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A Complete Package Rating 9 / 10 | Position CB | Formation 352 | Submitted by letsgohome on 28 December

Since English isn't my primary language, first of all my apologies for poor English grammars.

Let's begin this review.

It is arguable true that BPL has some of the fastest center back in the Ultimate Team. There's Luis, Agger, and Vermaelen as well. Now, In the Ultimate team, it is certainly positive to have pacey CB, but do you really want to risk your chance to get counter attack from your opponent due to high attacking attributes on such defenders?

In my principal, CBs should stay behind all the time in our half, no matter what, performing as "gate keepers", because they might be slower than some of most popular defenders in the Ultimate Team, they will not come out often, which directly causes instant counter attack from the opponent, and getting counter attack in real football as well as in the Ultimate Team is lethal way to give away score. Therefore, I prefer, may be even obsessed with defenders with mid to low attack rating, who always stay behind, preparing for the opponent's counter attack, and chase the ball or attacker down into deep penalty line and gets the ball.

Now, some might argue that pacey defenders will chase down opponent's counter attackers, but as it is clearly seen, stickers have much much higher pace and they are much more comfortable dribbling down the penalty area, and they are ready to make a shot as soon as they are open, which means, you will constantly feel insecurity, and your play will get sloppy eventually due to "not-so-reliable" pacey defenders.

Of course, if you have solid CDM, than your problem will be solved, and I like to use pacey defenders on side CB for my 3-5-2 formation, but in classical 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 formation, you will go through a hell of ride if you have both CBs who are pacey and have high attacking rate.

Enough said, let's see why I love this guy to be on my team.

I've use Skertel on both conventional 4-back formation, and 3-back formation as well.
--- In 4-back system, he stays behind, and works out his partnership with light, pacey defender who has both medium work rates. (Kabul, Ferdinanad, and Kompany) IF Sterkel during the attack, he stays behind, way behind other CB, and prepare himself for opponent's counter attack. During the defense, while other CB contains and jockeys opponent's ball handler, IF Skertel is marking opponent's potential receiver tightly.

--- In 3-back system, I used IF Skertel on central CB, which acts like a sweeper who wins headers that defends counter strike, and starts fast break for my team.
In general review, you will not regret spending money on him, because his IF card will get the job done for you, and he is in a one word, a wall.

Here's break down for his stats.

Pace 70- IF Skertel feels much faster and much more agile that his pace stat. It feels like 72-74 (10/10)
Dribble 53- Unless you are going to use him to drive up the opponent and score a goal, 53 is just enough for CB. (10/10)
Shooting 43- Again, not really important stat for CB. (10/10)
Defending 83-Amazing tackle, he seems to be in right position in the right time, but other times, he comes up too much due to his high aggression. (9/10)
Passing 59- Wish his long passing was bit better, but he's comfortable with short passing (8/10)
Heading 84- Rarely misses header, but during the comer kick, his positioning is just awful (8/10)

All in all, IF Skertel is definitely a great option for BPL lovers, because he got little bit of everything, and his overall is not that bad. If you have pacey CB, and wondering for a solid CB who is not slow at all, than IF Skertel is your first and only option.

*Best Possible Partner for IF Skertel.
1. Kompany- No explanation necessary. Work rates are fantastic, and he is just beast. Only downside is that his very expensive.
2. IF Agger- Liverpool player, physical monster, although his attacking work rate is high, he does not advance as much as Luis or Vermaelen.
3. Ferninand- Downgrade version of Kompany. Don't be fooled by his pace, because he feels a lot faster.
4. Kabul- If you are under budget, then Kabul is the best choice for BPL CB. Only down side is that his overall is too low (77)
5. M'bia - Similar to Kabul, also affordable for many users who are under budget.

*If you really want pacey defender, then Vermaelen or Luis is will do just fine. It's my personal opinion that I don't like way both of them advance during the attack.

Again, Thank you for reading such a long and boring review, and bearing through my poor poor English.
Happy New Year :)

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Stat by stat review of Martin 'The Machine' Skrtel Rating 10 / 10 | Position CB | Formation 4231 | Submitted by vetleab on 08 February

Hey, I've used this beast of a player in a number of formations(4-3-2-1, 4-2-3-1, 4-1-2-1-2, 4-2-2-2 and 3-5-2) and I have to say he really is class, pair him up with a centreback with some passing(Like Kompany or Vermaelen) and you will have a complete defence.

In futhead Skrtel get's 87 as defender-rating, this is due to 87 strength, 93 agression, 87, interceptions, 88 marking, 88 standing tackle and 84 in sliding tackle. Combine that with 191 cm/6'3 + 88 heading, 76 jumping and powerheader-trait and you have the perfect defender. He also have perfect work-rates

He is not a great passer of the ball, with his 54 vision, 66 long passing and 68 short passing, but pass it to the ball-playing centreback, your goalie, one of the backs or a cdm/cm who can make a more advanced pass and you'll be safe. 68 short passing is fair enough if you don't make the pass complicated.

I have probably used Skrtel in around 120-130 games combined.(But BPL-squads get's boring quite quick because that's all you'll meet in div 1, so I don't have the exact number because I've sold him and bought him again several times)

64 Ball Control: Feels about right, maybe a little higher, not really a stat he needs as he is a really old-school defender who is there to win the ball and get it to a more advanced player. He has OK ball control in-game though. Feels like: 70

41 Crossing: Crossed with him once after a failed corner and won't do it again. He belongs in the box and not at the flank. Feels like 10

46 Curve: Tried after a corner aswell. Actually scored, but it was from close range, if you use it to place the ball he should be able with a bad curverating, but I would never try a curveshot from far out because he simply doesn't have the skill to perform one. Feels like 46

48 Dribbling: About right, can feel a little sluggish, but again, his job isn't to go forward, I'd rather try to run past an opponent than trying to dribble with my Skrtel. Feels like: 48

49 Finishing: Not to deadly, even from short range. Feels like: 49.

38 Free Kicks: Never ever tried a freekick with him and I won't either.. Feels like: -

88 Heading: Absolutely superb headers from corners and defensively, scores a lot of goals offensively and stops a lot of crosses. Rarely(if ever) been beaten in the air with Martin. Feels like: 92.

66 Long Passing: I don't really use him for long passing, but when I have I've witnessed him spread some balls to the flanks with great accuracy, but it sometimes ends up as an unnecessary throw aswell: Feels like: 68

49 Long Shots: Tried his long shot once and it ended up as a corner, but if you can shoot in UT, most players will get close to a goal from 16-25 yards. Feels like: 65

88 Marking: A stat that many people don't pay attention to in-game. He really handles the Welliton's and the Eto'o's Well because of this stat, he lies closely to them and uses his strength to not let them past. Feels like: 90

60 Penalties: Tried him in one or two close penalty shoot-outs, I usually hit the green bar even with the goalies so to me 60 is great, an ok sized green bar, but for people who aren't as secure of hitting the green bar(or struggles with lag) I'd reccomend you use someone else. I never use him unless it's a shootout because even though he is a fair penalty-taker I like to have him in the back 'cause if the goalie saves it I would be vunreable on counters. Feels like: 60.

68 Short Passing: Feels a little higher actually, but as aforementioned I never use him to make advanced passes. Use him to pass to a more advanced player and the other player will do the work. Feels like: 72

64 Shot Power: To poor shot power to use him regularly for long shots, as i stated above, I've taken one long shot with him that i got a corner from. I suspect that if you try him from 35-40 yards his shot would barely make it to the keeper. Feels like: 62

84 Sliding Tackle: Don't really use slide tackles, but the one or two times I've had to he's hit the ball. Feels like: 84

88 Standing Tackle: Stand-out stat, one of the stat's he really excels at and by far one of the most important for a cb. If Skrtel comes close to the ball he'll get the ball. Feels like: 92

60 Volleys: Never tried it. Feels like: -


70 Acceleration: One of the reasons he is underused, if he had higher acceleration he'd be used way more. Feels like: 72(Combined with his strength it's still very good)

65 Agility: Not agile at all, the agility stats is why most people find him sluggish. But again, Skrtel's game isn't running with the ball or making those fancy passes, it's about making it simple. Feels like: 60

63 Balance: I believe this stat is quite irrelevant for the way I use him as I rate it mostly for strikers taking a shot at goal.(But I think a player needs less if he's taller). Skrtel rarely falls over and due to his great strength and height he doesn't really need more balance than 63. Feels like: 65

76 Jumping: One of the reasons of why he is so good, most players that are that tall have bad jumping, but Skrtel leaps high over the ground which is vital for those aerial duels in both penalty-areas. Feels like: 82

77 Reactions: Might look like one of his weaknesses and sure enough, sometimes he reacts to late, but most commonly he will react to it and get there before the opposition. Feels like: 80

72 Sprint Speed: Quite good actually, he is no Silva/Chiellini, by no means. But he is fast enough to cover the room behind the defence and because I only use him for defending he will usually have higher stamina than the oppositions forward and catch up to them. Feels like: 75(78 towards the end of the game)

80 Stamina: One of the stat's that are misunderstood the most in FUT. All IFs have 80 in stamina and this is they're matchform. I usually use him when he is 93 and higher. Because he is a defender he could've played 4-5 games without rest, but because I change the whole team I usually use him in 3.(And he has around 95 stamina after the 3 games). Feels like: - (As aforementioned, you control the players stamina.)

87 Strength: The reason why he doesn't need more pace. You might think you'll do fine with the boring David Luiz against opponenents speedsters up top, but although David has more pace, he does not have the ability in pulling the opposition back like
Skrtel has. 87 strength is what makes he feel faster and keep up with these strikers. Feels like: 90


93 Aggression: Generally I like players with less aggression as it sometimes makes him go out of position, but combined with strength and interceptions it really makes him a great player, he intercepts those poor passes and start up my attacks after he's intercepted it. Feels like: 90

45 Positioning: Positions great if he's up for a cross after a corner, but with high-low you don't get to test this ability to often. Feels like: -

87 Interceptions: The reason I tolerate Skrtel's high aggresion, he will go after a ball due to his high aggression and 87 interceptions means that more often than not, he will reach it. The combination between aggression and interceptions really goes hand in hand in this card and he is really an interceptionmachine. Feels like: 92.

54 Vision: Yeah, don't make those fancy passes. Feels like: 50

So that's my stat by stat review of IF Skrtel. I really do prefer him above OP defenders like Kaboul, Luiz and M'bia who seems to only have half a brain. I really rate Martin over players like Hummels and Ramos(Although they're ball-playing defenders) and NIF Pepe and Ogbonna.

IMO he feels really like a more defensive IF Pepe(Martin is a better header, whilst Pepe intercepts the ball better.)

To summarize: If you like to have an actual defender, Skrtel(IF or NIF) is perfect for you, but i reccomend you'll pair him with more advanced passers around him. He is the perfect defender in the BPL if you want a defender to intercept and do the dirty-work defensively and just lie around the defence and make those tackles.

Great aggression and interceptions
Ok pace
Great header, both defensively and offensively
Perfect work-rates
Great standing tackle.

Sometimes out of position due to a little to high aggression, but usually get's the ball ot get's home again before it get's to dangerous
Not a great passer of the ball

I gave Martin 10/10 because he is the perfect defender at what he does, but due to a little poor passing I'd give him 9/10 if I had expected him to be a complete defender.(You don't need him to be, you can pair him with Kompany or Vermaelen..)

I used him in my 2nd team:
A team i really reccomend, the left side is for defending(with the exception of Taarabt) whilst the right side is for combining and getting those offensive runs. You can see that I paired him with Kompany, Enrique, Mikel and Lloris around him who all are excellent at hitting short passes and one of them will always be open so just pass it to one of them. I feel 4-2-3-1 is the perfect formation for him because you have fullbacks and cdm's to slow the opposition down 'till Skrtel can make a tackle.

Reccomendations for CB-partner as I don't fully agree with the No 1. review here.
1: IF/NIF Kompany. Great pace and passing, the complete package.
2: IF Koscielny: Great pace, great work-rates and great short passing, lack's a little strength, but as the ballplaying defender, it's much more vital that Skrtel has tha strength.
3: IF Daniel Agger: Great defensive stats and great passing, lacks the pace to be no 1 or 2 as I feel that Skrtel needs to be partnered with a faster CB. Fantastic passer though. Pain in the ass work-rates
4: Thomas Vermaelen: Great left-foot, distributes the ball well, feels faster and great defensive stats.
5: IF Coloccini: Great defensively, good short and long passing, only lacks tha pace to compliment Skrtel perfectly.
6: Jan Verthongen: Fast and one of the best defensive passers in the BPL, but some stats makes me think he would be greater as as CM than as a CB, because he is not the greatest defender..

Used some time on this and although there are many other reviews on IF Skrtel here, I'd appreciate if you'd leave a like.
Sorry if my english is bad, im norwegian and although I speak good english, the written version often get's weird because we have different syntax.

Cheers and enjoy the defending machine that is IF Skrtel. (Enjoy tha clean sheets!)

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Is between you and this wall. Rating 9 / 10 | Position CB | Formation 433 | Submitted by elmie on 27 December

First I like to point out, despite is rather low 82 rating, he feels like an 85 if not 86 defender. why. because there are only really a handful of BPL CB who has high defensive workrate. and Low attacking workrate. so he never get caught out of place.

If you liked him in the normal version, this one is just a super version of him obviously. dah!.

his strength and aggression is much higher. his acceleration increased also so he feel much faster than the 70 pac.
I partner him up with IF Agger and there is no stopping them two. my keeper bearly sees the ball in game, that said, I do have Maicon and A.Cole on the side of them. so could be just a conbination of good defensive back 4. plus I have Lloris as GK. with IF Gerrard in the middle. whatever the case is, with IF Gerrard in the middle of IF Agger and IF Skrtel it make it even better Gerrard. I had Toure previsouly and the team just felt sluggish. but now. watchout. here I come.

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Feels sluggish but really strong! Rating 6 / 10 | Position CB | Formation 352 | Submitted by Tomlloyd001 on 28 December

I used Skrtel in a 352 formation and overall, I was displeased. The main thing I saw was that his 70 pace felt so much like 50 pace! I played with Kaboul and Koscielny either side of him, and if one of the opponents attackers got past them, Skrtel just had no chance what so ever to catch up with them. He was just so sluggish.

Although, during a one on one situation, Skrtel was one of the best centre backs I have ever played with. If you contain (Hold A), he naturally hangs back until the perfect time comes, and then sticks a foot in! His high strength, standing and sliding tackle stats allow him to muscle off players and get the ball.

Now onto his heading. He is amazing at heading. Plain and simple; amazing. From heading during the game, his height, combined with strength makes him pretty much never lose a challenge! When it comes to corners, just play it to the edge of the six yard box, and he charges forward..smashing anything in his way, attacks the ball with such power, and smashes it into the back of the net!

PACE - 4 /10
HEADING - 10/10



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Ревью от Мазепы: Стоять насмерть Rating 10 / 10 | Position CB | Formation 5221 | Submitted by themazepa on 25 March

"Стена!" - звучало у меня в голове после нескольких игр этим защитником. Я играл им в этой команде в связке с Компани и ИФ Аггером (до этого ИФ Вертонгеном). Шкртел играл у меня на позиции левого центрального защитника, и главное что я заметил: пока все защитники сломя голову бежали вперед, он оставался, блягодаря своим воркрейтам ( Низкий / Высокий), и отнимал большинство мячей.
Давайте подробно рассмотрим показатели этого футболиста:

PACE - 70 (68): Для защитника такая скорость - это чисто визуально это уже неплохо, а на деле так вообще прекрасно. Для центрбека он очень даже мобилен, несмотря на свою ловкость и баланс (65 и 63 соответственно). (8/10)

SHOOTING - 48 (38): На игре повышение рейтинга ударов не чувствуется, т.к. Мартин редко подключается к атакам. Стоит отметить повышение силы удара до 64 (46). (5/10)

PASSING - 59 (57): Показатели паса хоть и повысились, но остались низкими. На игре это чувствуется, причем сильно, поэтому не советую, сразу получив им мяч, начинать атаку длинной передачей или забросом, лучше сыграть через ближнего. (4/10)

DRIBBLING - 53 (52): Самый наверно не значительный показатель для защитника, на то он у Шкртела и такой низкий. (3/10)

DEFENDING - 83 (81): В этом Шкртел и хорош! Великолепно - моя оценка! (10/10)
А именно:
- отборы 88 (83): Не могу сказать точно, но практически 90% попыток отбора, заканчивались успехом. Отличная опека 88 (83) позволяет вам лишь удерживать кнопку прессинга и ждать пока Мартин сделает все сам.
- сила 87 (85): Сильный игрок - отличное противоядие быстрым, как правило, низкорослым и слабым физически нападающим. Большинство забросов на быстрых футболистов были попросту "съедены".
- перехваты 87 (82): Наверное главная причина почему Шкртел мой любимый защитник в игре. Сколько пасов он перехванил, опасных передач и хитрых забросов. По этой част отдельные аплодисменты игроку.
- агрессия 93 (88): Высокий показатель агрессии делает Мартина цепким защитником. Потеряв мяч, он сразу бежит отбирать его.

HEADING - 84 (83): Забил всего 3 гола в 35 играх. В чежой штрафной, несмотря на специальную способность "Power Header", действует не лучшим образом, зачастую выбивая мяч намного выше ворот. Но в своей штрафной, это только приветствуется! При росте в 191 см. выносит все летящие на него мячи.

ПОЗИЦИЯ: Советую использовать его только в схеме с 5 защитниками, а не с 4, не говоря уже о 3, т.к. есть более быстрые и ловкие.

+Игра головой
-Привязанность к схеме

ОБЩАЯ ОЦЕНКА: По системе цена-качество (10/10). Я брал его за 45000 (Компани - 53000, например) и он полностью оправдывает вложенные в него средства. Если вы собираете АПЛ с 5 защитниками, Шкртел - то что вам нужно!

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Defenitely worth it. Rating 9 / 10 | Position CB | Formation 352 | Submitted by Maxizoa on 01 January

First of all, sorry for my bad English.. I'm still learning.

I've played this guy in a 3-5-2 formation, next to Kompany and Chiellini. I bought him for 34,500, but I would pay 50k for him as well. He's a great CB; good workrates, a bit of pace to destroy those fast strikers and amazing strength/agression. I played him as the most right CB with Kompany in the middle, but I'd change that. This guy is fast enough to stop almost every striker, but I had problems with defending pacey wingers like Bale, Hazard, Giovinco and Chamberlain. So put him as the middle CB.

Pace: like I said, the pace is good enough to stop almost every striker, but it isn't enough for defending pacey wingers. If you need a CB for those situations, you'd better go with Kompany, Chiellini, IF Koscielny or Thiago Silva.

Shooting: kinda irrelevant for a CB

Passing: again, a CB doesn't really need a good pass in my opinion.

Dribbling: same thing.

Defending: really good defending. I don't really know his stats, but his standing tackle felt like 88-89 or so. I honestly can't review his sliding tackle, cause I don't really use sliding tackles. Marking also felt like 88-89 for me, stayed very close to his opponent when they were attacking.

Heading: this may sound a bit weird, but it's good and bad at the same time. When he's clearing the ball defendingwise from p.e. a corner from your opponent, it's awesome, he never loses head-duels for me. But when you take a corner yourself, he seems to be dissapeared. While Fellaini, Kompany and Chiellini are always in the box, he's somewhere on a position from where he can't score, even if his heading was 99.

But, I haven't talked about his best thing for me yet, his strength and aggression. Strength feels like 90, aggression 92-93. He wins the ball very easily from the stronger strikers like Balotelli.

Summary: great player, reminded me a bit of Pepe. His pace is good, his defending is great and his strength is awesome. Only downside is that you really miss him when you take a corner. 9/10

This was my first review, hope it's not too bad :)

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84 = 99 in the Slovak alphabet... Rating 10 / 10 | Position CB | Formation 433 | Submitted by Fishnchips on 05 January

Ok, Liverpool is bad theese days. I know it, you know it. Sad but true. anyways i got very stoked after their 3-0 win against Sunderland so i decided to make Liverpool in Ultimate team. With IF Skrtel and Agger as my CB's.

I've never enjoyed LFC in any fifa game, atleast that's what i tought but their defence in FUT is by far the best i've used so far. It all comes down to this. After 10 games Skrtel was my top goalscorer with 11 goals in 10 games, scoring 3 in his opening match. against a solid defence. He is completely unbeatable in air and his headers are so powerfull yet very accurate. For me the pace and defending stat is only a bonus on this guy. Usually it would be crucial but due to his amazing header i would'nt care if he sat in a wheelcheer beeing nothing but a torso. As long as it is a bald head on top of that torso, goals will occur.

PS: i know what the alphabet is.

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Martin Škrtel - The 4222 Review. Rating 9 / 10 | Position CB | Formation 4222 | Submitted by DannyStockport on 28 February

Well I have used every CB in the BPL and I think Škrtel is the best defender out of the lot of them. He's one of the best Defenders ive used in the game to be honest.

Lets be honest any defender with under 75 pace people tend to avoid and even I do. Thing is though the BPL doesnt have a vast range of pacey CB, and it infuriates me that people put Micah Richards as CB. The best thing about Škrtel for me is his positioning and his tackling.

I had him and in the 4-2-2-2 with Kompany and he was a better defender than Kompany and he does not get beat in the air, he just doesnt.

Right lets get down to the stats:

Pace: 8/10

Obviously everyone is going to think he is too slow and wont be able to keep up with the Muriels and the Wellitons but his positioning means he's always has a 5 yard head start. Don't get me wrong 1 in every say 6 games you will notice his pace and will lose a goal to it but for me even Chiellini and Santana still lose goals down to their pace. Trust me you wont notice it as much as you think

Heading: 9/10

I would of gave him 10 out of 10 as he doesnt lose a header at all, awesome when the opposition keeper tries to counter quick and he just jumps up and powers the header back into their half. only reason he got 9 is because I played 30 games with him and he didn't score once, don't get me wrong he won every corner but every header seemed to blaze over the bar, think its due to his power header trait.

Defending: 9.5/10

He is like a wall if you're running at him and he gets in your running line he will get the ball, all the pace whores I played in Division 1 were getting so frustrated trying balls over the top and he was just in too good of a position for them to score or when they tried to use their pace he just took it off them and countered.


He has been by far the best CB I have used BPL wise, He's better than Vidic as he isn't slow, He's better than Kompany because of his heading and positioning and his work rates also help him out allot.

Hope this review helps.

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Not Worth the Coins in 352 Rating 4 / 10 | Position CB | Formation 352 | Submitted by iixoomhd on 02 January

I've been using Skrtel for a while now, here is my review.

I use him as RCB in a 352, this is not the best spot for him. I think as the Central CB Skrtel would be far more effective. Sometimes he is out of position which i find strange because of his work rates. His heading is awesome I failed to score from any but from opposing goal kicks the attackers never get the ball. Since i played him on the outside he would have to deal with pacy wingers. This was his downfall for me. The last game I used him in, Lavezzi made this guy look foolish scoring an easy hat trick. Also, his passing is horrendous, any time he is passing out of the box he completely blows it and passes it to the other team.

I prefer IF Coloccini.

Gets burned by pacy players
Out of position frequently
Not agile
Passing is pretty bad

Never loses a header
Slide tackle is phenomenal

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Extremely good defender Rating 10 / 10 | Position CB | Formation 41212 | Submitted by DrewPowerz on 30 December

Sorry for my bad English
This is fifth In Form player that i used, and he was so good, that i decided to write review on this guy
I used him with IF Agger and he definetely outshines him, he's one of the best defenders in the game,
he has very good workrates low/high, so pace is not a problem, cause he always stays in defence, he has excellent standing tackle, so if the guy tries to dribble around him, it's not gonna work
always try to place headers on him, he will nearly never miss them, but he often in bad positions on corner kicks
about his 82 overall, he has this overall, cause he's complete defender, he have no extra stats, which are not needed
few words about his strength - he's unbelievably strong, i played against guy, who had Balotelli in his team, and he always trying to outmuscle my defenders with Mario, but as i mentioned earlier, Skrtel is unbelievably strong, probably one of the strongest defenders in the game (i didn't play with Vidic yet), Balo can't do anything with Skrtel, just simple body set, and Balo not in business
his interceptions are pretty good too, in crucial moments he can save your game with some interceptions

Pace 9/10 - because of his low/high workrates, he don't really need more then 70 pace
Shooting & dribbling 10/10 - for a complete defender don't really need this stats
Passing 8/10 - he can make some mistakes in passing, better just clear the ball out
Defending 10/10 - excellent tackling and strength combination and low/high workrates makes hum just amazing defender
Heading 10/10 - he can't miss any header, like in real life, height, jumping and heading combination is just amazing for him

if you want a complete defender in your team, who can defend anyone and win every header - GET HIM! NOW!

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Skrtel, THE answer. Rating 9 / 10 | Position CB | Formation 433 | Submitted by SaltyLemonz on 31 March

First off this is the team I used him in.

As a lot of people, I feel that Fifa 13's defensive system is, quite frankly, crap. No defender has fully satisfied me, as they all have their own downfall. I prefer the more solid defenders, rather than the quick ones like David Luiz, but always get paced by typical sweat like Bent and Defoe.

I bought Skrtel IF for 44,000 on PS3, and had high hopes. He did not dissapoint one bit. He is so solid, and not even Walcott get's past him. You may think that I'm exagerating, but actually in-game he kept up with Walcott and eventually slid in to get the ball.

Key Stats

Pace : 70 is a lie. He catches up with the likes of Walcott and Bent, and still manages to last the full 90 minutes.

Shooting : 48 is a fair reflection, but obviously for a CB this doesn't matter.

Passing : Surprisingly good, which is overlooked for a CB but as my football coach says, all attacks start from the back.

Dribbling : Like shooting, does not matter for a CB.

Defense : 83 is B*** S***! 93 Agression paired with 87 Strength means he always wins the 50/50s. 87 Interceptions is key as he breaks up any attack and starts the counter attack which with MOTM Atsu, MOTM Emenike and Sturridge means the pacey counter attack is OP and unstopable. 88 Marking helps his interceptions as he is always close to his man, and like a tiger, is ready to pounce on the ball. 84 Sliding and 88 Standing Tackle means no one gets passed him.

Heading : 84 on card, but his heading stat is 88, but 84 on card because his jumping is 76, but doesn't matter if your 6"3. 88 Heading means Goal kicks go right back at the opposition, and corners are even MORE OP.

His Low/High workrates means that he is never caught out.


For only 45K, I don't see what is wrong with giving him a go, and he will not dissapoint you.

Value for Money 11/10.....

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Absolute Beast Rating 10 / 10 | Position CB | Formation 352 | Submitted by LBYisgay on 24 June

To start off i play this guy in a 352 alongside kompany and MOTM Ivanovic, i play him in the centre as he has High/Low workrates so he stays back meaning LB+Y is less effective.

Pace - 70, to be honest this isn't the quickest but its faster enough because he never gets forward enough to need the pace, so for me pace isn't a factor for Skrtel because hes always in the right postion.

Defending - 83, I think this is a lie, he is a solid defender, always in the right position, he has really good interceptions, really good standing tackle, good positioning, always blocks shots, and most importantly has High/Low workrates which is a bonus.

Heading - 84, For me this is the outstanding stat of skrtels IF card, i'm not sure on the total goals scored but this guy is an absolute beast in the air, hes always a threat on every corner, he also has the power header trait, high agression and high strength meaning no defenders get near him, this is also vital for defending corners aswell.

Dribbling - 53, This guys dribbling is really poor so if the ball does drop to him then just get rid of it otherwise you will lose the ball and if up against a fast striker you wont have a chance of catching him.

Passing - 59, