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Handanovic Review - Worth it. Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 5212 | Submitted by vopela on 17 May

Ok, first of all, sorry about my terrible english, I don't speak very well, I'll try to do what I can.
First I was using Buffon (87) GK in my Serie A team, I sold Buffon because for me, FOR ME, he isn't good.
I Bought Marchetti after Buffon, and he is good, but he fails on some balls, I was searching for a Top GK, good wasn't enough.
So I saw the TOTW and his GK, Handanovic, who I used once and hated at all, the NIF, but this time he was with 85 Overall, and comparing with
Marchetti and Buffon stats, he seems a lot better.
So, I saw some reviews of the IF Hando, and some people really don't like him, the NIF is a bad GK for me too, but this SIF, my friend, I just loved,
the end of my Serie A GK problems.

What is special in him ?
- Take a look on these stats, 89 Diving, his dive is pretty good
- BUT the best for me, is the
combination of the Reflexes (89) , Handling (85), and positioning ( 90 ) <---- Because of this he can defend corners like a demon...or a god, seriously, in corners he can defend those fucking headings which almost all times comes in.

The only "poor" stats on him, is his Handling...and boy, its not bad.

So, honestly ? 10/10 GK

So, I wrote this review because don't have any review about this good SIF GK card, so I hope than this can help you with your GK choice.

Again, sorry about my terrible fucking english, I never learned or frequented any english class, I'm Brazilian, and I know than some people will laugh when read this review, but I don't care, I'm trying to help the futhead users

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Handanovič THE ABSOLUTE BEAST Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4321 | Submitted by panzer1 on 17 May

Hey guys, I'd like to start off by saying that I'm surprised no one else has made a review on this MONSTER yet. With that being said I decided to change that and make my first player review. Now let's get on to the main subject: SIF Handanovič!! A fair warning that when you use him you will also need to find something comfortable to prop your jaw on to stop it from dropping, because Handanovič saves everything, you'll even be calling witchcraft on his ability to stop shots. The few goals he has conceded for me were due to mistakes in my defending, otherwise when called upon I can fully rely on him to get the job done, and done well! I currently use him in this squad:
A squad in which I have used keepers such as IF Marchetti, Abbiati, Frey and Buffon. Alas Handanovič has made a huge impact and has remained my starter keeper for this squad rising above the competition. I picked him up for 33,000 and it was the best purchase I have made on fifa13, guys this tiger is game changing. To put him in perspective to the other keepers I have used in this squad, Buffon cost me 31,000 and was solid but he made a lot of silly mistakes that SIF Handanovič doesn't make, and for the mere difference of 2000 coins between these two you can't go wrong with SIF Handanovič. He is also better than IF Marchetti not to mention much cheaper. If his price is to high for you Abbiati is an awesome budget choice until you have enough to buy him. Now I will outline his stats and how they felt for me.

~ Diving(89) ~ This combined with his tall height of 6'3 means he's stopping those rockets that fly towards your corners, sure there are other keepers that can stop these but Handanovič stops them consistently.

~ Reflexes(89) ~ Handanovič wouldn't be the tiger he is without his cat-like reflexes, he's lightning fast and makes wonderful reflex saves time and time again. His ability to win 1 on 1's is incredible, not to mention how fast he reacts to headers flying towards your goal.

~ Handling(85) ~ Catch's tons of shot, you know those times when your keeper receive's a blast that you sense will deflect so your mind is instantly telling you to get your defense in position to get the rebound, give your mind an 'A' for effort because Handanovič already caught the ball! He's also capable of making beautiful tips in sticky situations.

~ Speed(57) ~ Decent, no complaints here.

~ Kicking(80) ~ Finds the open targets you aim for. On goal kicks your opponent will often lurk around your CB's often making it dangerous to do short passes to them, not to worry though as Handanovič can lob it with accuracy to your wing backs or an open midfielder. He also throws like a champ! His accurate kicking and long throws allow you to be unpredictable and creative with your distribution.

~ Positioning(90) ~ His best stat, compliments the rest of his load-out perfectly and is quite the cherry on top of the rest of his load-out. He's always where you need him to be, his ability to stop set pieces will drive your opponents wild.

To conclude SIF Handanovič is such an awesome keeper in all areas and is well, WELL worth his value in coins. If your keeper often concedes those silly or glitchy goals that make you go "My Grandma would save that shot!" Then Handanovič is the perfect man to put between the sticks. He will make you radiate with confidence as he always steps up to the task on hand and honestly I can't think of any negative to him besides his price tag which isn't to bad. Even if you have to grind for a bit to get him, he is well worth it! This guy WILL win you titles. What a classy player he is. I can truly rely on this guy. Highly recommended!

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TOO INCONSISTENT !!! Rating 3 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4321 | Submitted by mfordyut on 21 May

I brought SIF Handanovic after being disappointed by Buffon and was looking forward to using by what the stats said a good Serie A in form goalkeeper. To begin with he seemed OK, his shot stopping was good but the majority of these shots i would expect most keepers to save. As time went on his faults became more and more apparent, parrying was ABYSMAL from pretty simple shots, he would parry it straight back out to a waiting striker who would inevitably win the header and Handanovic wouldn't save the fairly tame attempt on goal.

After about 20 games with him i decided to try a different goalkeeper after some WOEFUL displays against sweaty Brazil teams, the final straw being a 6-4 loss in which he made 1 save which was a parry! A finessed shot from Pato from 25 yards out pea rolling into the corner, he shuffles sideways like some sort of crab and dives without extending his arms letting the ball roll past him.

