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Buy this beast! Rating 10 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 3421 | Submitted by Liam-L on 07 June

I got this guy early for a bid of about 250k, I don't remember the exact price, sorry guys. I played him at LF beacause of those crazy attacking stats. Now, to the review!
PACE: Damn does he ever have 90 pace! At LF, he gets by everybody, like everybody! Wow! Just blew by the deffence. The 90 pace was not lacking at all compared to some players. He felt like 90 pace for sure and I'm not a pacewhore, but this guy was fast!
SHOT: This was to me his best part, everyshot went on target including longshots which were also very good for me. He scored very often in a very simple PSV/Ajax squad. He had some insane finesse shots aswell which was my favorite part about him. Just cutting in and curling them!
PASSING: This was also very good, although I didn't want to pass with him because he is so sick!
DRIBBLING: He went by everyone with this! Just dodged by all the defenders and then always gets a good shot off. He is espicially good against slow defenders because his pace mixed with dribbling is very good.
DEFFENDING: Not a big deal :)
HEADING: A bit lacking at LF because he still had to head it sometimes but not really a problem.

OVERALL: This man was amazing espicially for his price! He scored 15 goals in an astonishing 9 games. This man was truely amazing and surely worth the 250k I payed for him. He is my favorite player in Ultimate Team for sure. This guy was great, so I say: SCREW HAZARD guys! Hazard is a tank, but this guy is a jet for sure. Everyone complained because you can't get Hazard and Mertens in the same squad without buying TOTS Mertens which is expensive, but this guy is better for sure. Guys, he is worth the buy.

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Flop in high rated teams, amazing low rated Rating 6 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by sammy95 on 04 July

Ok the first team i played him in was this http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/11849591/ on paper this team in unbeatable great work rates great passing, pace and defending. But thanks to EA adding handicap it played shit. All the players were a flop mertens was being outpaced by most defenders and all his shot just were at the keeper or wide. so after much rage i sold the team made a bit of profit around 70k or so :)

I then set out to make a low rated team with mertens and he was the best player i ever played with i was beating everyone, he was outpacing santan luiz and all the sweaty players. his shot's were unsaveble. My advice is if your going to buy him put him in a low rated team to get the best out of him

After all the up's and down's i decided to sell him i originally brought him for 127k :) midnight shopping and sold him for 212k in LF my best profit made on a single player

Have to repeat so plz ignore

Ok the first team i played him in was this http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/11849591/ on paper this team in unbeatable great work rates great passing, pace and defending. But thanks to EA adding handicap it played shit. All the players were a flop mertens was being outpaced by most defenders and all his shot just were at the keeper or wide. so after much rage i sold the team made a bit of profit around 70k or so :)

I then set out to make a low rated team with mertens and he was the best player i ever played with i was beating everyone, he was outpacing santan luiz and all the sweaty players. his shot's were unsaveble. My advice is if your going to buy him put him in a low rated team to get the best out of him

After all the up's and down's i decided to sell him i originally brought him for 127k :) midnight shopping and sold him for 212k in LF my best profit made on a single player

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Perfect! Rating 10 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by dynamo-dresden on 09 June

Hi there!

After enjoying his SIF I really had to buy him. I played him in this team and he was awesome: http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/11837122/#

Now I will reviewing his main stats:

Pace: it feels really fast. Maybe a bit higher than 90 pace (10/10)

Dribbling: his dribbling is so good and if you know how to do the posetion dribbling, it's so easy to go past defenders (10/10)

Shooting: his shot is amazing. Especially his free kicks (10/10)

+really fast
+free kicks

for me he is the 2nd best LF/LW in the game.

===> buy him!!! I picked him up for about 220k and he's totally worth the coins!!

P.s. I'm from germany, so my english isn't the best.

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I dont think LM is the correct position. Rating 7 / 10 | Position LM | Formation 451 | Submitted by isthatcameron on 08 June

Helloooo, this is my review about Mr. Mertens - Please note, this review is likely to be all over the place. Thanks for reading!

Pace 90 - Yeah, I can see that it is 90, very quick and agile and can manoeuvre around the medium and low paced CB's and Full backs with ease.

