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Conceding goals will be getting hard.. Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 41212 | Submitted by stnicolt14 on 13 June

Hello and welcome to the first ever TOTS Courtois review! Now being Belgian myself I adore this guy and now , finally , he is amazing In real life too. I have tried his Nif version and was not to impressed due to his low diving stats and positioning felt average but his Inform , wow. So when this TOTS came out I had to go out and buy him and I did for 115,000 coins. Now just before I go onto how his stats felt and his strengths and weaknesses I played him in a 41212 team that was vulnerable to counter attacks but this man saved me so many times , here is the team!

Diving-- Now as I mentioned before his Nif and IF had poor diving I thought , it was like he dived way after the ball had gone in or if it went just wide however , You can feel the difference! With him being 6ft 6 ( I think) he covers the goal amazing and comfortably dives from one side of the goal to the other , I will not tell you yet what his stats are as i will show you what I believe his stats should be at the end of this review!

Reflexes- For me the second most important stat and I had extremely big expectations of him as he has an amazing 90 Reflexes! But boy did he prove that , I have tried lots of keepers with his stats such as ; Lloris , casillas TOTY ; Neur ; cech ; hart and Buffon but this guy rips them apart. He gets to everything with ease and gets to shots 75% of keepers wouldn't.

Kicking - Now , possibly , in many people's eyes , Kicking is the least important stat on the card but never the less I believe it is very important because as we all know with the pace in the game and counter attacks many people can score easy goals by just kicking the ball from the keeper straight to the forwards. Unfortunately, Courtois does struggle in this department , don't get me wrong his kicking is average and not terrible but nothing like his other stats.

Speed- For people who bring there keeper out often , they could struggle quite a lot as Courtois is very slow but that is not too important

Positioning- When looking at other people's reviews of courtois and having already played with his normal versions Finesse shots from outside the box was a very big weakness to him but now this has took a drastic change. His height combined with his positioning is a force very hard to beat espeically when you have other stats like the diving and reflexes to support him. This makes long shots and 1 vs 1 look very easy to save and will stop embarrassing long shots from ridiculous angles go in. Amazing!

94- Now the stat everyone has been waiting for, THE handling! When I said reflexes was the second most important stat on the game , well I personally believe handling is the most important. How many goals have you conceded just because you're keeper has parried a shot right in-front of him while he is getting up or uses his feet for no reason , well Courtois is the answer to those problems because of the crazy 94 handling. Now don't worry , I'm not going to make a "masturbation" joke or anything but I think he has the highest handling stat on the whole game and that says it all , he will catch everything!

Some other things i would like to mention-

One vs ones's --I'm not sure why , but Courtois comes out in a one vs one in a completely different way! I can't quite describe it but he makes himself look very big and stops what is the most common way of scoring and if you have that on you're side you're hard to beat

Strength-- Yes , you heard me say it , His NIF has 88 strength so this version must have over 90 . Now , I know this is hardly useful but I guess when he comes out and is shoulder to shoulder with the striker he will have the strength to push them off them all the ball. More of a fun fact if anything though.

Height-- Being tall as a keeper is extremely important , but this guy is very tall , only 4 inches smaller than the tallest goalkeeper on the game (van hout , another Belgian :D )

I will like to show you what his card should be but being realistic to tell you thank you for reading my review , He is the best keeper i have ever used on any fifa so please do go out and buy him , cheers

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This Card is Fucking Evil Rating 4 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 433 | Submitted by lampard294 on 17 June

Sorry for my bad english)
As soon as i tried his MOTM card i knew i will buy his tots,because he was just outstanding for me. But when i bought him i was so freakin mad. He is able to make a great save and in the next moment just fuck the whole game up.
84 diving- Jeeezz Feels like 78. sometimes i think that he is a tree not a human.
90 reflexes- and again some bullshit.There was a point when a was so mad that i put his normal card on goal,and you know what?? he was SOOOO much better, well at least he knew how to move his fucking hands.
94 handling- the only true stat, no complains here.He catches everything.
55 speed- It's fine at least it doesn't piss me off. It i
67 kicking - after few games with him, the last thing i cared about.
87 positioning- Feels like 80.