I realise that people have different experiences with goalkeepers but the majority of IF goalkeepers i've used have never been as good as the normal card and never live up to expectations, e.g IF Lloris, IF Neuer, IF Marchetti and now If Handanovic. I Was very disappointed i think Handanovic is a fantastic player in real like but in this game FOR ME he did not perform at all well. In my opinion IF goal keepers simply are not worth it, you are better off spending those coins on a solid defence so the goalkeeper may not have to come in to play as often.

So, to end, i recommend either buying the normal Handanovic and just spend the coins on a SOLID defence. IF keepers in my experience have never lived up to expectation so you are better off buying the normal versions of good keepers such as Neuer, Marchetti, and especially LLoris (if you have the coins) who for me is the best goalkepper i have ever used or played against.

Hoped this helps anybody thinking of buying SIF Handandovic.

Thanks for reading.

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Handanovic review Rating 5 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4321 | Submitted by AdilShah on 27 May

When i first got this guy, i thought wow he's cheap lets give him a try. He was amazing, making saves all over the place. I even sold my Buffon because i thought this guy was better. Then after about twenty games, he just started sucking. I don't know what happened, everything the other team shot went in, even if he got his hands to the ball it still went in. He would have games with only 2 saves and letting in about 5 goals. Now I'm not the greatest fifa player ever, but he was letting in shots that seemed like anyone could save. If he was consistent then i would without a doubt in my mind say he was the best goalie in the game. However those games where he can't save a thing continue to happen way to often.

89 Diving - His diving was probably the one stat that i thought was true. He would make some great diving saves every now and then that would surprise me.

89 Reflexes - Definitely not 89, he seemed to react so slowly to some things. Especially finesse shots.

85 Handling - No where near 85. There were times when he could have easily held onto the ball but just parried it away to an opponent, so that they could easily score, or he parried it into the goal.

57 Speed - Didn't really have a problem with his speed, he'd get to where i need him to be almost all of the time.

80 Kicking - Again i don't agree with this one either. Every time i tried to kick it to someone it seemed like he would kick it so far away from that person.

90 Positioning - This was another one of his stats that i thought was true, he seemed to be in the right position almost all of the time, unless the other team was in the box, but that's probably just my poor defending.

Honestly Buffon is way better, he doesn't give me these headaches that Handanovic does. With Buffon i know what I'm getting from him, with Handanovic, you may get one of the best keepers one game and the absolute worst keeper the next.

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THIS ISN'T JUST GOOD... ITS CHEATING. Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 451 | Submitted by milw0rm1 on 23 May

Well I had NIF Handanovic, and he was the best keeper I had used in this game up to that point (you can read my review for him on the NIF page). Well anyway, I didn't buy his IF, because his NIF is pretty solid and the IF upgraded didn't look particularly impressive. However, when the SIF came out, I had to get it. I picked him up for about 27k on PC, which is an absolute steal, and my god...

- 89 diving - Probably the best diver ever. He hits the ground so quickly, its almost like he breaks the space-time continuum. I mean seriously, he is insanely good at diving. I noticed a massive improvement over the already amazing NIF.
- 89 reflexes - Neuer has the same stat, but this guy just feels far superior. Not even sure why, but this guy will pull off some crazy matrix shit for you.
His diving and reflexes combined have been absolutely amazing for me. He stops practically every shot.
- 85 handling - The main problem with his NIF was his shit handling. It was awful, he pretty much parried every shot. This has improved an insane amount. I mean, some of the more powerful shots are naturally not going to be caught, but he secures most shots and holds on to them. The SIF has made some stupid handling mistakes that have cost me some goals, but his overall performance outshines this drawback, which happens to most keepers anyway. (90' scripting anyone?)
- 80 kicking - No upgrade from the NIF unfortunately, but its still fantastic. Very precise kicking, and he can send it 3/4 of the way down the field.
- 90 positioning - This is what makes him hands-down the best keeper in the game. He is ALWAYS in the right place. Especially on longshots, never wanders out. I actually haven't conceded a shot out of the box with this guy in goal. He barely moves on most shots, because he knows where to be. That combined with his insane diving and reflexes mean he is the best and most consistent keeper in the game.
- 57 speed - Once again not upgraded from the NIF. Doesn't feel particularly quick when rushing an oncoming attacker, which is why I never do that... Also, please don't blame your keeper for conceding goals if you rush them every time an opponent reaches your end of the pitch. If you rush your keeper, and concede a goal - THAT IS YOUR FAULT. Don't press the rush button with this guy... ever... He knows where to be, let the boss do his job. Don't blame the keeper if you are bad at defending. I HAVE conceded goals with this guy, but I know the difference between keeper error and shit defending. I guarantee you that the people who write negative reviews about keepers like this probably don't know how to defend, and rush their keepers a lot.
Literally the only IF worth buying at the moment, and is super cheap on all platforms since the market crash. There is no excuse for at least trying this guy.
If he's not "good" for you (translation: I can't fucking defend, and I'm going to scapegoat my keeper), then no keeper can save you, not even the German ones.
So the verdict: Don't buy him. Yeah. .... Wait for his TOTS :D
Anyway, I hope I helped.
milw0rm1 (aka Mario the Potato)

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I would rather use a pinecone. Rating 2 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4312 | Submitted by gcr0813 on 18 June

I decided to use SIF Handanovic for a serie A team. I figured that he would be a lot better than Buffon, just because his regular card is probably my favorite keeper in Fifa. I was very suprised when my favorite keeper's inform was acutally worse than the regular, but I guess it must by Fifa's inform curse.
Diving 89- It feel more like 75. He will save all of the easy shots, but anything that is headed toward a corner is not going to be saved.

