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will never be like his FIFA 12 days Rating 4 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 41212 | Submitted by TheHybridKing on 17 May

The instant I saw this IF I thought, "Yes finally, he'll be back to his fifa 12 ways". OH HOW WRONG WAS I
This will be a base stat review, along with stats I feel stood out. ALL THIS IS COMPLETELY MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION, IF YOU THINK I AM WRONG< PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TRY HIM OUT YOURSELF :)
I used him in a french team, nothing special aside from the in forms, here it is if you're interested
First off is the position change. Immediately we all see this and want to, and have to try it out because the fact he was a CAM in last years fifa was
probably one of the reasons that made him so good. But I literally felt as though having him was striker and CAM was awful.

I wan to start with his workrates, They're high - low, ideal for a foward player.. but really, it hindered him. For whatever reason he was always making runs when I was nowhere near him, I'm not kidding, He literally tried to make a run, calling for it, when I was in my own half not even 30 yards close to him, but on the radar, I could see him trying to make a run through the defenders, leaving him offside and he wasn't tracking back. It was ANNOYING, and I don't understand it because IF benzema, who has MED-MED workrates, made better runs and was always available to get the ball. Menez? Always making stupid, unnecessary runs.. Lets get to the stat reviews.

86 Pace- After using his normal, this is one of the few stats I felt was upgraded. He did feel faster than his normal card, Not by much, but he did accelerate past defenders better than before. He also tuned alot better at pace because of his incresed agility which is now 90. But this os one of the only goods I could find in him.

86 dribbling- I'm not going to sugar coat it. It felt like 70. This is not an exaggeration. It was just awful for me. I saw his high in game dribbling stat along with his 90 agility and instantly thought it would be nice. But no. First off, as I mentioned in the workrate analysis, he was never around or me to give him the ball, but then when I did, he would immediately lose the damn ball. His first touch is atrocious. Almost everytime it would go out 5 yards from his foot, and holding the sprint button? Don't get me started. just poor. his chops and fake shots resulted in the same. When you do manage to control it, he still just takes awkward touches, and usually hits it just far enough for the defender to reach in and take it from him. Obviously he lacks his 5 star skills from last year, which is disappointing. but I feel if he did have them, it would make him slightly more enjoyable.

77 shot- again, just piss poor. he scored 7 goals in 14 games, and majority were tap ins coming from a through ball from valbuena or benzema. pretty much open goals. Because of his annoying pointless runs, and his poor ball control, I rarely got to get shots with him. id say I got maybe 3 a game with him, and all were saddening. His NORMAL card last year, could bang em in from 25+ yards with ease, but this IF card from this year was awful. He struggled to get a good shot off, and because of his poor balance at 60, when a defender would nudge him as he shot, he would either stumble or become to off balanced to get a clean shot off. They either went straight at the keeper, or they went wide. 85 long shot and 84 shot power sounds as though they'd be decent long shots, but they were either horribly placed or just completely off target in general. his finesse as well was not impressive, Hardly any curve and usually hit with so little power that the keeper could take a couple steps before saving it. Considering IF valbuena had a goal every game, even scored a few shots from 25+ yards out, and benzema got 18 in in 14 games, cleaning up after menez's awful shot, it's really bad that I had to FORCE in goals with Menez. Honestly, His normal card had a better shot for me.

51 defence- I played him at ST or CAM in games, he never had to defend.

80 Pass- well hell, this was actually OK. Yeah he never made any killer through balls or anything of that manner, but when I needed him to get off a pass, he would, his ball control (which I had said felt awful for me) sometimes led to quick one-twos becoming a stray ball off of his touch. But more often than not he laid it off fine and was able to pass the ball where I needed him to pass it. So maybe this encourages an urge to play him at CAM, which I found myself doing in games because I couldn't score with him. Valbuena still had much much better vision and passing abilities... hell even scored more.

66 heading. - Better than his shooting... I know. Shocking. 4 of his goals were from headers that tremoulinas crossed in. They weren't the most difficult of headers, 2 of which he was all alone in a part of the box, but at least he scored those chances. But he is no target man by any means, He doesn't jump very high and he really doesn't position himself for them.

Overall I hated this card. I know it seems like I just bashed him and tore him a new one, but that's how he was for me in all honesty. By all means, give him a go if you feel I am wrong, but I wouldn't recommend him. It was quite sad having played with this card, and thinking of his old In form from FIFA 12. I just couldn't get him to work for me at all. It's like comparing Fire and Ice, Black and white, and good and bad. This card, definitely being the bad.. 4 out of 10, and I will have to say just buy normal benzema, Or even IF valbuena and put him at striker, because IF valbuena scored 14 in 14 from a CAM position even with benzema along with him.

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One word: Godly. Rating 9 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 352 | Submitted by TehDanieel on 17 May

IF Menez is just amazing, he performed out of his socks in the 10 games i played with him. i`m going to review every on-card stat and tell you what i thought of them.
PACE: 86: he felt like around 90 pace. he ran past pretty much any defender he came up against, simply amazing. 10/10.

