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Great Striker, Clinical Rating 9 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 352 | Submitted by dylon on 03 January

I put this guy in a 3-5-2 team with Jones at st, both incredible, I used it in the Confetti cup and it was great, the team is : http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/3200794/ (like so people can see this great squad). It was great, Dzecko and Jones are a great combo, I didn't cross a lot because it is not my play style but he still scored loads, he is a clinical player for me, him and Jones are similar but Dzeko finishes better. He seems faster than his pace, he may get tackled on runs sometimes but his finishing is great and I take earlier shots with him because he cant outpace cb's like chielinni but he can still shoot and from a reasonable distance outside the box he scores 8/10 of them.
Dribbling: 8/10
Shooting: 9.5/10
Pace: 8/10
Heading: 9.5/10
Passing: 8.5/10
I payed 62k (PS3) and he is worth it, I sold him for 64k but his price will decrease so that is why I sold him, i will buy him again and may play him and Aguero up front as they are both clinical, they should be unstoppable

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Amazing Striker Rating 10 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 41212 | Submitted by Pedraza on 13 January

I bought Džeko for 20,000. I have to say that is 20k well spent. He played 5 games for me and scored 12 goals.

Džeko is a All Around good striker . He is 6'4 which means if you put a cross to him he is most likely going to win the header, and he has 83 Heading Accuracy so he can put it in the back of the net as well. Džeko is one of the best Finishers that i have used on this game. He has 91 finishing and 95 shot power which you can actually tell in game he practically scores everything from within 25 yards. He also has 91 long shots and Volleys those stats combined with the 95 shot power means you can score longs shots with this guy. I scored a 40 yard longshot with this guy. Džeko has 81 strength which i believe is a lie many CBs struggled to push him off the ball...

There are not of negatives i could find with Džeko, but he does have some negatives. He only has 3 star skill moves so if you like to pull of skills you cannot do many with him. Another negative is that he has Medium attacking work rate, but he has low defense work rate so he doesn't go back and is in good positions.

If you are thinking about using him as a Lone Striker i think he would be perfect.


-Good Heading
-Amazing Finishing
-Crazy Longshots
-Good Strength

-3 Star Skills
-Medium Attacking Work Rate

Buy him if you have a BPL team well worth the coins.

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Meh. Rating 4 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 4411 | Submitted by mattyjacko94 on 17 January

I'm afraid this is another case of a player i wanted to do so well but just didn't live up to my expectations. I played him in a 4-4-1-1 formation with Tevez just behind him and honestly i wish i would have saved my money and just got the regular card because he really did not impress me at all!!

This time i'm going to start with the negatives (just to mix it up a bit) and the first major negative - call me what you want - is his Pace, i would say it's more like 60 than 74 as stated on the card as he rarely ever beat anybody, he felt sluggish and just didn't impress me here. The next point that disappointed me was his Heading - i expected so much from him in this department and again he barely won a header for me and the ones he did win went blazing over. The third point i never really saw much from was that 85 Shot - like his headers they were very inaccurate and not very powerful.

One of his points that did try to make up for this cards utter failure was that of his Strength. He felt very strong on the ball and was hardly ever pushed off it even by the strongest of defenders... But other than that there isn't much else i liked!!

So if you can afford to throw away 20k and get relegated from divisions go ahead and buy this guy.

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better then he looks Rating 9 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 41212 | Submitted by kralj23 on 03 January

first off let me say he feels faster then 74 pace most people will be put off ,but when he gets in front of the defense its hard for the defender to get the ball away from him because of his strength, i like him in a 41212, but he plays well in most lone striker positions also, if your looking for a cross abuse team get him hes so deadly from corners iv scored 2 90 min goals from corners,very reliable player!!!!
good long shots
good power shots
one of the best headers in the game
dribbling is real good for a big man
not so slow
passing is perfect just don't try long balls
first touch is also good
excellent positioning
[hes balance is bad he does fall down a lot i don't know why ]

basically i had 182 goals with him in 170 matches with his nif
i played 15 matches and have 18 goals with his IF so far!