Handling 85- It feels more like 65. His handling is worse than Valdes with no arms, he can seriously not hang on to anything.

Kicking 82- Its about right, and his punts are amazing, which make it really easy to counter attack from them.

Reflexes 89- This is a straight lie, He cannot quickly react to any shot that is taken. He does not save anything inside the box, but he can save the over powered long shots.

Speed 57- Its about right, but I do not use a goalkeeper's speed very often, but never try to bring him out of the goal on corners.

Positioning 90- It feels like 70. He was never in position for any shot that was taken. He was as if he was trying to stay away from the ball because it was lava.

He was one of the worst keepers that I have ever used, and as I said in the review I would way rather sit a pinecone in the middle of the goal and let the pinecone be my keeper. The pinecone would at least pop the ball and make it impossible to play the game. I think that SIF Handanovic would have a hard time popping the ball, because he could never manage to catch it based on his awful handling.

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Handanovič Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by andreirux on 20 May

I apologize for any grammatical and/or syntactical errors I might make during this review

Knowing that the BPL TOTS will CRASH the market, when I saw that Handanovič got his 2nd IF I started watching him on the market hoping that I could get him for cheap....time passes....a few days after his release I managed to win him with a 39.500 bid (BTW, I'm on PC...where 39k for him is kind of a steal)

I managed to get him into my main squad (mostly Bundesliga players) by linking him with Lucio (Juventus card).

Before I start the actual review I have to say that I've tried most of the GKs that are considered good (Neuer, IF Adler etc.) and I did not feel that they were worth the coins I was paying for them

Now...let's review the stats:

[---Rating---] => 85

[---Diving---] => 89
Awesome, gets to the ball in no time, often reaches shots that seem impossible to get (his height helps) even those lower ones that often go in because the GK falls in slow-mo
[---Reflex---] => 89
Left me speechless, there where times I was sure the ball will go in after an unexpected deflection, but this guy appears out of nowhere and deflects it into a corner
[---Handling---] => 85
Surprisingly good, sometimes catches balls some can only deflect, never spills balls from corners
[---Speed---] => 57
Good for 1-on-1's and amazing during corners (combined with 193cm and 85 Handling)
[---Kicking---] => 80
Very good for counter-attacking after corners, assisted a few of my SIF Klose's goals (who BTW is also amazing)
[---Positioning---] => 90
Perfect. Places himself in the right position every-time, stopping both near post and finesse shots

[---Traits---] => GK Long Throw
So useful and so accurate, it's a must for a good GK

He's the most complete GK I've ever used, he has everything anyone could ever want, Amazing GK stats, good Kicking and Long Throw trait...He just feels perfect, sometimes I get cocky and instead of rushing into my opponent, I leave enough space for him to shoot, knowing Handanovič will stop it, thus giving me possession. It's the first time I actually feel like the GK is playing for me, not just being my 11th man.

He played 12 games for me and I only conceded 3 TIMES: 2 penalties and a Guarin shot from inside the box

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Nice catch butterfingers Rating 1 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4411 | Submitted by Hammo on 18 July

Let me start off by saying he is terrible. I bought him because I had a Seire A team and wanted a keeper with long throw. I already had marchetti absolute beast. He had the handling ability of Morrisey and diving and reactions of a dead cat.
I'll get into his attributes:

Diving: (5/10) he is one of the most ungile keepers in the game he is about as agile as CJ going through an obstacle course. He also tends to enjoy pushing the ball into his net and going the wrong way.

Handling: (2/10) he couldn't catch a cold. Absolutely diabolical from corners when you bring him out he will either brain the oppents striker Brian Short esque, drop the wall at the strikers feet or miss the ball all together. I call him butterfingers as he drops everything and feels so sluggish because he likes to eat blocks of butter.

Kicking: (8/10) his best stat but also the most pointless stat as its not like I'm going to taking longshots with him anyway.

Reflex: (1/10) this is BS he has the reaction speed of Max Power when he's pissed. He waits for the ball to go past him before re acting. In fairness to him he is quick to get up and pick the ball out of his net.

Speed: (2/10) he is fast as a fat man rolling down a hill he waits for the player to pick his spot before thunder out and letting the ball past him our clattering the player and giving away a pen. He is about as fast as Stephen Hunt run for the bus has a good burst of acceleration before not being arsed to continue and waits for the next one.

Positioning: (3/10) he spends more time picking his nose behind the goal instead of saving shots. He lacks the ability to try he tries as hard CJ does to miss the target.

Overall he belongs in the bin no skills bar giving away penos.
I urge to not to buy him as he will be a frustrating for you as he was for me.

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The Ultimate Equaliser Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4321 | Submitted by windedbison on 10 June

SIF Handanovic is the not only the best keeper in the game, he will single handedly keep you in games and help you win even if you don't deserve it. This guy has saved my ass so many times I've lost count. This is the team I use him in and he consistently puts in MOTM-type performances.

Why is he so effective? Just look at the stats on his card. 89 Diving and 89 Reflex combined with his 6'4" frame means that he covers more area than probably any keeper in the game. When you throw in 90 positioning, long shots are basically a non factor. If you're opponent is going to score, it either needs to be from point blank range or an in the box near post OP. But still, on many occasions he has stopped a near post OP shot for me, something I've never experienced with other keepers.

He has the long throw trait plus 80 kicking, which means he also has great distribution. If there is one weakness I can think of it would be his 57 speed, but i don't pull my GK too much so it's really a non-issue. Plus, the amount of shots he stops from just staying on his line is ridiculous.

I have the money for TOTS Marchetti but he is 2 inches shorter than Handanovic and thus I doubt he will be as effective as Handanovic.

