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OMG Mertens = Beast Rating 10 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by r00ray 10 on 07 February

I played Mertens in a mostly belgian team with IF Lukaku upfront and WOW hes amazing!!!

Not only did he bring the best out of Lukaku but he was THE BEST in my team by far! I have now played 15+ games with him and he has scored in each of the games!! He is almost identical to SIF Mirallas from FIFA 12 except Mertens feels better on the ball WITHOUT A DOUBT YOU SHOULD BUY HIM!!!!

His shooting: Feels higher than 84
His pace : Feels about 90+
His Dribbling : feels about right

His stand out stats are his free kicks and his AWESOME shooting

i definitely recommend this player one of the best in the game!!!

Comparison to his IF: There is no real comparison he is much better in near all aspects!!!!

Comparison to Eden Hazard: This i assume is the key aspect to the review as these are the 2 best left sided players from Belgium... In my opinion there is not too much to separate these players. Hazard edges it in dribbling, however Mertens's shot is much better!! To choose between these two players will no doubt come don to price and play style!

If you are a player that plays counter attack and feel the need to cross it in a lot( i hate u people) then i say buy Hazard.

If u are a player that keeps possession and likes to score a few long shots then i strongly recommend SIF Mertens.

The only real downside i can see to Mertens is that he is hard to introduce into many hybrid teams. Due to him playing in the Eridivese ( unfavorable league) you almost have to play him in a belgian team.


I strongly recommend Mertens especially as a LF in a 4321 he has brilliant shooting from range as well as clinical finishing!
He can take players on VERY EASILY and often can win you a game by himself!!

10/10 may seem exaggerated but it would not be honest if i gave him anything less he is amazing

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Dries Mertens - The cheap, incredible and better Hazard! Rating 10 / 10 | Position LM | Formation 352 | Submitted by Jorgz0rrr on 25 March

Wow, i don't usually write reviews on players, but after using this card i just couldn't resist it.. I kind off feel like it's my responsibility to inform the rest off the community about this incredible card.

First off, this is the team i played him in: http://www.ea.com/uk/football/fifa-ultimate-team/show-off#iRYI8alYnJi5S:ps3
I managed to get 10 goals in 11 matches, and as a LM in a 352 that is quite impressive! 2 Penalty, 3 Freekicks, 5 Playgoals.

Now, let's jump on to the every-single-stat-review:

- 85 Ball control, Just immense, the ball sticks sooo tight to his feet. Comparable to the likes of Nani (10/10)
- 85 Crossing, I'm really not much off a "crosser", especially with Right-footed players on the right, but the few times i use the "swap wingers" tactic in-game, and got him over on the Right side it was good! Almost always managed to pick out Doumbia on the back-post (8/10)
- 91 Curve, More curves than Kim Kardashian? Mehh, not really, but godly nontheless! Finesse-shot with this guy, and you will score more often than not. (9/10)
- 86 Dribbling, So good! Again, comparable to the likes off Nani and Hazard, too tight! (10/10)
- 89 Finishing, Ridiculous, combine his finishing with 91 Curve - Finesse for days! (9/10)
- 95 Free kicks, Tbh, i'm not too good at Free kicks, but somehow even I can hit the target with him! 10/10 is an insult..
- 39 Heading, Actually felt so much better, don't know why. He never missjudged any air-balls, he's never in the box though.. (6/10)
- 76 Long passing, Not outstanding, but good enough to turn the play over to Hulk at RM (8/10)
- 86 Long shots, Honestly, his longshots were the reason i bought him, and he delivered, almost always on target! (9/10)
- 38 Marking, Doesn't even matter..
- 86 Penalties, So good! You get so much aming-time, it's ridiculous! If you miss a penalty with this card, you're shit.. (10/10)
- 82 Short passing, Spot on, every single time. Very good for playing quick passes! (8/10)
- 89 Shot power, I don't even know how to describe his shooting, so hard! (10/10)
- 28 Sliding tackle, Mehh, doesn't even matter..
- 46 Standing tackle, Doesn't matter, again..
- 80 Volleys, I love to shot bouncing through balls with this card, he always times the shots to perfection! (9/10)

- 93 Acceleration, sweeeet, So good to dash between defenders with him! His change of pace is so good! (10/10)
- 99 Agility, Perfection, you can't get it any better than this. (11/10
- 99 Balance, Again, you just can't get any better than this. (11/10)
- 74 Jumping, Actually wins surprisingly many headers due to this! (8/10)
- 87 Reations, Good for interceptions, also feels so quick on the turns (8/10)
- 86 Sprint speed, Godly good, not as good as the acceleration, but when he's on the run you'll have a hard time stopping him!(10/10)
- 80 Stamina, doesn't seem to drop much after matches, i use two teams and play everyother match, so it doesn't matter as much for me as it might do to you.
- 45 Strength, feels a bit weak, but it's seems like it's hard for the opposition to push him off the ball, provably because of his crazy balance and agility. (5/10)

- 76 Aggression, Seems like he's a bit off a fighter when he's on the ball. Tries to push and pull the opponents as much as possible. Rarely gets booked, in fact never for me. (7/10)
- 74 Positioning, Decent, but not as good as i hoped. Finds himself in good positions. But I wish they would have upgraded it from his regular card.. (7/10)
- 38 Interceptions, actually feels better than 38, i think it's due to his reactions and he seems to make some sick interceptions every now and then. (8/10)
- 81 Vision, good, but once again a stat that isn't upgraded from his regular card.. 90+ and he would be immense! (8/10)

Conclution; The cheap mans Hazard? I don't think so, i'd rather call it the rich mans mistake!
Is he worth it? Yes, he's only 40k, and better than Hazard IMO(Yes, i have tried him.)

Total rating:
10/10, you might think i'm exaggerating, but hear me; Try him now, and make up an opinion yourself! He will only rise in price once people get to know about him.

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I wanted to love him but i couldn't Rating 3 / 10 | Position LW | Formation 433 | Submitted by RAfaelM on 01 March

First of all English isn't my first lenguage so bare with me.