DRIBBLING: 86: his dribbling was good, it did not feel any worse or better than his normal card, but either way, it was still insane. 8/10.

SHOOTING: 77: his shooting is insane, his finesse is just as op as it was in fifa 12. his power shot and longshot is pretty decent as well. his freekick has some sick curve in it, but is not very useful from 20 meters+. Menez scored 17 in 10 games for me. overall his shot felt like around 82. 9/10.

DEF: 51: i never had to defend with him so i cant say anything about it, but it is probably around 50. defending is not important for a striker so i`m not giving him a rating on it.

PASSING: 80: his short passing is really good, i liked it a lot as i used the 352 with him at right striker, so he needed to pass it back to the CAM or the other striker. his long passing was ok. 7/10.

HEADING: 66: his heading was not anything to brag about. he never managed to get a head on the ball on corners or crosses. i dont tend to use heading to much in my favor anyway so it didn`t matter too much for me. 3/10.

IF Menez is a great striker to have in any team you can fit him in, and his price is pretty cheap because of the TOTS, so i recommend him to anyone.
I think he is worth it, because he got the position change from a RW to a ST, witch makes him less comparable to his NIF. all in all, an amazing striker.

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Excellent Ligue 1 CAM Rating 8 / 10 | Position CAM | Formation 4231 | Submitted by HaynesD on 18 May

Just a brief review as I feel the only one up here does not do this card justice:

> 86 Pace - is what it is. He is fast and can accelerate away from defenders well.

> 77 Shot - his long shots were fantastic (85LS/84SP) and he scored plenty from just outside the box. Inside the box he is passable, but his high curve (89) gives him great finesse shots which help make up for his relatively low finishing (78).

> 80 Pass - again, this is decent. His only limiting factor is his vision (78), but I usually don't notice much of a difference between passing once it is over 80 unless it is a Pirlo, Xavi etc. He won't miss short passes and is capable of splitting the defence with long balls.

> 86 Dribbling - this is where he shines. Speed dribbler + Flair combine well and he is so smooth on the ball. The other review mentioned poor dribbling; not sure where this has come from. His 4* skill moves are fluid, the ball is always close to his feet, plus RT+LT moves are very effective due to his high agility/acceleration.

> 51 Defending - not good as you would expect, though his pace occasionally allows his to reclaim the ball when tracking back manually.

> 66 Heading - Mixed. He scored from a lot of near post runs from double X crosses, but when he needs to contest the ball in the air he will rarely win.

Also feel like it is worth mentioning his flair - he consistently hits scissor kicks into the back of the net and flair passes are fluid. I don't often think this, but the card is genuinely fun to use.

Menez is a solid attacking player but when it comes to taking on players and creating space he is a cut above the rest. His dribbling is fantastic and LT/RT moves are insanely effective. 4* skill moves feel fluid and a 4* weak foot is a nice bonus. However, if you like your CAMs to have a aerial threat from late runs into the box players such as Aubameyang may be better suited.

For those who like to keep it on the deck and take on players, Menez is your man.

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Menez my favourite striker in the game so far Rating 9 / 10 | Position CF | Formation 4231 | Submitted by mattmoore96 on 19 May

Menez was one of those great players harshly downgraded of his 5* skills by ea this year, moved to RW he has never as a non in form disappointed, nor impressed me. However when his inform came out the same week as the BPL TOTS I knew he would be cheap and just had to try him out. I played him in this squad http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/10706844/ and like everyone else hoped he would return to the amazing player that lit up the pitch in fifa 12. For me he did, without his 5* skills he did not quite match the fifa 12 version but as a CF he has outshone any other player I would even think about placing in the role. He scored 29 goals in 20 games for me, more than any other player in the team and I feel he is an extremely underused striker.

Pace - 86, his pace felt about right, a noticeable increase from his non IF, although not as pacey as Remy, Menez could keep up and his high attacking work rate complimented his pace, he made darting runs perfect for through balls and I not once did his pace let me down.

Dribbling - 86, his dribbling was impressive and seems underrated on his card, his 90 agility and 84 reactions come into play making 86 dribbling feel closer to 88 as he changes direction with pinpoint precision and recovers from tackles quickly making him hard to steal the ball from.

Shot - 77, his shot was very changeable, I'll start of with where it disappointed me, when passing it back to him expecting him to rifle it into the back of the net first time he often missed, however given any time on the ball his finesses are the best I have used in the game thanks to his 89 curve and some of the finishes across goal as well as near post were simply unbelievable. In conclusion he is not a first time shot striker but given any time on the ball he can put it past the keeper every time. I'd say it felt more like 85.

Defending - 51, Using him in a squad with an unbelievably strong defence including CDMs he never really had to defend, however his standing and sliding tackles proved good enough to cheekily steal the ball back from the oppositions defence many a time. Therefore I'd say the defending although not great felt at least 60.