One other thing, I don't normally write reviews, this man endeared himself to me so much tonight that I felt compelled to rush to the computer and type this out.

I was down 3-2 in the 90th minute against a real sweaty prick. My finishing was poor the whole game and I was extremely frustrated with myself and FIFA in general. I managed to get a corner, and being on Ultra Attacking Handanovic got into the box to try to get on the end of El Sha 92's in swinging cross.

I know what you're thinking, and no, Handanovic did not rise imperiously above everyone to head in the 90th minute equalizer.

Ogbonna scuffed the header and it bounced up right in the middle of the box between 3 of my opponents defenders. All they needed to do was clear the danger and it was game over for me.

Then, out of nowhere, Handanovic flew in, scissor kicked it on the half volley and launched it into the back of the net, tying the game for me and solidifying his status in my mind as a FIFA legend.

Buy this guy. You won't regret it.

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Worst IF keeper Rating 3 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 3412 | Submitted by 6thLucifer on 19 May

So yeah, I bought his SIF having huge expectations considering his high stats (bought for 58k PC). Having 89 reflexes, 89 diving, 90 positioning, 85 handling and being 193cm tall sounds like a nice deal.. Well as long as I did not try playing with him. He was truly useless piece of crap for me. Played around 23 games and after them I just couldn't make myself stop from putting him back on the market. We shall get down to in-depth stats with him.

89 Diving - Could not even give him 80. He can make 1-2 good saves per games, but the rest just goes in

89 Reflexes - Bullcrap. His reflexes are so bad that he will get you frustrated in no time. If someone just shoots he will react like in an hour. I've let in to many goals like that. Opponent gets the balls and shoots and he's like wtf? GOAL. That's 89 reflexes for you.

85 Handling - They seem fine, but once he just gave the ball to opposition after saving it. Can't complain actually.

57 Speed - Why? He barely saves anything and if he does it's a corner, so no double saves.

80 kicking - Don't use it, I use long throw so can't comment.

90 Position - My ass. I've let so many corners while having him. He's like a mad teen doesn't know what to do. Well at least he's fine on 1v1 and knows what to do.

To sum up, don't say I'm a shit defender or something, I had various types of keepers in my past but this one is just really bad. Never had so many stupid goals let in. Even Marchetti who's like 2k is way better than him. I'd even rather use De Gea than him for the love of god. But not him. He's bad and not worth it. Please save your coins and get Buffon if you're building Serie A team. Don't make the mistake. He's a cunt and I know it.

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Worst Keeper in Fut Rating 2 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4321 | Submitted by DCHypez on 11 June

Ok So i bought This keeper for 42,250 coins after seeing so many positives being said about him.I used him in this team just for your information
i played my first match with him and lost 5-3 The keeper got a 4.80 Rating making 1 save

89 Diving Pathetic he could not dive for his live he was struggling to get the ball as it was rolling out right beside him
85 Handling well His throw was amazing that's it nothing else because he did not save anything for me
80 kicking never got a kick every shot went in
89 Reflex how can he have such good stats yet marchetti is 100 times better it annoys me how much his stats lie he was a massive let down
For example a ball was hit from a corner and the weakest header went right beside him when you are looking it like ok lets get the ball and go on a break
My Keeper had other thoughts he did not even get to the ball i was astonished at that and made me want to write this review Making sure some people do not buy him
57 speed more like 7 he is so slow it unbelievable he was slower then mertsaker with a broken leg like he was the slowest keepr i have ever used
Last but not least 90 Positing his is the biggest lie i have ever seen he was always in the worst position i have ever seen a keeper be in fifa ike from a free kick he was in the worst position and conceived every time and could not save anything .Like you look at him and its like why are you standing there stand were you look less like a R-tart It was the worst i have ever seen

So please do not get him i regret it so much buffon is so much better for half the price
I Hope this review helps you to get a good opinion on this keeper and please don't buy him
Thanks for reading my review and i hope you have a nice day

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What have EA done to Handanovic!!?!?!?! Rating 3 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 451 | Submitted by xh0lyc0w on 10 July

Ok, first of all I'm a massive fan of Handanovic in real life as he is my favourite goalkeeper. His non-inform was absolutely amazing, saved everything, made me win division 1 about 8 times in 12 seasons. I didn't try his first in form cause I just couldn't be bothered. Now this card came out few weeks after his first in form. I don't even know what to say now.....

89 Diving: My arse it's 89 diving, feels more like 79 diving. This guy can't even save a pea roller. I'm a pretty good defender to be honest. I had nagatomo in LB, in form Samuel in CB, puyol in CB and Opare in RB in a 4-5-1 hybrid. Well, I've played over 15 games and he let in approximately 43 goals. Yes, that's almost 3 goals per game. Once, my opponent took a long shot with Van Persie from like 35 yards, Handanovic didn't even go for the ball. He just watched a ball fly over his head into the back of the net. That made me soooooo angry. Another time, Balotelli was on a 1v1 with handanovic, balo shoots the ball with his left foot when he's totally off balance. The ball rolls on the ground like the same speed of a turtle trying to move with a broken leg. Well guess what... he let's the ball go in. His attempted dive was just ridiculously unacceptable for a 85 rated keeper with 89 diving. I'm pretty sure my pet snail would of saved that. I'd give him 4/10

