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Not as good as expected. Rating 5 / 10 | Position RM | Formation 41212 | Submitted by alcarinn on 02 June

Well, since the beginning of FUT13, I didn't really like BPL RMs, I have tried a lot actually. I wanted to try Mata but his price was too high for me. So right wing was always a problem for me. When I saw Mirallas IF and his solid stats, I was really happy and I thought he was the solution to my problems. Then finally I bought him for 39K on PS3, and I was expecting a lot. Finally when I played with him I was completely disappointed. I liked only his dribbling which I must admit was very good.

Pace : 89 pace, very good, nothing to say about it
Dribbling: 88 The ball just sticks to his foot, amazing
Shot : 80 better than other BPL RMs shooting, but he wasted so many opportunities with me, but his longshots are decent, he scored an epic rocket with me
Passing : 69 the biggest disappointment, this guy just can't cross
Defending : 51 Not so good for a RM but not really needed in a 4-1-2-1-2
Heading : 68 decent

His biggest problem with me was that I never seemed to find him on the pitch, I also compared him to Valencia or Walcott in game, they seemed a lot better to me even though I liked this guy's stats way more.

For me he was a little bit of a disappointment, but I suggest to you to try him out if you have the coins, his stats are still looking good to me. I think he may perform well for you even though this wasn't the case for me. If you don't like him, you can still resell him later, with EA tax you'll be loosing just 2k so try him out ! I think he would work better at RW or RF though.

Sorry for my (bad) english, and peace y'all !

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Mirallas Review - Worth The Wait Rating 8 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by Miek on 17 May

Decided to pop my review cherry on this beastly guy. He's been in outstanding form lately and got this well deserved card. When I saw this card and TOTS Fellaini I decided I had to get them in my squad. Still saving for Fellaini but I managed to pick up Mirallas for 38k. I used him in this squad:

David Villa - Torres - Mirallas
David Silva - Yaya Toure/Fellaini - Nasri
SIF Monreal - Ramos - Kompany - Sagna
IF Courtois

Pace (89) - This guy is pretty quick off the mark, and combined with his dribbling he can hit your opponent on the counter with deadly force. Not much more to say about it really, he didn't feel at all sluggish like some in-forms suffer from. Pretty accurate rating.

Shooting (80) - My god this guy has got a clinical shot. Whilst creating chances can be a struggle sometimes (I'll get into that in a bit), when the chance is there he can tuck them away with efficiency. 4* Weak Foot is fine, but his near post shots on his right are more than enough. Mirallas' incredible positioning means he would almost always find his way into the box to get on the end of crosses or to be ready if a GK/Defensive blunder leads to an opportunity. When building up the play around the box he would always be looking to get on the end of a pass to get a shot off, which also led to a lot of goals. I ended up scoring 16 goals in 15 games with him, which is more than enough.

Passing (69) - In my formation and playstyle my wingers only really need to play quick one two passes to create space for runs, which his stats where more than enough for. He's also more likely to be the one getting on the end of a pass then giving the pass. His crossing is very decent though, providing a handful of assists for Villa and Torres.

Heading (68) - He scored a couple of headers for me, definitely felt better than 68. He's not gonna score every cross you give to him but they'll go on target 9 times outta a10.

Dribbling (88)/3* Skills - My biggest disappointment really. And it more stems from his 3* skill moves than anything else. His actual ball control is slick and he's great in possession. The problem is I love utilizing skills to beat my opponents full backs to create chances, and sadly Mirallas fell short in that respect. After using players like Ben Arfa and Lamela going back to Mirallas is a hard adjustment, and half the time I struggle to beat my man. This is what I meant about struggling to create chances, because unless I've beaten the defender with pace I just can't rely on Mirallas' dribbling or skills to create 1 on 1's. It's not the end of the world as I can always build up play in the left with Villa but it was very noticeable.

Mirallas is a great RF, he's quick off the mark, has clinical finishing and is more than capable of crossing the ball. The only real letdown is his dribbling, but if you're not reliant on skill moves and build up the play less aggressively it might work out for you. I give him an 8/10 and would say with 4*/5* skills he would be a more complete package.