-Nice Handling
-Can make a nice save sometimes,if you are lucky
- he is high so it's pretty hard to chip the ball over him
-His diving is awful,put Alba in gola and he will dive better
-He reacts to the shot when the ball is already in the net
- He makes me want to break my monitor and kill everyone
- 100k
If you want to kill everyone in your house this card is just for you, better fucking use his MOTM card. Of course sometimes he pulls off a nice safe but he is not worth it.
And i don't know what is it. When you look at his stats you expect something fantastic but when it comes to a game he is just awful

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Absolutely Awful Rating 2 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by evanmaldonado on 10 July

I run a Belgian 3-5-2 squad and I'd like to think I'm pretty decent at the game. I was previously using Pepe Reina, as I had no prior success with MOTM Courtois and am not a fan of the other Belgian keepers. Let me tell you, TOTS Courtois is ABSOLUTELY PITIFUL. Seriously the worst keeper I've ever used, with a close second coming to his MOTM card.

Diving: 84 - Feels like 65. He's 6'5" and can't cover a thing. Gets lit up like the 4th of July on corners for no apparent reason. He just ends up flailing around like he just got shot. The only benefit is on a sweat, which he can block with ease.

Reflexes: 90 - Feels like 70. I threw in some no name non-rare gold who could react faster than this dinosaur.

Handling: 94 - Feels like 10. In five games with you, he has caught 0 balls. I shit you not. He smacks rebounds (if he saves it) directly into the middle of the box for an easy tap in. Every time. Even when he saves the sweats, he puts the rebounds in idiotic sections of the box.

Speed: 55 - Feels like 40. Pepe was faster than him, by a mile. If you're one of those who likes to run their goalie, don't bother. Totti could beat this guy to a free ball

Kicking: 67 - Feels like 67. He can't kick the ball. Don't even bother

Positioning: 87 - Feels like 87. The one thing I even remotely like about him is that all the sweaty goals that people score on others don't happen. He's always in the right place for the sweat. On every other shot he's in position, he just doesn't save it.

Overall, spend your 60k elsewhere. I'd much rather spend 3k on an Alves or whoever than this piece of garbage.

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Like Hugo Lloris...but WAAAAAY better! Rating 9 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 451 | Submitted by Dortmund55 on 21 June

Let me start this review by saying that Hugo Lloris is my favorite goalie in FIFA 13. I love rushing him out and blocking shots when opponents are on breakaways because of his exceptional speed (68). I think his reflexes and diving are excellent (91 and 90, respectfully). His handling was okay but not great (85). But the one thing that bugged me about Lloris was his positioning (84). To me, it seemed way lower then 84 and that was the one attribute that always made me lose games with him. I truly believe that goalies have good and bad games in FIFA 13 and it varies from time to time. Hugo Lloris always had one more bad game than a good game, and my team was never very successful, even though I loved him.

They key word there is "loved."

When I first saw Courtois in the BBVA TOTS, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I personally believed that Diego Lopez deserved a TOTS card, but it ended up being Courtois and Valdes. I was amazed by his attributes, especially his handling and positioning combination. I knew that someday I had to try out Courtois TOTS. So I made a BBVA team with him as goalie, using a 4-5-1 and my CBs are Puyol and Pepe. I figured that I would try him out and if he wasn't any good, I would sell him and buy Casillas, who is roughly 25-30k cheaper.

The first game I played with him, I was still used to the strategy I always used with Hugo Lloris. If my defense failed with their risky slide tackles, I would rush out my goalie. My opponent had three breakaways throughout the game, and Courtois handled every ball perfectly when he came out to block the shot. His handling makes him almost unstoppable, and his long body allows him to take up a lot of room so there isn't very much space to shoot the ball. His positioning also contributed to my success. He knew exactly where the ball was going on every shot, and his reflexes blocked away all of the shots he faced. I also discovered that if I rushed out Courtois on corner kicks, it would be impossible for my opponent to score. Courtois would easily catch the ball to take away any opportunity my opponent may have had. I ended up winning that game 2-0, and if I had Hugo Lloris in goal, I probably would have lost. Courtois seemed like the best goalie I had ever used.

Now although Hugo Lloris has a great combination of reflexes (91) and diving (90), I feel that Courtois' combination of handling (94) and positioning (87) makes him a brick wall. If you rush out Courtois under any circumstances, he will block 8/10 shots. I feel that's pretty good for 1 on 1s.

Courtois' only weakness that people may see on his card is his diving (84). It does show in some cases, but overall it is pretty solid. I think his diving on penalty kicks absolutely sucks. I can guess the right way for penalties, but Courtois never seems to block the shot. That is why I gave Courtois a 9/10 instead of a 10. But I guess that is what you expect with 84 diving. 84 seems like a fair number for diving in my opinion.

In conclusion, Courtois had quickly replaced Lloris as my favorite goalkeeper in FIFA 13. His handling/positioning combination is deadly, and it seems like the opposition can rarely score when I rush out Courtois. If you're looking to make a BBVA team, I reccomend TOTS Courtois as your goalkeeper.