Basically, i though he was a beast when i first searched him on futhead and saw everyone talking good stuff about him... To start i'll tell the team i buld around him:

SIF Mertens - Mirallas - Ben Arfa
Nainggolan - SiIF Fellaini - Cabaye
Balzareti - Gamberini - Diakite - IF Konko

I can say he was AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. Seemed to be so weak and so slow, probably worst than Hulk.

Wasn't never in good position, Never did good runs, his finishing semmed to be worse than IRL Gervinho's His passing was awful, he had a very very very powerful longshot but they NEVER went in. I played about 15 games with him and he only scored 1 miserable goal, just one while Mirallas scored 23 and Arfa 9. Probably one of the worse player that i have ever used in my life playing fifa. I wanted to love him but i simply couldn't He was totally crap for me, his heading was horrible and 5'6 didn't help him much, the 88 pace was totally a lie, more like 70. his 84 shooting was a LIE also, it feeled like around 50 or worse.

Also, i'm only giving my opinion, you can think whathever you want because you can do it. If you think i'm lying then go on and try him, he was good for a few people apparently, maybe it was the formation? i doubt it, he's a useless fifa player. Atleast as a LEFT WING... THAT'S JUST MY OPINION.

And also it's really hard to get a good team around him since the shit league he plays...

Pce, feel free to hate me for giving out my opinion.

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Dries Mertens - Better than Ronaldo Rating 10 / 10 | Position LM | Formation 4411 | Submitted by magmus on 10 February

I heard that there was this guy named Cristiano Ronaldo who was apparently a bit like Dries Mertens, just not as good.

I have tried both the IF1 and IF2 of Dries Mertens, and IF1 is amazing but the IF2 is the BEST!


+ Best dribbling, 99 agility and 99 balance combined with 86 dribbling allows you to get past any player with ease
+ Pace, well fast enough for anything, the acceleration helps a lot with the dribbling aswell.
+ Shots, every shot goes in, in the tightest of angles from any range. End of.
+ Passing, flawless.


- Weak, very easy to get pushed off the ball, but does not matter if you are good enough at dribbling.
- Small, hard to control the ball from long range passes, it just ends up bouncing off his head.
- Bad at headers, this guy cannot header
- Bad defense, weak strength and small height combined with poor defensive stats, who cares, this guy is an attacker.

Overall: 10/10

Ronaldo without the 5* skills and heading. Don't buy Ronaldo, save the money and buy IF2 Dries Mertens instead, I will guarantee you will be surprised.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons, especially when the cons are usually for players of other positions. Dries' balance is better than Ronaldo's and this helps when dribbling closely. Eden Hazard is nothing compared to NIF Dries, just don't buy Eden Hazard, biggest regret of mine there was.

You can shift Dries Mertens to CF and he does work well there, just make sure you are very good at dribbling as Dries Mertens is weak and he does not appreciate getting crowded by the midfielders and defense in the middle. Someone like Burak Yilmaz UPGRADE is good at CF! But I will leave him in another review.


The price is high but it is worth it, think of it like this, he is an investment that is worth it, buy him for a load but his resale value will only go up. Don't worry he will pay you back shortly.

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Cheap Hazard ! Rating 9 / 10 | Position LW | Formation 433 | Submitted by daannnn on 24 February

Hello everybody!
Now to start off this review, I played SIF Mertens in a 433 Belgium team.

Now this guy ladies and gentleman is the cheap Hazard. His agility (99) is amazing, he squeezes himself through the opponents defence.
His balance (99) is amazing as well, he always tries so hard to stay up, its very useful in-game. His pace (88) is very decent as well. He feels very fast, more like 90-93. His dribbling/ball control is also very great. The ball stays very close to his feet and because his dribbling is so high (84) his pace should feel slower, but it doesn't so it is a win-win really. (fast + close ball control).
His Free-Kick stats are BEAST! (95) He has 89 shot power and 91 curve. Unfortunately I didn't scored any because I ain't that good of a free kick taker...
He also has 4* skills and 4* weak foot what isn't bad at all.
His work rates are High-Medium what isn't too bad (in my opinion).
He plays for Belgium what is (quite) a popular country.
He is right footed and plays on the left side (, because I like that).

He is very small, so you probably won't score any headers with this kid.
He seems to get tired pretty fast. (Yes I played all my games with him with 90+ fitness)
He plays for PSV in the Eredivisie, what isn't a VERY popular league.

He scored 15 goals for me in 20 games.

And that's about it really. I think he's a great, cheap player. And really suggest you should pick him up.
I will give this guy a 9 out of 10. O, and sorry if my English wasn't perfect (I'm from Holland).

I hope you'll have some information, I guess, about SIF Mertens.

Thanks for reading my review!


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Review + IF1 Comparison Rating 10 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by DonKevon on 08 February

First, my review to his first if: http://www.futhead.com/fifa/reviews/5782/ (include my team)
Outshining, O-U-T-S-H-I-N-I-N-G!
A absolutly Monster.

His Pace, marked as 88.

- Faster than the First if, combined with great accelaration feels like 88-89


-Worked well, his weak foot is a rocket! Because of 91 Curve and 89 Shotpower, now the finesses and blasts are in the back
of the net, or the keeper can't catch them directly. Combined with 89 finishing, boss. Longshots are sooooooo great.
And those freekicks, invitation to a goal!


- Like Real life Pirlo. Feels like High 90's. Compared to his first, a little bit better.


- AMAZING. Also for skilling.


-In my opinion he helps a lot! Feels like high 60's.


-Good like his old, but he is a little bit small. Compare him to Messi with his heading, think both are 5'6".

All in all

All in all, brilliant player. Best Player for a comparison will be i think Hazard or Messi.
In My team, he is the star player. If i'm on the way to loose, he says no and score my goals.
And this 5 k ( sold my old one for 25, got him for 29,500 ) is he worth. Greatness in person.
Hopefully, i could help you.