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Kevin Mirallas Review Rating 8 / 10 | Position RM | Formation 352 | Submitted by zck15d on 16 May

Okay, so I pulled this man from a pack and figured I'd give a short review is the squad I used him in
First lets start with pace. 89 is good number and pretty accurate. He makes very good runs and always seems to be on the end of my over the top through passes. He seems to always find space behind the defenders and with his high agility and good first touch he was a nightmares for most defenders. He doesn't have the greatest balance or strength so he does get knocked off the ball frequently.
80 shot is not accurate. Anything inside the 18 with 2 yards of space is all this guy needs to hit the back of the net. I won't lie, his long shots were not very good but then again I am no where near the greatest long shot taker in this game. Very clinical finisher, I believe he scored 11 goals in 15 games for me including 2 in extra time in Gold Cup Finals. 4 star weak foot is pretty good, scored a few with his left.
His passing is disappointing. As a striker his passing wasn't too much of a problem, but now at RM it seems more of an issue. Not the greatest short passing or crossing which usually depends on the person playing. I personally am not much of a crosser so this wasn't a problem, but for you guys who love driving down the wing throwing in 15 crosses a game, this guy isn't for you.
88 dribbling. This was by far his best attribute in my opinion. He moved in and out of defenders like they weren't even there. I had one skill run where I beat 6 players and had a shot on goal but ended up hitting the post :( Like I said before, his first touch is pretty good and with 90 sprint speed, you can knock the ball past defenders and cut in on goal. 3 star weak foot does stink since I do enjoy to skill here and there, but his moves were pulled off pretty quick and with solid technique.
51 defending is more needed since he is at RM but to be fair, I played him on same side as Yaya Toure and Kompany sitting behind him so it wasn't much of a problem.
68 heading is accurate. Not that great of heading accuracy along with jumping makes this guy scoring with his head difficult. Easier to just put the ball at his feet and dribble past defenders
So that pretty much sums this guy up. Very good player, only going for about 55k on the 360 and it probably 2nd RM in the BPL next to IF Mata. I recommend picking this guy up
Overall rating 8.5/10

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Miracullas Rating 9 / 10 | Position RM | Formation 343 | Submitted by reidarmy26 on 02 June

I bought Kevin Mirallas for 40k and boy has he re-paid that. In the RM position in a 343 he stands out above Bale and Hazard in this team.


+ Amazing dribbling, effortlessly glide past players as if they are not even there.
+ Not too pacey, by that I mean he has quite a bit of pace, but not overpowering in the way that Walcott or Biabiany is so you can still dribble really effectively.
+ Great crossing, overlaps Walcott and can cross superbly.
+ Excellent shot, can drift inside and grab a few goals.

- Not great defending, but that isn't the end of the world.
- Hasn't got the greatest passing in the world which is his only let down for me really.

He has scored a good amount of goals and has grabbed a few assists for me. Although my team includes an 88, 87s and 86s this guy is able to compete with them and when I played against Team Of The Season Marcelo, this guy had him for breakfast as I won 5-1. He has an excellent impact on the game.

I really recommend him as he is one of the cheaper In forms and is very much worth saving up for. At only 40k he is a bargain and is the best Premier league right mid there is in my opinion. Definitely get him if you can, don't buy Valencia as a cheap option you won't regret it!! There are hardly any good right mids in the premier league so this guy is a must if you are going to make a premier league squad and can't afford team of the season Hazard or In form Mata.

Overall, this guy is fantastic to play with as he is underestimated by your opponents. He will beat a mean effortlessly, a must buy.

If you enjoyed this review or found it helpful and would like me to do another one plus give it a thumbs up I would really appreciate it :)

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beautiful kev ;) Rating 9 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by CSKAGLOSSOP on 28 May

He really is beautiful what a player! I had him in normal as a striker and he's pretty good there as well, however when I had accumulated so many coins I found him playing second fiddle to the likes of Aguero and he didn't get much game time so I got rid. So when he came out in form at RF (where there is no other outstanding player) I was delighted and got him straight away for a decent price 38k :) S0 far I've played 14 matches bagging 14 goals which is really good in a team including Aguero and Hazard.