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Wow! Get him... Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by ESTaklo on 29 July

I have tried out the MOTM card of Courtois, and i loved it. But THIS card.. Holy shit!

I used him in this squad:

Stats by stats (my opinion):

OVERALL (86) - Not bad for a 21 year old, that was 79 rated at the beginning.

DIVING (84) - Felt like 90+. He was a monster. A animal. He could reach every single ball, no matter if it's high or low, left or right. Saves longshots like a boss.

HANDLING (94) - That is just insane. he catches so many balls without giving those stupid rebounds. That's one of the important things that makes him THAT GOOD.

KICKING (67) - He has some poor throws. But if you kick it... The ball will go far as h***, which i find good as well.

REFLEXES (90) - This is the absolute best thing about him. He doesn't consider many goals in those 1v1 situations. He is just SOOOO good.

SPEED (55) - Felt much faster, maybe like 61-67. He moves sideways like a rocket and is very fast of his line.

POSITION (87) - Felt like 90-94. This is also one of the reasons that he is that good at 1v1 situations. After you have rushed out with him, he will very soon find his position.

Overall rating: 10 / 10:
He does definietly live up to his overall (86) and i found him much better than his MOTM card, or actually much better than any other GK in Liga BBVA.

On FUThead it says 78,809. I got mine for 55,000. And for 55.000 i'll say that he is absolutely worth every single coin. For 78,000, yes, still worth it, he is really, really good.


+ HEIGHT (198cm / 6'5'')


+/- 3* WEAK FOOT



Yes, the only bad thing about him is his throwing, which is not important at all. Anyway, if he misses a throw badly, he will make everything good in the end with his insane REFLEXES, DIVING, HANDLING, POSITIONING, you name it. This guy is a beast, and i recommend everyone who has enough money to buy this guy. He is just SOOO good!

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Courtois, the guy who'll save your ass Rating 9 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 433 | Submitted by milcobreed on 21 June

This guy is worth to write my first review. I've played a few games (division 1) with him, but wow he is totally worth the 70k i spend.
This guy saved me against strikers like pato, cavani, balotelli, remy, bent and sturridge. They all had a hard time against my Courtois.
I tried all NIF goalkeepers but they all had some advantage and some disadvantages. But i think this guy is the best i've used.
The team i fit him in is

His Pros
-He has the diving ability to dive from the left to the right corner. He has all the shots from outside the box. The time of long shots is over. He will save them all. He feels like Joe Hart
-His reflexes in the box are amazing.It's like lloris The made some ridiculous saves. Some moments, that i already count a goal for my opponent, but then comes Courtois with his amazing reflexes and save you.
-His height. Makes him a better keeper then casillas.
-His nation.Because the're some good defenders like vermaelen vertonghen (if, sif and tots) and of course one of my favorites kompany.

His Cons
-He plays for Atletico Madrid in the Liga BBVA. This competition doesn't have pacy, overrated, strong defenders like Santana, luiz, kaboul, boateng, chiellini, ogbonna.
- His price, 70k, is a bit heigh for most people. Because goalkeepers will Always make some stupid mistakes in FIFA 13. If you got low budget make a good team and take a decent goalkeeper. '

This Guy is amazing. I rate him 9/10 because he is a goalkeeper and i believe there are some better goalkeepers (maybe some tots goalkeepers, but you'll have to pay for them). By this courtois you got quality back for you money. An amazing goalkeeper for only 70k. So people if you have the money to spend it and you doubt i say just have a try. I think it can't you wrong.

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This guy is just so amazing! Rating 9 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4231 | Submitted by Sweatylad on 14 June

So firstly,I was just buying packs hoping there is some luck and I was really lucky to get this beast in a normal 7.5k pack and I thought I must be trying him out after seeing those amazing stats,So firstly,Here is the squad I use him in (Probably one of the most expensive squads I ever did) and this guy was one of the best in it,So firstly lets see his stats!
84 Diving:His weakest point is this,but it is very good for one who is a very tall lad,More likely 86-87
90 Reflexes:90 REFLEXES MY ASS!This guy is way better never seems to not reach the ball
94 Handling:Now that is the big deal,Unlike Valdes who couldn't catch a cold,This guy caught a bullet being shot at him,Just easily gets to the balls and get them
55 Speed:I didn't notice it to be honest,I don't care about speed for a GK
67 Kicking:Well,It is decent it is not that important,73-75 is more accurate
87 Positioning:Was never caught out of position,Very good at positioning
So lets go to the next thing,The pros and cons
+Catches anything
+Can punch balls easily due to his decent speed attribute and great height
+Aerial threat
+Great positioning
+Reflexes is TOO DAMN HIGH!
+Cool hairstyle :P
-Great height=It is a bit hard for him to reach balls that are put very low (he still gets to it but he rarely catches it)
-His Country and team are underrated and you can rarely fit him in a squad as Belgium and Liga BBVA are a bit underused
Not bad...Not good either:
=His kicking is not that impressive nor bad
All in all,This guy is soo underrated and is way better than Valdes and TOTS Valdes and is way better than most Liga BBVA (La Liga) goalkeepers except maybe TOTY Casillas
You should get him now if you can,If you can't you will miss a golden chance to use this BEAST

