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Ronaldo is the Portuguese Mcgeady Rating 9 / 10 | Position RM | Formation 442 | Submitted by billywiz on 23 December

Aiden McGeady

This man could be the one player you need to tear up your opponents LB! First lets talk about his card stats

McGeadys pace is increbible he will rip past some of the fastest LBs in the game it is a big help and once you are past the LB he can whip in a deadly cross.

Now this guys dribbling is great, whilst in-game it feels like the ball is stuck to his foot he can change direction sharply and effectivly so I can get round even some of the best GKs.

The shots on this lad is deadly despite what is says on the card , his shots feel very powerful and he can easily finish 1v1s with incredible ease!

Now this guy is no Xavi when it comes to passing but hes not a suarez either his passing feels around average for a player of his rating and position.

I havent had much chance to really look at headers from Aiden but they are not the greatest they reach the goal but with not much power.

5* Skill + 4* Weak foot
This is one of my favourite things about McGeady is his skills they make him unstopable around the box he can easily go past the biggest CBs, also his singnature move really helps me embarrass my opponent.

McGeady or Hulk????
Well if you want a cheaper squad I would pick McGeady everyday of the week. Also Hulks agility isnt as good and feels a bit slower(In my opinion). Also Hulks passing dosent feel as good. I bought a hulk for 30k on PS3 and he didnt seem worth the coins compared to what I got with McGeady.So overall McGeady is better value for money.

.An Overveiw
This guy is really worth the coins for a Russian League team and you wont regret spending 1k or 2k on him.
Pace- Awesome 10/10
Shooting-Clinical 7/10
Passing-Decent 5/10
Heading-Average 4/10
Dribbling-Incredible 9/10

This has been my first Player reveiw on Futhead and I would like it if you gave me some advice or compliments
Email, [email protected] Im on ps3 too if you want to add me just say im off Futhead
PS3, billywiz123
Thanks guys!!!

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Irish Ronaldo. Rating 10 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by KidCasanova on 23 December

Gentlemen, we have found him. Ronaldo but for 2k. Aiden McGeady is the king.

Firstly, his pace is pretty much unmatchable; with the ball at his feet, nobody's catching him, not Wynne, not Luiz, no-one. His skills feel so natural (what would you expect from someone who made up their own move?) and his passing range is excellent. Playing a chipped through ball sets him away with his pace and his shooting means that he'll bury it nine times out of 10, except for finesses, which we all know aren't so overpowered this year. His movement is excellent; always in the right position to receive the ball or run onto the ball if it's played ahead of him. He's got a 4-star weak foot also, which is always good.

The negatives, now, and his defending is poor, obviously; he doesn't track back so if you bring out your RB too far forward, McGeady provides very little support. His heading isn't bad, you'll score headers in the 6-yard box but don't expect goals from corners; his strength is alright but he might get pushed off the ball in a 50-50 and his free kicks are poor, so you're gonna need someone like Honda to take them.

If you're looking for a right-sided forward in the Russian League, stay well clear of Hulk. Get McGeady; he feels quicker, his skills are a lot smoother and he's right footed.

+ Very fast
+ 5-star skills
+ 4-star weak foot
+ Shooting is quite good
+ Good at crossing
+ Great runs off the ball
+ Passing is good
+ Cheap
+ Better than Hulk

- Poor defender
- Indifferent heading
- Free kicks aren't great
- Not the strongest player

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Aiden McGeady: The Legendary Trickster Rating 10 / 10 | Position RM | Formation 41212 | Submitted by Jalapinho on 06 December

I had McGeady as my RM. Behind him I had Sagna. I had his card on FUT 12 and it was pretty good but really nothing compared to his UT 13 version.
Pro: Obviously everyone wants him for the skills. A lot of 4* and 5* skillers are a bit disappointing, though, because they do the move too slowly or pull it off only to be caught again because of low pace. McGeady does not have this problem. Any skill move comes off smoothly with Aiden. Also his short passing, ideally 1-2 passes, are great for opening up space. And, as can be seen on his card, he is very fast. Once he gets through on goal it is almost impossible to catch up to him.
Cons: If when (and this rarely happens) he is caught up to it is pretty easy to dispossess him. His crossing is generally good but can miss on occasion. Not a huge goal threat.
Overall: Great for skillers. He is a much improved version of the FIFA 12 version. I highly recommend playing him as a RM because he will have all the space to do skills. As a RF he would probably do fine but his shooting is okay. For the price of 2k (in 4-1-2-1-2) he is well worth it. Makes the game fun!