Passing - 80, At the CF role as well as being an attacking player Menez showed off his skills as a creator with precise through balls to the wide CAMs or the ST. Being a CF he did not need to cross as much as other players on the team but as a crosser he never disappointed and always got the ball into a great position for the ST to shoot or head in. Overall I felt his passing to be more like 85, and a definite increase from his normal card.

Heading - 66, This is where Menez let me down, although he is a great all round player despite being given many chances, some quite easy, he never managed to score a header for me, I wouldn't say the stat on his card is too high because what you get is 66 heading, his jumping is only 72 and heading 63 and so if you're planning to use Menez as a target man in a 433 I would advise you not to.

In conclusion, Menez really impressed me and at just 30K he is one of the best value in forms and one of the best value strikers I have used in fifa 13, Let down only by his headingI would definitely recommendatory trying him out and hope that you all enjoy playing with him as much as I did.

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MENEZ THE MONSTER! Rating 9 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 41212 | Submitted by 2ahir on 24 June

I used Menez in a 4-1-2-1-2 formation as a striker next to Remy in a Ligue 1 team + Ben Arfa and Konko and he was an absolute monster!
I scored 15 goals in 14 games with him and assisted some sweaty goals as well.

Here are some of the reasons why he is so great:

86 Pace: He feels much faster than his 86 pace card stat- his pace feels more like 90. (9/10)
77 Shooting: Almost every shot went in- He feels like he has 80-85 shooting (10/10)
80 Passing: No need for good passing as a striker, but if you must pass, he gets the job done very well. (7/10)
86 Dribbling: His in-game dribbling lives up to his 86 card stat, and paired with his high agility, it means that he feels quicker than what his pace stat says. (9/10)
51 Defending: Doesn't matter for a striker. (NA)
66 Heading: I suggest that if you want a striker that can head well, then play him alongside Menez, or play him as a CF or CAM. (6/10)

PENALTIES: I have taken 3 penalties with Menez and all of them have gone in and he seemed to win them very easily.

FINESSE SHOTS: Menez's finesse shots are great because of his 89 curve. He is the only player that I've used with great finesse.

WORKRATES: Menez’s workrates are perfect for a striker (High attacking, Low defensive) because he is always in position. Overall, I feel that Menez’s position change from a RW to ST is great, because you can now take full advantage of his workrates in a central role rather than in a wide position.
He is well worth the 27k I spent, and although his price will fluctuate, I would happily pay 100k for him.

He is a great player and someone who you can put in a Ligue 1 team, French team, or a hybrid

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Not worth it. Rating 5 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 4231 | Submitted by 5hay573r on 25 May

I actually thought that IF Menez was going to be good but in fact there are better bronze strikers.

First of all his car stats are lies.

Pace (86) - He didn't feel that fast, more like 80. 6/10
Dribbling (86) - Again too high, he made too many mistakes and bad touches and lost the ball a lot. 5/10
Shooting (77) - Awful. It was as if he tried to miss the goal. 3/10
Passing (80) - Overrated. Never made any killer passes but it wasn't that bad. 5/10
Defence (51) - Played him as a striker so I never really defended.
Heading (66) - Seems about right, he could hit the target but wouldn't out jump anyone. 6/10

Some other in-game:
Shot Power (84) - One of the only realistic ones. His shots were always very powerful. 8/10
Penalties (82) - Scored a couple and the green bar is a reasonable size. 7/10
Long Passing (80) - Average at best. It is ruined by his 77 vision so it wasn't accurate. 6/10
Volleys (81) - Powerful but the would usually miss. 4/10
Long Shots (85) - Okay but they were more or less always saved. Should be more like 80 5/10
Curve (89) - Poor. The majority of his finesse shots were saved or went wide. 5/10
Dribbling (89) - Mentioned it before and I'm not going to lie, 70 would be generous. 4/10

I'm really disappointed in IF Menez after his fantastic ST card on fifa 12 but he's just not the same.

I played 23 games with IF Menez but only managed to score 12 goals which isn't good enough for the 23k I paid. Remy and aubameyang are better alternatives for a ligue 1 team or Cisse for a French team.

I played him in this team behind SIF Valbuena, who by the way is amazing and scored 20 goals in 23 games.....


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Oh herro Menez! Rating 10 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 352 | Submitted by omglaserpewpew on 23 May

where do i start.. menez as a striker.. He is so good up there with Ibra, he has the strength and agility to fight of almost every player. For me he always seems to find the runs and he have been scoring more goals for me then Ibra lately. I have always loved doing skills with this guy. as you can see, i used him in this skillsquad http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/11018643/ . I have had some time, where i almost lost every match.. I made this team and boyO was i Happy..