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AMAZING, after you get him started Rating 9 / 10 | Position LM | Formation 352 | Submitted by Owen on 28 February

IF Mertens is a beast i must admit, but it takes him a while to get him started. I used him in this team: http://www.ea.com/uk/football/fifa-ultimate-team/show-off#h73vWRK3nI8S8:ps3
At the first 15 games, it says he has only played around 15 games, and scored 3. All three of those goals were in the last game i played with him, two of them being free kicks. now i think i have played around 33 games, and he has scored 19. He has been pounding the goals in, left to right. He plays perfectly in a 3-5-2. He goes back on defense, but more importantly he is always in the perfect place on offense. His crossing feels like 95, its insane how well he puts the crosses into the strikers (sidenote - Labyad and Taarabts heading are INSANE, on the card it says like 50, but its not, they win alot of headers.).
88 Pace- Easily more. Felt around 93. he goes back on defense and goes back up on attack alot. 10/10
84 Shot- Crazy insane after you learn how to use him and what to do. Im rating him 8/10 because it takes a while for him to get started.
79 Passing- His passing is really smooth, his crossing is near perfection. 8.75/10 because his long passes seem really choppy.
84 Dribbling- Really nice, ball control felt really good, keeps the ball close to him. 9/10
50 Defending- He is very good at defending, he gets back often, and just the perfect amount. 7/10 because low defending stats.
48 Heading- Never ever ever heads the ball, but doesn't matter because he goes on the wing and cuts in and shoots.3/10

Overall, i rated him 9/10 because it really took him a while to get started, 15 games is kind of a lot when you pay for an inform. but he is amazing, and i definitely recommend my semi-cheap, inform budget team.

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A better and cheaper Hazard Rating 9 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by MightyCowPat on 24 April

Hey guys,
I used Mertens in this team http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/9690309/# as I wanted to compare him directly to Hazard. I kept rotating them in and out of the squad. Of the 10 online games that I played (10 with each player) Mertens got 12 goals and 9 assists, hazard got 8 goals and 5 assists. And as the stats would suggest I preferred Mertens.

The best thing about Mertens (for me at least) was his shot. For someone so small he has an unreal shot; from amazing curling FIFA 12 finesse shots, bottom corner finishes and outside the box top net (the best net) cannons his shots destroy the back of the net before the keeper even realises that he has shot. His weak foot is still good, and it does feel like 4*, but as you would expect he cant quite do what he can do with his magical right foot.

The second major selling point of Mertens is his dribbling. It feels alot better than 84, probably due to his 99 agility and 99 balance, meaning that he can stay on his feet well and that he is very agile and nifty. Whilst David Luiz is outpacing and out-muscling TOTY Ronaldo, Mertens slips through his legs. His touches are so close to his feet and he is one of the few players with whom I don't worry about his first touch flying off the pitch.

He also feels like 88 pace, no more, no less. To me at least this is fast, and although opposing full-backs tend to be fast I have always considered Mertens to be rapid and have had no problem with his pace.

Mertens is a very good short distance passer, and a fantastic crosser. Nearly all of his assists came from crosses, and his passing set up chance after chance, although his long passing was average nothing special.

I don't use wingers or wide forwards for heading, but due to his height and heading stats I can only assume that this is not a strong point of his.

The main (and only) problem that I had with Mertens was his strength, he is quite small and he can quite easily get muscled off the ball, although with his dribbling it is quite easy to stay away from Dede, David Luiz or whatever OP defenders is threatening you in that particular game.

So overall I loved Mertens, even though I did find his lack of strength annoying. I far preferred him to Hazard, and I also tested them both as LWs in a 4-3-3, but Mertens was still better.


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USE HIM AS A LF Rating 10 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by sammy95 on 10 February

BUY HIM whilst he is below 40k as when he comes out of packs and people find out how good he is his price will rise.

The squad i used him in http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/5429211/
I know that the strikers are very pacey but hey they score a lot of goals for me. SIF Mertens fits in very well with the 3 middle player able to make great though balls to him which leads to an easy finish with him

Pace: very high acceleration good sprint speed

Shooting: Superb free kicks am not that great at them but with this guy you don't need to be amazing to get it in. Most long shot are on target and about 4/10 go in. Fifa 12 Finesse Shot is back with this dude curls in top corner every time for me. (feels like 87)

Dribbling: ball stick to his feet, is able to change direction really quick due to high acceleration and 99 balance and 99 agility. (feels like 90 great first touch)

Passing is good for a LF can complain there.

I get the odd header but nothing special can score simple open goal header struggles a bit with a keeper there.

Defending doesn't matter

- Amazing free kicks
- OP Finesse Shot and near post finish
- Ball sticks to feet

- Defenders do catch him up on long runs

BUY HIM NOW as is very cheap picked him up for 30k and for his price he is a bargain i have used i lot of good LW/LF/LM like bale, hazard, neymar, david villa (great finishing ability) Hazard has better dribbling and pace but Mertens shot is just miles better.

If you decide to buy him promise me that you wont use him as a LM as he is really wasted there as you want him as close to the goal as possible

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Mertens, The Belgium Ronaldo Rating 10 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by RobbyTank on 11 February

Hey guy's, first of all want to excuse for typo's, English is not my native language, Proud to be Belgian. I wanted to make a review about SIF Mertens, He's a beast I played him in this team:
http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/5639184/# It's a beast team, my record was 12-1-2

I have to say I started in Div 5 because I started a new account, I won Div 5 and 4 and the golden Cup.
But now about Mertens, he was like a god for me, with this guy you can really win a game just by passing everything to him. He's dribbling is so smooth and his shooting is amazing If you are in or around the box your shot will hit the back of the net.
His stats for my team were 13 matches and 34 goals so that's a average of 2.6 a match, for an LF I would say: Amazing!

In depth!

-Pace: His pace was really nice, 88 would feel like 90, not because of his pure stats but because of his vision, his runs were great, and thats what you want in an LF. You want him tom make the runs and put it in like a real striker, what he can do with his 89 finishing.

Shooting: His shooting is really good, I swear it feels like 88-90, 86 long shots, 89 shot power and 91 curve, so finesse it in!

Passing: His passing is 79 feels like 82 and I like it, he can put the ball from one side of the pitch to the other and make the run and score, all you want!

Dribbling: His dribbling is 84 feels like 90, it's the most smooth dribbler I have ever played with: Category: Neymar, Ronaldinho... You can make a run from the middle roulette and cut inside and just put it in the back of the net like it's nothing.

Defending: 50, useless but you don't need that.

Heading: 48, same as defending

-Ultra fast
-Makes the runs that you wanna see from your LF
-Amazing shot, long shots including
-Not that week
-Good passer or crosser for Christian (Benteke)
-F*cking cheap

-No headers
-No defense
-Eredivision could be stupid to hybrid.

So guy's just buy him hes worth every single penny!

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Amazing but not? Detailed explanation Rating 7 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by fam on 10 March

First of all. I used him in a 4321 in this team:

LF: SIF Mertens, ST: Pato, RF: Jorge Henrique
CM: Fellaini, Dembele, Paulinho
RB: Jonathon, CB: Dede, Distin LB: Clichy
GK: UP Diego Cavilieri

In his first game he scored 3 goals in the first half with some spectacular long shots and finesses. His finesse shot trait allows him to pretty much gobble up any opportunity in front of goal. His long shot is incredible and only a few keepers would be able to save them. But on the other hand he got bullied of the ball quite a lot from his defenders as Mertens only has 45 strength which isn't ideal for an attacking player, but with his pace, it is fine as through balls from dembele and pato keep coming all day long.

And if that wasn't enough, he has amazing and passing ability so he can get through balls to your strikers with ease. With his dribbling, he swerves around opponents like they aren't even there!

And to top it all off, he has one of the best free kicks in the game with something like 91 curve, 95 free kick accuracy and 90 power! Now come on he bosses free kicks.

+ points:
+ Pace - 88 with 99 acceleration so can get through players easily.
+ Shot - 84 and has the finesse shot trait so doesn't let down in front of goal or even to the half way line
+ Dribbling - 84 - Beast dribbling to go along with pace, how can you go wrong?
+ Price - I got him for just under 30k and Hazard is over 50k. When these two players are compared, I'd go with Mertens for the price and his stats, just BEAST!

- points:
- Heading - 48 trying crosses with only him and your striker in the box doesn't quite work out. I used Santi Cazorla and he won some headers! Strange...
- Strength - 45. He gets bullied of the ball a lot, and if the opposition have Micah Richards, Mertens is basically dead as I played my friend and he had him, you have no chance unless Mertens goes central.

Overall, beast player and I would definately recommend him to you for your hybrid, Belgian or eredivisie squad!

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Mertens - Is he worth it? Rating 8 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by cianb on 12 February

I played Mertens alongside IF Strootman, Pato, Henrique, Clasie and Fer.
He scored 17 goals in 15 games for me and picked up a few assists.

- Amazing agility and balance.
- Briliant finishing ( Was really surprised at how good it was )
- Nice finesse.
- Decent shot power.
- Really fast in the first 10 yards. No one wi catch him in that distance.
- Really, really good passing.
- Always manages to squeeze in between defenders.
- Makes great runs.
- Dribbling is top class. The best I've used in that department.
- AMAZING free kicks.

- Weak. Gets out-muscled a lot.
- For me, his longshot was rubbish. Really annoying.
- Left foot is not that good.

Overall, he is easily the best left sided pleyer in the Eredivisie, and is a must buy for all Eredivisie teams. In my opinion, he is on par with Eden Hazard for a Belgium team. Both are equally as good as eachother and play the same as eachother.

On PS3, I picked mine up for 29k. I would pay 40k MAX. He's good, but has flaws, as afterall, he is only an 82 overall. For a belgian team, I would definitely pick him to occupy your LM / LW / LF position. I found his longshot so frustrating to use. Was really poor. Hazard's longshots, are the only thing he has, that Mertens doesn't. And they're not even that much better. His free kicks are insane, another area were he beats Hazard.

He plays good as a LF, but I reckon he would be better as a LW, because it wouldn't be as clogged up and he would have more space to move around and take on his man. Me personally, I wouldn't use him as a LM, because I think he would be wasted there.

I give Mertens an 8 / 10 because he's very weak, and his longshots are so damn bad. ( For me, others may have success with them ). I'd advise everyone to give him a go.

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Took some time - but now he's pure class Rating 10 / 10 | Position LW | Formation 433 | Submitted by fin27 on 09 February

Ok, so I bought SIF Mertens for 29,000 in 433. At first he felt pretty underwhelming, but after a few games he started to become the best LW I've played with.
In the first 2 games this how he felt
88 Pace. He felt like 90, there were no complaints here. He latched on to any through ball and this was really useful as he could often get into good positions with this.
84 Shooting. Felt like 60 odd. His shooting was terrible, blasted almost everything over, finesse shots were really inaccurate. He didn't score in the first 2 games and he had barely any shots on target.
79 Passing. Felt like 70. Was good for one - twos and for keeping possession, however, dangerous passes were never achieved by him and his crossing was dire.
84 Dribbling. Felt like 50. Honestly, in his first 2 games it felt like I was playing with a bronze player. Terrible first touch, control was terrible and he always lost possession. I was really disappointed and it almost lead to me selling him.
50 Defending. N/A
48 Heading. Won no headers, but I wasn't really suprised.
After the first 2 games I was really close to selling him. I decided to stick with him though and play a cup match. Had he not have performed in that game I would've sold him. In that game he got a hattrick and complete changed my opinion on him, and he's felt like that ever since.
88 Pace: Felt faster than it did before more like 92. Was always first to the ball and he was never outpaced by any defending, including the likes of Abate, Walker and Jonathan. Brilliant pace.
84 Shooting: Felt higher, something like 88. Longshots are amazing, if they don't go in they are very close or they force the keeper to make a brilliant save. Finesse shots are his weak point, they're alright but they no where near as dangerous as his longshots. If you're inside the box don't try finessing it, just blast it into the net.
79 Passing. Feels like 85. Passing is good for keeping possession and one - twos. His crossing is very good and is always a danger. Dangerous through balls can created by him, but don't expect him to manage it consistently.
50 Defending. N/A again.
48 Heading. Was OK to win some goal kicks and he's scored a diving header for me, but apart from that it's not been too noticable.
After the first 2 bad games he changed and now he has became the MVP in my team. Stats feel a lot better than on the card and I advise anyone wanting to buy him to do it. He might start off a bit slow, but then he'll become a monster and you'll wonder why he only costs 30k.