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McGeady: The Irish Demon Rating 10 / 10 | Position RM | Formation 442 | Submitted by KPMirish on 30 January

I am always looking for decent players that I think would be a good addition to my squad. After scouting for a while, I found this man. This man might be one of the best right midfielders in the game. With his combination of pace and skill, he is almost unstoppable on the right wing.
First, I will talk about this pace. McGeady has 92 pace, but it feels like his pace is at least 96. He seems faster than Theo Walcott in some cases. You can give put a through ball right over the top of the defense, and almost always, McGeady will outpace the defense. You could also give the ball to him on the wing, and he can just blow by defenders like they aren't even there. When he gets by defenders, he can take the ball to the corner and deliver beautiful crosses into the box that normally land right on the head of a player anxiously waiting to head it into the back of the net.
Next, I will talk about his amazing skill. McGeady is a 5 star skiller and when you play with him, you will notice the skill that he has. Using skills like the elastico or the McGeady Spin, he can blow by defenders and create chances. If you use his class and skills to your advantage, it would feel like a Ronaldo or Nani, but Irish and on the right wing.
Now some of his other stats. His shot is 71 rated, which is pretty good for a right midfielder. Although it may seem awful, it is actually quite good. His shot is best in the center of the box, or just outside of the 18.
All in all, with McGeady's pace (92), his dribbling (86), his five star skills, his pretty good shot (71), and his sheer class, he could be a danger to defenders on the right wing and he definitely deserves a 10/10. He could also be a threat both in an outside of the box. I recommend McGeady to anyone he needs a fast, classy right winger/midfielder, McGeady is definitely the man you want. At 2,000 coins, I think McGeady is a steal. Get him today!

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OMG! Unbeliveable player! Rating 10 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 5221 | Submitted by day2die on 25 January

This is my first player review!
McGeady is maybe the best player I've ever used and I used many players! He is better than Neymar for me, because he is stronger.
You can run through the defense because he is super fast. You can skill with him, because he has 5 stars!
His movement is excellent, always in the right place at the right time. He has 4 stars weak foot, which is damn good. His shooting is really good, but nothing special. His crossing and passing is also sweet and he's fast enough to run back to defend, but this isn't his major task.
But the BEST thing about him is that he so so CHEAP! You can buy him for about 2k coins, so pls do me a favour and try him out!
The only negatives aspects are that he plays in the Russian league which makes it complicated to get 9 chem and his heading is whack.
Here is one way to get 9 chem in an excellent hybrid team:
------Ramires--Witsel IF-----

All in all he is absolutely brilliant! Forget about Hulk or other losers, McGeady is the real deal!

Short summary:

- FAST!!!
- Skiller 5 Stars
- 4 stars weak foot
- strong enough
- passing
- crossing

- Russian League
- Heading

Sorry for grammar mistakes, English is not my first language ;)

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The Cheaper Ronaldo, Hulk, Messi... Rating 10 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 343 | Submitted by DiNataleamk on 26 July