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Absolutely Terrible! Rating 3 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by Woggy95 on 08 July

I used him in this team:

Okay, so I've used this guy for a 5 games. So where do I start off? This keeper is no way near worth the 55k I paid for him. His stats look really promising, with 94 Handling, 90 Reflexes and 87 Positioning you'd think he's would be impossible to score past? well you couldn't be more WRONG. A fucking legless dog could get past him. Most of the top comments you see on this card are saying stuff like 'How is the BEST keeper I have used' or 'He is the Superman of Goalkeepers' which is the biggest overstatement.

84 DIV: Believe me when I say this but he cannot dive for shit, say a ball was rolling to the right or left of a regular goalkeeper they would be able to stop the ball from going past them by either catching it or parrying it away but TOTS Courtois just lets the ball roll past him. This plus hes terrible Handling let so many shots go past him which could of easily been stopped by another Goalkeeper.

90 REF: This is one of the only areas where I though he was alright in. I wouldn't say he has 90 reflexes but more like high 80's.

94 HAN: 94 Handling is far off from what it felt like he had. To me in-game it felt like he's handling was more like 74 because he was so shocking it was unreal.

55 SPE: With he's speed he can easily get caught out if you try and bring him out of the net to get a ball because if the opposing player has pacey forwards they will most likely get the ball before you.

67 KIC: Felt more than 67 to be fair. It felt like he had one of the furthest kicks on a Goalkeeper I have used even though it says it is only 67.

87 POS: Another thing he was absolutely atrocious in for me. He has one of the worst positioning I have ever used. He gets easily caught out all of the time and due to he's speed he cant get in to the position he should be in.

When I was using him he couldn't save anything, even when the ball is rolling at him he still missed it and that happened 4 times in 2 games :/

In conclusion I would have to give him a 3/10. You will be better off buying a Regular Goalkeeper card not a IF/MOTM/TOTY/TOTS because these are extremely overrated and over-hyped.

Other keepers I have used blow this guy out of the water like Regular Marchetti, Regular Valdes.

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TOTS Courtois is a BEAST!!!!!!! Rating 9 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4312 | Submitted by dara1201 on 15 June

TOTS Courtois. To be honest I was over the moon to find out Courtois had a TOTS. So I thought lets give this guy a little test. I AM NEVER EVER GONNA SELL HIM! Thibaut Courtois has to be one of the best GKs I have used on FIFA, his stats are insane. I will walk you through stat by stat.

Diving-84 diving. Sure EA. THAT IS A MASSIVE LIE. He gets across the goal so easily and I have to say he is an immense diver. He reaches everything...

Reflexes- 90? Might aswell make him 95 or 96 this is still, shockingly, only his second best stat. He is so quick to parry a header, going bottom corner, from about 3 yards. This stat makes him one of the best GKs on FIFA.

Handling-94, may aswell be 99, I mean what the? He catches almost everything it is disgustingly good. The ball is to far for him to save, let alone catch but his hands are like glue, the ball just sticks to his gloves.

Speed-55, this is the biggest lie on his stat, it feels about 78, he is so quick to his feet it is unbelievable. Those are the only words I can use to sum up how good his speed is.

Kicking-67, meh, it is not great, nothing special about it and I would say it is not really that important to be honest.

Positioning- 87, He just seems to be in the right place in the right time, this makes him easily the best keeper I have used, forget Valdes and his rubbish positioning TOTS Courtois is in town.

So the was my little test run. Gonna keep him forever. My mind is made. Even when I sell a team I will still keep him. THE BEST KEEPER ON FIFA. Thanks for reading.

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Belgian Beast! Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by ImMaFuu on 16 June

Team I used him in: Very good squad, highly recommended.

So, this guy cost me 68k on open bid, and his average buy now price is about 80k, so he's isn't very expensive. And for how good he is, he should be worth more!

