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A striker at right wing... Rating 10 / 10 | Position RW | Formation 433 | Submitted by Shane on 06 December

By far the best thing about Palacio is his positioning. He has a real knack for popping up at the edge of the box and being in position to fire off a shot or put across a cross.
When you take into account the outside of the foot shot that crops up now and again, as well as Palacio's shot power and the over-powered nature of the near post shot, the fact that he is a right footed right sided player doesn't make a difference. I'd consider it an advantage with Palacio.
Then added to that he has 4* weak foot, 4* star skills, great finishing, long shots, dribbling, passing, agility etc. You really get the feeling you playing with a perfect 'Fifa player' with those all important desirable stats
Finally, he is Argentinian and he plays in the Serie A. Great league, great nation and he wont cost you much either. Plus, he has the jedi braid, enough said really.
N.B. regardless of whether you play him at RM, RW or at RF, his positioning is so good that I doubt you'll find him uselessly stood out wide, he always gets himself involved. For Inter, he plays as a striker in a 4312 set up alongside Milito with Cassano at the CF spot. Why is this good? because that means that he may just get an IF, as a striker...

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This man is unbelievable. Rating 10 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by coreyzorz on 20 March

Words simply cannot describe how amazing this guy is. He is quick, he has an amazing shot, his passing and off the ball movement is good and it's an added bonus that he has 4* skills. I cannot count how many times he has produced the goods and saved my arse. I have used him in only the RF position in both the 4-3-2-1 and 5-2-2-1 formations and he was absolutely outstanding in both. He scored more goals than any of my other players on the pitch combined. His 3* weak foot, in my opinion at least, is a lie. I have scored so many goals from doing the Berbaspin out on the right and then firing hard and low into the bottom left corner with that weak foot of his. I'll review each base stat and give my opinions on them.

88 Pace - Completely right. He definitely feels it, if not a little more. I have burned past players like Jordi Alba, Gael Clichy and Yuto Nagatomo. Not only does he feel fast, his Ronaldo Chops and Berbaspins come off so smooth because of his acceleration.

81 Shooting - To be honest, this seems a little low compared to his in game performance. Bearing in mind that, on 9 chem, stats are boosted a little but still, he will score 9/10 times when in a decent position in front of goal. There isn't a keeper I've come across that I couldn't beat with his shot.

78 Passing - This seems fair. He's no Xavi but he can still pass the ball out of a sticky situation. Holding LB and pressing A at the halfway line will send him bombing up the pitch and if you have a good passing midfielder (Sneijder, Cassano etc.) then he will be through on goal in no time.

86 Dribbling - He can definitely find a way around his man. His high ball control mixed with his pace, 4* skills and 83 agility means that he can move around defenders with ease. I've lost count at the amount of times I've Berbaspin'd inside from the right and beaten at least 2 players along the way.

46 Defending - Since I used him in such a forward position he rarely got back. This is a very good thing in my opinion, you'll want him to save his energy so that he can make quick runs up the wing.

64 Heading - I only scored one goal using his head so I can't really give an honest opinion, this guy does most of his talking with his feet. However the one goal that I did score, I put him clean through, one on one with the keeper (Sirigu) and he challenged him in the air and beat him. This was in the 90th minute to draw the game 2-2 and win me the Division 1 title (to which I got John O'Shea in a pack -_-). Maybe scripting was on my side but he still did the legwork to get into fantastic position.

Overall, I would happily name this man my favourite FUT13 player so far. His combination of pace, skill, goalscoring ability and positioning makes him the perfect aid to a standalone striker. Also, factoring in the price, I honestly don't feel anyone can come close to how much of a bargain player this and he is well worth the very low price of 2k. I would genuinely feel comfortable paying up to 10k for him, he is that good.

Usage suggestions:
- I would recommend using him in the RF position or the RW position if you absolutely must. I would strongly advise against using him at RM as he would definitely be wasted.
- He is an ideal player in any Serie A squad or hybrid. Link him with Milito, Cambiasso or the mighty Zanetti for easy hybrid options.