Okay, lads. I've always wanted to play with McGeady but the main reason why I didn't was because of his league. But I just made a russian Squad (squads/13752698/) and he's simply amazing there. He has such a amazing ball control, his crossing is deadly and he is extremely fast. I used a lot of RF, because I love it to play with 2 winger and 1 Striker but almost all RF aren't that good. I tried as a example Hulk but he feels like 75 pace and 88 strength also his high rated crossing is a lie. McGeady is in every point better than Hulk. McGeady's dribbling is amazing and he has 5* Star skills which makes him awesome. 71 Shooting is ridicolous. He feels more like 80 Shooting. He scored in every 1vs1 I had with him and believe me I faced a lot of Goalkeepers, Cech, Neuer, Marchetti, Buffon, Lloris... He also scores outside the box some screamers but he is better in the box, obviously. He is everytime in a good position and also stands where he needs to stand. His passing is ok, he is not a xavi, obviously but most of the passes reached my players. But who needs passing as a RF anyway. He is simply amazing and so cheap. Get him NOW. You will not regret it. Everyone can buy him. 8 Games and you can afford him. I played 23 games with him and scored 41 goals with him, so ridiculous, he made more goals than my actual striker. And he also has so many assists, in almost every game he had like 2 Assists and also 2 goals. He is just amazing.

- Brilliant finishing and shooting.
- Super fast
- 5 Star skills!
- 4 Star weakfoot!
- Amazing dribbling
- Amazing crossings

- None, maybe the league.

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Simply amazing. Rating 10 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by Spookedyah on 23 December

Being fairly new to the FIFA world (I got fifa12 in February) I never really used players based on their ability to do skill moves and I played a very bland counter attack and cross style of game. I've since learned how to use skills to play a much better attack oriented game. McGeady is one of those players that can hold his own and produce for any style of play. I love him as a RF where I can cut in and go for goal (with out having to worry about him not being able to get back) or use his decent short pass to find my striker. I've also used him at RM in a 352 & 3412 and a RW in a 343. As a RM he looks to get forward quick and has usually finds himself plenty of space to run either down the line or angling in however, he doesn't backtrack very well giving your opponent a chance to get around your defense but a solid CDM makes up for that. At RW his pace, skills, and decent crossing allow him to feed a target striker. His price is great for somebody that wants him to learn how to skill but he still has a substantial draw for players the don't utilize skill moves and want to bomb down the wing and cross. Bottom line whether you're looking to go for compilation goals or just playing to win Aiden McGeady can get the job done.

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McGeady > Hulk Rating 9 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by janis on 19 December

McGeady is an AMAZING RF, RW. I prefer him over hulk in my russian league squad with eto'o at ST. It seems like McGeady is always at the right place at the right time, his shots are amazing and he really does feel like 91 pace unlike Hulk.

He is definitely the best RM, RW, RF option for a russian league squad. He seems like 80 + shooting and he scores much more goals than Eto'o, so definitely worth it and you cant even compare him with hulk. He can score goals from ridiculous distances and angles. Overall, he is very consistent, the ball is glued to his feet and fast. One decent through ball and its as good as a goal.

Do not get confused by comparing his skill sats to hulk, it may seem weird but he is much better.

I hope this review helped you ;)

GET HIM NOW, seriously

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Speedy crosser with knifesharp ball control Rating 8 / 10 | Position RM | Formation 352 | Submitted by nurriz on 09 December

Premise of review: I always play a player at least 10 matches before reviewing. I also post my stats for the player in question.

I played Aiden McGeady for 13 matches before this review, as RM in a 3-5-2 squad ( He cost 1600 coins, scored 3 goals and got one yellow card.

Aiden McGeady is fast, very fast. This will primarily be his attraction to alot of people, but he's actually alot more than that.

Responsiveness: It's great. His control feels very sharp even at high speeds. He cuts and turns very well, and for those of you with skill cravings he won't disappoint. I'm not big on skills, but I succeeded in many heel chops successfully with this guy.

Scoring: Naturally as an RM in 3-5-2 he doesn't naturally get in front of goal alot, but when he does I think his shooting stats are a bit deceiving. I don't think any of his goals for me was from inside the box. His 4 star weak foot also helps alot.

Crossing: What I think he's made for. As RM he can race down the side and fling in those crosses like nobody's business. It's not my main way of playing but if you play a match with a congested box, he will pull players towards him in order to avoid those crosses.

Stamina: In my squad he lost stamina faster than anyone else. So be prepared to rotate or use fitness cards if you want him on top of his game.

