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You'd be better off using an ostrich. Rating 1 / 10 | Position RM | Formation 3412 | Submitted by JoshDRFC on 09 May

I played him as a RM, RF and a Striker. And I'm not gonna lie, he's f*cking awful; seriously. As a striker he was always out performed by my striker (either Elyounoussi or Luc Castaignos), the same when he was a RF. At RM he was completely ineffective, compared to his NIF who's one of my favourite player.

I'll start with his pace and his dribbling: You see, like I do, it says 90 pace and 86 dribbling. As Karl Pilkington would say: BULLSHIT. My nan's spit dribbles down her chin faster than this arse runs with the ball.

Shooting: If the net was near the corner flag he'd be getting hat tricks every game. I played 15 games with him, he didn't score once. The closest he came was a 1 on 1, the ball went 15ft over the bar. It's like he's got 9 irons on his feet.

Passing and crossing. This is the only thing that could save him... Of course I'm lying, he's awful at that as well. Each cross will either go straight to the keeper or you'll miss the box entirely and it'll go out for a throw in. He struggles to make 2 yard passes without spooning it.

Heading: He only attempted one header, and that was to keep the ball in play from going out for a throw in. The ball hit him on the top of the head, went up into the air, Ansaldi out muscled him and went on to score.

Strength: He only moved a few times, so I didn't really notice much. The only thing I can remember is Ansaldi knocking him on his arse.

Set Pieces: Almost as bad as his shooting. I had one decent corner with him and managed to score, but that's only because my tallest player was being marked by Moralez, who could quite easily perform in the midget Olympics.

He's alright in goal though, I put him in net for a peno shootout for the shits and giggles and he saved two!

TL;DR: He's a fucking brilliant keeper.

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The True Definition Of OP. (Part 2/2) Rating 9 / 10 | Position RM | Formation 41212 | Submitted by -Fifa-Gamer-HD- on 11 May

Hello my friends and welcome to Part 2 from 2 of the definition of overpowered (OP). Before I start, I always appreciate a +1 karma if possible. I used Lens in this team:

So in this, the 2nd part, I will be talking about Lens from the Erevidisie who plays for PSV, and I can gladly say that if you purchase this player off the market you will discover an OP player. Now, OP means overpowered like I've said above. The definition of overpowered in fifa, what I think is anyway, is that when a player should not be as good as he is for the price tag, an example of this would be Felipe Santana as he costs 2,000 coins but I would gladly pay the same price as i would pay for Chiellini, which is 30,000 coins. Lens is overpowered because he costs 90,000 coins but he feels like a player that would cost 150,000 which is ridiculous. I can assume that he is a much better RM than TOTS Vela, not in a finishing sense, but as an all-round RM. I played Lens as a RM and he was the one of the best RMs I have used in fifa this year.

-He has pitch-perfect passing as he can pass through the eye of a needle.
-He always keeps my attacks going.
-He has awesome long shots. One of the best long shots I've seen on the game for a RM, seriously!.. and I've tried most RMs on fifa apart from inform robben.
-He has surprisingly good dribbling for his stature in game. Doesn't feel sloppy on the ball.
-Great at headers for some reason? Delivered the ball with sneijder from corners and every time this man got his head on the ball, it would either go in, or at least be on target!
-4* skills, some skillers would disagree and say you need at least 5, but I think that 4* skills is a gift to have for every right mid. I personally have to say that I love doing ronaldo chops with this man, he keeps the ball glued to his feet, it feels so nice!
-Very, very, fast pace, he strides away from the opposition with ease.
-Amazing volleys, when ever this guy gets in the box for a volley, he will caress the ball into the net 99 times out of 100.
-4* weak foot, this helps a lot as 80 times out of 100 he will hit the target with his weak foot and 40 times out of 50 he will score.

-Average free kicks.
-Shit defending
-Smaller than me

Thanks for reading Part 2/2 of The True Definition Of OP. To go on Part 1 (İnan), please click the following link:

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Jeremain Lens TOTS Review Rating 9 / 10 | Position RW | Formation 433 | Submitted by mikic28 on 12 May