Enjoy using this monster of a player.

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He IS The Game... Rating 10 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by revotreck on 21 December

I have Palacio on my second team as an RF next to Muriel and Giovenco and i gotta say he is the best on both my teams. The formation i play him in is 4-3-2-1 and it suits him best.
This monster of a player is unbelievable. He is Fifa, if he wasn't in the game I would literally cry my eyes out. HE is so good, what i liked about him the most was that he was cheap, he is like the second Messi (NO JOKE!). I think he might actually be the best player in the whole game.

PACE!: HE is like a lightening bolt flashing through your opponents defense, and once hes through, god himself couldn't catch him...

DRIBBLING!: the defenders would actually get puzzled, its like the ball is taped to his feet, you cant take the ball of this guy.

SHOOTING!: His shot power is superb and there is no way the goal keeper can even get the tip of his fingers on the ball. He has scored so many goals for me, the first time I had him he scored 6 goals in the first game and continued... His shot accuracy is excellent, there are some moments where it might hit the post or skim off the bar but he will be there to rebound.

PASSING!: His passing on his card might say 78 but it feels like its 88 cause in his position he always crosses the ball to Muriel and if the defender in front of him is tall then he just passes it on the ground and it reaches Muriel's feet every time...

POSITIONING!: he is always where you need him to be, if you are stuck and you dont know where to pass it, he will find away to be free and score, if u shoot and it hits of the bar then hes there to rebound and smack it to the back of the net.

PRICE!: He is only 1.5k on the Xbox, bot really sure how much on the PS3 but i'm sure its not over 2.5k

Absolutely nothing other than the fact that he is 83 rated and that he is an RF, if he was a ST then the amount of goals would be unreal.

I recommend you get him to everyone hes cheap so i'm sure you can get him TRUST ME!! hes such a BEAST
I hope this review has helped you and once you actually try him out, he is unstoppable.

Thank you :)

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Great player for a cheap price Rating 10 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 3421 | Submitted by doganshgoger on 09 December

As a player that I had been interested in since the game released, I was glad to finally try him, and was not disappointed. He started off a little slow, making good runs but being somewhat limited against very strong defenders by his lower strength. As I progressed with the team I was using, he began to stand out more and more. After 10 games he had 12 goals and I was very impressed. He made amazing runs, but was also very good on the ball, and great at finishing, as well as always challenging the keeper from range. In a front 3 with Pato (much more expensive) and Emerson (cheaper but a similar type of player), Palacio shined much more than the other two, who had a combined 6 goals in 10 games. The team I was using as a whole made me want to break my controller and my FIFA disk, but Palacio alone kept me winning games, scoring goals, and continuing to use the team. I would recommend him to anyone.

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Excelente ED Rating 10 / 10 | Position RW | Formation 433 | Submitted by Ignacito99 on 23 June

Hola a todos, este es mi primer análisis de un jugador en FIFA 13, he decidido analizar a Palacio porque fue uno de los primeros jugadores que compré para mi equipo y la verdad me sorprendió lo bueno que es.

A Rodrigo Palacio lo compré para mi equipo de la Serie A y realmente desde el primer partido ha hecho un gran trabajo contribuyendo con sus asistencias y goles al equipo. En un total de 200 partidos aproximadamente convirtió 97 goles, lo cual para mi es muy bueno considerando que es un extremo. Ahora analizaré sus estadísticas:

Ritmo 88: Su ritmo es increíble, muy pocos defensores lo paran. Con su 89 de aceleración logra despegarse de la marca de manera grandiosa. 10/10
Regate 86: Muy buen regate, con sus 4 estrellas de filigranas se pueden hacer muy buenas jugadas y amagues. 9/10
Tiros 81: Grandiosos tiros con ambas piernas, tiene una gran habilidad de definición. Sus tiros lejanos también son excelentes. También ejecuta buenos penales, en cuanto a los tiros libres he marcado pocos goles con este método ya que solo tiene 72 en este aspecto. 9/10
Defensa 46: No es su trabajo defender por lo tanto no le pondré valoración. De todas formas dejo en claro que cuando debe bajar a presionar lo hace de forma correcta. Sus barridas no son precisas y suele cometer faltas.
Pases 78: Pases aceptables, tiene gran habilidad para desbordar por su banda y tira centros muy buenos. Con respecto a pases de larga distancia, estos no son muy precisos. 8/10
Cabeza 64: Cabezazo común, no tiene mucha fuerza pero a veces logra convertir de todas formas no es algo que suceda seguido ya que sus cabezazos suelen ser poco precisos. 6/10

En general es un excelente jugador con grandes virtudes y yo se los recomiendo, especialmente como extremo derecho. Un saludo para todos.

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A scoring winger! Rating 10 / 10 | Position RW | Formation 433 | Submitted by t1m on 09 December

Normally my strikers are scoring most of the goals, but Palacio scores just as easy.
17 goals in 24 Division 1 matches. He's always at the right place and due to his shooting stats he almost never misses. His pace is great as well, for me at least, but if you are a pace addict, go for Biabiany who is inferior in all other stats. If he outpaces a defender and has the chance to shoot, just go for it. Near post goals are very effective. Because of his 86 (!) finishing he will finish clinically. Cutting inside and go for a shot is a good option as well, since he can use the outside of his foot. When he shoots with left he is less efficient, due to the 3* weak foot. But the finishing stat mostly compensates for that disability.
All in all a great Attacker ánd a great creator.
Pros: + Pace + Dribbling + Exceptional finishing + Positioning + Crossing + 4* skills
Cons: - 3* weak foot
Looking for a Seria A RF/RW? Don't look any further!

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A deadly finisher. Rating 10 / 10 | Position RW | Formation 433 | Submitted by SourceHUT on 09 December

Pace: His pace is great he often beats the right back, he can shoot off when passed to. He is a great rf or rw but not rm

Dribbling: Its really smooth and easy to use on game he rarely loses the ball for me and often wins it, a nice dribbler in the game.

Shot: His shot is amazing for a winger he can cut the ball in on either foot, Great finisher.

Head: Well its ok nothing special but he can head the crosses in if hes in the box.

Negatives: For me there aren't any negatives, Except maybe his strength he can get beat off the ball by stronger defenders, but you won't find that a problem

For 3-4K on Xbox he is unreal and absolute steal. A lot of people use biabany instead because of his pace but palacio is 10x's better.

10/10 Get him you won't regret it! Hope that helped!

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This Beast... Rating 9 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 3421 | Submitted by jakedamonkei on 20 January

I Bought a 3-4-2-1 team yesterday for about 66k i chose this BEAST as my RF and he was absolutely tearing my opponents in half.

His crossing is the hidden gem on this card he whipped in some STARTLING crosses. He scores for me aswell in about 11 games he has scored 9 goals.

He is Cheap for his rating so go and get this don for your Serie A Squad.


Ohh and i tried him out in LM aswell and although he was a bit worse in LM he still was creating all of the chances for me. Him partnered with Fabrizio Miccoli and Sebastien Giovinco is a deadly trio of serie a forwards.

I was quite dissapointed with his dribbling as i thought he was losing the ball too much but this is the only down side of the card.

I would have given him a 10 but the dribbling situation has thrown me to give him a 9.


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He's just amazing Rating 9 / 10 | Position RM | Formation 352 | Submitted by alykhaled on 10 April

I tried palacio in this squad (, and to be honest, I didn't really expect much from him. To my surprise, he performed really well. Here's how I would rate him:

Pace 10/10

He's really quick.He easily outpaces defenders and pierces the opponent's defense using his high pace

Shooting 10/10

He's actually one of the players who never miss when he's facing the goalkeeper. His finishing and long shots are absolutely spectacular(86 finishing and 80 long shots)

Passing 9/10

He delivers great crosses but his through passes are quite good(but definitely not the best).