Taming the ball: Don't try and take down balls while running top speed with this guy. He will botch it. You need to just take it down a notch before receiving or else you will see alot of bad first touches.

Overall judgement: For a price below 2k, he plays extraordinarily well. Speed will look attractive for many, but buy him for his ball control on top of the speed. Definite buy!

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THE CHEAP RONALDO! Rating 9 / 10 | Position RW | Formation 433 | Submitted by lolman12367 on 26 May

PACE+5* SKILLS=A LEGEND!This guy is my favorite player for 3 reasons.First reason being is his explosive pace, if you are struggling down the right you should definitely get him his agility and speed means you can produce an awesome counter attack and also with his crossing you can get it on the head of someone like Ibrahimovic or Falcao!

2nd reason being is his dribbling and skill.Having a 5* skill player is always great but to have it with such good dribbling is amazing and also when you have got past the player you can use his incredible pace to create a counter attack!

3rd reason is that his passing is awesome as well!On his ultimate team card it says his passing is 78 but this is very under rated because his passing with me seems like 90 or at least 85!

The only downfall on this guy is his strength.He has 64 strength with 85 aggresion so he can`t use it that well!

So if you want someone like Ronaldo but don`t have the coins then buy this guy for 1,500 and see if you like him.

also has a good link with Eminike!

Position: I use him as a RW in a 4-3-3 formation because he makes more runs and uses his pace more as a right winger especially because of his dribbling as well!

OVR: I think an 82 is a bit under rated I would rate him about 84 considering all his attacking stats(apart from heading) are all above 70.

9/10 I have rated him because he is amazing, cheap,skillful, a pass master and a complete dribbler.The only reason it isn`t 10/10 is because of his strength and wingers(or RM`s) should be able to push people of the ball to create that bit of space to be able to run in!

P.S this is my first review up vote if you think this was helpful or down vote if it was unhelpful I will only take it as constructive critisiscm!

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Utter Legend. Rating 9 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 5221 | Submitted by alex15 on 04 January

This man is a god in this team:

It is an incredibly sweaty team, with 90 paced attackers, 80 paced cb's and obviously, 5 at the back, but this team is quality. It has other features as well, such as the amazing longshots and freekicks of the midfielders. It also contains two 5* skillers. It is also well in the price range of everybody, probably only costing around 40k, and let me tell you, I have only lost one game with it, and must have played about 30.

But now, onto Aiden McGeady himself. he dominates opponents, constantly seeming to be in the right places at the right times, making runs or being their to get the rebound. His 5* skill and incredible pace makes breaking through defences a walk in the park, and to his finishing is first class. That 72 shot is a lie, it feels at least 79. For me he scores near post (so OP), finesses, far post and weak foot goals and all seem to just slot perfectly into the back of the net. I'm telling you, buy this player now. For a few k, how can you go wrong?!

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2k in 4 1 2 1 2? Feels like 2,000,000! Rating 10 / 10 | Position RM | Formation 41212 | Submitted by TheFlyingEagle on 04 January

I, wow, just wow. Whether your buying him because of his pace, his dribbling or his skill moves Mcgeady is the best. You don't even have to understand skill moves, just hold l2 and flick the right stick randomly like I do :P Or you can just use his dribbling and pace.
Some may be put off by his shooting, DON'T! His shooting is incredible! I'm using him in an all premier league team, except him. Him and Nani open up a ton of space. Another point. Nani's price is around 45k currently in 4 1 2 1 2. Mcgeady is 2k and Mcgeady is so much better, I wish I could have 5 of them for RM, LM CAM and the two strikers!
I 100% recommend him. Even if you don't like him (what?!?!) you can just sell him, he's only 2k!
Finnaly his work rate is HIGH/MED, he makes incredible attacking runs and comes back to defend on that wing when you really need him.

+5* skill moves
+Work rate


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GET HIM NOW Rating 10 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by informmessi on 09 December

Mcgeady is an animal. He is incredibly quick. He out paces most of the cb's and lb's that he faces. I played a game against a guy who had a sweaty 4-1-2-1-2 bpl team and Mcgeady out paced clichy constantly. I won the game 5-1.