84 Diving - Got to a lot of shots. Stopped them all with ease, helped along by his amazing height of 6'5" he reaches everything. Top corner saves aren't a problem for this guy. Very very good. Felt more like 90 diving easily, better than Diego Alves, Casillas, Lloris etc in the department for me. 10/10

90 Reflexes - His reflex saves are second to none, shots that no other keeper would save, he just does, as if by magic. Near post shots rarely go in with TOTS Courtois standing in the way to block them. He pounces around the net and reaches every shot. 10/10

94 Handling - Wow. He holds on to everything. For me, this is why keepers such as Diego Alves, De Gea etc perform horribly, they cant catch anything due to there below 80 handling stat. No matter how much power is applied to a shot, Courtois seems to catch it instead of punching it out for a corner or for a rebound goal. 10/10

55 Speed - He was surprisingly quick to come out his net and grab the ball actually, granted there are better goal keepers in this department. Due to his 6'5" height, it makes him not the fastest off the mark, but he gets to a lot of balls you wouldn't expect him too. Maybe around 60-65 on the pitch, but could be improved. 8/10

67 Kicking - The only thing I didn't like about him, he wasn't able to kick it up the pitch very far to create counter attacks. However with tall strikers (such as Lukaku and Benteke as I was using), it isn't too much of an issue as they won basically every header, but I felt he didn't kick the ball far enough. 5/10

87 Positioning - Very good, 90-95 is more accurate for this. He was never caught out of position. He was always there to save long shots, finesse shots, near post shots, just anything. Couldn't fault it. 10/10

Overall, he is by far the best goal keeper I have used in this game, and for less than 100k, you really cant go wrong. Try him for yourself, I guarantee you'll love him. His only small problem is his kicking, but that can be overcome with tall stikers. Get him now!

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Worst Gold Goalkeeper in the game. Worse than IF Mandanda. Rating 1 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by raviiii on 04 July

Honestly, I thought IF Mandanda was absolutely terrible but this is even worse. I used him in a 1.3 million coin hybrid with 9 chemistry and full morale, this absolutely terrible keeper didn't make one save resulting in me losing 5-2. The goal difference would have been worse if I didn't have defenders such as IF Kompany. Honestly he was like a salmon in goal, to be honest I think the post and crossbar made more saves than he did throughout the entire time I played with him. Here is my personal analysis of his on-card stats shown on his TOTS card. His card cost me around 60k on Xbox which could buy BETTER goalkeeper and defence for that price.

84 Diving - Didn't even move.
90 Reflexes - Pffft, he's like a stoned cow trying to catch a tennis ball.
94 Handling - You'd expect this to be good... Nope, couldn't catch anything. Combined with terrible reflexes made him hell.
67 Kicking - Probably his best attribute, distribution wasn't too bad.
87 Positioning - "Right place, right time".. Nope, right place... few minutes later.
55 Speed - Wasn't too noticeable, never rushed him.

Closing comments:
This guy was goalkeeping hell for me, I've tried all the other 'terrible' IF keepers such as IF Mandanda etc. but this is just ridiculous. I think he is a brilliant young goalkeeper in real life but this really isn't reflected in this game. Honestly having no goalkeeper at all would still result in you conceding the same amount of goals.

Personally I would recommend TOTS Mignolet as a Belgian replacement for this piece of crap, and for a replacement La Liga goalkeeper just get Diego Lopez or Diego Alves depending on your opinion. I understand that my opinion on this card may not be the same as others which is obvious so I recommend trying him if you still want to buy him.

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Thibaut Courtois - Best Keeper I've Used Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4321 | Submitted by Spannyy on 21 June

Alright guys, second review and I thought I'd tell you about Mr. Thibaut Courtois. To put it bluntly this guy is a beast, played a game just then, made 13 saves against Eto'o and Wellinton. Seriously, his reactions and dives are jaw dropping. He is absolutely incredible. I don't get as anxious when a team pace abuses me with him in my goal. He gives me confidence, even if my defenders decide to turn off like a faulty light switch.

84 - Diving doesn't do him justice, his diving is incredible, with him being so tall he easily reaches many attempts with ease. He stretches like an elastic band but doesn't snap.

90 Reflexes - Yeah seems about right, I can't stress how many times he's saved the game for me, which is what he is suppose to do ;)

67 Kicking - Left footed, he does kick well but throwing isn't the best as well

94 Handling - This is amazing, one example lately, caught a corner one handed and I'm not even joking. Might of been a glitch but his hand was behind his back, made me laugh. Cheeky;) Oh and long shots are like a frog catching a fly.