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Good Striker for a Good Price Rating 9 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 433 | Submitted by UnseenChris on 19 January

This is my first player review so bare with me here!
I was making this team and was originally planning on trying Suarez or Balotelli at striker, then I pulled IF Dzeko in a 4-3-3 in a pack and decided to give him a try because he fit the team - http://www.futhead.com//fifa/squads/2702419/

I'll start off by saying I wasn't expecting much out of him but he's been fairly impressive for me! I'm in Division 1 but have struggled to win it an constantly find myself being relegated and having to win D2 again or finishing somewhere in the middle of D1. So far through all of D2 and 6 games into D1 I have won all but 2 games, 1 loss and 1 draw, much of this is due to Dzeko!

He wins most of the headers I cross into the box to him and the combination of him and Kompany win the header 9/10 times on corners! His finishing is off the charts, probably the best pure finisher I've used all year!

If you don't NEED pace -- this guy is the forward for you
DEFINITELY worth the 25-30k he's currently priced at!

Important Stats:
91 Finishing - FANTASTIC
91 Long Shots - Haven't tried much
85 Dribbling - Paired with 3* skills however
88 Ball Control - good at shielding the ball, sometimes has bad 1st touches but ball stays close to him
82 Heading Accuracy - if he wins a header it's going on target 9/10 times
76 Curve - Just Blast it and you have a goal!
91 Volleys - Haven't been able to try this out much yet
95 Shot Power - Spot on
79 Short Pass - Seems about right, don't really need anything more for a striker - does a good job of keeping ball moving if not in a spot to finish
82 Attack Positioning - Always in a good position! Great if you cross it to him
77 Sprint Speed - Definitely doesn't feel much faster but it surpasses
81 Strength - Strong enough to hold off most RB/LB's and some CB's
71 Acceleration - If you send him a through ball, he's not likely to get there if he's not already in the open
60 Agility
58 Jumping - at 6'4 he stills wins plenty of headers

- Fantastic Finishing!
- Good Strength
- Wins most headers
- Often in the right spot
- 4* weak foot, feels like he finishes most with it
- Shields the ball well, good possession forward

- Not very quick
- Only 3* Skills

Thanks for reading! Hope I helped!

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A Class Player. Underrated. Rating 10 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 352 | Submitted by armanpuri on 06 January

He is probably one of the best players I have used in FIFA. His card stats definitely lie. I scored 20 goals with him in 9 games. His strength and shot power define his play. He feels like 80 pace and 90 shot. His heading is godly as the ball went into the back of the net from anywhere 12 yards out.

With his 95 shot power, he scored from anywhere around the 25 yard mark. Near post shots were even more OP. He was able to out muscle Dede and David Luiz for me. As he isn't the fastest he wasn't able to outpace them but his strength felt godly. His ball control is definitely underrated as he was able to get out of tight situations for me.

He is relatively cheap and is dropping in price. I would suggest him for all players

Price I payed: 50k
Value(according to me): 150-200k

Dribbling: 8/10
Shooting: 10/10
Heading: 9/10
Pace: 8/10

Squad used: http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/3227361/

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Carries only the NEGATIVES of a tank Rating 5 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 352 | Submitted by dibidaddy on 10 January

His highest stat is shot power, 95. Very good, every time it's on target it's in .
However, it's off target a LOT. I played him alongside IF Defoe and Defoe's shooting was a visibly better, pace was wayyyy better, and dribbling too. This guy's crap agility (60) renders dribbling with him absolutely useless. He's slow, and his pace stats aren't even equal. His acceleration is 6 lower (71) than his sprint speed, so he can NEVER get away. He's useless in Div. 1. Because of him, THE FIRST TIME EVER, i stopped playing seasons and tried Tournies. Now, his strength, it's ok, he can hold on defenders for a couple of seconds, but that doesn't matter, cause he's NEVER going to outrun them ( i've never come across CB's with under 75 pace) and he'll lose the ball eventually. Heading is also mediocre cause EA scrwed his jumping stat over.

So to sum it up, let's see the possible reasons to want a ST. Pace, obviously doesn't have it. Shooting, not that good, cause his traits don't support him, and he doesn't perform in game against a half decent keeper. Heading, mediocre. Add to that a shit country. Very few reasons to buy him. Besides his price . If you WANT a IF BPL ST (who is well known) he is definetely the cheapest. But that's it. Your putting yourself at a disadvantage. Also, i guarantee, everyone else who gave him 10/10 would score way more goals with a sweaty ST like Sturridge. That's how the game is.
So, IF Dzeko's probably 'worth' it, but that's not saying much, 20k is peanuts. I would rather buy like maybe Ba, and make a fitness squad with the other 20k.
PS- Emenike's finishing is only 3 lower, and shot power only 4 lower. BUt you get like 10x the amount of chances with him, that's how the game is built.
Also, think about it, this guy was going for 20k even before TOTY time, that tells you a lot. A IF BPL ST with a good rating going for 20k......