PACE 9/10 - feels really good no defender catches him if your through on goal feels as fast as Aguero who is the best I played with. Great acceleration too very quick of the mark.

SHOOTING 9/10 - bags all kinds of goals, finese shots both feet, headers, and he can't half bang them in with both feet inside and out of the box scores some beautiful screamers great accurate powerful long shot. Much better than I anticipated.

dribbling 8/10 - very good considering he only has 3* skills very capable of beating his man although would prefer 4* skills which may explain why he's fairly cheap. Annoying he doesn't have 4* skills because watching this fella play he looks equally as skillful as the likes of Ben arfa and Young who have 5 and 4* skills. Should be higher FIFA! On the whole very good dribbling beats his man as often as Hazard and Bale so can't complain really.

Passing 7/10 - not brilliant if I'm honest but average really I don't notice this much as he plays right forward and if your in open space with him you've got to shoot! I personally don't have to make many eye of the needle passes with him however he is capable of providing a decent final ball claiming a few decent assists. Short passing isn't a problem very capable of retaining possession. May need better passing if your using him at right mid although I wouldn't know as I've never used him there.

Overall one of my fav players would advise you to get him. He's so GOOOOOOD!

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Kevin Mirallas - The BEST RF in the Prem/Belgium Rating 9 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by Jakes1414 on 29 May

I picked up this card for 37,000 coins and played him in this squad :
When looking at the front card stats you will be looking at 3 big stats which will be

PACE: 89
Dribbling: 88

These are the big 3 stats because heading is not needed as much on the wing nor is the defending. The passing Stat was low as 69 but i did not notice this in game.
When i played with this card i noticed that the pace and dribbling were incredible and due to him being able to catch up with the ball from a over head pass or play through, this made it so that he could score many great goals and having plenty of time to take his shot.
I recommend playing him as a RF and rm he would not be great because he is naturally a striker and his work rates are set for a striker and i would not play him RW because of the passing that he has( The passing did not affect me due to the midfielders being able to pass the ball up to him and basically having him as a second striker.
1 thing that let me down about this card was the 3* skills which filters out many skill that can be done but does not make this card any less worse without them ( it would be great for EA to make this guy a 4* skiller as i think he is one person that uses skill in real life) one more thing is that his left foot does not feel like a 4* sometimes so be careful when using that foot.
All together i thing that this card is incredible and one of my favorite cards that i have used. i would also like to add that the runs that he makes are something that i have never seen before and most of the goals that he scored was because of the incredible runs that he makes. Well worth 40k coins and would say he is one of the best RF in the BPL and for any Belgium side. 9/10 - Jake

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best RM in the premier league. yes Rating 10 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by gow99 on 06 July

I bought this guy to play in a 4321 BPL team alongside the greats such as hazard, aguero, toure and inform David Luiz. I have had that team for quite some time and i have always struggled to find a decent RM/RF for the squad. When i saw Mirallas i though, ok, great pace, great dribbling good shot and has a 4* weak foot. I bought him for 37k and i must say he was absolutely amazing in a 4321 as RF. Let me go through his card stats.
89 pace = feels like 90-92, really quick bursts past every defender
88 dribble = keeps the ball so close to his feet and can run very fast with the ball
80 shot = wow. what a shot this guy has, with his 4* weak foot he can smash it easily cutting inside, great power, epic finesse shot, allround amazing
51 defence = doesn't need it at RF but can win the ball when tracking back
69 pass = great short passing, little one two's, long passing is ok, can send a decent through ball or over the top to his team mates
68 heading = doesn't win many headers but can win a few to score

4* weak foot = really useful on the RW as he can cut inside and unleash his rocket. thought this guy was left footed to start with it's that good!
3* skills = the only downside in my opinion as a ronaldo chop inside or a rainbow could come in really handy sometimes. but if your not much of a skiller it doesn't matter really

Pros ***
Pace = wow
dribbling = so good
shot = unstopable

Cons ***
3* skills
bit weak
heading is poor

alternitive players
Ben Arfa

overall i would definatley recomend IF mirallas for a BPL squad or a belgium squad or maybe a hybrid squad, he is a really good player, fast, great dribbling and epic shot, he has 50 goals for me in 36 matches.

