then 8,000 coins to be honest if lavessi was 40,000 i would still likely buy him.

The reasons i feel lavessi is well worth every coin of his money is because i like to counter attack so i like pacey wingers to burst down the wings for a through ball and if you like to play like that and you want a player to do that job on the cheap, lavezzi is your man. As i said he has 95 - Accelaration, so he will burst by most defenders and his 72 strength along with 92 balance he will successfully do so most times unless you have a dede at hand.

I stumbled apon the great player of lavezzi when i use to have a Brizilian 4-3-3 squad with Neymar as my star winger and of course scored many goal but i one day got lucky with aguero in a pack so dicided to build a brazil/argentina hybrid and placed Lavezzi as left wing and di maria as right wing and of course Aguero as my striker i played with this team for what must of been 30 games or so and i adored lavezzi as he was my cheapest player but he had the MOST goals on my team , but he didnt have as much as neymay when i had him, but with the price difference between the two players i would get lavezzi again in no time just remember theres over 100,000 coin difference and you get almost the same quility.

The reasons i beleive Lavezzi got most of my Hybrid team goals is because along with his pace to get into good positions his 90 - Dribbling and 4 star skills can get you into crazy positions for either his shot or pass. Also i have to say i was surprized to see Lavezzi only had 72 - long shots with 83 - shot power as he mostly scored many a time from long range.

Lavezzi of course had his down falls such as his 79 - curve which was very annoying as alot of the times as i may go for a low finnese shot and he just didnt cut it like Aguero who in the right position would score a finnese shot 24/7, but that is avoidable if you take care who you shoot with, if its lavezzi just go for the contreversal near post shot or hope for a rebound.

I beleive if you want to get a very good winger on the cheap Lavezzi is the man as i feel he is the cheap neymar, and if you dont like him after you buy resell him for 8,000 coins he wont burst the bank, and he is worth a try and you proberlarly wont regret it.

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Such an Insane Player Rating 9 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by LMuniz9 on 21 January

First i got Lavezzi for about 17k which is a great price for the player he is

-Pace 93: He feels very fast, he can pass any defender and is very fast of the mark and doesnt feel sluggish at all.
-Shooting 77: He can finish most of his chances he has 23 goals in like 19 games but he isnt great at lonshots, he does have a nice FK. Finnesse is ok.
-Passing 74: Good enough passing, decent through balls and crosses. Long passing is ok.
-Dribbling 90: It feels like 95 he moves realy fast and is very agile and beats defendesr with ease.
-Defending 49: He doesnt win any balls on my opponents half but he is strong for a guy his size and doesnt get bullied that much.
-Heading 58: His worst attribute, he cant head the ball he just cant he cant reach it at times and is always beaten in the air.

Skills 4*: I do miss his 5* but 4* is just fine and they come of silky smooth I recommend skilling with him.
Weak Foot 4*: Not as good as the right foot but its not useless you can still finish some chances.
Nation Argentina: You can have a great ST linking up with him as there are many options and fit well into hybrids when pastore is used.
League Ligue 1: Its a good league kinda underrated it has great defenders and many are cheap so are the strikers.

Rating 9/10 : I realy recommend this player to almost everyone he is fairly cheap and easy to use just make sure to use him in a LF or LW possision.

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THE PACEMONSTER Rating 9 / 10 | Position LM | Formation 442 | Submitted by FelixGrimsbo on 24 January

Ahhh... Lavezzi. Where shall I begin?
The greatest RM/RW who has been in my club ever.

He has got an incredible pace. He runs from every singel CB and Backs. That helps you to open up the game. He is really good at challenging the defenders. He is not so strong, but he is strong enough to keep the defenders out of his way. He has good stamina, but not an incredible stamina.

With his 4 stars skills, he can take cut inside, which help you if you challenge Dani Alves, Mariano and so on. 90 in dribbling does that he perform the dribbling better than the majority.

I think he has got some unbelievable long passes. I use Aguero on ST, and the passes from Lavezzi is so delightful so Aguero just can run from the defenders. He also has good crossers, to my other ST Van Persie.

I do not think he is the best creator. He has 73 in creating, but i think he deserves 75 or something. Yes he has got good long passes, but he got a tendency to hide away in the game.

I use him in RM, i think he is quite better in RW, because of the stats he got in defending: Sliding Tackle 36, Standing Tackle 39, Marking 20 and 47 in heading.

All in all a very good RW, but not so good in RM.

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Absolutely Amazing!!! Rating 10 / 10 | Position LW | Formation 343 | Submitted by buffalo88 on 05 July

Lavezzi is the best LW i have ever bought, he is great obviously for pace whores but is the best player to run down the wing, cut inside and shoot. He is the best LW i have ever got and for only 5k he is the best buy i have ever done.

His pace is great he gets past practically every defender i played against and is great against OP defenders like Dede, Luiz. Santana.... His pace feels right or maybe even a 95!

Dribbling: WOW... well where do i begin, his dribble is absolutely amazing, the best player to cut in get past the defense and score. Feels again like a 95.

Shooting: EA what a joke 77!! His shots are great, always go in the bottom or top corners and he can finesse and it always goes in I would say 87.

Defending: Never really tried defending but he can tackle.

Passing: Quite good I would say 80. He is good at crossing too.

Heading: Don't really know to be honest.He usually takes the corners for me and does quite well.

Lavezzi is just incredible, he is a total monster rips apart every defense i played against, and if i can't get you to buy him him not sure what will, i try him in every team i have with a LW. He is just too good definitely 10/10. If ever he has an IN FORM (not sure if he does) ill buy him first thing. He at first seems like a pacewhores best-friend but trust me his strength makes him amazing in every possible way.

He is just amazing buy him now you'll never regret doing it...

Anyway hope you enjoyed this review, and also i hope it helps you out. As i said earlier he is just amazing so buy him. Thanks you.

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LAVEZZI: THE MINI RONALDO! Rating 10 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by TommyDaGreek on 04 April

Used him as a LF on a 4-3-2-1 100K Hybrid (Ligue 1 - Argentinian - BPL - Serie A) team. To tell you the truth, I have used him 2 or 3 times in the past and I am totally satisfied with this guy.

He is one of the fastest LIGUE 1 players and generally of the game. He can get past defenders so easily that will kill the opposition. This is due to a combination of both his sprint speed-acceleration and dribbling. His dribbling seems to be similar with Messi's and Ronaldo's.

Despite the fact that his shooting is rated at 77, he is a clinical killer from both outside and inside the box. He scores many goals from about a 30 yard distance and,having used both,I can assure you that he is a best shooter than Di Maria.

Moving on to passes, you won't need his passing that much since you will use him mostly for his pace and shooting. But he can get decent crosses in so your striker can get a header on. Personally, Higuain has scored 4 headers in 2 matches thanks to Lavezzi's crosses.

He can get a few runs till the middle but he isn't the right man for the job. Other players are responsible to defend and not him.

All in all, Lavezzi (or Mini Ronaldo) is one of the best players in the game. Since you can now get him for about 15K, I suggest you give him a chance in your squad and he will certainly not disappoint you. For the aforementioned reasons,he definitely is one of the best LF's in the game who can make runs and cause a trouble to defenders like Dani Alves , Abate , Pereira and so on.



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