55 Speed - He isn't the quickest but he's tall so he can just block it with his huge frame.

87 Positioning - Never out of position or very rarely, he sums up what a keeper should be like in FIFA.

Overall, this guy is so worth the coins. The way Martin Tyler says his name makes ma chuckle, dead excited the man! But honestly, get him, play him, keep him and you will win the Division. He actually scored when I put it ultra attacking, his composure when it fell to him in the box was better than MOTM Isco and he made the game level, pride is the word for him. If you're still wondering, give him a try, you won't be disappointed, there isn't anything negative about him. Kinda new to these reviews, only done two. Hope this helps you in anyway. Peace out.

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ITS LIKE SHOOTING AGAINST A BELGIUM BRICK WALL Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 5221 | Submitted by tbellrap107 on 07 July

TOTS COURTOIS is the best keepers I have ever tried on FUT13. Trust me I have tried a lot of keepers such as : loris, hart, SIF Handonovic, Mandanda, tots Marchetti, buffon, Neur, Tots Trapp, casillas ... He is so good I don't even know where to begin...

In the 25 games I have played with him, he got MOTM 7 times, with a perfect 10 rating twice. He has won me games and kept a clean sheet where my opponent has taken 20+shots and I have taken 5 shots. He is THAT GOOD. He is as effective on the pitch as RONALDO, not joking (Both were in my squad).

Diving: His diving are average, but because of his huge height of 2.03m, he seems to completely cover the net (even near post). 8/10

Handling: very good, he was able to palm my opponents shots instead of deflecting it for a corner. However, theres a negative to him never deflecting shots away. In the rare occasion, when my opponent shoots a powerful shot, it will bounce off Courtois chest and many times my opponent will get the easy rebound. 9/10

Kicking: average for a 30k plus gk 6/10

Reflexes: was able to save many many tramp attempts(so helpful), did not let in a single header, finesse shots will not get pass him. Only real way to beat him is near post like with Every OTHER GK! 10/10

Speed: average speed, 5/10

Positioning: excellent at defending against corners, excellent against 1vs1, because of his massive size, he closes down my opponents ST with ease. and he is very hard to chip or finesse past.

Also has good long throws but casillas, tots marchetti have better throws.

He can only be in La LIGA SQUADS or be behind Belgium cb like kompany or vertonghen, so he isn't too limited in squads.

He is also VERY cheap for a 86 TOTS GK! I Got him for just 55k!!!

Usually people save coins and go with cheaper options in the gk position, but this 55k is a must spend for anyone who wants to win in FUT13 haha

This is the squad I used him in:

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#AsGoodAsTaferButInGoal Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4321 | Submitted by Joeargent on 30 June

For many many months I have been deluded into thinking Lloris was undoubtedly the best goalkeeper in the game. It was only then that I realised maybe I was justs stuck in my ways. I needed a change.
The glorious Courtois-Miranda strong link was then discovered and my mind was truley blown. is the team in which Courtios perform very well.

The main reason that I decided to use Courtios was because he had the best handling in the game. I was utterly fed up with the amount of horseshite rebounds I was conceding and out of anger I bought him. Yes, of course I was impressed with his handling but surprisingly it was his diving that made him stand out the most. At 6"5 he is a lanky bugger and with a mere 84 diving I felt no matter how good his handling a reflexes are he will be shit. I was simply proven very wrong. He was a tower in goal but he fell to the ground incredibly fast. I was overwhelmed by his ability to deal with 1 on 1's. I felt undeniably safe when an opponent was through on goal. His diving stat felt approximately around the 93 mark.
His average speed was of no hindrance to his ability of preventing goals. 6"5 concocted with 90 reflexes and 87 positioning meant that, not only was he an immense shot stopper, he dealt with set-pieces brilliantly as well.
His handling was good and it sure did live up to my expectations. He got down low and only very often did he find it necessary to parry it away, even when he did parry it away it was not into the opponents clear path like some keepers do *cough*cough* Sirigu *cough*.
It's safe to say I was pleasantly surprised by how well he performed. The only little niggle I have about him is his short throw distance, it does limited how well you can counter attack but I found ways around it.

Thank you and I do hope you buy him. He is equally as accomplished in goal as Lloris. If you liked Lloris but got tired of the endless rebounds, BUY HIM. The only thing Lloris has on Courtios is the fact Lloris is French but never mind.

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Courtois: Belgian for Tank, see also Beast and BrickWall Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4321 | Submitted by merkle33 on 11 July

Here is the squad I used Courtois TOTS in:

Albeit, I have a lot around him, maybe 400K in Def alone, but that does not detract from the fact that this man is a sick mo fo.