Welcome to my review of Jermain Lens TOTS!, sorry if I make a lot of mistakes, english isnt my first lenguage, but im going to try to do this review the most comprensible as i can. :P Ok, here we go...
I pick him for 92,5k (now is way cheaper) and i played 10 games with him in this team: and he scored 12 goals for me in te RW which is so sick and I won the 10 games in the gold cup against very decent teams so im very happy :)
The stats review:
PACE: 90 (feels like 90) I think the pace is exactly that his card shows, hes really quick and his 78 strength help him when hes running against the rival CBs, he makes very good runs without the ball too. Very good reactions.
DRIBBLING: 86 (feels like 87-88) Very nice dribbling, he can pass easily the opponents defense, shame that he isnt 5* skills :(
SHOOTING: 83 (feels like 89) Godly finesse shot, the best in the game I tried so far, he have 'only' 85 curve but his finesse is so good, beast on 1 on 1 against the GK. His shot power is very decent too and his longshots the same, I scored 2 goals from 25m+.
DEFENSE: 50 (feels like 50) In a 4-3-3 formation the wingers dont help so much in defense and he have low defensive workrate so it really doesnt matter.
PASSING: 76 (feels like 78) His weakest point i think, but hes not bad at all, he made like 6 or 7 assist in 10 games which is not bad but dont know his short passing is just OK and his crossing good but not the best.
HEADING: 70 (feels like 70) I dont cross it vey much and playing in a RW position i cant try many headers.
OVERALL: 83 (my overall 86) Very good players, one of the best i tried in this FIFA and the best RW IMO, totally recommended.
Hope you enjoyed this review!!, sorry for the mistakes, my first lenguage isnt english. Thanks for reading.

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Great but could be better. Rating 8 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by hoatran on 12 July

Lens at a RF looks deadly. Your eyes can't do anything but sparkle when you look at that 90 pace, call me a pace whore if you want, it's just how ultimate team is. 86 dribbling and 83 shooting also look great to cut in and shoot or even go near post. 76 passing very good, I could say that lived up to its number.

I used him in a 4-3-2-1 team
ST- Castaignos
LF- Second Infrom Mertens
RF- Team of the season Lens
LCM- Man of the match Maher
CM- Inform De Jong
RCM- Leroy Fer
LB- Patrick van Aanholt
LCB- Team of the season Moisander
RCB- Kalas
RB- Ricardo Van Rhijn

PACE(90)- Could i say he felt like 90 pace? Yes and no. At times Lens felt more like an 82-84 pace when i tried sprinting past defenders. On the other hand, when Lens did manage to get past the last defender, such as on the counter attack from my opponents corner, he was away, easy/cheap goal.

DRIBBLING(86)- This must be his best stat for me, I was able to easily to dribble in and out, hold possession, LT RT sidesteps. This set up all his other stats.

FINISHING(85)- I was able to finish most chances i had, with the use of his dribbling and pace, I found myself in many shooting opportunities
LONG SHOTS(85)- Let down, couldn't manage to score any where beyond 30 yards

PASSING(76)- Amazing, this is due to his short passing(85), this allowed myself to easily set up Castaignos or Mertens. It was also crucial for when i wanted to hold possession against people who held down contain.

HEADING(70)- Surprisingly good, didn't expect my RF to win headers against your typical Dede's and Santana's but he could. This was useful for when my opponent had a kick in and Lens manages to win the header straight to Castaignos' foot.

For paying 60K, i would say this play is worth the try, I have used Robben and I do reckon Lens plays better than him in all categories.

Peace out slut bags.

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The complete player. Rating 10 / 10 | Position RW | Formation 433 | Submitted by cianb on 11 May

I used Lens in this team : It worked so well. That front 3 >

Anyway, I bought my Lens for 101k, but it is definitely possible to get one for cheaper. But I would pay anything up to 350k.

He is without a doubt, the quickest player I have used. I have never felt anybody feel this fast. He's also quite strong and tall, so when he's running at the defence it's so hard to stop him. If there is a gap between two opposition players, just run straight through, they're not going to catch him.

He's so agile aswell ( 96 ) and goes in and out of players with ease. He even has 90 balance! It's already near impossible to stop him, but when you give him 90 balance, he's not going to be pushed of the ball.

He has 99 volleys! He has such a beautiful technique when he's volleying it, adjusts his body so well.

He's got great shot power and finishing. Also has a decent longshot, scored one lovely longshot from 35 yards out.

He scored 17 goals in 10 games for me and picked up 5 assists. He pretty much won Division 1 by himself for me. If I was to make my Ultimate Team, and chemistry did not matter, Lens would be the first person I would buy. He also has a great first touch.

I've never given a player a 10 / 10 but this man just has no flaws that I could find. I like cheese, not really though. I preferred him to TOTS Carlos Vela and TOTS Donovan.

Pace - 10 / 10
Shot - 9 / 10
Passing - 9 / 10
Dribbling - 9 / 10
Defending -
Heading 7 / 10

He also tore Santana a new one. :)

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Lens: The cheap Robben, but different! Rating 9 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by ahmedalaba on 09 May

So, first of all, I would like to excuse for my bad English, as I am German.