Shot 88 - This was a bit of a let down. I don't think his finishing was 94. Maybe more around 85 ish. However, his free kicks are unbelievable. On par with Benat (who I also recommend). I think if he had the long shot taker trait, then he'd be so so so so overpowered. 90% of the long shots are on target. Good stuff!

Pass 83 - His crossing is very accurate and his short passing also very good. Over the top balls lacked on him, a little bit wayward if I'm honest.

Dribbling 88 - This is crazily good. The ball just sticks to his feet, and with him having such high agility (99), and also good dribbling (90) and ball control (89) stats he feels so slick with skills moves.

Defending 54 - It wasn't actually that bad. He tracked back and made some important tackles.

Heading 52 - Pretty non existent, always out jumped and even when he did have a free header, it would be a bit all over the place.

Skills 4* & Weak Foot 4* - Obviously with him playing on the left hand side and being right footed, that gives you a great option to cut in and take a shot, however if you like to cross he is very good for that.

In all, I dont think he is worth 200k (what I got him for), but, if you do have some extra coins hanging around, then I would certainly recommend you getting him!
I also think he is a bit wasted at LM and would be a lot better at LW or LF.

If you're interested in the team I used him in, here it is - http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/11713751/

Thanks for reading and have a good day :)

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A Total Tank! Rating 9 / 10 | Position LW | Formation 433 | Submitted by Yousamazing12 on 07 June

So as soon as this guy came out i bought him to try him and tell you all how it is to play with him!! He's a total beast!! One of the few TOTS players who are actually better than the normal card in game,in fact he's way better! I used him in a 433 in belgium/bpl hybrid. That's the team i used him in: http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/11752784/. I've tried hazard before and he was a total OP but i have to say TOTS Mertens in game was just as good if not better!

Pace: Felt like 93 pace! He ran like a rocket! His pace is so overpowered in game!
Shooting: His shots were so beast as well! I scored a long shot with him from out of the box and i have to say his shots are full of power and accurate as well! He felt like 91 shooting!
Passing: To be honest this was a weak point, his passes weren't that good! I tried to pass with him around in the mid field but the passes were always intercepted! There was just something wrong with them because with hazard they were better! More of 75 passing in game!
Dribbling: His dribbling was beyond imagination! The way he controlled the ball was superb! Felt like 92! I played a team with dede and luiz at the back and he dribbled past them in such a great way.
defending: He wasn't really at the back much of the time but he did make on or two interceptions that were okay. I can't really rate a winger on his defending so I'll leave that to EA ;)
Heading: His headers were off target! He did get quite a few heading chances but failed them all! I'd say the heading is more sort of 50 but that doesn't really matter because a winger doesn't get much of headings!

Some other information:
His goal to game ratio is: 10: 8! Never expected that from him! I thought his performance would be disappointing but i turned out to be so wrong.
He has some epic crosses that are most of the time accurate.
His strength and stamina weren't bad but just not the best!

As a conclusion, I would say this guy is worth a try ;) His prices should drop soon to less than 60k because of the fact that there is a better player in that position, hazard, well according to how popular he is. But in game this guy is better in my opinion! Will be cheaper than hazard and he is better in game :D

Thanks and i hope this is helpful :D

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Worth the Price Rating 10 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by brandonisonfire on 24 June

In-form and the second in-form Mertens has always been referred to as "the cheap Hazard." Well I'm proud to tell you that his TOTS is more along the lines of a cheap Ronaldo based on performance, and comparing him to Hazard would really be underrating him.

Before I get into the specific attributes that he possesses, I'll give you a picture of how I played him. He played as a LF in this team: http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/12523629/ . Through the 35 games I've used him, he has scored 58 goals, which is truly phenomenal, especially as a player who is primarily cutting in as opposed to a ST.

Here is a breakdown of how he plays based on his physical, shooting, passing, and dribbling attributes.

PHYSICAL: Mertens' highest card stat is his pace, and you can definitely feel that in game. Many players don't exactly live up to the pace on the card, but Mertens is one of the quickest players I have used. While his pace is great, I feel that his truly standout stats are his balance (99) and agility (99). He can go around players with ease, and never loses his footing, which makes it more likely that he will retain possession. As a LF, agility is a key stat, and Mertens is the best one can be in that area.