89 Reflexes: Now that is 100% bollocks. It's worse than a bronze keeper. I versed my friend with a 3-5-2 sweat team with Reus and Esswein upfront. You wouldn't want to know the score. Well I lost 7-2. I'm not a bad fifa player nor I'm the best. I usually beat my friend every single time we play. But not with SIF handanovic. First half Esswein scores 3 goals before 20th minute mark. All 3 of his shots headers. Oh yeah by the way, Handanovic will never save a header. 3 headers from Esswein goes above his head and he dives after the ball has gone in.... WTF!?!? Another moment was some guy online took a finesse shot which rolled on the ground, Handanovic dived after the ball had gone in again!?!?!! I'm now in division 3 because of him.... I'm sorry to say but I'd give him 2/10

85 Handling: OMG this part is just too embarrassing to even say. If a shot goes straight at handanovic, he will parry it into the nearest striker. That is all. It doesn't matter what speed of the shot is. If not, he will parry it over for a corner. 3/10

57 Speed: Speed doesn't really matter for keepers. All I can say is, he actually pretty quick. 7/10

80 kicking: This is the only good thing about. He can kick the ball 3/4 of the field which is good for counter attacks etc.. 8/10

90 Positioning: Ok. I'm so done about this guy. You can say he has 50 positioning. If you concede a corner, and your opponent wins the header, you might as well walk away and make a cup of coffee. Handanovic positions himself in the middle of the goal. If your opponent is attack down the left wing. Handanovic wouldn't cover the left near post. He would actually stand in the middle. Yes that's right stand in the middle. That just makes the near post OP like an automatic goal. Far post is the is exactly the same. I'd give him 1/10

To conclude: Here are the pro's and con's

Will save some occasional shots
Throws are pretty good

Diving is horrific, he dives like frog.
Reflexes: I don't even. He dives after the ball rolls in.
Handling: Parries everything to a striker.
Positioning: Positions himself in the middle every bleeping time.

If you really like handanovic, just use his normal card. It's brilliant. But otherwise i'd prefer keepers like, IF Sirigu, IF akinfeev, SIF Adler, IF julio Cesar and lloris

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Handanovic: Connects his GK Ability to his name Rating 9 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4321 | Submitted by kirem17 on 21 May

This guy, my beast Goalkeeper is probably the best keeper in Serie A or the best GK in the game? because Buffon has been a flop for me; letting easy goals in, his handling is also very bad. Anyway, let's skip this Buffon criticizing and let's go to the review of this beast keeper:

And I use him in this squad:

Throws: his throws are very far, everytime this guy catches the ball from the corner kick, he throws it very far it always went to Torres' feet, and Torres is just gonna run past two defenders.

Diving (89): Very good diving for this keeper, no one can score a longshot to this guy + his height being 6''4, you should probably get scared [10 out of 10]

Reflexes (89): Reacts just right when you're on a 1v1 situation, he can take care of this/sometimes he doesn't. [8 out of 10]

Handling (85): He's always able to catch finesse shots from the opposing team, every weak shot, he got it. [9 out of 10]

Speed (57): Mediocre. not very good in 1v1 situations but his reflexes will make up for it, don't worry. =) [8 out of 10]

Kicking (80): I have to say that his kicking is good too because it's 80 you know, sometimes it's accurate to the receiver. [8 out of 10]

Positioning (90): Handanovic's best stat. Always at the right place, at the right time, combine it with his 89 diving, reflex, and 85 handling with 80 kicking, this guy is absolutely the best goalkeeper in the game, sorry if i've said it again. lol [10 out of 10]

Pricetag: Very Cheap, bought him for 41k on PS3 he can be compared to the best GK's in the Game: Iker Casillas (70k), Lloris (50k)
he has the same stats with the two keepers that I have said, but Handanovic is cheaper of course. [10 out of 10]

That's it guys! my second review on a player on futhead, enjoy guys! the review might be short, but it's helpful :D

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Just ridiculous. Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4231 | Submitted by dannnyjb on 18 May

Let me just start off by saying I did not expect to be writing this review when i first bought Mr. Handanovič, in fact I was about ready to discard him for being so terrible. The first two games he played for me he somehow managed to score twice, in his own net. He genuinely didn't save anything and was the sole reason for me being 4-0 down at half time in his first game. Needless to say, I stuck with him and have now played over 25 games with the guy, losing only twice in Div.1 in the process, and have since written off his abysmal debut performance as nothing more than a blooper. He has managed since then to perform consistently well, and has now become one of my favourite keepers in the game, along with IF Sirigu & Cech.

Just one look at his stats and you can see that he has the potential to be amazing, and let me tell you.. he is. I've played over 1000 games on UT and by this time you can just tell when a shot is going to find the back of the net. This guy though, he will leave your opponent wondering how they have just failed to score. He has pulled off some absolutely incredible saves for me. His 89 reflexes are noticeable, they feel higher if anything. He somehow gets down to those low drilled shots that are creeping into the bottom corner, and I have no idea how because I haven't seen any other keepers manage it. I have to say it is very nice to have some reassurance at the back, hes been an absolute rock for me. He even kept three consecutive clean sheets which is very rare for me.

Now onto his stats:

89 Diving - Combined with his height of 6"3 this guy can reach anything.
89 Reflexes - No words. Stunning, definitely feels more like 92/93.
90 Positioning - You could quite easily blindfold this guy and he would still manage to position himself perfectly every time. He just knows.

85 Handling - He likes to punch the ball 200ft into the air at every opportunity. I am yet to find a keeper that is actually capable of catching the ball.
80 Kicking - This is an irrelevant stat for me, I just use his long throw trait.
57 Speed - Nothing special, he's no Usain Bolt.

All I can say is give him a try. I picked him up for 35K and he's definitely been worth it. There is a good chance however that he will get a TOTS card so his SIF will go down in price slightly. If you do try him out, don't be surprised when he concedes 12 goals in his first game, he doesn't do debuts. But stick with him and you'll have yourself a great keeper. - Massive improvement from both his NIF and IF.