Dribbling 10/10

He gets easily past defenders using his superb ball control and the ball is really close to his feet. He's also got 4 star skills which is really useful and helpful especially from the wide positions (I use the berba spin a lot)

Strength 6/10

This is his only weak point. He is very weak and he easily gives up possession if he is contact with a defender. Just one push or pull is enough to steal the ball away from him. He also doesn't win headers for me but that doesn't matter since he played as a right midfielder for me.

Positioning 10/10

I had to mention this point about him. He's always making amazing and clever runs to pierce the opponent's defense. When other players need help, he always makes amazing runs. To summarize it, he's always in the right place at the right time.

If you look at the squad I used him in (, you might think that he'll be overshadowed by the likes of bale,balotelli or di natale - I thought that too - but I was clearly mistaken. He always scored for me and he never ceased to amaze me. I think he should be worth a lot more than he is now. As an RM, he was a great player for me and I would recommend anybody who has a Serie A or Argentenian squad to buy him

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Palacio is what FIFA is about! Rating 9 / 10 | Position RW | Formation 433 | Submitted by xCoops on 18 May

Rodrigo Palacio is undoubtedly one of the best players I've used on FIFA 13 UT. He is so quick and has an amazing shot! IMO on FIFA he is the cheaper version of Ronaldo except he doesn't have 5 star skills.

The only downside to him are his skills, work-rates and strength, he would be 100 times better if his work-rates were high/med and I would prefer him to have 5 star skills, that would make him the perfect winger. But overall he is an outstanding player!

Here is my opinion on the main stats when I used him in game:
88 Pace: This is a lie, in game it feels like 92! It is so easy to just sprint past your opponents defenders with ease. 10/10!
81 shooting: His shot is outstanding, scored lots of screamers with him. Feels more like 85 IMO. 9/10!
78 passing: His passing is fairly good, maybe only use him for short 1-2 passing as his long passing isn't as good. 8/10!
86 dribbling: His ability to keep control of the ball is outstanding, if he had some more strength he would be perfect. Should be 90. 10/10!
46 defending: He doesn't work back as much as he should as he has low defensive work-rates. 4/10!
64 heading: He won about 2 headers out of the 10 challenges he had. 3/10!

This is the team that I used him in, just a basic pacey Serie A side which suits him because he is too fast. In the game he had 2 assists and 2 goals. He was man of the match and definitely won me the game.

I would definitely recommend him to people who enjoy bombing down the wing with fast players.

Please take a look at my squads and take your time to look at some of the brilliant hybrids I've made with him involved! Thank-you for reading my review.

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Quality Player Rating 9 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by jjdwyer7 on 16 March

Palacio is amazing. Thats the only way to put it. I use him in this squad: and he is unbelievable. He currently has 6 goals in 4 games.Lets get onto his stats:

Pace: 88 pace is a bit of a let down he feels more like 85-86 but he makes up for it with his strength. He is very strong. 63 strength is a total lie. He can hold off anybody its brilliant

Dribbling: 86 dribbling feels about right. He can take it past anyone with ease and is brilliant at cutting inside and either shooting or playing a pass from there. Overall his dribbling is exceptional.

Shots: 81 Shots is a bit underrated. He is brilliant with his shooting. He will get the ball on the right and he doesnt even gave to cut inside to score he will just smash it and it will fly in. By far his best attribute. During matches when he switches with giovinco he is brilliant at cutting inside and abusing finesse completely. He is also amazing at volleys

Passing: His passing feels more like 80-81. He has quality long passing. I find he is brilliant at brilliantly passing to giovinco on the other side. His short passing is generally good.

Defending: Seems about right as a right forward i wouldn't use him as a defender much but when he comes back he is good at winning the ball with his 35 interceptions :D

Heading: Now this is what i think his most underrated attribute is. It is ridiculous how many headers he scores for me. He is one of those players that stays on the edge of the box then storms in and SMASH the balls in the top corner and hes off celebrating.

Overall he is absolutely magical. I would recommend you to get him in that team it is unbelievable. Thanks for reading and Please upvote

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