SHOOTING: This man scores amazing goals with ease. 95 curve, 94 finishing, 99 free kicks, 90 long shots, and 90 shot power tells you all you really need to know. Mertens can score from anywhere, with any kind of shot. His curve and finishing has let me pull off finesse shots from outside the box reminiscent of FIFA 12. His long shots are some of the most deadly on the game, and is a threat to score from anywhere. Even if they don't go in, the force behind all of his shots will deflect off the goalie for a corner. Mertens is also the best free kick taker I have used. at one point, he scored 5 straight free kicks for me. curling it up and over the wall from 20 yards out is so easy with him. He can also blast them in from as far out as you'd like. He even scored a 38 yard blast from a free kick past TOTS Marchetti! Also, his heading isn't as bad as his stats and height would suggest. He has scored a couple of headers for me, which is more than I would have expected. Overall, Mertens scores as much as he wants, from wherever he shoots.

PASSING: While his passing is only an 83 on the card, Mertens will create chances for other players. his short passing is very good. His passes have enough pace and accuracy to consistently find a player on a short pass. His crossing is also great, and provides an alternative to the predictable cut in and shoot. He pretty much always picks out my ST in the box, and has many assists. His long passing, while not bad, is certainly the least exciting of all of his areas of performance in game. He (like pretty much any player in the game) can find a teammate with an lofted through ball, but don't expect his to make cross field passes on a dime.

DRIBBLING: Mertens has all of the attributes to make him pretty much the perfect dribbler. His ridiculous acceleration, balance, and agility means he can simply burst past a defender using L2+R2 dribbling, without even using any skill moves. His 89 ball control and 90 dribbling keeps his skill moves close to his body, and rarely takes a bad touch. He can also "glide" around players due to his dribbling without skill moves or precision dribbling. He can easily fly through an opponent's defense. However, his low strength means that Mertens will get pushed off the ball quite easily. However, it is easy enough to dribble around players rather than through them with Mertens that this isn't a huge deal.

It may seems that I'm barely touching upon the negative aspects of TOTS Mertens, but that is because there really aren't ant negatives to his game. He is the most enjoyable player I've ever used, and is well worth the hefty price you'll pay for him. If you do end up buying him, using him at LF is the best choice you can make. His shooting is really wasted at any other position.

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Mertens > TOTS Reus, Hazard, Shaarawy.... why? Rating 10 / 10 | Position LM | Formation 352 | Submitted by oranje on 04 July

What the title fails to emphasize is that while TOTS Mertens blows the best LM/LW's out of the park by a longshot, he also has the best Free Kicks in the game. If you are honest with yourself, and learn how to properly take free kicks from any angle, yes, including a direct attempt at goal from a corner then, you will not miss a single free kick with Mertens.

90 Pace / / / / Very fast, can beat Abate on a good day however not on a bad one. Felt faster than NIF Bale at times, and easily outpaces Shaarawy TOTS and Lens TOTS. One player he cannot match is TOTS Reus whose 95 pace is above anything else I have ever witnessed, bar Walcott. Card stats feel about right, perhaps 91 would do justice though. If you enjoy pace, forget it... you are going to be frustrated... until you learn how to properly keep possession and conserve your pace.

88 Shot / / / / 94 FINISH || 90 LONG SHOTS || 94 SHOT POWER || 99 FREE KICKS || 95 CURVE || -- Not only his free kicks which blow Ronaldinho's SIF out of the park, but his long shots (90LS + 94SP) from cutting in on the left are epic. Scratch that, they are legendary. TOTS Reus has one of the greatest shooting stats on paper, however they are utter shit in-game, flying over the bar or ricocheting off the post, barely ever scoring. Mertens has a feels like component that ranges in the high 90's when it comes to both his finishing and his long shots.