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Didn't live up to the hype Rating 3 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by benjy83 on 04 May

This is my first review, so please be gentle!

After looking at Merten's stats and reading many of the reviews, I felt that I just had to try him out. I've always liked smaller players with great agility and dribbling, so Merten's seemed like a dream come true.

I originally used him as a sub from my main team, as Chemistry would be irrelevant, but he had very little impact and felt not quite right. So i made this team purely for him http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/9248321/

From the first game, he just felt strange. He seemed unbelievably slow and was getting caught by even the slower center backs. His dribbling was average at best, but he was so weak that his agility felt pointless. He could would skip around a challenge but then just get muscled off it as he didn't seem to have the pace to get away. Another issue was his positioning. He was all over the place, and not in a good way. I would try and get the ball out to the left, only to realise he wasn't there. He would randomly pop up alongside the ST or even appear on the right wing for no apparent reason.

His short passing was abysmal. Trying to play a 1st time pass would inevitably result in the ball being given away and I can't ever recall playing a successful 1-2 as he just didn't have the passing ability or pace to get back on the end of it after playing a poor first pass which would cause problems with the return pass.

I spent most of my time trying to cut inside to unleash one of his rocket long shots, which were immensely powerful but generally always at the keeper. Trying to cut inside was a chore as he would always get pushed off the ball so getting a clear shooting opportunity was rare. I persevered, changing the team around him as I wanted him to succeed but as of now, I've had to put him back on the market as my patience has run out. The final straw was when I went back to my Brazil team, and played with Carlos Eduardo (my favourite UT player) and it all just felt so much easier and natural. This is how I imagined Merten's to be, but somehow better with his stats, but he isn't even fit to lace up Carlos Eduardo's boots.

In summary, Merten's has been the most disappointing player I've used on UT13, who never once got into a game for me. There was the odd flash but it just wasn't enough to keep him or build a team around him.

On a side note, using the team above which I made for Merten's, I did get to find out that Salvio is a far better bargain than Merten's and ended up just using him as my go to player as he felt far more like the player Merten's should have been, and for almost discard price.

As Merten's is very cheap for a SIF, I would say to give him a go yourself, but for me he just didn't even come close to what I expected.

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Dries Mertens -- SIF Rating 7 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by petar298 on 07 February

If you are a PSV fan and you like to use the team then get him. If you don't know Dries Mertens then IMO he isn't worth 50-60k that you have to pay for him ATM.

PACE: 7/10 you would expect a relatively fast player with a player that has 88 pace. He isn't THAT fast. He just has high acceleration, but after a moment a lot of players are going to catch up with him.

SHOT: 9/10 His finesse shots are BEAST. His long shots are good and his finishing, too. Almost anything inside the box Dries Mertens is going to finish it.

PASSING: 8/10 Can't really rate this as he passes OK just like almost any other player. The only player which's passes I HATE is Mario Gomez.

DRIBBLING: 10/10 AWESOME. The ball sticks to his feet like Messi. 84 dribbling is a lie... it must be AT LEAST 90!

FK ACC: 10/10 95 FK ACC... how can you miss a free kick with Mertens?!?! Decent power + amazing curve + amazing FK ACC= GOAL!

HEADING: 4/10: No.... just no :P

All in all IMO he isn't worth the coins. Buy first IF Mertens. He is about 20k and has the same quality as his SIF. I played him in a team with:


I am NOT a pace abuser trust me. I just got sick of them and built this team to try fight them back :)

PS: I'm not a big fan of Inform cards in general. I think they are way overpriced just because their card is black. In this case I think you would be better off to just try and earn about 10-20k. Then you can buy Eden Hazard. He is 87 rated compared to Mertens' 82 SIF.

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Sorry Hazard Rating 10 / 10 | Position LW | Formation 3412 | Submitted by joshuabridges on 18 February

84 Dribbling - Thanks to this combined with 99 BALANCE AND AGILITY he can skip past the best of defenders, and pretty much do anything you want him to do. I often find myself cutting inside and taking a shot, which often leaves the best of Goalkeepers stranded as they watch the ball float into the net.10/10

88 Pace - Very few can catch up with him, and the only way to stop him is to lunge in from behind, which obviously ties in well with those beastly free kicks. (95) 9/10

84 Shooting - Good shooting but to be honest you can still score absolute scorchers as if you're using Falcao or RVP thanks to the Finesse Shot trait. 10/10

50 Defending - Not really relevant at all.

79 Passing - weakest part of his game which can be a tad frustrating in a LW position as you look to whip in the cross, so your best bet is to cut inside with that dribbling and utilize the 88 pace. 7/10

48 Heading - in LW he is hardly in the box (there's a reason for that), and measuring at 5'6" he's hardly an arial threat. 4/10

4* skills - Good enough I guess but if you are a skiller, the lack of 5* skills could be a problem.

Overall - BUY HIM NOW. Those dribbling, free kick, balance, and agility stats make for a well-rounded player who can be considered a cheaper alternative to Hazard whilst playing just as well, if not better. 28K is a bargain and when he has chemistry with those like Fellaini and Witsel, he is a real Hazard to the opposition's defense. (See what i did there?). He also has the speed dribbler trait, which is another thing he holds over Hazard. Flair means he handles extremely well and often pulls something spectacular out of the bag when you need it most. Save yourself some coins and buy this guy.

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INCREDIBLE all around Rating 9 / 10 | Position LW | Formation 343 | Submitted by rivalrymaster on 18 April

Pace: 88 Feels much faster than an 88 pace. Was able to beat any fullback down the line, except maybe for abate, but regardless his speed absolutely sets him apart. His agility and balance are at 99 so his able to get around players with ease without loosing a step.

Shot: 84 It might only be an 84 shot but with 89 finishing, 89 shot power, and 91 curve he can basically score from where ever. I have had him score anywhere from 6 yards out to 30 yards out. Absolutely phenomenal.