Like most of you, I was really excited for TOTS. And this guy, was the one I was really looking forward to. I played him in this awesome Hybrid:
I picked him up for 80k.
I will go trough the main stats:

PACE: 90. It really feels like it, not like Hulk or anyone. Because he is so agile he is really awesome 10/10

DRIBBLING: I think 86 isnt enough to describe his dribbling. He feels so awesome. The only dribblers who can keep up with him are maybe Neymar and Ronaldinho. 10/10

SHOOTING: He is actually my second best scorer, behind SIF Bony. He finishes anything inside the box, and most finesse shots around the box. 9/10

DEFENDING: Meh. I did not use him in the defense, so 50 seems about right 3/10

PASSING: This stat is such a lie. He plays better passes than Xavi and Pirlo. 90% of the goals he does not score, he plays the assist! 11/10

HEADING: I was really surprised, because he actually scored 5 headers for me, so he is really good at heading 9/10

So, overall in his stats, he looks like a cheap Robben, but he is much more than just a cheap replacement!
He is not the type of players you use to cut in, and shot. If you have got a target man, like RVP or Bony upfront, this guy is just awesome!
His stats for me:

Played: 12 Games
Scored: 11 Goals
Assisted: 16 Goals
Pass Ratio: 85%
Shot p. Goal Ratio: 3/1

I really hope that the Bundesliga and Eredivise TOTS feature some more players, that you can use in a Team with him.

I really hope you have enjoyed my first Review, and I could help you with your decision!
I would really appreciate a like! Cheers!

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Complete shit. Rating 3 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by sixfingerslap on 10 May

Well, as soon as the Most Consistent TOTS got confirmed and I saw Jeremain Lens made it, I was rocking a half chub. His card stats look amazing, his UG NIF was amazing, what could go wrong? Answer: Everything

Physical: Ok ok ok, he is very quick, he does truly feel like 90 pace. He wins headers but does not feel all that strong unfortunately, he gets pushed off the ball like he has <50 strength.

Shot: Good God his shot is atrocious. Seriously, one of the worst finishers I have used. Long shots are awful, finesse shot is awful, inside the box he can't get a shot on target to save his life. However, he has a good left peg on him, so if you make the mistake of using him don't be afraid to strike with his left.

Pass: Eh, couldn't really say anything good or bad about it. He got the ball to where it should go, he isn't playing Xavi-esque passes though.

Dribbling: He is a good dribbler, but again he gets knocked off the ball so easily that it doesn't really matter. His skills come off rather poorly though, but I had success when doing knock-ons around defenders. His acceleration makes him good for that.

Heading: He scored some headers. He missed a lot more.

Defending: Who cares.

Non-card categories: His positioning is that of a five-year old playing football for the first time. He is never anywhere near the goal, never making runs, and when he finally gets in a good position to make a run he just stops in his tracks.

Listen kiddies, stats lie. He looks like an awesome card but when you get down to it all he is on the pitch is a lazy useless son of a bitch that is only good for running. Then again, if you love pace you will love this guy.

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Lens TOTS Review Rating 10 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by kaba on 10 May

I picked up Lens TOTS for around 75k on Thursday. ( I think he's currently at ~90k on the xbox 360 and his price might even rise more..)
and played him in this squad:

I will separate this review in five aspects -
1.) Pace + his general 'physical' abilities (sounds a bit weird but never mind)
2.) Shot (including finishing etc.)
3.) Dribbling
4.) Passing
5.) Other facts

1.) His card stat says 90 pace, imo if feels definitely that fast ig. 88 Acceleration fits, he sometimes needs a bit to rise reach his full speed, but once he have done that, he's unstoppable - 93 Sprint Speed feels right as well IG.
Next point, his strength. Lens is 176cm | 5'9" tall. and has 78, but imo he isn't that strong. If I have to name a value, i'd say ~ 65 - 70 strength describes him better. He is able to out muscle Fullbacks and even CB's sometimes, but I personally wouldn't rely on that..
His Agility and Balance are very high (90 and 96) and represent his IG-Perfomance in those points very good. And last - his jumping is average; not bad, but it isn't great either.

TOTS Lens' Shooting is great all in all. 87 Shotpower in combination with 85 Longshots making his shot from distance powerful, strong and accurate. And of course u will be able to abuse that near post shot. ;) He is also a clinical finisher in the penalty box, his IG stat (85 Finishing) also represents this. Havent tried his finesse shot tooo much though, all my attempts have found the back of the net yet - doesn't matter which foot. While we're on it, his weak foot is also really good to use, there is not much difference to his stronger right foot, so Lens is also capable of cutting inside and finish.

3.) Dribbling
To make a long story short - his dribbling is ok. Don't get me wrong - you are of course able to go past players and his first touch is good and his skill moves are smooth - but nothing outstanding if you know what i mean. He isn't on a level with Coutinho(IF), Ronaldinho and all those magicians.
But, as i said before, his dribbling is ok and when you try him, u wont be disappointed.

4.) Last but not least, I will give you feedback about his Passing.
When u look at his card stats, you might think he is more like a striker than a Winger, but his crosses are very good. Most of the time, they are accurate and their curve is good too.His short passes are ok, it is enough to pass the ball to a teammate for a quick one - two, but he's no playmaker. 59 Long Passing (although you can bring ok over-the-top through balls on the way with him) and 69 Vision (:>) are confirming that impression.