84 Diving: Seems underrated, Probly correct but the fact that he's 6'6" which is ridic for a gk makes him almost unbeatable outside the box. In addition he is great at double saves and even a triple save for me. 10/10
94 Handling: This seems way underrated imo. Several weak shots he could not hold onto, let alone harder ones, but he was able to hold his own and make some saves and hold them, also this is great on corners as his height and handling make it easy for him to pick the ball out of the air like its nothing. 7/10
67 Kicking: I think this is underrated, he does not have the long throw unfortunately but his drop kick is a front, not side kick so he gets extra from that and pass backs to him he can bomb down the field better than the best kicking gks like Neuer. 9/10
90 Reflexes: Seems about right, again matched with his height and diving makes him an absoulutely disgusting gk. 10/10
55 Speed: Decent, he was slow off the mark but was able to charge forward and make some good plays. 8/10
87 Positioning: This doesn't make the biggest impact when ur 6'6" with his diving and reflexes but its just the nail in the coffin for the player who likes long shots. 10/10

Diving, Reflexes and Positioning which completely neutralize long shots
Handling, occassionally
Front Drop Kick (prefer this so much more than the side kick)
Price!! 60K for in my mind the best keeper in the game

Speed makes it hard to charge forward in 1v1 scenarios, and charging forward makes it easy to blow by him but with his stats I recommend holding tight till the last 8 yds or so before charging

I would highly recommend getting this dude, most players who complain about keepers don't know how to play defense and give 10 one on ones a game and wonder why the lose 7-1. If thats you then pick up a cheap bronze keeper and spend money in attack. If you want to ultimately shut down your opponent, get this guy. Would take him over Hart, Casillas, Neuer, Cech, Lloris, all of whom I've had and are great keeper irl and fifa, (don't like casillas as much on here due to short height), not as expensive as Casillas too, plus he is blue TOTS!! for those of you that like color on your team

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Courtois is amazing Rating 9 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 3412 | Submitted by BazzaCH on 31 July

This is the first review I have done but felt I had to because this guy is amazing. I used him in this squad:

I'll go through each stat and tell you what I rater it out of 10:

Diving: 9/10 From close range this combined with his insane reflexes makes him a perfect choice for a goal keeper. The only thing stopping it being 10/10 is the fact that he can occasionally be caught out by long shots.

Handling: 8/10 Despite what it says on the card his handling isn't perfect. From corners and chip shots his handling is amazing but the pea roller shots we all know to well on FIFA always seem to catch his handling out. However, the 94 also shows how well he parries the ball away when he dives. He never manages to give the ball to the opponent even if he doesn't hold onto the ball.

Kicking: 8/10 The only thing bad about this is he can't get the full distance on the ball however the way he kicks it is amazing. He always manages to dip the ball down just before it reaches one of my players therefore allowing them to control and move with the ball.

Reflexes: 10/10 His reflexes are just godly, best I have seen on the game. No matter how close to goal the opponents are or how sweaty the try and be he will always get to the ball first in ever situation.

Speed: 9/10 Rushing out he always gets to the ball and then his amazing reactions and diving allow him to get the ball before the attacker has time to shoot. One other thing to mention here is his strength. When he runs out his over 90 strength allows him to get to the ball and block off the opponent. This is great for running the keeper out in 1 on 1 situations and at corners. Only this making it 9 is the fact he can sometimes but slow getting up but this is rare.

Positioning: 10/10 Always in position to make the save. He is always where you want him which allows him to use his amazing diving and reflexes to make a save and keep you ahead. Corners especially show this as he will always be following the ball to allow him to make a very quick save when needed.

Overall I rate him 9/10. His diving and reactions are amazing and he has made so many saves when with other keepers they would have been goals. His height along with his amazing diving and reflexes make him my favorite keeper on the game, I would definitely recommend getting him for any Belgium, BBVA or BPL team. Thank you :)

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Is it legal to put glue on your gloves? Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4231 | Submitted by DrewAStick on 26 August



94 Handling
90 Reflexes
87 Positioning


~70K on Xbox (as of the time of posting this)


[84 Diving] This is the stat that is not OP. His diving is great, don't get me wrong, but his other stats out weigh it so much.
His diving is fine at 84 considering his 6'6" stature and GOD LIKE positioning. He will occasionally get caught out on a top corner shot, but not often.

[Rating] 8.5/10

[94 Handling] Is it bad that I think this stat should be higher? He never bobbles any balls. He catches shot launched from players with 99 shot power. He could probably palm the football top corner. This is amazing. His best stat and it is actually much more useful than some may think.

[Rating] 10/10

[67 Kicking] This is odd. I feel like his kicking should be higher based on real life performance, but in game it feels much better as well. I would rate him at about a 75 kicking or so. I didn't run into any problems with short kicks or anything. He has a great throw anyway so I use that often.