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Worth every coin i spent! Rating 9 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 352 | Submitted by Spur1990 on 12 April

At first I have to say, that this is my first review and english is not my mother tongue. So please excuse me if i make any mistakes.

I picked up Džeko IF for 22k. He plays in 352 on the left hand side as striker. The second striker is Remy and the CAM is David Silva.
I prefer to use one target striker and one for the bottom.
Edin Džeko IF scored 18 times in 11 matches and until now there is no match he didn't score. Additional he gave some assists and plays sometimes really good passes if he is 30 metres away from the goal due to his medium AWR.

If he is in the box he is amazing. You feel he's shot power. In 1 on 1 he scores 90% and even if he don't score you get at least a corner and in most cases a second attempt which is a goal for sure because you just need to tip in. Unfortunaly i had no chance to try his long shots because he was never in a good spot for me but it's not surprising because i play often to the wingers in the last third of the field. His finesse shots are not outstanding but good and in 1 on 1 nearly everytime successfull, his normal shoots gives you often a second chance if you don't score with the first attempt. Shooting (8/10)

In the air he is really amazing. He wins very much headers and his heading accuracy is amazing. This page says 82 but it feels like 90. I score nearly everytime if the oppertunity is good. He never missed a big chance by a header. Additional he has the trait "power header". Heading (10/10)

Dribbling is something i do not very often with him. He has a good control, so it's possible, but he's not that fast and he has no 4* skills. But if you dribble with him he makes no mistakes and his first touch ist good. Dribbling (9/10)

His biggest or probably only disadvantage is his pace in some cases. Don't let him run, he simply cannot. But he is a target forward, so i don't need it that much. For a target striker pace is something nice to have but not needed that much. And he's not that slow that you can't play with him. Pace (7/10)

Passing is ok. It's better i expected and sometimes he gives really good assists. For 1-2 passing he is ok but not outstanding. It feels better than 79 short passing, so around 82. Passing (8/10)

Defending is for me for a striker not needed so i don't rate it.

To come to a conclusion i would say that he is worth every coin i spent and 22k is really cheap. For that money he is the best striker i had. I like him more than van Persie and Balotelli.
So my final rating is 9/10.
Price - value 10/10

Thank you for reading and hit like button if you like my reccomendation :)

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All Round Threat.. You Wont Forget Rating 9 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 5221 | Submitted by Madgrezz on 09 January

I use Dzeko in a 5-2-2-1 formation as a target man with Matt Jarvis and Ben Arfa backing him up. I've used many players as my upfront man, Ba..Andy Carrol..Ricky Lambert to name a few, But Dzeko comes out on top as the best all rounder.

His Pace for 6'4 is very good coupled with some nifty dribbling makes it very easy to control and move in and out of the box.
Strength is a nice 81 which will be more then enough to push of most players that will push against you as unlike most tall target man style players dzeko has pretty high balance (61) which keeps him on his feet..Which is where you want him to be.

With 4 Star weak foot and 91 finishing there is not many chances this guy wont put away. I have chipped the keeper blasted it from 30 yards out, ground shots few finesse shots and alot of powerful headers into the back of the net..give him the ball he will usually deliver.

Overall I'm really pleased with dzeko he's not just good at one thing he is an all rounder with diverse skills.

Pace is a 8/10 . He is 6'4 and moves pretty quick for it
Dribbling is 8/10 . His movement on the ball and skill moves are more then enough to get past your opposistion
Passing is 7/10 . While he wont be pinging a dead aim pass 50 yards down the field, 1-2's and accurate through balls are a breeze
Heading is a 8.5 . His heading is accurate and powerful alltho sometimes positioning lets him down . He's An aerial Threat
Shooting is a 9.5 . Dzeko could finish your life he's that good.. Clinical

Overall Buy him he's around 45k at the time of writing this and he's worth every penny.
I hope you find my review useful and give him a try

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34 goals, 26 games!! Rating 10 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 451 | Submitted by TarooqTheBoss on 13 May

This guy is amazing!
26 games, 34 goal!

Pace- Doesn't feel like 74, feels more like 80-84 8/10

Shooting- Amazing finishing, great shot power 10/10

Passing- Can do a little assists, but he's the only striker in my team, so I don't see him passing a lot 7/10

Dribbling- Great! Can get past defenders like David Luiz for example 9/10

Defending- What do you expect from a striker -.- 4/10

Heading- He has so much strength, scored some good header, can score more, his heading shots are too powerful though

The most important player in my team, if I play without him, I'm guaranteed to lose, but luckily I keep him in the bench.
Sub strikers for him:
Falcao (Sold)
Cavani (Got him yesterday)

I substitute him on at halftime when I see that these strikers aren't doing well (Most of the time)

Got Sigurdsson IF and Gerrard on CAM, and they helped a lot

Mertens SIF on LM and Lennon on RM, amazing, Lennon has the pace, and most of Dzeko's goals are assisted by Gerrard or Mertens

Alberto Costa on CM *Pukes rainbows* Costa has 85 passing (89 long passing I think), and he delivers good crosses (I got him today, and tried 4 games with him)

Leighton Baines takes the corners, *Pukes rainbows again* Dzeko always gets the ball, and scores a volley 60% of the time.

He's not the fastest striker, based on his Pace on his card, but he is a clinical finisher, great long shots, cause he has a lot of power in his shots


Amazing shooting, scores from all areas cause of his great power (For long shots) and his great finishing, makes it look like finesse in FIFA 12 (Penalty box)
Cheap under 20k on Ps3
Amazing shooting
Better than his normal card
Not as bad pace as the card says so
Great dribbling, can get through players like David Luiz as I said earlier

Can't get some good passes, I try to score a sweaty goal, but he ruins it for me.....Sometimes

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Perfect Striker Rating 10 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 41212 | Submitted by MrScreamy49 on 06 January

I picked him up for just under 50k has to be the best coins i have ever spent, i play him in a 4-1-2-1-2 up top with inform Defoe http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/2141940/ there with out a doubt the most clinical strike force i have ever used. Dzeko is immense can easily put away longshots but thats not all hes good for, he wins header 9/10 times hes great from corners and i the box is just deadly, his volleys and first time shots are really good.

Pace 8/10- was better than i expected and if you play a fast strikers beside him theres no problem
Shot 10/10- one of the best shots i have used
Pass 6/10- hes an okay passer but hes no Paul Scholes
Dribbling 8/10- this like his pace was above expectations, good for such a tall player
Heading 9/10- he didnt win every header and score every corner but at 6'4 with 75 heading he was immense

Hes a very good striker but i highly recommend you play him either as a lone striker in 4-4-3 or 4-3-2-1 so he has player either side of him or in a formation with 2 strikers, the other striker having 80+ pace for compensation

Hope this helps

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This guy is such a good finisher! Rating 9 / 10 | Position CF | Formation 4312 | Submitted by y0 Fred on 13 January

One of the best finisher's in the game i'd say! Amazing shot power and finesse shots, pace feels around 78ish, brilliant at passing and heading, however his dribbling is not the best.
Using two fast ST's is the best way to use him, he's got great distribution.

- Amazing shot
- Good heading
- Strong
- Good passing
- Cheap (20k) Xbox.

- Could be faster
- Not very good dribbling
- Only 3* skill

Pace,74 - feels like 78, really sharp.
Shot,85 - feels like 90, definetly in my first three favourite strikers in the game.
Passing,,71 - When you use this formation you always want them to have good passing, IF Dzeko's feels like 85, passing is great!
Dribbling,82 - Only bad stat i'd say, feels like 75, but still easily playable.
Defending,50 - He's a foward, defending doesnt really matter but his lanky legs do help with slide tackles and blocks.
Heading,75 - Feels like 85, great in the air, dont know his jumping but it is great, scored many headers for me.

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Longshots, but not much else... Rating 5 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 4222 | Submitted by redram7 on 11 January

In my opinion Dzeko did not live up to what I expected of him. Yes, I know that he doesn't have the best pace, but that wasn't the entire reason that he played so poorly for me. It was a combination of many bad aspects of his card that made him so hard to play with, which was rather disappointing since he is one of my favorite BPL strikers in real life.

For one, his work rates aren't that great. For strikers I like to usually have a high attacking work rates, especially if they don't have good pace. Since he doesn't have have pace or a high attacking work rate it was often hard to get him into a position that he could score from. However, the one positive is that he has great longshots and accuracy in general so he didn't have to be too close to score.

But the BIGGEST problem that I found was how easy it was to push him off the ball and knock him down. You'd think that a player as tall as Dzeko with decent 81 strength would be able to stay on the ball, but because of his poor agility and balance as soon as a defender tries to get the ball he falls right down. I have never seen a player flop around and fall as much as Dzeko, it's ridiculous. Expect to see him to flop to the ground at least 3-4 times a game.

I've also heard many people rave about his heading, but for me his heading was pretty bad. He didn't score a single headed goal from corners or crosses, and he didn't win many headers from goal kicks either.

Overall here's what I thought of him.

Pros: Longshots, accuracy, shot power
Cons: Work rates, pace, balance, strength

I guess for a cheap inform he's decent, definitely better than his NIF, but not that good. Balotelli is about the same price or less and he plays 10 times better than IF Dzeko in my opinion. Balotelli scored over 30 goals in 20 games for me while Dzeko scored 3 in 10 games.

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Speechless....well not really Rating 10 / 10 | Position CF | Formation 3412 | Submitted by What's this I hear about karma on 08 April

This dude is incredible! I played him as a CF in this team http://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/8916974/. I strongly advise playing him in that position as his greatest asset (long shots) are more effective there rather than upfront as he would struggle to find space to shoot.

Pace is fast enough to carry an attack, beating some CBs but no where enough to challenge full backs. This isn't too important as his position just requires him to be relatively pacey which he is.

Dribbling is immense, seriously he has incredible ball control. At times i would find myself outwide with this player and would just weave in and out of defenders thinking it was a Brazilian skiller or something. He easily beats CBs on the counter attack when they commit to tackle. Also at time his strength felt in the 90s he would just brush past players, without doing any skill moves.

Shooting is just wow! If your in the are and you don't take a stationary shot, it will go in due his shot power. Outside the box if you find some space take a shot and it will definitely go in, or at least be on target. His finesse shots were good when really close to goal but further out they were nothing special.

Passing is good I guess nothing special, I never really do long passes so I wouldn't know if it was any good. But his short passing was fine as well as his through balls.

Defence well why the hell would he be defending.

Heading is a fat lie, due to his terrible jumping stats he heading stat is 75 but the accuracy feels like 90. He wins every single corner for me with ease beating CBs like chiellieni.

In all honestly the only reason I bought this guy was because his card looked cool, it turned out to be a great decision. I've given him a rating of 10/10 as no other cf can compare to him. A must buy and he is sooooooo cheap for a BPL inform due to his pace. Lastly, the 3 star skills is a let down but just master the roulette and you will be fine.


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Quality. Rating 10 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 442 | Submitted by CalluuuuuM x on 16 January

Has to be one of the most clinical strikers I have played with in fifa 13. The normal version is ok but this kid is a beast 95 shot power completely smashes straight pass keepers. Deadly from inside 30 yards. Also he can head which is always good on a striker he is always there of corners which helps as he is tall he seems to have good jumping and a very good heading ability this also helps when you are playying teams who also have very good airial threats. he doesnt seem as slow as he looks when you play with him and when he is in behind the defender he is hard to catch as he has decent stregnth and can not be easily shoved off of the ball. Also his dribbling is not too bad as i just tend to skip through players and just power shot it with him. Overall he is one of the most clininal strikers in the game that i have played with. He is better then aguero for me, amazing.

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Edin Džeko Rating 8 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 4312 | Submitted by FIFAMillan on 11 January

Looking at the stats on his card many would be put off this IF which contributes to why his price is a measly 20k!...easily the best IF I've used in the game thus far. Looking at his card..the only strength he seems to have is his shooting though Džeko has far more to his game.Here are more aspects to his game other than his lethal shooting:

- Strength..the lack of pace for Džeko may seem a problem but that isn't really the case..in fact the strength of him overshadows his poor pace.Together with his dribbling Džeko is near impossible to get of the ball.All you simply need to do is find some space and unleash a shot (9/10 it will go in).

- Something from nothing..Džeko has the marvelous ability to conjure up something from nothing, for some parts of the game Džeko can frustratingly go missing though this can be masked by his ability to find the net from almost anywhere in any scenario.Hard to explain how he does it but you can always rely on Džeko to grab you goal when you are in most dire need of it. A unique ability.

- Ariel Presence..I myself had paired up Džeko with either Balotelli or Aguero in my team..whichever he partner he formed a lethal combination. Much of this can be put down to his ariel presence..Džeko can provide knock downs to both these relatively pacey striker who grab on to his balls and usually score. That is not all to his ariel presence..a lot of the goals I have scored with Džeko have came through corners..in my opinion atleast he has better headering than players like FALCAO!.

- Shooting...all I will put to this is: FIND SOME SPACE.SHOOT.CELEBRATE.

- Formations to use him in:
I chose to field Džeko in a 4-2-2-2 formation though formation really doesn't matter much with him.The rule you do have to follow though is to ALWAYS PAIR HIM UP with another striker.. preferably a pacey one. A player like Hernandez or Aguero form a lethal combination with Džeko. Rather Large and Small.

Jokes aside..I recommend you to buy Džeko as soon as you can..for 20k he's probably the biggest IF steal on the market.

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Epic giraffe Rating 9 / 10 | Position CAM | Formation 41212 | Submitted by Banana13 on 18 March

Using a BPL 41212 I was looking for someone to play a CF type role at CAM. I'd tried a conventional CAM (Silva, Nasri) but they tended to get overwhelmed either by the CDMs or CBs - and were hopeless at winning the ball from goal kicks. I wanted an old fashioned CF in the role - big and strong, decent ball control and dribbling, with a major goal threat. Shame Ibra doesn't play in the BPL.

Dzeko pretty much fits the bill - he is big enough and strong enough to hold his own against defences, and his 74 speed is good enough to step past one defender to get a shot or pass away. Dzeko is a major goal threat too - if you give him space just outside the box, he'll rocket one in. Being a goal threat means that Dzeko draws defenders to him - which makes space for strikers. Even if Dzeko doesn't touch the ball in a move, he creates spaces as at least one and often 2 defenders are marking him.

A bonus is Dzeko's heading - effective at corners.

Dzeko's first touch is inconsistant - largely because his legs are so long and he has low agility - he often runs and dribbles like a giraffe. Really ungainly at times and if he can't get his legs untangled and in the right place at the right time, his touch is clumsy. Doesn't dribble with the ball close to his feet either - but still seems to manouvre OK and is tackled less often than his "I'm running on stilts" dribbling style would suggest.

I'm rotating Dzeko with Van Persie - RVP has more class and is better on the ball and has better shooting - but I reckon that Dzeko worries defences more and is way stronger.

A steal at 30k for an 84 rated IF.

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Good all rounder Rating 8 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 352 | Submitted by frasermc on 26 March

I picked Dzeko up cheap for about twenty thousand. I used him in a squad with Tevez IF Rodriguez IF De Guzman etc.
I'll go through his stats one by one.

Pace - Feels about 80 but he out strengths a lot of strong centre backs which is a benefit! 8/10

Dribbling - Feels low 90's he's dribbling is amazing which I was really shocked about! He turns and goes round players with ease! 9/10

Shooting - His shot power feels 99 His shot is monstrous, just tap circle or b I think (I'm not an X Box Player) He has a nice finish from long and close range 10/10

Defending - He's a St what do you expect! 4/10

Pass - Didn't really pass much with him, but when I did he performed well through balls and passes straight to feet. 7/10

Heading - I'm not sweaty, but I don't cross either so I can't tell you much on this but I presume it'd be good. N/A

Overall IF Dzeko is an amazing player with a cracking shot, if he had more pace he'd be one of the best in the game. 8.5/10

I cant be bothered making my squad on a squad builder so I'll just tell you it
De Gea (Not A Recommendation0
Vermalean (Strong CB)
Terry (Really Defensive)
Agger (A Good Tackler)
IF De Guzman (Cracking Shot And Pin Point Passing)
Fellaini (Can't lose in the air)
Young (Great Dribbling)
Walcott (The Pace Demon And Sweat King)
IF Rodriguez (Best player in FIFA 13!)
Tevez (Can Suddenly Score 50 Yarders!)
IF Dzeko (Read The Review)

This Team Was well worth the 95 thousand I paid for it so I'd recommend it!

Oh And Dzeko Is definitely worth the 23 thousand you pay so get him now!

This is my first review so sorry if I failed :(, Thanks For Reading My Review And Goodnight ;).

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Edin, No joke has better shooting than RVP TOTS. Rating 9 / 10 | Position CAM | Formation 352 | Submitted by MarkLamont on 12 July

I only spent 18,500 on Edin Dzeko. I then used the Man City forward in this squad feel free to check it out :P squads/13235145/

If not for his pace he would be my most valued all round player, His touch is O.K but due to his strength and shot many defenders like to contain him, his first touch is not helping this what-so-ever. If he had just a little more pace his price would be at least 200k. In this case I knew he would not make a good ST he is SO clinical, Positioning and that DEADLY shot [wow just wow]. Unfortunately attempting to counter-attack from a 3-5-2 with two sluggish CDM's killed me so I got him CAM, which worked.

Games played : 5
Goals scored:6
Goals scored inside box: 1 [Header after corner]

Say's it all, I wanted more than just the average CAM, if you can play the passing game and survive with out blistering pace Edin is your man, his short passes feel like Pirlo's or Xavi's just unspeakable his long passes were not as much as a factor as I either took the shot at goal or short passed to either Hernandez or D. Sturridge.

To the real short answer you were looking for;

Pace : 4/10 Just lacked in that category, I's not really F.Totti slow, but more of non-agile; he works that is what matters.

Dribble : 7/10 To be honest it's nothing special just bog-standard. My only complaint is the first touch.

Shot : 10/10 Unspeakable, Anywhere I mean anywhere a finesse shot or a long shot from 30 yards out.. I scored from about 10 Yards from the halfway line.

Defence :8/10 He will sit on the edge of the box and if need be he can defend corners really well, I made some good tackles nothing exceptional... Yet...

Passing : 9/10 Alone for short passes, long passes not so much...

Heading : 10/10 Works Great. He beat TOTS Fellani to the ball and scored.. Not bad if I do say so myself. He is 6'4 so he can win high balls/crosses.

Overall : 9/10 Made a great CAM, If you have a 20k spare get him even to try, I surrounded him with pace whores which worked well.

Look forward to seeing his card in FUT14. Thanks for reading.

-Mark Lamont

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Wasn't That Impressed Rating 7 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 4312 | Submitted by SergioBiscuits on 02 March

Had him up front with Luis Suarez and Michu playing behind the two. I had a few good games with him and his long shots are dope as hell but ultimately he just never got many scoring chances. I'll just chalk it up to him not gelling with my playing style and the rest of my team but I was a tad let down. He's relatively inexpensive though so don't hesitate to give him a go. He's a solid striker but I'm going to sell him and try someone else.

Pace: It's acceptable, you probably didn't buy him to burn defenders on a counter. For the type of player he is, it's just fine.

Shooting: Incredible, his shots are just absolute rockets that will fly in to the net, you will not have any problem finishing with him. Unfortunately he just never got many chances when I was playing with him, most of his shots were blocked and he just never seemed to be able to find the space. Maybe due to my formation, everything up top was a bit congested, could perform wonders as a lone striker.

Passing: Nothing extraordinary but it's solid and you won't be frustrated by it.

Dribbling: Honestly I feel like 82 is a bit high, he's ok but I never really was able to beat defenders with his dribbling (I'm not a great skiller or anything though). Lost poessession occasionaly to a poor first touch or just a lack of agility.

Defending: Can make some ok tackles, nothing to wriet home about

Heading: Scored some fine headed goals for me but IF Michu is better I think. It is nice to have a striker that can win air balls at midfield though, can be a difference maker.

Overall I think he'd work better as a lone striker, give him room to create space around the box and his shots will just fly in. I think his dribbling and positioning let him down though and ultimately he just wasn't as involved in attack as other forwards I used like Suarez, Michu and Sturridge. Try him out though, he's a solid bargain and he could work wonders for your team in the right formation.

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