- haven't tried his freekicks yet
- idk how he might work as a RM with his poor defending stats
- his Volleys are amazing! (i forgot to mention that in the 'Shooting'- paragraph)

I gave him a 10 out of 10, because all in all, he's the almost perfect RF imo. :)

imo = in my opinion.
ofc = of course
u = you
idk = i don't know

And i beg your pardon for any mistakes (especially with capital letters..), i wrote this review on my mobile phone and it would be quite hard for correct those mistakes.

Hope, this was/is helpful. =)

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Amazing player, the Lens-beam Rating 9 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by PSVisthefuture on 30 May

First of all I want to look at his stats & attributes, they mean everything to a player. As an example, much people might say to any attribute ''feels like 64'' to an attribute that in fact to a player in game is 80. Well that is nonsense in my opinion because it is an exact rating, that exactly does what its programmed by the game and controlled by the gamer. The only way attributes can actually feel different is when the gamer is not using the controller in its best way or the player in game has special traits like 'the speed dribbler'.

I will give my conclusion of the player after I give my opinion based on the stats of Lens.

Weaker foot, skillmoves, traits, height:

-Weak foot. He does have a 4 star skilled weaker foot so you can shoot pretty accurate with both feet.

-Skill moves. Lens has four skill stars that will make almost every trick possible.

-Traits 'the speed dribbler'. Runs faster with the ball, that's just great.

-Height 176cm | 5'9. Tall players are stronger compared to shorter players in the latest FIFA edition (FIFA 13). Lens isn't very tall but it is not really important to a winger in my opinion. Though, he is not short, jumps a little and is a bit strong so that combination can be skillfull in some situations.

The exact stats of Lens his best abillities from 60 to 100 and my opinion next to it ;

-Volley's: 99. Really remarkable and a deadly weapon combined with reactions, agility and speed. Give Lens a decent cross ball and he will do something with it.

-Agillity: 96. Did you know agility is more practical than ever in the newest FIFA games ? In the beginning 'strength' was really important but now agility also is.
If you have Lens you can use this ability really good. Simply just run towards a strong or fast player and try to intercept the ball, Lens will surprise your opponent by getting the ball because of his good speed and agility much times. His agility also comes in handy when a you want to perform a bicycle kick and such like.

-Sprint speed: 93. Lens has a really powerful top/max/sprint speed. I think top speed is more important then acceleration to players that are speed maniacs because speed will stack really fast after the moment you just accelerated. The speed of Lens is wicked because his acceleration is 88 and his top speed is 93, he also has the '' speed dribbler'' trait that almost makes him invincible .

-Reactions: 90. Do you sometimes hate it when a player stands there and does nothing for a while? Well that can be due to reactions. The reactions of Lens are very good so you wont have this problem that much.

-Balance: 90. Just ok.

-Acceleration: 88. Quite strong, gets really fast to his top speed

-Shot power: 87. His shots are really powerfull and fast.

-Ball control: 87. Wont lose the bal easely.

-Dribbling: 87. He walks right trough your opponents defence !

-Long shots: 85. Lens scores a lot of goals because of this one combined with a variety of shooting abilities.

-Curve: 85. Does the job.

-Finishing: 85. Combined with al his shooting skills and especially his shot power I can only say it makes him dead fully in the box and out the box.

-Crossing: 85. Gives the ball in a very decent way to his team mate because of his good crossing, curve etc.

-Short passing: 85. Short passing, reactions and speed can make him a pain in the ass of your opponent

-Stamina: 80. Not spectaculair, but average.

-Strength: 78. This attribute in particular is a bit strong and not a so strong like Drogba or Vidic. But if you see his other physical powers, this bit of strength can make him un-stoppable in some situations.

-Penalties: 76. Not superbe, but ok. Any how, does it really matters that much ? You can use any of your other players to perform a penalty.

-Jumping: 75. This one is one of the sneakiest weapons of Lens. If you want to cross a ball with your left winger to the striker it can very often be inaccurate and reach the other side of the pitch. But if you have Lens in front of the right wing, Lens will often jump and gets the ball for you or he will jump and make a header, very nice.
And you can have your own sort of air-force when your Left winger is just a decent jumper like Lens and your striker an excellent header.
I have scored many, many goals because of that.

-Free kicks: 73. This isn't that good but you can use many other players to do the job.
-Positioning: 70. Not stunning on its self but the combination of his attributes will make it ok.
-Vision: 69. He isn't a playmaker, but his vision reaches a decent area though
-Heading: 63. The worst of the best attributes. But if you jump well and make yourself space it really can be allright.

Conclusion: His abilities are more then just useful, he is a physical beast. He doesnt cost you much money and is skillfull to for every sort of Ultimate team.
My personal rating of Lens is a 9,4.

Funny: If you read his name from right to left, you read 'snel'. Snel means fast in Dutch language and that is true, Lens is a comet in FIFA13 and in real matches!