What I really like about him is his dribling ofc. He is very good with the ball and his two traits flair and speed dribbler, makes him a deadly dribbler upfront. furthermore his workrates.. You want your striker to have high attacking workrate.. and a low defensive.. well you get this with Menez.. He always seems to be in positon, which is weird because of his low position on his card stat.
His finishing is also really good.. I have made som really good longshot, which is what i always try to do, when not doing bicycle kick etc.. I haven't done that with him yet, but hopeful it will come.

His pace is really good combined with his strength and agility.. He can run around players like david luiz.. with you all know is a wall in fifa! so yea his pace really makes him the godly player is has become with this IF.

I know this isn't a real indeep review.. but seriously guys.. just get him.. He is cheap and he is a amazing striker. Havent tried him as a lone striker, but dont really think he would be as good as he is paired with someone like Ibra.

Hope you guys like this review, if so pls like. :)

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Tasty Tasty Menez Rating 9 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 4321 | Submitted by freshayy69 on 15 June

I used IF Menez in this: http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/9113989/

Games Played: 25
Goals Scored: 32

Now. I know that the common phrase associated with FIFA 13 Menez is "oh, he hasn't got 5* Skills anymore boohoo he sucks now blah blah blah". But let me tell you right now, 90% of the people saying this are 12 year olds who can't even pull off a bloody Ronaldo chop. Anyway. IF Menez was superb for me. His High Attacking/Low Defensive Work Rates are perfect for a ST or CF. He feels much faster than 86 pace, and his 4* skills are good enough to beat almost any defender. He was constantly making runs upfield for me, and his passing to Lavezzi and McGeady was very tidy indeed.

Menez's shot was very powerful, and I was able to score some absolute ROCKETS from outside the box. His finesse shots were also excellent with his 89 curve, and I found myself using this to beat the keeper more often than not. He can also finish his dinner, with 95% of the 1 on 1's with the keeper resulting in me brick falling to the ground in triumph, whilst yelling SACRE MOTHERF****** BLEU!!! 86 Dribbling was also very handy in tight situations, with the ball staying closer to his feet than a wog to a kebab shop (I'm a wog, so I can say that).

The only real downsides to IF Menez are his Strength (67), which means he can get bullied off the ball by the bigger boys at the back, and also his heading, which in the 4-3-2-1 formation ins't a real issue

So far I've used his non inform card and his TOTS card as well, and I would say although his TOTS is marginally better, it is not worth the extra coins.



-Relatively cheap (30k)
-Finesse Shots
-Long Shots
-Shot Power


-Relatively Weak on the ball (gets bullied by Santana, Dede etc)
-Heading is poor
-4* skills (I'm not complaining, but some people are)

Well worth the coins. A must buy

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Absolutely brilliant! Rating 9 / 10 | Position CF | Formation 4231 | Submitted by LiamDonnachie on 16 July

I've never really been a fan of buying in-forms on fifa 13 because most of them are stupidly overpriced and I've always been a fan of Menez on Fifa and when i saw he had a position change in-form i had to try him out.
I used him in a Ligue 1/ Bpl hybrid 4-2-3-1 squad with Nasri and Lucas cam and Remy st and Menez honestly was the star of the squad!

Obviously pace is a big factor with players this year and he was very good in that department!
86 pace seems about right.
77 shot is an absolute lie! if he has space from around 25 yards out take a pop and it will either be a goal or another shot on target. Finishing was also very clinical too, i was really impressed by that!
Passing was good.. nothing amazing but did the job well.
Dribbling was also spot on too, precision dribbling with this guy is quality!!
Defending wasn't really used because he was so far up the pitch..
Heading was also surprisingly good! he scored about 6 headers of the 30+ he scored for me!

I suggest using him in a cf in this formation because when you play him with a pacey striker, on the counter attack you will rip apart teams or even if you tend to control games his dribbling and vision will do well for you too!
Another bit of advise if you are going to use him is to stay away from playing him at striker and as an attacking midfielder because as a striker i found he is too weak on the ball and will get muscled off it very easily and as a cam you wont really see the benefit of his brilliance at cf due to him being wide and out of most of the game.

Its worth giving him a go and for 27k he is an absolute bargain!!

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Is he worth it 30k? Rating 6 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 352 | Submitted by ScorcherPrime on 28 May

Well well well..... What an average striker I used him in the most common formation as a ST in 3-5-2 and out of the 5 games I played him in he only managed to get 2 goals his partner upfront was non-other than the sweat king himself Loic Remy who i picked up for only 3.2k on a bin price , However, Jeremy Menez cost me a whopping 32k I realised he was rising becuase last week he was only 25k so I decided to pick him up because he was my favorite player in FUT12.

Pace - His pace actually feels more than 86 it feels more in the 90 range he just rips defenders apart but his stength does let him down abit at 67

Shooting - 77 it feels also a bit more like 79 however his finishing is preety poor for someone who costs 32k you would excpect better but yet again he is really a player who plays on the right hand side

Passing - His passing is preety dececnt it does in fact feel like an 80

Dribbiling - Yet again his dribbling does feel as an 86 the ball is stuck to him like glue and this is even better because of his lightining pace so you are able to get past defenders more easily

Overall, Jeremy Menez is not worth the 32k I paid for him I would suggest you pick him up when he costs around 20-25k that is what his price should be like so I give him a 6/10 players like Loic Remy will destroy this player but I also forgot to mention that his Longshots are godly I believe his shot power is at 85 which would make his long shots even more better I would also not put him as a target man because of his short height and the fact that he cannot header.