(I have used so many TOTS that on paper record a 99/99 Long-Shot/Shot-Power ratio however nearly every last one of them feels like mid 80's. Mertens is leagues above all of the Hazard/Reus cards. His finesse shot is superb, he can score unlike 99% of the players, unbelievable curlers from an acute angle 20+ yards out. Perhaps he can give Ronaldo a swing for his money as even he can't finish like this demi-god.)

83 Pass / / / / Perhaps his crosses are the highlight here (89) as they feel superb and on-point all of the time. Mertens can produce the most bizarre and accurate crosses from the strangest angles while battling it out with your opponents RB. His short passes are quite good, very much on target, however when he is completely spent on Fitness, they will feel like little baby passes moving slower than a slug on sunshine acid. Long passes fall victim to the consistency effect. Some will be brilliant, some will falter to the climate in which the pass was initiated.

88 Dribble / / / / Mertens > Hazard, I cannot emphasize in this category how much quicker and more agile Mertens feels than the latter. Just look at those numbers... 99 Agility, 99 Balance, 94 Reactions, 89 Ball Control, 90 Dribbling... near Messi-like... certainly feels like his dribbling is on par with my TOTS Gotze @ 94 DRI. 4 star skills are flawless. I encourage you to utilize his dribbling as much as possible, don't constantly try to sprint past full-backs and the like as Mertens has 45 strength and can be pushed off the ball quite easily, however if you simply cut through defenders, I promise you... you will either score, or win a spot kick.

Don't defend, and don't even think about jumping up to get a head on the ball with this guy.... he's utter shit at both... although I have noticed that when my CB failed to catch my opponents RW, Mertens automatically tracked back to catch up to him and successfully blocked a few crosses.


WORK RATES = High/Med, Location Location Location... he knows very well where you want him to be.

Highly Recommended.

I have used him in a 451 and most recently a 352, and he excels in both formations... I also tried him up front and as a CAM in game and he scores wicked goals.... surely one of the best buys, and certainly better than all the other LM/LW TOTS that I have tried, considering the money... wait, not even he's simply better.

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Blue Mertens - The Finisher Rating 9 / 10 | Position LW | Formation 433 | Submitted by conformalflame on 24 July

Hey Guy's this is my first review on futhead so please cope with it . i will try and explain how he played for me .
this is the team i used him in.

1.He has decent pace on him nothing like giovinco or wallcott but he fells like 85.
2.His shoot is best thing about this guy along with the fact that hes blue lol. it feels great better then tots gerrard in my opinion.His finesse shot is also very good.
3.4 star skills. Man i love this guy's skills, they are so smooth. and LT + RT dribbling is awesome too.
4.His workrates are perfect he stays up the field and has good touche's too.
5.His attacking positioning is great this guy is always there no matter what. Unlike pedro who's usually lost when u need him up the feild.
6.Can't say much about his crosses because i don't cross much. but passing is great.

1.Strength- Man this is possibly the only bad thing about him. The usual defenders u come against santana,david luiz, dede, push him off the ball easily.
2.defending- Lol forget about it this guy is too small to push someone of the ball.
3.Heading- Havn't got a chance of scoring a header with this guy.
4.Hes hard to put in a good squad. i wanted to use aguero as ST but had to settle for mirallas whos not bad by any means but having that 4* skills upfront is great.

I bought him for 190000 coins.
he played 41 games for me and scored 35 goals. (i think its great considering robben has scored 53 in 41 games)
190k for this is not that much i have tried many other wingers like neymar,pedro,villa,hazard,nani,robinho, god knows how many lol he's is number three on my top LW's list after nani and neymar. I sold my neymar to get this guy . i have to say so far i am not missing neymar lol.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review if yes , thumbs up is always appreciated :)

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Deutsches Review! Rating 9 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 5221 | Submitted by Tomhsvfreak1608 on 13 July

Mein 3. Spielerreview und dieses Mal über Mertens Tots! Ich spielte mit ihm in einem 5-2-2-1 System mit Wijnaldum und Narsingh vorne.
Erstmal zu seinen besten und wichtigsten Stats und ein paar wichtigen Punkten:
- 99 Beweglichkeit
- 99 Balance
- 99 Freistöße
- 94 Reaktion
- 94 Schusspower
- 94 Finishing
- 90 Weitschuss

- 4* Skill und Weakfoot
- High/Medium Workrates
- LW aus Belgien von PSV
- Preis laut Futhead: 180K xBox & 208K Ps3
Meiner Meinung nach kann Mertens Tots locker mit CR7 mithalten! In vielen Punkten hat er bessere Werte als Ronaldo, was man hier: http://www.futhead.com/fifa/players/compare/13603/474 auch unter dem Punkt Skill sehen kann.
Mertens hat einen richtig guten Antritt und zieht so schnell am Gegner vorbei. Mit 49 Stärke kann er sich vielleicht nicht so gut durchsetzen aber durch sein Antritt mit 95 kann man auch die Stärke verzichten.
Sein Schuss ist richtig heftig! Richtig geile Tore habe ich schon mit ihm geschossen egal ob von 10 Metern oder 30 Metern.
Er ist sehr beweglich und hat eine enge Ballführung. Dazu hat er die Traits Diver, Finesse Shot, Flair und Speed Dribbler.
Für mich der wesentlich billigere Ronaldo. Die einzigen Unterschiede sind halt die 5* Skill von Ronaldo, Stärke und der Kopfball wobei ich nicht weiß wie wichtig es ist, dass ein Flügelmann ein gutes Kopfballspiel hat.
Preisleistung : 9,3/10

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Scores amazing goals. Rating 5 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 5221 | Submitted by aSpazzyHobo on 17 August

Mertens and Lens were my two favourite players on my first FIFA 13 Ultimate team. I didn't have much coins at the start so I had a cheap gold/silver Dutch league team. That partnership was amazing. However, this card really did not live up to my expectations. The lucky boy I am, the third pack I bought on FIFA 13 had TOTS Di Natale in it. Amazing player but with In forms and Team of the season players you expect too much. People expect to score every long shot, every finesse, every bicycle kick and every free kick. That's not the reality of upgraded cards. Most stats are upgraded, and a lot are capped at ninety nine. A ninety nine rated attribute doesn't mean it's perfect. You won't score every shot, not every shot will be on target. The vast majority will, but you still have to play as you would with a normal team. Best way to use in forms.

Right, back to Mertens.

88 shooting. Stats are all relative. You can score insane goals with Chris Smalling because the difference in stats, although relative, is not too much. Mertens is more reliable. What I found though was that he didn't make too many runs. He didn't get on the ball too often, but when he did he would score, hit the post, or get fouled. His finishing in the box is crazy. His long shots didn't feel all that too powerful and with him being on the left, he wasn't in a good enough position to shoot from distance.

90 pace. Incredibly fast acceleration but if as with every player, they can get caught by out. Surprisingly. Once he was gone, he was GONE. Finesses with him are incredible. Incredibly agile and balanced, but incredibly weak. You will get pushed off the ball and you will be caught by Kyle Walker. In those circumstances, you are done for. Pass.

88 dribbling. He has very close dribbling but I felt that it contributed to the downfall of this card. When you turn, the ball is so close that most centre backs, being tall and quick, can stick their massive toe out and take the ball away. Step overs are crazy but chops don't take the ball far enough away from defenders. Best thing to do is flick the ball or do some mad speed step-overs. Inside the box his drbbling is amazing though.

83 pass. Godly crosses. Short passing fails to impress, if you break and need to pass then it will rarely come off at speed, through balls aren't great. Just crossing really. I had TOTS Bony and TOTS Lens to cross to though, you will have limited success if you use the likes of Suarez.

52 heading. Never headed the ball for me. Ridiculously weak and short.

To be completely honest with you, there was no problem with the distribution and passing towards Mertens, but he fails to sparkle when he has the ball. I provided some amazing passing with IF Gerrard and IF Wilshere. Shooting was amazing, almost always on target and almost always scored, but he doesn't get too many chances. Incredibly weak. I much preferred Lens.

Team used: 5221 Dutch League/BPL. #

TOTS Mertens TOTS Bony TOTS Lens
IF Gerrard IF Wilshere
Cole Agger Kaboul Kompany

Lens was the stand-out player.

Cheers for reading lads

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