Thanks for reading.

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google concrete wall Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4222 | Submitted by superkay1993 on 15 June

i dont know where to begin but all i can say is i didnt think there was any truly great goal keepers on the game untill i tried this guy honestly

Keepers ive used
:diego alves - complete pile of shite, hard to tell which team he actually played for
:artur moraes - best brazillian keeper in my opinion except TOTY version
:marchetti - decent
:IF marchetti - pretty good but 40k id stick with the regular
:valdes - i thought was really solid
:casillas - decent but im sure i was handicapped badly with him as scott parker and victor moses scored 4 long shots in 1 game as casillas kind of didnt palm it, he just collapsed on him self
llorris: really really good keeper, one of the better of fifa 13

how ever SIF handanovic has actually amazed me, he not only has good handling he ONLY palms the 1500000yard power shots that no keeper can catch, meaning he catches quite a lot more, his reflex saves actually have you saying oh my god!, i noticed i concede a lot less corners since hes been in my team as hes better at clearing them or catching them or saving the header how ever....corners are fucking so over powered so yeah kaboul will still score 3 headers in one game and theres nothing you can do about it.
hes really tall also so hes able to make him self pretty fucking big when closing down players reducing the angle of the shot which is exactly what you want.
his positoning is great, when he makes an unbeleiveable save hes always well positioned to some how get the rebound also of course not every time because rebounds are just tap ins sometimes.
he has the long throw and very very good kicking he can flat kick it to the oponents final third which is absolutely deadly if you have a tall strong striker like remy, eminike, damiao ect.. for the flick on
i dont really need to say about his numerical stats like oh he has 89 diving because its just a number nobody knows what it actually represents apart from the higher the better. its worth mentioning about his speed, hes fairly quick, i didnt notice him being lightning quick or really slow so thats a good thing

now the bad the end of the day hes a fifa 13 keeper so although he will pull off game changing saves, god like saves, he will still suffer the same fifa gk retardation that has infected GK this year, for example he was going to catch a high deflected ball but instead kind of grabbed too early so it hit his arm and bounced right into the goal....yep! and also he will randomly come out without you telling him and he will palm a shot into his own net but he will certainly palm 99% less shots into his net than your standard keepers as hes so fucking good

this review is probably a bit shit compared to others but he has been so good for me and has made me say oh my god and smile with the saves hes pulled off i felt compelled to write a little something for him, i guess hes hard to link up in serie A unless you use ogbonna, chiellini, gamberina, barzagli or some inter defenders, i use him with chiellini and tots boccheti so he only gets 7 chem yet his ingame stats remained the same and he performed beyond amazing, so if chem makes a difference, i dont know but if you think it does and get him with 9 chem then you have successfully inserted a concrete wall between your goal posts

and for 40k on xbox what more do you want, buy him, try him, if you dont like him sell him on and put back your original keeper but i highly doubt that will happen. unless your terrible at defending hes getting 25 shots a match lethered at him, even then instead of a game being 5-0 it will more likely be 2-0

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HANDanovic German review Rating 9 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 451 | Submitted by LuisFut13 on 02 August

Ich habe Handanovic erstmals in einer 4 -5 -1 formation gespielt und er hat mich wirklich sehr überrascht , da ich ihn vorher nicht kannte , eigentlich wollte ich mir buffon oder marchetti tots kaufen traf aber auf diesen keeper als ich mir hier bei futhead seine werte ans

Hechten : Er hat mir ziemlich viele gute safes gemacht auch bei freistößen die ich eigentlich schon drin vermutet hatte , hat er wirklich alles zusammengenommen und noch einiges weggekratzt 10/10

Ballsicherheit:Er lässt ziemlich viele Bälle abprallen , jedoch fast immer auf eine Seite so dass kein rebound möglich war. War dies doch der fall so haben seine ausgezeichneten reflexe geglänzt , aber dazu später mehr . Ballsicherheit 8/10

Abstoß/Abwurf: Seine Absöße und Abwürfe kamen fast immer auf den Mann , welche dann den Ball auch leicht verarbeiten konnten , ich denke dazu ist nichtmehr viel zu sagen , ein paar Fehler schleichen sich immer ein aber im Großen und Ganzen war ich sehr zufrieden. 9/10

Reflexe: Seine Reflexe sind großartig , er macht sehr oft doppel bis dreifach safes und glänzt auch bei rebounds sehr häufig 10/10

Antritt: Für 57 Speed finde ich es sehr in Ordnung , er kommt schnell raus und klärt auch sehr oft gut , was ich auch sehr wichtig finde . Manchmal kommt er aber zu spät und reagiert nicht richtig . 9/10

Positionsspiel: An dieser Stelle hat er mich ein wenig enttäuscht , denn das sind keine 90 POS die er hat , mehr 85 -86 .Er lässt sehr oft das kurze Eck frei wo es dem Stürmer dann leicht gemacht wird ein Tor im 1 gegen 1 zu erzielen, ansonsten macht er seine Arbeit ziemlich gut .

Fazit: Für seinen Preis und seine Stats ein ausgezeichneter Keeper den ich jedem VOR Buffon Tots oder Marchetti empfehlen würde , da diese um einiges mehr kosten.