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The Beast Menez Rating 9 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 352 | Submitted by jonzoto on 31 May

I bought the IF Menez for 23k on Xbox, because I wanted to try using him as a striker, rather than a winger, with his normal card. I played him in this 3-5-2 squad (I know it's very sweaty) http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/11072855/ and he was a phenomenal player. He linked up well with Lucas and Diego, scoring 27 goals in 11 games for me (all in the gold cup). The 4* skills means that even for someone as poor at skills as me, you can beat a defender with ease.

Pace - 86 - This feels like a real upgrade from his normal card, as he had previously felt a little sluggish against people like Dede or Felipe Santana. I think he has more like 88 pace, as he can easily burn past most CBs, and on several occasions he outpaced Clichy, which I was not expecting. He accelerated very quickly, and unlike players such as El Shaarawy he does not seem to slow down as he continues running. Overall I would say his pace deserves a 9/10 as someone like Remy is still quite a lot faster.

Shooting - 77 - This is by far the biggest lie on Menez's IF card. His shot is outrageous! As with almost every player in this game, his power shots are excellent, especially at the near post. Playing him in the right striker position I often cut back onto his left foot to shoot. The card says he has a 4* weak foot, but in my opinion, it feels like 5*. If you chop inside, and run across the top of the box, he will almost always find the far post with a power shot. He has scored one or two goals with his left foot from more than 25 yards, which surprised me at the time. He is a clinical finisher 95% of the time, however he sometimes misses easy shots that I would expect almost any striker to score, which can sometimes be frustrating. Menez, however, makes up for this by scoring a wonder goal almost every game for me. Without a doubt I would give him 9/10 for shooting, as the simple chances he missed can sometimes let him down.

Passing - 80 - When using the 3-5-2 I do a lot of passing between the CAM and the two STs, to create space and allow one of the three to make a forward run. Of my front 3, Menez seems to play the least over the top balls/through passes to LM or RM, but this is normally due to the fact he is the one making the forward run. When I have needed to play a long pass, or cross the ball, he has not disappointed, and has almost always found the man I was looking for. Having not used him at CAM I cannot say for sure, but I feel he could easily be used there with his excellent passing ability. I will give him a 8/10 for passing as he didn't need to do too much, with Lucas and Diego around him.

Dribbling - 86 - The close control when running with Menez is one of his best characteristics. The ball is always glued to his foot and he can turn with great ease in a very small area. This makes weaving between defenders incredibly easy. When he picks up the ball outside the box, after a corner you can easily dribble through 3/4 defenders using LT/RT or L2/R2 dribbling without any issue. This made him so useful to me, as other strikers I had used didn't have the same close control to beat more than one man. His dribbling deserves a 10/10 in my eyes as he never put a foot wrong when running at the opposition.

Defending - 51 - Obviously not a crucial stat for someone playing at striker, but I was surprised how often he would make a slide tackle, or barge someone off the ball in the final third to start an attack a long way up the pitch. This meant he could then run with the ball at fewer players than if he had picked it up on the half way line, meaning he often would score. Defending gets a 6/10 as he did get the odd yellow card after a rash challenge from me.

Heading - 66 - This stat meant that I wasn't expecting much from Menez when it came to whipping balls in to the middle from a corner or a cross, but like with many of his other stats, I was pleasantly surprised. Despite not being very tall, at 5'11" he seemed to win the odd header. Obviously he didn't stand a chance against a Naldo or Dante, and as a result I didn't really feel it useful to cross. I would give him a 6/10 for heading as it was better than I expected, however not good enough to warrant a high rating.

Some other stats that shone for me were his Agility (90) making the weaving through players I previously mentioned as easy as it was, and also his Shot Power (84) and Curve (89). The shot power obviously helped with the near post goals, but the curve also meant he could score a finesse shot every so often, however nothing compared to his finesse from FIFA 12.

Recently, when buying a striker I have started to look more at their work rates, having been disappointed by strikers like Lewandowski and Cavani with H-H work rates. Menez has H-L which is absolutely perfect for a striker in my opinion as they are always around the edge of the box, or on the line of the defenders looking for the ball to them. I never found him wondering around my own half, like with some other players, which was a big plus. It meant that he was always in the right place at the right time to slot home a tap in, or gather a ball lost by Lucas, Diego or either of my wingers. His Positioning (77) feels better than the stats would seem to say, as he was never out of position. His work rates and movement off the ball reminded me of the best striker I have used this FIFA, Mayuka, which almost no other striker has been able to do for me.