Pass: 79 The passing is fairly accurate but I didn't do many long passes with him since he was quick enough to beat any defender and get into the box and then lay off a short little pass. So don't be too concerned about his lack of long pass because his crossing is still an 85.

Dribbling: 84 Dribbling is absolutely amazing. His 99 balance and agility allow him to get around defenders and take off in a flash. Way better than expected.

Defense: 50 Didn't really expect much from him on a defensive standpoint because he plays so far up the field but he has the pace to make challenges when needed.

Heading: 48 His is only 5' 6" but his 74 on positioning allows him to get in good position for occasional headers, so if the ball connects with his head it is going in. Not a strong point in his game.

Overall I was ver impressed with Mertens. I lined him up along my front three with Robin Van Persie and his Netherlands counterpart Lens and they were a very effective trio. I recommend him to anyone who enjoys speedy wings who can still shoot. Also his 4 star week foot and skill moves sets him apart from many other wingers. And the price of under 40k on xbox is way too good to pass up. Hope you enjoy!

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beast Rating 9 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by Lemurnade on 11 May

After being given bad reviews on hazard i had to look for an alternative around the same price, and i came across this guy. One of the best decisions ive made so far on fifa. The positives:
+ Pace
+ Dribbling
+ Passing
+Free kicks
+Weak foot
-Heading (doesn't matter in a 4321 really)
-Being picky, 4 star skills, but that only because i'm used to players such as assaidi or neymar on the left :/ As my mertens is paired with welliton (yeah i know what your thinking) and Hulk there is a fair balance of ability in all of my attack. One thing that absolutely surprised me was his shot, paired with his 99 agility and 86 dribbling makes him beat 2 or 3 players then smash it straight in to the far corner. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG SHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTS!!!!!!!! Some statistics:
4 Free Kicks, 3 goals
9 goals in 3 games
He took 5 corners, and 4 of them resulted in a goal a great advantage with mertens is that he is only around 28k on xbox, a better attacker rating than hazard, can almost fit into any squad/hybrid as he is in a semi popular league (the Eredivisie has a load of in forms btw) and belgians are spread out in almost every league, as are brazillians. If you get the chance make sure you put him in your team, this was mine: http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/10473170/ and he has helped me win the division one title many times. To finish I would say mertens is a not so hidden gem that could help you win a couple of division titles, and the slick look of a black card could make your friends envious. I know ive said it a lot but please, please try this guy out, he may just be better than you think :) 9/10

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SIF Dries Mertens poor mans hazard Rating 9 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by Matt16789 on 09 March

I played SIF Dries Mertens in the following team http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/7066297/ its a mostly BPl team with SIF W.Bony and IF Ya Konan and i recommend you buy if you have the coins because it is one of the best teams i have played with in ultimate team this year.ok lets start with the review.

I played 12 games with mertens and scored 9 goals with him which may not sound that great but he set up so many goals from my team mainly for IF Ya Konan and SIF W.Bony who are also amazing players also and i would recommend you try them out if you have the coins because they are amazing players

Shooting: Mertens shooting is amazing he has 89 finishing so bascally if your inside the box and shoot its a goal. also he has 91 curve, 86 longshots and 89 shot power which make him have deadly longshots and finese shots and combine this with his 4 star weak foot and you have one of the most dangerous wingers in the game 10/10 shooting

Pace: his pace on card is 88 which is feels about 90 thanks to his 93 acceleration and 99 agility. he is very fast 9/10 pace

Dribbling: Mertens is amazing at dribbling and excutes skills moves very smoothly and is a pleasure to dribble with. mertens has 86 dribbling in game stats put it feels about 90 thanks to his 99 balance and agility. his ball control is also amazing and never has a bad touch for me 9/10 dribbling.

passing: mertens is an amazing passer and playmaker he can hold up play thanks to his amazing dribbing and lauch a through ball to any player making a run he can also run ahead with the ball and start couter attacks and put a cross into the box for a header. his crossing is amazing and so are his through balls ,shortpassing and long , passing his passing on his card is 79 but feels as if its 85. he has set up countless goals for my team 8/10

heading: very bad at heading hes only 5'6 and has 39 heading accuracy 45 strenght and 74 jumping so don't expect him to score any headers.

defence: doesn't matter hes a goalscorer and playmaker not a defender

overall i would give mertens a 9/10 and is probally one of the best players i have played with this year and miles better than Eden Hazard in my opinion and much cheaper. and is diffinelty worth a try.

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MERTENS, THE SMART MANS HAZARD Rating 9 / 10 | Position LM | Formation 352 | Submitted by stotter on 19 April

ok, i was making a hybrid and i needed a belgium player on the left. It came down to hazard and mertens, and well i didn't quite have the money for hazard (but i have played with him) so i decided to get mertens, and he was the best 40k i have ever spent.

SHOOTING: ok, first of all this guys finesse is the best i have used, i took a shot from the corner of the box it was one of those shots u take expecting a corner or a rebound, then i saw the shot and i thought to myself thats missing by a mile only to see it curve into the corner of the goal, i was stunned the goalie didn't even move one of the best finesse shot in the game IMO. His finishing is really good i mean if u get a half decent chance inside the box it should be a goal. his long shots are ok, they are not something u should be expecting to be a amazing but if u get a good chance u should definitely challenge the keeper.

PACE: His pace is one of his best assets, he blasts past defenders no matter who they are, his acceleration especially is amazzzzing he accelerates as if he has 99 acc, but he reaches his sprint speed quite quickly, his sprint speed is definitely fast but the odd defender will catch up after a while.

PASS: didn't really see any passes that blew me away, but his passes were all consistent and accurate and i never noticed a horrific pass. but his crossing is something that did blow me away it was amazing it just always went exactly were u wanted it, and scored countless goals as a result.

DRIBBLING: very very slick, was like the ball was glued to his feet, felt like i could get past defenders just by walking around them without even using skills, if u know what i mean.

DEF: one of the problems with having him at Lm doesn't really have the greatest defending, but it did the job was there when i needed him, and could catch up with the oppositions fast wingers, and just be a nuisance.

HEADING: don't think i even got a header with him. but it didn't matter cause he was always the one setting up the headers not taking them.

basically if you have 100k and are about to buy hazard, don't because I'm telling u know this guy felt a lot better especially his shot, and also his amazing fk's, hazard also felt out of position a lot this guy was always in the right place at the right time.
so in conclusion, basically just BUY HIM NOW!

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One of the best! Rating 9 / 10 | Position LW | Formation 433 | Submitted by baaaxx on 14 April

So I thought I'd start with the team I played him in so here it is: http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/6753250/

Having used his original card, his IF and obviously his SIF I have to say that Mertens is definitely one of the best cards I've used on UT and he's fairly affordable.

Now on to Mertens!

Review of some of the stats I found influential whilst using him.

99 Agility // 99 Balance // 93 Acceleration // 86 Dribbling

These 4 stats combined with the Speed Dribbler trait makes for a DEADLY winger! He seems to just blitz past players with ease and although he has a measly 45 strength the Speed Dribbler trait makes it almost redundant. Now, don't get me wrong he won't run through players, (keep that in mind if you're a "pace whore") you will have to hold the ball up jockey with the defender and maybe chop away from him but as soon as you open up a little bit of space his acceleration will just take you away from your opponent(s).

85 Ball Control: Probably one of the best things about Mertens is his touch. I often came up against attacking teams so chipped balls over the top were an easy way to break the defence. I would often play them to Mertens as he would 8/10 bring it down nicely and continue the attack.

85 Crossing: I'm not one to constantly whip crosses in over and over again but whenever I put in a cross it was always a well delivered ball (left foot), often whipped away from the GK.

82 Short Passing: As you can see from the team I used him in he there wasn't a lot of height in the attack so short intricate passes were needed to break down opposition and he was perfect for this.

89 Finishing // 95 Free Kicks // 89 Shot Power // 91 Curve

He has incredible curve as you can see and that added with the Finesse Shot trait makes finesse shots a possibility again. I didn't personally feel the full 89 finishing in the LW position but there were a few goals scored that were finished (excuse my lack of vocab) neatly. 89 shot power and 95 free kick accuracy is perfect for someone who is good with free kicks, personally I'm not one of those but I did score a few nice free kicks whilst using him.

Overall, Mertens is as close to perfect that you're going to get for a LW and I would happily pay 80k for him. 9/10 because no one is perfect ;)

If you read this all then thank you :)


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Buy Him NOW Rating 10 / 10 | Position LM | Formation 352 | Submitted by AugzH on 09 February

Mary Mother of God. This guy, is my favorite UT player of ALL TIME. Seriously guys, I can't stress on how much fun he is to play with. He's got everything you need in a winger, dribbling, shooting, passing and pace. HE'S GOT IT ALL. I highly recommend buying him as he's going for under 30K. A bloody bargain if you ask me. His IG stats actually make him an 85, and to be honest, he's better than Hazard! If you don't believe me compare the two players, you'll see that Mertens' stats are better than Hazard's in almost every aspect!

- Great crossing, it's great although seeing he's right footed, I prefer cutting in and shooting.
- Short passing is immense he will get it to someone 99% of the time
- Vision + Through balls he literally plays balls I've never even knew exhisted

- Ball sticks to his feet like glue
- 4 star skills make him extremely fun to use as well
- He's got 99 agility so you won't have problems running through defenders like the likes of Chiellini and Ogbonna

- He's pretty pacey
- He has this tendency to hang back for a bit, then make a darting run forward catching all the defenders off guard, you'll have half a field to run in and slot it past the keeper, which he'll do no problem

- Every time the ball leaves the rocket of a right peg he has I require a new set of undies.Here's an example of why:
- He's got that 91 curve so you can say that Finesse 12 is having it's comeback with this guy
- Anything inside the 18 yard box he will finish.
- His free kicks are ridiculously accurate as well
- Best corner taker I've ever used

- He's pretty good at winning the ball back, does the job well for a 352 LM for me

- Weak
- Heading is an issue

Seriously though guys I highly recommend Mertens, for me he plays better than SIF Mirallas from last year, and I really mean it. He's the perfect LW/LM you need. 10/10 for you dries!

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UNBELIEVABLE!!! Rating 9 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by naoise1289 on 25 May

I bought him because i saw him in a squad builder on youtube http://youtu.be/dTUXYKKM2Rk. He fits in perfectly at RF in 4321 because he has brilliant long shots and is very hard to tackle when he gets going.

85 Ball Control - Brilliant i would rate it at about 90.
85 Crossing - I didn't cross at all with him.
91 Curve - About right.
86 Dribbling - Unreal.His best stat in my opinon i would put it at about 89
89 Finishing - Cutting in you rarely miss unreal finishing.
95 Free Kicks - Brialliant scored some lovely free kicks with him
39 Heading - Scored a fluky header or two but overal doesn't win many headers.
76 Long Passing - found it should be about 80.
86 Long Shots - Unreal long shots nearly a goal every time.
38 Marking - Dont't really need marking.
86 Penalties - Didn't take any penalties with him.
82 Short Passing - Fairly good should have been 84.
89 Shot Power - Unreal really helps his long shots felt like 99.
28 Sliding Tackle - didn't need it.
46 Standing Tackle - ^^^^^^^
80 Volleys - Scored two or three lovely volleys felt about 85.
93 Acceleration - Pure PACE.
99 Agility - Cant get any better
99 Balance - ^^^^
74 Jumping - not great
87 Reactions - Good at reacting fast.
86 Sprint Speed - He felt faster than 86.
80 Stamina - Good
45 Strength - His weak spot, one of the weakest players i've played with.
76 Aggression - about right.
74 Positioning - felt about 80.
38 Interceptions - doesn't need it.
81 Vision - Felt better than 80.

PROS: Fast, hard to tackle once he gets going.
Good long shots, Ball flys in to the net more times than not.

Cons: Weak, gets muscled of the ball way to much.

Price; 40,000 on Ps3.

In overall my favorite IF in fifa 13

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The IF Mirallas of Fut13! Rating 8 / 10 | Position LW | Formation 433 | Submitted by UnseenChris on 17 February

When I got a request to try this guy I was really excited to use him, looked like he had good card stats and would be a pretty cheap card, especially for a SIF with pretty good stats. I hadn't used any Eredevise IF's so this guy gave me the chance to build a team around several others. In game this guy feels a lot like IF Mirallas from Fut 12 last year! Very fun player to use and has a very similar feel to him!
I used him in a 4-3-3 around
SIF Mertens - IF Jackson Martinez - IF Salvio
IF Stootman - Gonzalez - Cambiasso

Passing/Ball Control -
This guy is very good on the ball, keeps it close to his feet and is pacey which allows him to dribble right past a lot of defenders. He's very agile (99 agility), 99 balance, and 93 acceleration, 85 ball control, and 86 dribbling means that he can turn very quickly with the ball and accelerate out of his cut to find open space or to turn and find the open man to pass the ball to. For a winger he really has pretty good passing, 82 short passing, 76 long passing, 85 crossing (feels better than most of those) - allows for him to do quick 1-2's with ease and can send the occasional through ball or switch the play pretty accurately. His short passing is plenty good enough for most anybody playing LW/RW and the great ball control and stats above mean that his ability to turn quickly to find an open man makes his passing feel that much better.

Shooting - For whatever reason I couldn't seem to get the most out of his shooting, although he was very efficient at cutting in and getting a shot off I found that I couldn't always finish it when I was expecting it to be just blasted back corner. Although he has 91 curve, 89 finishing, 86 long shots, 89 shot power, and 80 volleys I couldn't always seem to get the most of it. He did score plenty of goals for me in the roughly 8 games I used him but I felt like he really could have done better. I can't remember scoring a long shot with him although some came close, he's not up there with the best of the long shot takers, will occasionally earn you a corner or get a shot off that is close but I found it difficult to score from range with him. His heading was really nothing special at all, 45 strength, 39 heading accuracy, 74 jumping and only 5"6', if you score a headed goal with him consider yourself lucky.

Set Pieces - This is his specialty, with 95 FKA, 91 Curve, and 89 Shot Power his Free Kicks are extremely good. Although I wasn't able to score one with him I could tell when taking Free Kicks even from range that from close up it was likely he would bury it in the back of the net! These stats also mean he was pretty good at taking corners kicks, can bend it out and away from the keeper quite well and he tends to put it in an area that can give me a chance to win the header. He also is quite good at PK's at 86, don't recall ever having to take a PK with him but in all honesty this is one rating in the game that is pretty straight-forward and lives up to the stat IG.

- Very agile, great ball control, good dribbling
- Very quick!
- Great at set pieces
- Good long shots for a winger
- Pretty good finishing (comes with the Finesse Shot trait so scores these once in a while aswell)

- Very weak (45 strength and 5"6')
- Not good at defending, wouldn't be a great LM
- Not gonna win any headers

Overall Rating: 8/10
Worth the coins: Yea, very fun player to use and only costs around 25k

If you liked the review please give me a thumbs up! Thanks!

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Problems with freekicks & penaltys? Rating 9 / 10 | Position LM | Formation 352 | Submitted by maffolicious on 03 March

If you have problems to score a goal with freekicks & penaltys Mertens is the player to go !
He's incredible - but not only on dead balls.

His pace is really good with that ball control, the ball sticks on his feet like dog shit on your shoes.
His shots are deadly - I mean, they're really deadly. I scored amazing goals with his right and left foot.
9/10 freekicks hit the target, the penalty bar is almost green and turning from left to right in the speed of a snake, wonderful!
And though he's playing in the Belgium League, there's no problem to push him to 9 chem with a BPL Team - say hello to Kompany, Fellaini, Mirallas, etc., there are a lot possibilites. (e.g.: http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/6587986/ ).

There are only two cons for me:
- his workrate (though I can deal almost every situation with the 3-5-2 formation with my CBs)
- his strength (though is skills, pace and ball control compensate this con)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

That guy is a beast on the pitch, believe me, I tried almost every winger - from Hazard to CR7 and for this price, Mertens is the best. By far! He's doing his job very well and is affordable. I bought him for 70k on PC and I can highly recommend him to you.
For me, he's my hidden gem. I never had that much fun with 3-5-2, but with him, that changed. But I'm a really offensive player, if you're a defensive player with a winger formation, you should think hard on buying him or not, like I said, his defensive workrate feels like super low, otherwise buy him or regret it !

Have fun with that player ;) !

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One of the best lw's in the game! Rating 10 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 4321 | Submitted by andypandy110 on 17 February

It would take me many words to describe Mertens, he is definitely one of the best LW's on the game without a doubt, and with an average of a 30k price tag, he is well worth it, his 93 acceleration means that he speeds past defenders with ease and his 86 sprint speed means that he maintains a high speed running down the wing. Then his 86 dribbling along with 99 agility and 99 balance allows him to cut inside with ease and his 4 star skills allow you to chop up the opponents defence and then he slots it in the back of the net with his amazing finesse shot which is improved by his 4 star weak foot and 91 curve or his 89 shot power and 89 finishing allow you to smash it past the inside of the GK.

Another side of Mertens is his work-rate, he has a high attacking work-rate which means that he is constantly looking for room, making runs and scoring goals. He has 95 free kicks and along with the 89 shot power, if you can take good free kicks, this bolsters your attack from a different aspect of the game. Also he had 86 penalties which means that you need not worry about a penalty taker, he is the man for the job. Mertens is also a great play maker as he has 81 vision, 82 short passing and 76 long passing, this makes him lethal on the wing along with 85 crossing, he will definitely find your ST's in the box, to smash it in for another goal.

Mertens is an all round top class player and the only criticism I have is, why is he at PSV. This can make him hard to fit into teams but if you have the money you can make a quality Belgium team, here is the team that I have him in http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/5949541/#squad-player

Honestly guys, I cannot praise him enough, find out how good he is for yourself, get him now! You won't regret it !

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