[Rating] 9/10

[90 Reflexes] Wow. Just wow. He is 6'6" and has THESE reflexes? I know it's a TOTS card but still. Combine the height and this stat and OOOOO babay!! In my first game with him he had 2 triple saves. Nuff said.

[Rating] 10/10

[55 Speed] This is kind of where he fails.. Now, speed is not important AT ALL with a goal keeper, and 55 isn't even that bad! He has great positioning and always stays on his line so don't worry about getting late to the ball, he'll save it with one of his 3 key stats.

[Rating] 8/10

[87 Positioning] Oh wow. Never off of his line. Saves near post A LOT. I mean. This should be 90 at least. I don't know what else to say.

[Rating] 10/10



@70K - 10/10
@100K - 10/10
@200K - 9/10
@1M - 7/10

Conclusion: Buy this fucker. Now.

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Not a "real" TOTS Goalkeeper! Rating 5 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4312 | Submitted by TheGraba on 27 August

This is my first review, and unfortunately, it won't be a positive one, thanks to this man, Courtois (of course the TOTS version); i've just read a lot of good reviews here, and i can't understand how people can suggest this guy as Goalkeeper for your team, really.
I bought him for my BBVA's team, and i was expecting a lot from him, or at least, a good performance, especially because i've already tried other TOTS GK, like Marchetti, and i was very happy for his performances during the matches that i had played with him: for this reason, i thought that Courtois could do the same, but unfortunately i was wrong.
In fact, he was the only problem in my defense (the two CB were Ramos and Pepe, you know, people that you cannot pass very easily, so all the blame is for Courtois).

Ok, let's see his statistics:

Diving 84: One of the two things that makes him a useless Goalkeeper, and the other one is his height; he really doesn't know how to dive, and i'm not joking (due also to his height). Every long shots could be a problem for him: most of the goals that i've took were shoots made outside the box.

Reflexes 90: This stat might be a good one for a Goalkeeper, but not in this case: due to his poor diving, his good reflexes won't save you to take a lot of goals from outside the box.

Handling 94: Ok, nothing bad to say here, but… Don't think that because he has the best handling of all the game, will catch every single powerful shot. And again, due to his bad diving, it will be a useless statistic; for example, today i've played a match online, and he took a goal on a free kick from just outside the box, by Diego (the brazilian CAM from Bundesliga, Wolfsburg, that has 76 in shooting): the shot wasn't so angled, but he took ages just to dive, and so he took the ball just with one hand, and ball just rolls over his hand and then was in the net, even if he had 94 in handling.

Speed 55: Nothing special to say here, his speed is normal.

Kicking 67: Personally, i don't care about the kicking of a Goalkeeper, like the most of us, but in the case you care about it, just don't buy him due to this stat.

Position 87: I will be repetitive, i know, but this statistic is not true, due to his bad diving: i mean, in the 1vs1 Courtois is not so bad, thanks to reflexes and position, but only if he is very close to the opponent striker, cause you know, there is the "little" problem of diving.

Height: Reading this, you will say "What? Is not a statistic of the card, who cares"; well not, because this is the only peculiarity of Courtois, that is at the same time, positive and not. I guess that he has such a bad diving due to his height: it's not so easy diving if you are so tall; but, due to his height he can easily beat anyone on corner kicks. Really: on corner kicks, just press triangle and he will run into the box to catch the ball, and will NEVER fail. (obviously if the ball is inside the box, and not out). For his Height, he will be probably the tallest player in the box, making easy for him to catch the ball, and also, remember that he has 94 in handling.

So, making a summary:

In general, he's not a bad Goalkeeper, but he's not the kind of Goalkeeper that you expect from a TOTS player: i mean, when you buy a TOTS player, you hope, no let's say you want, that this player could do the difference in the field, during a match. And unfortunately Courtois, can't do that: his weakness is the diving of course, that penalizes all the other statistics, especially on every shot made outside the box.

The only positive thing is the good handling, specially on corner kicks, where he will always catch the ball if you "order" to do it, pressing triangle (on PS3): but this is not enough to make you spend for him 75.000 credits (this is the price that i paid for him). So, if you are making a team of the Liga BBVA, just buy Diego Alves or Valdès, if you don't want to spend a lot of money, or if you want a good Goalkeeper, you know what you have to do: just buy Casillas, a lot better instead of Courtois TOTS. The real price for him, in my opinion, is around 35.000 - 40.000 credits: if you don't find him at this price, i won't suggest you to buy this TOTS Goalkeeper.

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