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TOTS LENS- The Beast or Incomplete Package? Rating 7 / 10 | Position RW | Formation 433 | Submitted by dunnland112 on 12 May

I recently picked him up in a pack and when i looked at his card face stats i couldn't have been happier. as soon as i got him i put him in a team alongside Van Persie and Van der Vaart and to honest he did struggle to get involved probably because of his 50 aggression and 70 positioning and medium attacking work rate which is a bit of a disappointment. However whenever he did get involved in play he pretty much single handedly start on the counter attack. In a total of 12 games played he only was able to score 6 goal in Division 1 and in a few Gold Cup matches in which i went 9 -1- 2 so for a winger that is just about average. One thing i did notice is that his shots are pretty insane, they feel similar to Robben (and i love Robbens shot on his Left foot). He was also very strong on the ball and could easily hold off defenders because of his 78 strength. Here are a closer look at some of his key strenghts and weaknesses.

1) Pace- His Pace was amazing, the 90 pace is great and he has good strength so he is pretty hard to dispossess, and 96 agility and 4* skills also makes skilling very enjoyable. Overall his pace is brilliant 9.5/10

2) Shooting- His shooting is incredible, top quality. 85 finishing, 85 longshots, 85 curve, 87 shot power, and 99 volleys for a winger is a dream come true. whenever i took a shot with him I was always confident it would be a goal. His shot power is immense, keepers would always parry it and would sometimes lead to a rebound goal. However, Lens is right footed on the right wing so if you cut in just be aware of what foot your shooting with but he has 4* weak foot so that wasn't really a problem for me. Besides that his Shooting was some of the best i have seen from a winger Overall his shooting was a 9/10

3) Dribbling - His dribbling ability was great! 96 agility, 87 ball control, 87 dribbling, 4*skills combined with all his great pace stas means that he is an ideal skiller. His dribbling in general felt very tight, not as good as Robben, but still very capable of breezing past defenders. His Dribbling is amazing definatly gets the 10/10 due to the combination of great pace, good strength, 4* skills and very good ball control and dribbling stats, Loved his dribbling.

4)Passing- His passing for a winger was decent, it got the job done but nothing really special. 85 short passing and 85 crossing was great, however he did lack the complete passing package. He only had 69 vision and 58 long passing, which is terrible. He lacked the ability to pick out key passes whenever Van Persie would make a run on goal. Don't even try to pick out a long pass, they will always go in every direction except for the intended target. When using Lens keep the passes to quick short passes and he will be effective. Overall his passing was a 6.5/10 based on the fact that his crossing and short passes were pretty good but his other passing stats were pretty much useless

5)Mental Stats- This is where is hated Lens. His physical and skill stats are all amazing but his mental stats is his main downfall. he has medium attacking and low defensive workrates and 50 aggression. I usually found him at the center mid line when i wanted to see him in and around the box so i could take advantage of his great shooting and dribbling. Off the ball he seemed very lazy and slow and barely made any runs forward. I pretty much had to play 1-2 balls to him just so he would move up the pitch. Everything else about Lens is great but his mental stats were garbage. as i also mentioned before he only had 69 vision so his passing was incomplete. Overall his mental stats just made him feel incomplete, if he had even slightly better mental stats he would be well worth it but it was just frusterating. overall mental stats get 4/10 because he did occasionally make a run forward b/c of his medium attack workrate, but that RARELY happend.

Overall, TOTS Lens was Amazing in Most Areas like his pace, shooting, and dribbling but he lacked the passing and mental stats that would have made him a Complete and Clinical winger. He also has very few hybrid options but that can be overlooked. I got him in a pack and was able to sell him for 97,000 so that was good. Therefore, Lens, in my opinion, is just the incomplete package because i couldn't really take advantage of his amazing stats because there were a few key stats that were bad which prevented him from reaching his full potential. This may be a little harsh but based on the 12 games i played with him I think he is a 7-7.5/10

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This Guys God. Rating 10 / 10 | Position RM | Formation 451 | Submitted by huyton123 on 12 May

Ok I am playing this guy in this squad
I measured him in dribbling, speed, shooting, crossing, passing and skill
First of all this guys precision dribbling is second to none. You hold down the left trigger and he will strut his stuff. I can't stress to you how good it is.
Secondly his speed. With or without the ball he is as quick as anyone. In a foot race he'd get there first. And he would run past players such as Clichy and Marcelo with ease because of his great agility being an unbelievable 96.
Then his shot. O..M..G. Every shot he takes from distance will trouble the keeper. You will win a corner or score. It is that good. But what lets him down is his finishing of one on one opportunities. In 23 games he scored 11 goals but 9 of them were long shots. He has a pretty good outside the box finesse but again he can't finish in the box.
Every cross he does is on Yilmaz's head. Every damn time. His crossing isn't the best at 85 but it is still pretty good. I don't know whether it is Yilmaz's movement or Lens is that good.
Again passing is pretty average but every now and again he will find that killer through ball. Most short passes are accurate and go to feet but sometimes they can go a stray.
Now his skill. 4 star skills is good enough because of the way this guy can pull them off. He obliterates his opponents doing them. His roulette works every time and his Ronaldo chop is better than Ronaldo's.
Now time for scoring!
PACE 10/10
SHOT 8/10
SKILL 10/10

OVERAL 10/10

I can't stress to you how good he is and you would only understand if you went out and tried him for yourself. Honestly he's worth it!!

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Sensational Rating 10 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 5221 | Submitted by nathanfifa on 08 May

I picked Lens up for 75.000 on the xbox in a 5-2-2-1 formation. I've played with the NIF several times before and he played best (for me) in this formation. So I built a eredivisie squad around him and played a couple of games.

Is he worth it? YES. Here's why:

90 pace: His NIF is very, very quick. This version is even quicker. Burn past anyone. His strength really helps with this as well.
83 shot: This is the best part, sensational!! Hattrick on his debut. Finishes everything. Top right hand corner. He has 99 volleys, every volley BURSTS past every goalie. I even scored a 30 yard screamer against Buffon! as a RW.
76 passing: Didn't really pass with him, you don't have to but he can do the simple stuff.
86 dribbling: AMAZING!! I tried so zig-zag around defenders like any other player but he did it so smooth. Perfect almost.
50 def: not needed, but he's strong so if you want to play him as a RM (wasted, but still) he can do the dirty work.
70 heading: wins a lot of headers when you pass it to him with the goalie or something. Can score from corners also.

I bought him because I'm a fan of him in real life. This card represents him well. He's strong, fast, agile, and can finish.

Normally an in form feels worse, terrible first touches or clumsiness, but this is absolutely NOT the case for Jerry Lens. No 'handicap' or something when you play with this card!

Price: I paid 75k for him. His price kept going downhill but stayed still at 80k ~. I'm pretty sure he'll drop to 50k but he's definately worth it already at 80.
I'm never going to sell this card again. Phenomenal.

I haven't tried switching him to LF in game, I will, for some more longshots. But if you time it right you can pull off some nice longshots on the right hand side too

There is 1 negative: after the 70th minute he'll get a bit slower. But it isn't really a problem.
10/10, almost everything is perfect.

Buy him!

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Incredible Player!!! Rating 9 / 10 | Position RW | Formation 343 | Submitted by Romo2Barber24 on 09 May

I couldn't wait for the most consistent tots to come out for 2 reasons.. Arteta and this beast.
Here is the team I use him in:
I didn't wait to buy him. Ended up buying him for 82k which isn't a bad price for a tots card on the 1st day they drop.. I just couldn't wait to try him.
Here is my review of TOTS Lens:
On card stats
PAC: 9/10 Now when I bought a couple faster In Form cards they didn't seem as fast as the card showed. With Lens.. He seems faster than 90 pace.. More like 93-95 for me. He blazes past defenders like Luiz, Ogbonna, Chiellini, ect. I was surprised at how fast he is. Feels faster than IF Walcott for me.

SHO: 9/10 This is the biggest improvement from his gold card. When you have a chance to take a long shot, take it.. He makes 3/5 if it isn't blocked by a defender. His finishing inside and outside of the box are both incredible. Finesse shots are great inside of the box.

PAS: 7/10 His passing is decent. Nothing special but gets the job done. Feels about 76-80 which is solid. Short passing is pretty solid being he has 85 for the stat. Didn't get a chance to try his long passing.

DRI: 10/10 Now on to his best attribute. His ball control is incredible. One of the best in the game. He glides past defenders with ease. Combining his ball control with the speed Dribbling trait. It's just incredible. No other words for it.

DEF: ?/10 I use him at RW so defense doesn't matter. I would assume he would be bad at defense because of his Low defensive WR and lower defense stat

HEA: 6/10 I had only 1 chance to win a header with him and he won it but sailed it over the net. I would say hes not the greatest at heading but seems like he could win balls here and there
Notable in game stats: 87 Ball control, 85 crossing, 87 dribbling, 85 finishing, 85 long shots, 87 shot power, 99 Volleys, 88 Accel, 96 Agility, 90 balance, 93 sprint speed

+Dribbling is incredible
+Great finishing inside and outside of the box along with pretty good longshots
+Decent Strength
+Speed Dribbler
+pretty good Finesse shot
+4 star skills
+4 star weak foot (feels like 5 at some points)

-Medium Attack workrate (isn't a huge problem but doesn't help)
-defense when played at RM (Low Defense WR as well)
-Kind of short to play at RF or cross to inside of the box

Overall: 9/10
For the price in the 1st couple hours he was out, He is incredible. This card should drop later on. Bought for 82k and dropping as I type this. I would easily spend 100k+ for this card. It should be affordable for most people that play fut.

Hope this review helped!

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He's just too good! Rating 10 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by adamwilliams on 15 May

Lens is just an absolute beast! He should go for a lot more than he does. I using him in this squad:

His in game stats are just mental. 99 volleys. No wonder i score so many volleys, i didn't realise he was so good at them until he scored a bicycle kick for me!