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Insanely good Rating 10 / 10 | Position RM | Formation 451 | Submitted by phil2801 on 14 July

Having picked him up on the cheap for a mere 22500 coins, he plays like he is worth over 100k.

Using him in an Everton 4-5-1 team (Everton being my favourite club), he instantly has all the chemistry needed. He links up superbly with IF Coleman (150k) at right back and also Fellaini as a CAM. He can also play at left midfield if required. When both my left mids were injured, he filled in like a natural for the 3 games needed, due to his incredible left foot, and also a very good link up with IF Baines and Osman.

His dribbling is superb. Having played against many BPL sides with fast left backs, he skinned them 99% of the time.
Pace: His pace seems faster than the 89, it feels more like 94.
Passing: His passing seems to work so well. When combined with his pace, quick one-twos with Coleman, Gibson and Fellaini, he is unstoppable. Also every chip through ball he has done has found the person.
Shooting: His long shots are insane. Can score from most places on the pitch with either foot. His volleys are unstoppable as well. Also very good finishing and penalties.
Influence on the Pitch: He commands the flow of play and the pace of the play well, he can cut inside well whilst sending players the wrong way.
Corners: Lots of his corners are dangerous. If done correctly, they loop deep into the box and the tall centre backs can do the rest.
Crosses: Very accurate, with brilliant balls into Kone, Jelavic and Anichebe.

Skills: Should be higher than 3 star skills.
Also, he is nowhere near the SIF last season that cost me just 18k. 90 pace, 91 shot 5* weak foot and skills. Unbeatable

Well, you have got to get him. 27 goals in 16 games, 14 from outside the box. If you can afford him, you should get him (in 4-5-1 or 4-4-1-1) and link him up with fast players and good passers of the ball. This way, you should win most of your games

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Mirallas the tank Rating 10 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by L3TH4LxLYR1CZ on 02 August

Kevin Mirallas
Iv been searching for a decent RF in the Premier League for a while now and they have all let me down, so when i was asked to test this guy out i didnt have much hope for him but i must say he is and absolute monster.
I found him on the martket for 37500 on xbox and he was worth every single penny.
I currently use him in this squad:
His 89 pace makes him amazing in a 1 on 1 and he can outpace most people i come up against.
80 shots the best iv seen on a premier league RF and personally think it should be somewhere around 85-87 because he scored 9 goals in 2 games for me while playing online, he scores from any angle and has an amazing longshot.
69 passing is about right, he isnt very accurate when it comes to through balls and short passes.
88 dribbling is perfect the ball sticks to his foot and he can keep it even at high speeds.
no point commenting on his 51 defense since he is a RF
68 heading is wrong, i think it should be 75 at the least, he always gets his head on the ball from corners and scores almost every time.
The only problem is that he gets tired really easily and by the 70th minute he is unable to sprint properly, but by that times he has normally netted one or two goals so would be best to sub him off and let him rest.
i would advise everyone to give this guy a go and see for yourself how good and underrated this guy really is, he should easily be 82-84 rated maybe even 85 since personally i think he is the best RF-RM-RW in the Premier League.

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Mirallas - Better than expected! Rating 9 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by rafaelfurtados on 16 May

Hello guys!

I'm gonna give you a review about Mirallas IF. I bought him the day after the TOTW came out for 33k (that's relatively cheap). I used him in a 4321 BPL team including Suarez, Bale, Rooney etc. I obviously have him at RF.

So far i have played; 7 games with him and scored 12 times.

First off i will start talking about his pace, his pace is 89 and he has 88(!) dribbling. Which means you can do those LT + RT trick which makes him accelerate lightning fast and because of his high dribbling it's easy to dribble past most of the defenders. I CAN'T believe EA gave Mirallas 3* skills, because if you watch him in real life he really does alot of skillmoves. And if he actually had 4* skills or even 5* (i doubt he deserves that though), he would've been ever better than he already his and i bet that would've affected his price tag alot.

His shooting is something i was quite worried about, and to be honest i was gladly he proved me wrong. This guy has an amazing longshot on him, it's really accurate and powerfull, the only thing i struggled with is his finishing. For example; you're trying one of those cheeky soft place RB Finesse shots that most of the time go in, but Mirallas dissapointed me because it would either go wide or the keeper made an easy save.

So let me put some of the Pros and Cons here so you can have a quick look if you're too bothered to read the above.

- Lightning quick
- Smooth and good dribbling
- Longshot is good (wouldn't say amazing)
- Great shot, although his Finesse let me down (only 77 curve)

- Finesse shot isn't as good as expected
- Average passing for a RF/RM
- Loses almost every header
- Lacks defensive, but as i play him RF; is doesn't matter that much.

I hope this review is helpfull and i DO advice getting him, but i think his price ( about 45k ATM ) will go down when another TOTS comes out so i'd advice to wait maybe a week before buying him. Because i believe his price will drop to about 25k.


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Absolutely worth it Rating 9 / 10 | Position RW | Formation 3412 | Submitted by sourav403 on 16 May

Hey guys,

This is my first review on Futhead, and the first review of IF Mirallas

I got him for 56k and used him in this squad -

I have played 11 games with him so these current impressions are not definite.

I shall be reviewing his stats 1 by 1 and then will talk about how he feels


Pace - 89 - feels much higher than it. You give him a through ball, he will get to it.

Feels as fast as NIF Bale (92)

Dribble - 88 - While running the ball sticks to him rather well, he won't lose the

ball to some woeful touch. Sometimes he is a bit sloppy on receiving a hard pass.

His skill moves aren't great, but 3 star is still acceptable. Feels like (88)

Shot - 80 - I use him as a winger to run and cross it in usually. I got a few

longshots in , and you can feel the difference between this and his NIF

His NIF was just fine, but this guy feels good to shoot with. Not too great, but if you

get open space, don't feel too afraid. You will get some corners with him , but

there are better people to attempt long shots with . Feels like 79

Pass - Nothing special . Can do decent 1-2s , but don;t expect pinpoint through

balls. Feels like 70

Defense - No point reviewing it since you shouldn't be using him to defend.

Anyways, it's bad. Feels like 51

Heading - Was a little underwhelming. He will rarely get the ball on his head. Feels

like 65

Other Notable stats :

Positioning 80 - Absolutely false. His positioning was impeccable . He would break the offside trap so often it wasn't even funny . Feels like 86

How he feels like -

He feels absolutely great on the squad I used him. With a wing of him and Walcott, there were a lot of good runs made. He felt nice to run with, in the box he could finish well. His crossing wasn't bad, but I would rather use him to cut in and finish.

That concludes the review.

Hope you liked it


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Solution to my problems, did the job very well! Rating 9 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 5221 | Submitted by deliraptor on 16 May

I have been trying to find a decent winger combination for a decent price for a long time to put in my 5-2-2-1 team so that everyone is on 9 chemistry. When i saw Mirallas got an in-form as a right mid I pounced on this opportunity immediately. In my team ( I need two wingers of the same nationality/team in the BPL so i had been experimenting with Bale+Lennon, Nani+vValencia and Hazard+Sturridge to try and find a decent combination but none of these massively impressed me. Once Mirallas got realeased as an RM I realised he would get 9 chem with hazard so I had to try this combination. I picked him up for 37.5k in an open auction on the release day and oh my was he worth it!

With the team I use I wanted a fast front 3 (call me sweaty all you like :P) so that i could rush forwards normally on the counter-attack, how everyone plays on Fifa 13 UT. Mirallas alongside Hazard and Aguero worked perfectly as Mirallas kept up and sometimes even outdid the other two players on the attack and could put away most opportunities given to him.

1)Insane Shooting. He has an absolutely amazing shot, his supposed 85 shot power seems to be in the 90+ area! Give him a few yards of space on his right foot BOOM! top corner beautiful finish 9/10 times.

2)Pace. I am always concerned with players face value pace because sometimes it is very misleading but Mirallas did not disappoint in this area! Along with his amazing 88 dribbling he could run with the ball at his feet at very very high speeds and just get past any david luiz, chiellini you name it!

3)Dribbling. As i just mentioned his dribbling is amazing, not much more to say there.