To summarise, IF Menez is an incredible all round striker, with almost everything you need. Yes, 5* skills may be nice, but I never see anyone try skills online anyway, so that doesn't really matter. At less than 30k on both consoles he is an absolute steal and someone you should strongly consider picking up for a Ligue 1 team, or any team you can fit him in to. I will without doubt be keeping him for a long time, as he is a fun player to use, as well as a good one.

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Great buy! Rating 8 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 41212 | Submitted by misterfgb on 16 June

I will start this review by telling you how I came across this player. I hadn't played FIFA in around 2 months during the market crash period to try and optimise the amount of coins I could save, during this 2 months I found myself with a long list of potential players to build a team around. One of these players was Ibrahimovic, a player who I had used before but really fell short of my expectations for a 400k player, but I had heard good things about him so decided I wanted to try him again. I made a team supporting Ibrahimovic, and as you are probably guessing, it inevitably included IF Menez, providing a 2.5 worth green link to Ibra. The team can be found here; http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/11992398/ . Now, when building this team I knew there would be one stand out player - Ibrahimovic. Not really expecting the other players to be nearly as good as him, merely 'fill-in' players to support the man himself. Let's just say.. I had a shock. Onto the review, I will be reviewing each stat in as much detail as time allows me.

Physical Attributes;
Acceleration - 88 (90) This stat for me, felt as a very important part of Menez's game, especially since he is playing next to a more clinical but less quick striker in Ibra. He was able to get off the mark very quickly when sprinting towards the oppositions goal, comparable to Aguero almost.
Agility - 90 (92) Another important stat in his game was his Agility, able to weave in and out of defenders and helping in his high acceleration stat.
Balance - 65 (83) I really don't see how this stat affects his play in-game, but if it's what I assume it means, although his low strength stat, he doesn't get pushed over as much as you would think so.
Jumping - 72 (78) His jumping certainly wasn't his best attribute, nothing special and wasn't terrible, but it did the job when needed, but again , he was playing next to a 6'5" striker so his heading ability wasn't required, wouldn't recommend Menez as a target man if you plan on crossing though, that's for sure.
Reactions - 84 (96) One of the more favourable stats for me was his incredible reactions, was able to very quickly pick up on loose balls in and around the area, almost instant.
Sprint Speed - 86 (91) Just as good as his acceleration if not better, had a great top speed and certainly didn't struggle to break away from even some of the quick-ish defenders in the game.
Stamina 80 (N/A) Isn't Stamina fitness?
Strength 67 (77) His strength in the stats is already decent enough for a striker, though I think it would be fairer to say 77 as he was able to hold off some defenders, he certainly isn't comparable to Ibra in terms of strength, but also gets the job done.

Mental Attributes;
Aggression 66 (84) Good enough to be able to fend some defenders off, good combination with his strength.
Positioning 77 (95) Another good combination with this player, his reactions and positioning play hand-in-hand in enabling him to reach all the rebounds from in and around the box. One of his better areas of play.
Interceptions 44 (70) Surprisingly, I found this stat to be somewhat helpful, in numerous cases he helped break up the play and start an attack from far up the pitch, in one instance allowing me to counteract some keep-ball in the opponents half to score the equalising goal, which undoubtably annoyed the opposition.
Vision 77 (85) Throughout my time with this player, a plethora of pin-point passes were played into Ibrahimovic, and in some cases my CAM, RM or LM, both making good use of his great vision which I found to be much better than his stats show.

Skill attributes;
Ball Control - 82 (87) Ball control was very good, in partner with his dribbling was vital to the part I played him in.
Crossing - 78 (94) When I saw what this stat was supposed to be on FUTHead I was very surprised, in quite a few cases I found him running down the wing and crossing it in to Ibrahimovic with great accuracy, one of his highlight stats for sure!
Curve 89 (84) This stat was one of the few stats I was disappointed with, his finesse shots were good, but I wouldn't say at 89 level, I definitely prefer the power shot option as opposed to the finesse, though the finesse still on occasion will do the job well.
Dribbling 89 (93) His dribbling, as mentioned in the ball control section played a great part in his game, mixed with his agility too, proved a terrifying force for the opponents defence.
Finishing 78 (98) Haha. Finished everything given to him, can't remember him falling short once in the box. One of the most clinical finishers I've used, comparable to the like of Ibra and Messi.
Free Kicks 78 (78) At the time of buying the squad I didn't plan on reviewing this player, I didn't use his freekicks as I had much better options (stat-wise) in my team - SIF Valbuena, Ibra.
Heading 63 (75) Similar to his jumping, wasn't very effective but was helpful in a few cases.
Long Passing 80 (87) One of his key attributes was his passing, along with his vision he managed to play a ton of accurate passes splitting the oppositions defence to my main Target Man, Ibrahimovic.
Long Shots 85 (84) Seems about right, his longshots I would say were around average, scored a few, but not his best stat, depending on how often you take longshots, it would probably be better if you had another striker, CF or CAM more capable of taking them their selves.
Marking 31 (31) Very hard to judge this stat seeing as he is a striker, but I don't think a marking review would be very beneficial to anyone reading.
Penalties 82 (82) Didn't take any penalties with Menez, I had much better options in my team, in the likes of Ibrahimovic.
Short Passing 85 (88) Was able multiple times to not only supply the team with pinpoint long passes but short, effective and simple ground/through-ball passes too, standout stat!
Shot Power 84 (93) Fantastic power shot, as before mentioned this shooting technique is much preferred over the finesse, every power shot nearly tearing the net to pieces, brilliant.
Sliding Tackle 34 (34) Didn't use the sliding tackle, same as the marking it was a hard stat to judge and therefore wouldn't be very beneficial for the reader either.
Standing Tackle 46 (70) Surprisingly helped in turn with his interceptions in letting him break up some play and help start an attack from far up the pitch.
Volleys 81 (84) Only had 1 opportunity to take a volley with this player, that shot of which was an open goal, but certainly didn't fail with a great finish and fantastic shooting technique.

This player has 4* skills, also 4* weak foot. Features of which I find helpful in the type of player he played as in my team, his dribbling paired with his 4* skill moves, to make sure there aren't many skill moves cancelled out. 4* weak foot was helpful when through on goal, I would say felt more like a 4.5* as it was very reliable except in the rare case.
High/Low work-rates is very ideal for a striker in pretty much any formation (Depending on how you want the team to play). He was always making runs and where you want him to be (as mentioned in the reactions and positioning stats).
His traits are Diver, Selfish, Flair and Speed Dribbler, the only trait out of the 4 to be any use in game (in my eyes atleast) is the speed dribbler trait, helping him to retain his fantastic dribbling with his blistering top speed, usually a player with high dribbling and high speed without the speed dribbler trait would feel slower than stats suggest, due to the player keeping the ball closer to his feet thus running slower.

Overall views;

Positives - Insane finishing from inside the box, and good from outside. Dribbling is one of the best in the game, it felt better than SIF Valbuena, and from Itani's point of view SIF Valbuena is the best dribbler in Ultimate team 13. PASSING! Boy can this guy pass! For a striker, it is amongst one of the best I have used in the game, probably the most overlooked stat for the player. Last but not least, his interceptions and tackling were also above par, if used right, could be used very effectively in the final third to (re)start attacks.

Negatives - Heading, probably the only negative I could find, and it certainly wasn't terrible. In numerous cases he managed to win the ball in the air, though in my case, his counter part - Ibra was much more effective using his head inside the box.

IF Menez on xbox cost me 26,000 coins and scored 12 goals in 14 games, also obtaining (from memory) atleast 15 assists for his team mates. I would also like to mention I am now pursuing the TOTS version of this card, and will attempt to trade to the coins required as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading, and if you managed to get all the way through, brownie points for you ^_^

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IF Menez - Cheap Striker IF but is it even worth it? Rating 7 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 4321 | Submitted by Kemeox on 18 May

I bought IF Menez when it was first released for a 35k. I wasn't too fussed about the price as 35k for a French IF with a position change isn't something to complain about but what I can complain about is this guy's positioning. I used him in this squad: http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/10774286/# and he was moving like Hollowman. I found it hard to get goals with him as I could never find him in or around the box.

The card does not lie though I'll give it that.

Pace: 86 - feels perfect for a striker, he's so far from slow and can nip round defenders with that 90 agility but getting him into those positions has caused me problems. I play with Lavezzi at LF and Ben Arfa at RF and the pick of the 3 is Ben Arfa. He's on the scoresheet every game whereas Menez pops up every other game.

Dribbling: 86 - it is what it is. Feels better if anything. When he's on the ball he has the sweet sensual touch of a rapist in a dark alley on a Friday night. (Sorry for the mental image)

Shot: 77 - now this is the stat I was most worried about. I'd always said to myself a striker should have at least 79 shot because with 9 chem the shot will be boosted to 80 in game but I decided to go against the usual and buy him nonetheless. I was not disappointed at all. He can ping shots from outside the box for days with that 85 long shot stat and 84 shot power.

Pass: 80 - haven't really seen him make passes as of yet but thinking about it now maybe he would be better suited as a CAM.

Defence and Heading is irrelevant because he can't do either LOL.

In conclusion I'd say is he worth the coins - Yes. You can't complain paying 35k for a player and his price is even dropping now. Give it a week and he'll be going for 20 - 25 because of the TOTS market crash.

Should you play him as striker - not unless it's absolutely necessary. If you're building a Ligue 1 squad and want to make him a CAM there are plenty of other options. Lucas - the obvious one, Pastore, Valbuena, Martin, and Cabella (Hidden Gem btw) Or if you're making a French squad and need a CAM just pick Nasri. Can't go wrong with him.

Feel like I've gone off track a bit but all in all I rate IF Menez as a 7. He hasn't done anything wrong but hasn't been particularly amazing. Rassclart Beyblade

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This man is a god Rating 9 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 4231 | Submitted by yubdig on 18 May

I paid 30,000 for this beast, i play him up front in 4231 with benzema behind him and this wored well becuase menez was almost messi like for me beucase he would just so easly dribble past the defenders and play a great pass threw to benzema

86 pace- he lives up to this stat and at times feels even quicker
77 shot- hes got a great powerfull shot for those near post goals but 77 finishing can let him down times however for me he set up more than he scored
80 pas- NO way is this true for me he was waonderfull at playing passes weather it would be long or short high or low
86 dri- bullshit he feels like messi at going in and out of players and his skills moves are smooth and effective because the ball is glued to his feet
51 def- this is not important on a striker however he made alot of interceptions which was a nice surprise
66 hea- he is not a target man but he does win the odd header from crosses but he was really good at flicking the ball from a goal kick

in total i have played 15 games and scored 13 goals which is great however his assist rate was much better in 15 games he assisted 24 goals from crossing, chip balls ove the top or on the ground.

the only reason i gave him a 9 was due to his lack of finishing at times where i would expect a ST to score. sorry if this review is not very good its my first one
if you have seen this review and are going to buy him he will not be a good in 451 due to his lack of finishing at times but if you pear him up with somebody like ibra in 342 he would be great or even at CAM he would be amazing, i would also recommend him as a wide 4231 CAM because of his good crossing and great skills and pace.

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menez super budget inform striker! Rating 10 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 352 | Submitted by ps3leon on 18 May

Hello and welcome to my second review on futhead (my first one was the swedish gk in eredevisie (nordfelt if))

lets start with some facts

he is french and plays in ligue 1 (great for hybrids)
he has now a new position (i like this one more)
hes tall (1.81m) and has all rounded stats

now ill come to the bad things first because there arent many
i dont like his card picture
tbh i dont find for this person any bad thing!

pros :
great ligue and nation (good for hybrids etc)
86 pace (feels more like 89)
tall (gets headers for me)
good finishing (at me he finished all things)
some dipping shots i dont know what it was but his shots dipped they even dipped when i was 2 meters from the goals (powershots)
excellent passing for a striker
dribbling !
is cheap i bought mine for like 38k (but he will go down i thing)(bought mine at 18.05)

now i will say something to his card stats (how i felt them)
i felt them so :
pace : 89+ (and hes tall and strong (because hes tall)) sometime even santana didnt catched him (only sometimes because everybody knows santana is OP)
dribbling : 90 felt much higher he was the best dribbler afther valbuena sif (messi v2.0) in my team ( you will see it at the bottom later)
shooting : i like the way they dip so ill give them a 84 (finishing felt better then 78 more like 95)
defending : i didnt really defended with him but he get the balls quickly form the opponent cause hes tall
passing : 85 at least great passes to remy (great overhead passes too (the l1 triangle ones)
heading : felt much higher id say 85 (if remy got 84) at least

so i would defenitly recommend you this player for 38k hes such a beast player and even better then some expensives ones

heres the team i played him in : http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/10750212/
the 3 attacker were brilliant the defense is beast too (yea pacey but what do u want to do against emenike and co

if u find any errors sorry english isnt my native language im from germany ;)

so why do u read this anymore go ahead and buy this beast or even the team
menez if and valbuena sif is a deadly attack!
btw menez got 18 games and 37 goals (great stats for a double attack)

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Highly recommend Rating 9 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 4411 | Submitted by Beefy on 05 June

Menez is an amazing striker he can do anything, his passing and dribbling are his main assets and his link up play with my CF (SIF Eriksen) was very good.

Pace: Good enough, but for players who reqire pace to break down an opponent (lofted through balls etc) he isnt your man, however if you are content with using the RB button to let it run through his legs you will find he has plenty and he is always quick to get a shot away.

Shot: Better than it says, from anywhere within 30 yards of goal it is not a hopeful effort but an expectant effort on goal. His finishing despite only being 78 is generally clinical (often scoring when not expected) however he does miss some easy chances on occasion.

Pass: For me i like to have a striker that can pass in a 4411 because the link up play is a necessity and this man performs the job brilliantly. Him and SIF Eriksen have 38 goals between them in just 28 games. (Menez 23) (Erikson 15)

Dribbling: Brilliant, combined with his four star skils i found it very easy to get pass opposing defenders and his first touch control was perfect for the tight build up play.

Heading: OK, he won some headers in the air from goal kicks but i rarely cross the ball in so its hard to judge whether he can score off them.

Cost: This player cost just over 21k when i bought him and for his price he is one of the best players i have used and easily the best inform. You will probably be able to pick up this guy for less than 18k now that he has got a TOTY. Bargain!

The team i used to play with this guy was: http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/11249480/#squad-name
He worked well in this team because he was surrounded by other players that can pass and dribble as well.

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