87 ball control. He keeps it so close to his feet it is unbelievable. It feels much better than hazard's and bale's put together!

87 dribbling. He must weaves about and because if how fast and small he is he can accelerate past any defender!

85 finishing. Doesn't feel like it in any way, he should easily have around 92-95 because he can score from any angle because of his 85 curve to help with it. He also has 85 long shots and 87 shot power. He is just an absolute scoring beast.

The only problem i find with him is his heading but he is only 5 foot 9 so i don't expect him to win very many headers.

He has average passing, 58 long and 85 short, but it is really easy to play one two's between him and the striker if u can get it off right.

He not very good at defending but he is a winger so i didn't expect him too be very good at it.

His free kick stats aren't the best but i can't score free kick anyway so it doesn't matter in my opinion.

78 strength. Doesn't feel like it at all. I've had him out muscle some of the strongest of defenders e.g. Thiago Silva, Vidic, Sergio Ramos.

He supposedly has 90 pace. He feels like he has got 95-97. He can burn past any defender I've come up against even if they had booster cards on he still felt a lot faster than them.

Thank you for reading my review on TOTS Lens
Thanks MonsterzMight

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Best winger on FIFA. Rating 10 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by JamesDewsbury on 10 May

Jermain Lens Review:

Jermain Lens is an absolutely rapid monster who is good in all aspects of Fifa. He has got amazing shooting as well with 99 volleys, 85 finishing and 87 shot power.

He also has a 4* weak foot which makes him even more better as he can do what he can do on his right foot nearly as well with his left foot. Lens is also difficult to get off the ball due to his 86 (card) and 87 (in game) dribbling, 96 agility, 87 ball control, 90 balance and a decent 78 strength.

Defiantly get this guy, for 90k, he is better than Robben in my opinion and about 1/3 of the price. His price will also go down as he is still in packs. I reckon he'll go down to 60-70k.

Lens' 4* skills make him enjoyable for most people as well, he doesn't do the skills badly as well because of him immense pace and ball control.

Finally, Lens has a medium attacking work rate and a low defensive work rate. This means that he won't help out in the defence which is a good thing because it means that he will just chill in the attack and do his job there.

I gave him a 10/10 because of all the reasons above, if you play bad with him, i do believe that you should just give up on FIFA because he cannot dissapoint you.

Get him now, you will not be disappointed.

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Quick and Clinical Rating 9 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by Vexation17 on 12 May

Once the first TOTS was released I must admit there weren't too many players that caught my eye. However having already played with an Eredivisie team I was excited about the releases of Lens and Moisander. I picked him up on release day for around 85k and don't regret it although it's likely I will lose some coins.

I played him in this squad, which turned out to be incredibly effective and I won Division 1 with only one loss.

Pace: His pace is exactly as the card states, he feels incredibly quick of the mark and reaches his maximum speed in no time due to his 88 acceleration. I have had no issues with him feeling sluggish or controlled by any left back I have faced so far. Or CB for that matter considering half the fifa population use 3-5-2.

Dribbling: Lens feels nimble and agile on the ball, I found the most effective way to use him was to come in from the right side via a Ronaldo chop or Berba spin then from there on simply dribble manually. His ball control is superb and he very rarely makes a bad touch. He's scored 31 goals in 28 games for me, and most stem from that cutting in technique.

Shooting: This is the aspect of the card I feel has really been boosted, in comparison to his Winter Upgrade card this is a vast increase and you can really feel it. His long range shots are devastating and rocket into the net, although his finesse is somewhat questionable and I would recommend sticking to power shots across the face of goal or at near post.

Defending: N/A. Though he does make quite a few interceptions due to his acceleration and speed.

Passing: I'm not going to lie and say he's similar to Pavel Nedved, but I'd say he passes to a Jesper Gronkjaer standard, short passing I have no complaints and 1-2's with Wijnaldum have proven to be effective. However his long passing is dubious at times and can result in wasting the possession. Due to my style of play I rarely cross the ball, but when I have it has been in the danger zone. And he managed to 'put it in the mixer.'

Heading: This was the stat that was most surprising in my opinion. His heading is reminiscent of IF Lamela, who always seemed to be reliable in the air for me. From goal kicks I consistently played it to the right side as Lens was winning around 80% of his battles in the air and proved to be very useful in that aspect.

Overall I gave Lens a 9/10 he is by no means the best player in the game. But for below 100k he is possibly the best RF coins can buy with his only competitor for me personally, being IF Lamela. He is a must have for any Eredivisie/Holland team or hybrid. He provides, scores and generally looks good in the squad menu.

One last note; usually I prefer my wingers and striker to have high attacking and low defensive workrate, although his attacking workrate is only medium he felt fine to use and I have no quarrels in this department.

Thanks for reading, hope this helps you decide whether or not to risk a purchase of Lens. Enjoy!