4)Average heading. If given half a chance of a header he would mostly put it on target let alone score it, he doesn't win absolutely every header like Falcao seems to do but he does his fair share, i don't normally cross with this team due to the rather short front 3 but when I did there was always a chance of it ending up in the back of the net with Mirallas on the end of it.

1)No left foot. He supposedly has 3 star but I would not beleive that for one second, his weak foot just doesn't exist. If I ever did attempt to cut in a shoot with his left foot it would do the pathetic roll off the foot and go 2 yards wide of the post, I think in the 20 odd games i've played with him i can count the amount of on target left foot shots by him on a single hand... 'nough said.

2) Can't cross. With my team i don't normally have Hazard or Mirallas run down the wing but when they did I felt obliged to cross it, what a mistake I repeatedly made. Mirallas can't cross, end of. Don't even attempt to put a cross in with him because you will never find your target man but more likely put it out for a goal-kick.

3)3 star skill. I don't really need to say it because I'm sure you can all read but his lack of 4 star is disappointing, especially as he deserves it but EA don't agree, although If he did i'm sure his price would be much much higher.

In conclusion I will be keeping Mirallas to be using in my team - unless I suddenly win the lottery and can afford my dream Ribery + Robben combo - as he is an amazing RF to use. From the way he played for me I would definitely not recommend him to use as a winger to put balls into the box because you will be highly dissapointed but instead as a RF he is godly (makes sense i guess considering he's normally a striker). However, if you use him in the right way you will not be disappointed by this man. Not quite 10/10 mostly due to his missing foot but my god, he is amazing when used properly!

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Awesome but lacks that something Rating 8 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by DJNoobKilla on 28 May

Video Review:

Finally a good Belgium player on the right side! or is he? i was kind of sad when i saw that he was a RM because his normal ST card is awesome but is this one too?

Pace 10/10: 89 my ass more like 92-94. he is lighting quick even with the ball but he gets quite easily bullied of the ball

Shooting 9/10: Right footed player on the right side = Near post is getting raped. there is nothing else you have to do with him to score. longshots are good, finishing is deadly with both feet.

Passing 7/10: His passing was a bit... meh. wasn't so special pretty average

Dribbling 9/10: This would easily be 10/10 but the one thing he lacks which lets him down is the fact that he only has 3 star skills. he would be millions of times more fun to use if he only had that one more star there

Defending: used him as RF so he didn't really defend so can't judge that

Heading 0/10: he is short and his jumping isn't the best and i can't remember him winning a header for me.
Conclusion: He is almost perfect player for his positon but he didn't really score that many goals after all. maybe that has something to do with that he doesn't have 4 star skills which would make him 10x deadlier also but you can't get everything right?

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Power, pace and he can head. Rating 9 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by samdam92 on 17 June

Firstyly, I use mirallas in this squad : Since bale is left footed and mirallas is right, I switch their positions in the game so that they are able to use the stronger foot to shoot

I will go through all the basic card stats:

89 PAC: Hes lightning quick and with his high agility(92) he works his way past even the fastest of wingbacks. 9/10
80 shot: His shooting feels like a lot more, he has amazing shot power and he always pinpoints the shots with his right foot. All his finesse shots go in 10/10
69 PAS: His passing is not the best, he manages to make Ok long balls to aguero when he isnt marked, his short passing is generally good, rarely ever loses the ball with a bad pass. 8/10
88 Dribbling: This is his forte, he easily manages to make his way through defenders and finish the shot, brilliant dribbling, never makes a bad touch
51 DEF: ............. really, he can tackle (standing) if it really comes down to it.. (5/10)
68 Head: This is the most surprising stat with Mirallas, he manages to finish every header that is given to him, although if contest by much taller players he can lose out, but he manages to finish all the headers given to him, good accuracy.

Overall MIrallas RF is a great player and he is one of my favorite in that team, he has scored 20 goals in 35 matches for me and he is a star performer, a must buy, one of the best rm's in the league if u ask me, he has great workrates and always looks for the long ball, overall i give him a 9/10 1/10 is removed because he is right sided player and right footed this can be a disadvantage. If you love attacking the squad i use and mirallas in that squad is very effective (remember to change mirallas and bale's position in game)

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