His very nice too, it feels like 91 in actual fact. His dribbling helps his pace so much more and 5 star skills makes him that much better. His weak foot is very nice. He didnt feel like one of those players that cant hit the ball with his weak foot. His crossing is very nice too. He can put the ball right on the money and with a striker like Emenike, you can smash home many headers.

Mcgeady's heading isn't the best but he doesnt really need it. His passing is good but it could be better. I dont recommend using him as a rm as he cant defend very well and he is weak.

All in all, Mcgeady is a player that you need to get right now!!!

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The real "Incredible Hulk" Rating 10 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 5221 | Submitted by doc32 on 29 July

In my earlier Gareth Bale review ( i labelled him as "the most dominant non-striker i have ever used". Well that was before i finally decided to give this Irish guy a chance in one of my hybrids, instead of Hulk as i always did. And oh my..

The first squad he was in, i paired him with Bale and Emenike upfront in a 4321, and he completely outshone the Welsh superstar. That's when i decided to switch to Mark Gonzalez instead of Bale in a 5221 (yes, i'm lame) and spare myself like 60k extra coins. As of this morning, he scored 34 goals in 41 games for me all in Division 1, slightly better than Gareth Bale's overall output, where he scored 19 goals in his first 19 games, then upon Mcgeady's arrival managed score only like 5 in 20+ games.

His unreal combination of sprint, acceleration and agility makes his lack of Speed Dribbler trait non-existent, he is so damn fluid with the ball and makes me wanna bang my head against the wall for every single time i picked Hulk over him in my Russian League hybrids. As i just mentioned his stats, his 70 Finishing and 68 Long Shots is far from what he really is. In fact, my other winger Mark Gonzalez, whose shooting is rated way higher than McGeady did not manage to produce anywhere near to this Irish guy. He's a clinical finisher.

I find 59 heading, 57 jumping and 70 positioning to be a TOTAL JOKE. Probably 40% of his goals came from headers, thanks to Bale/Gonzalez crosses. And believe me, most of them were not wide open or anything like that at all. He just towers the defenders, and being 1.80 meters tall definitely helps his case to make up for his lack of Heading. I swear to god his positioning feels like 88+, whenever i cross the ball from the left wing to the far post, he ALWAYS makes that fancy run of his and attempts a diving header, which of course is unsaveable for the GK no matter how terrible his heading stats are.

I'm not good with skill moves, but his 5-star skills is another trait which will make him appealing for most other players. And 4-star-plus week foot is a MUST for me with my forwards/strikers.

Playing 5 at the back with Gonzalez-Emenike-McGeady upfront, i receive a message full of cursing once every 3-4 games now, accused of being a "sweaty cunt", "noob", "fucking lucker" etc.. But so be it, this is the best line up i have ever used in this game and gives me so much fun.

Bottom line is, play him at RF, pair him up with Emenike/Welliton for perfect chemistry and build the rest of the team pretty much however you want. And whatever you do, don't waste your coins/time on Hulk ever again, who i still think is a very decent player despite being disturbingly sluggish, yet is completely out of McGeady's league in that game. I can't wait for the day to come where i'll finally save enough money to pair him with Cristiano Ronaldo and possibly get my account hacked in the next 25 minutes.


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irish awesome Rating 9 / 10 | Position RM | Formation 442 | Submitted by CarrotTrap on 11 December

This player compliments almost all types of squads, let's say you have a speed squad; McGeady is great for that with his 91 pace. Let's say you want a skill squad; he has 5 star skills. He also has a unique nationality and league, him being Irish and in the Russian league can make him go great with a plethora of players. I was really hoping he would get an inform, but since Spartak Moscow didn't qualify in group stages, it doesn't look like he will. In game, i like to use him in a 4-4-2 because he has two different options, take it down the line with speed and skill, or pass it on to a striker. for a RM, he scores a lot more often then i would expect, and his shot isn't half bad. BEAST. That's all I have left to say. He works great in Div 1 or 2 as well

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