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Pace, Shooting, Dribbling.. Goal! Rating 9 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by GreenPostman on 11 May

I have now played six games with this team and Lens has scored ELEVEN goals!! All his goals have been from the right forward position!!
The only unfortunate thing about him playing right forward or right wing is that he is right footed, So he cant cut in on his preferred, but this turns out to be okay, he has a four star weak foot! Which is also complemented with four star skills! So he can do almost anything! He works wonders with Dries Mertens on the left, the only trouble is finding a striker as good as those two! He's almost perfect but a few minor issues you will find got him lowered to a nine.

This is the team I used him in:


90 PAC - This stat would almost be spot on, to me he even seemed slightly slower, but his pace is way more than acceptable!

86 DRI - His dribbling is amazing he can weave in and out of players and still have the ball, his dribbling is greatly assisted by having a high agility stat and four star skills

83 SHO - My word his shooting seems better than some of the best strikers in the game! He's got the highest stat possible for volleys, so all you need to do is chip it to him, and he will finish! Finish In the air with his volleys or on the ground with his great finesse and power shot! He has also scored some ripping long shots for me!

50 DEF - Not relevant. It's a good chance to talk work rates! He has a Medium attacking and Low defensive, which I love on a player, some don't, but for me this adds to the perfection of Jeremain Lens!

76 PAS - His passing doesn't set the world alight but he finds the target that is more than you can ask!

70 HEA - He has got a great head for a short man, seems like he can rise like an angel and beat six foot plus players in a heading contest!

Thanks for reading this is my first review! I had to write it because he is one of the best players I have used this FIFA and he is reasonably cheap for a blue monster! It will be the best coins you'll ever spend!! Hope I could help you!!


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Very Good and Cheap Option For Robben! Rating 9 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by Fanisety on 08 May

I just bought TOTS Lens for 95.000 coins, and wanted to make a review of him. He has made a very, very good impression on me!

Pace (9/10):
He has 88 acceleration, so in the beginning he may feel a bit slow, but he will speed up a lot!

Shooting (10/10):
His shooting is perfect! His longshot is amazing! And his finishing is very good for a RW! I played 10 games with this fellow, and I scored 15 goals!

Passing (7/10):
His passing isn't special or anything. He makes good crosses, but nothing more I guess.

Dribbling (8/10)
Very good dribbling. His dribbling feels a lot like Mata's dribbling!

Defending (5/10):
Bad. But you can't blame a RW for bad defending.

Heading (7/10):
He has good jumping, but rarely gets a header on target for me. But still better than the heading of most RW's.

Is he worth the 95k?:

Well, he isn't woth 95k. But this is the first day he is in packs, so when he gets like 60k or something like that, he will DEFINITELY be worth the coins!
This guy is amazing!
If you can't pay the big price for Arjen Robben, you should definitely buy this guy. He is just as good as Robben, if not better! And if you're planning to build a eredivisie team, this is the RW you should get. An other option if you can't afford him, is Narsingh, or the NIF Lens. I have tried A LOT of RW's in my ''FIFA carreer'' but this has to be my favourite RW of all time! He is just amazing! Indescribably, Fucking Awesome player!

(By the way, if you have ever tried Schurlle, he feels like a better Schurrle in my opinion. And come on, who doesn't like schurlle ha ha.)

This was my first Futhead review! I hope it was understandable, ha ha ha!

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Just like IF Farfan Rating 8 / 10 | Position RF | Formation 5221 | Submitted by ryizal123 on 11 May

This is my review of TOTS Lens. I used him in a Eridivisie and BPL hybrid with Lens, Bony and Mertens as the front 3.
First of all his card stats.
90 pace: His pace feels does feel around 90 so 9/10
86 dribbling: His dribbling feels good also and when he isn't up against armero, clichy etc, he can get past them with ease 8/10
83 shooting: not too sure about this one it says 99 volleys on his in game stats but for me it didn't feel too strong. on another note he can score on either foot near or far post which is a bonus. 8/10
50 defending: is irrelevant in RF n/a
76 passing: his passing seems good and he doesn't mess up many passes. nice for 1-2's and playing through balls to mertens. 7/10
70 heading: haven't had much of a chance to test this out but it probably isn't that strong. n/a
In comparison to Farfan who for me is the best ring winger on the game ahead of robben. he is just a slightly worse version of the inform farfan, slightly slower, poorer shooting, etc. but the main difference I can tell by using him is the strength. It says 78 on the in game stats but he feels really weak. He keeps repeatedly losing battles with chiellini and ogbonna and cannot get past them. Farfan on the other hand has no problem. this is the only problem in my eyes.

Pros and cons

Very fast and has good passing so is able to cross the ball in if that's your style of play.
has a good shot and has 4 star weak foot so can cut inside or go near post for a goal.
4 star skills and nice dribbling

feels weak and gets pushed over and pulled by the likes of armero and clichy

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