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Handanovic is Legend Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4231 | Submitted by dapacemaster on 20 August

Okay to start this I am going to say that I was looking for a brick wall for my 4-2-3-1 Serie A squad and he delivered. I had previously been using Marchetti who is great but would let in the occasional flukey goal, with Handanovic there is no such problem. I had recently seen him play against Real Madrid in St. Louis so I thought that I would give him a try. He will cost you around 45K-50K depending on formation, but he is definitely worth it. This guy is my second favorite keeper on the game behind only TOTS Courtois, and I've used all the top keepers. (Neuer, Buffon, Casillas, Hart, Cech,)

Diving - He is able to stretch out and reach balls across the net allowing him to make tons of diving saves (some of which will cause rage quits).

Reflexes - He is able to change direction when he has seemingly already committed to going one way. He has saved countless penalties that way. Also he is able to adjust and react to deflection aided by his diving and make miraculous saves.

Handling - You get what it says you do not to great but it is still quite solid.

Speed - He always seems to deliver whether it's rushing a pace abuser on a break away or running to make a punch on a corner kick.

Kicking - He is able to put it right where you ask him to on goal kicks, punts, etc. (I wish I could say the same about his throwing) He also manages to clear it away during scrambles or on pressured passes back.

Positioning - He Is always in the right spot and if by some chance he isn't his diving and reflexes can help him make the save.

Overall I think any thing under 100K would be a fair price for him. Thank You for Reading and good luck:)!!!

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Best keeper I've ever used. Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4312 | Submitted by GfxJG on 07 June

Hello, JG here, time for another review, this time, SIF Handanovic. First of all, this is the squad I used him in:

Second of all, general impressions: Obviously his on-card stats seem ridiculously good. And after just a few games, your immediate impression is, that they are. I've only played 20 or so games with him (13 with current version, but had a different 1 before), but already, I feelI can, with some certainty, call him the best keeper I've used so far. His on-card stats do not lie, and if they do, only in a positive way. Anyways, the individual stats:

Diving - Well, personally, he doesn't dive that much for me. Usually, his positioning makes it so that it isn't even neccesary. But when he does, 89 is about right. He reaches the shots you might not immediately expect him to, and he keeps them out. So that's good.

Handling - Phenomenal. This man can catch anything you put at him. I'm fairly certain, if he wanted to, he could even catch a Juninho free kick. Haven't tried it yet though. Only problem seems to be, that he has some sort of complex with catching corners. He never seems to catch them when I send him into them, only box them away, which is rather annoying. Although I could just leave him on the line, he'd save them anyways.

Kicking - It's kicking. Not much to say. Personally, I tend to pass from my keeper instead of kick it, but the few times I have done it, it did fly rather far. So 80 is probably about right.

Reflexes - This is madness... Madness? THIS IS. SAMIR!!!! No, seriously, this is his best trait. 89? Try 99. No, I'm serious, this is what makes him the best keeper I've used. He saves the usaveable, he makes triple saves like they're nothing. Normally, keepers in UT13 are unconsistent and easy to get past, especially the near post. Combined with his positioning, this never happens for SIF Handanovic. Overall, pay the 50K just for this stat. You won't regret it.

Speed - Not a lot to say really. It's not as much as others, like Begovic, but it's most definitly enough.

Positioning - The 2nd stat which you would pay 50K alone just to have. He NEVER gets beaten by those pesky near post power shots. Combined with his 89 reflexes, he'll keep them out. Also rarely gets beaten by long shots, due to this, and again diving and/or reflexes.

Value for money - 10/10. I gave 45K for him. I'd gladly pay 200K, if not more. As mentioned before, he's without a doubt the best keeper I've ever used in UT13. I can't say if keepers like MOTM Neuer, TOTY Casillas, TOTS Buffon etc. are better, because I haven't tried them. But they'd have to be seriously something to beat this guy, both in ability and value.

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BEST GK IN UT Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by smithy98 on 24 May

This is my first review on futhead so I apologise if it's terrible in advance.

I saw this keeper when he cam out and looked a beast! All his stats are crazy and they're some of the best on the game. I picked him up for 40k which I think is a bargain for someone of his ability.

89 diving- it's incredible! I've played 9 games with him so far and he has got to shots that no other keeper would even go near, he's saved at least 5 sweaty goals in the 9 games I've played with him.

90 positioning- he is never out of position and always in the right place at the right time.

85 handling- almost every long shot from outside the area is easy for him to catch. He makes it look so easy and hardly ever drops anything.

One of the main things that I liked about him so much was the way he defended corners. Usually, I cannot defend corners at all because I bring my keeper out but they simply do not have the height and strength to hold onto it, but with this guy it's a different story! He rushes our and beats any other player to the ball. Even if players such as David Luiz or vidic are jumping up for the ball they would have no chance.

I just thought I had to write a review on this player because he is probably the best goalkeeper I've used on fifa ever. He is very solid and has not made any mistakes yet. In the 9 games he has played for me I have only conceded 5 goals(in division 1 so that's not bad at all!) I've used Buffon, czech, hart, nauer and many more keepers in this years ultimate team but he is by far the best!

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Handofagod Rating 9 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by Colosimo13 on 09 June

Handanovic is Excellente! at this moment, i'm in very jargon like form, cant finish my chances and haven't been able to pull of the skills i usually do, but while Robinho and TOTS Lamela are failing, he's beasting ! Stopping almost everything in his path

I have tried these keepers before, Buffon, IF Marchetti, Cech and Diego Alves and he honestly destroys them all

Stat by stat review -

Diving - 8/10, absolutely boss ! but does have average decision making, for example when the ball is already going to miss the goals by around 1-2 meters he will still dive, which i suppose its always better to be safe than sorry. Doing this he sometimes parries it out for corners and you don't want to conceed a 90min header goal.

Handling - 8/10 great handling but likes to parry it more often than usual and he doesn't even have the GK Punches trait

Kicking - 9/10 Great long kicking that is very accurate, scored a nice goal by him bombing in long to Di Natale

Reflex - 10/10 Gets down saves a rocket, and then will get back up again. Won't fail you in this aspect

Speed - I personally don't look at this stat while buying a Kepper

Positioning- 10/10 although he likes to punch 7 out of 10 times he mostly punches it out of danger and not straight back into it, this is because of his height " 6'3 " and great positioning

Team 3 5 2

Di Natale Balotelli
TOTS Diamanti
Robinho, TOTS Vidal, De Rossi, TOTS Lamela
Abate, Chiellini, TOTS Bocchetti
Legendary Inter keeper Julio Cesar!

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THE KING OF THE BOX , BEST GK (for price) OF ULTIMATE TEAM. Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by fabher88 on 18 May

I tried him for 27 matches with a 3-5-2 (perfect workrates) Serie A formation , with samuel If as middle CB + gamberini and astori. Well :

On 27 matches my opponents score ONLY FREAKING 7 GOALS ( I'm not GOD in this game!!!)


-With is skill + 90 position i did not take ANY GOAL IN CORNER when I was pressing triangle (ps3)

-He saved all with knee - punch - head. WAS SHOCKING! .A COMPLETE ANIMAL.

-In the middle range he destroyed my opponent's strikers with his big body.

-He Blocked any screamer from out the box.

-Amazing Hyper Link with middle cb If samuel in 3-5-2

-His passing is pretty consistent

VOTE : 10/10 Best serie A GK , and best SIF for cheap and price in the game.

42 k coins are a gift, then.BUY IT.

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Handanovic: MASSIVE LETDOWN Rating 4 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 352 | Submitted by lewis1997 on 18 July

Firstly, this is my first review please don't be too harsh if it isn't very good :-).

ABOUT ME: I'm a relatively experience Fifa player and founded my ultimate team in March 2012. My record in Fifa 13 is 245-49-137 and I like to play with teams that have talented wingers and I invest lots of money in the defensive side of the team. I am not a pace abuser and I like formations with a CAM and 2 strikers, 1 talented in the air and 1 smaller player who has some pace and can finish. As you can probably tell from my record, I win just under half my games and am consistently in division 1 having won it 7 times. I enjoy Fifa as a game however, like many players, am convinced that some form of scripting and handicapping exists.

EXPECTATIONS: So then, on to 2nd IF Handanovic. What can I say apart from he really didn't get anywhere near the expectations I had for him and to be honest he was probably the worst keeper I have ever used apart from Kameni for Malaga. I had expected him to be like Victor Valdez but with better shot stopping abilities, always in the right place and excellent at claiming crosses from corners and making the penalty box his own. Instead I ended up with a keeper who felt as though he couldn't save shots against any players. This is proved by the fact that I once conceded a hat-trick from Chiellini in division 1!

IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS: 89 DIVING: His diving felt more like 90 odd as he was very good at flinging himself across the goal to stop the majority of long range shots. He is very effective when it comes to saving finesse shots however less people use them in FIfa 13 then did in Fifa 12 because they are much less OP.
89 REFLEXES: NO WAY. Handanovic's reflexes felt much more like 70-80 as is the problem with lots of IF goalkeepers. His reflexes also have a massive effect on his diving meaning he dives a long way but the ball has already gone past him. My least favourite of his stats.
85 HANDLING: Not much to say about this apart from flaps at everything and very rarely claims corners, palms the vast majority of shots aimed at him straight to the opponents strikers and all in all he felt much more like 80.
57 SPEED: Felt OK but didn't really have the ability to pounce on the opponents toes like Lloris or Buffon.
80 KICKING: Has the long kicking style unlike Buffon which makes him good for starting fast counter attacks from corners. The only problem is he never catches the ball from corners so can't start any counter attacks. This makes his kicking very indifferent.
90 POSITIONING: Another massive letdown of a stat, never in the right place and not fast enough to get back to it. AWFUL. Feels more like 70MAX.

SUMMARY: Occasionally has good games but lets you down when you need a rock at the back to hold on to a win in the last 10 minutes. I played him in this squad using my favourite formation.... And to me his card felt more like this...

Having read the other reviews some people claim to be able to play with him however I would stay away. Go for some keeper like Buffon or IF Marchetti for a similar price.

If you have read this review please leave feedback in the form of a like or dislike underneath so I can tell how I did and whether I should review other players.

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First German Review Rating 10 / 10 | Position GK | Formation 4321 | Submitted by d270896 on 22 June

Ich spielte ihn mit lulic sif ogbonna chiellini und konko if hinten. es war einfach nur unglaublich, nicht nur die abwehr war unglaublich, handanovic sif machte keinen fehler, er rettete mich oft durch doppel- oder sogar dreifachsaves. bei longshots ist dieser kerl unglaublich sicher und die 95% der bälle werden auf die seite abgewehrt, was dem gegner keine chance auf rebounds gibt. dazu überragt er durch sein positionsspiel und für mich ist er mit seinen 88-ig rating sogar besser als die tots versionen in der serie a, wenn nicht sogar der beste Torhüter im spiel.

keine Fehler
unglaublich gut bei Longshots
viele Doppel- oder Dreifachparaden
die meisten Schüsse werden gefangen, wenn nicht werden sie zumeist auf die Seite abgwehrt
gute Ausschüsse, dazu noch Weitwurf
57 Tempo ist auch gut für einen Torhüter

bei Ecken würde ich ihn nicht rausholen, da braucht er oft zulange
schwer in Hybrids einzubauen, da Inter keinen guten Iv hat und viele wollen nicht mit 2 Serie A Iv´s spielen

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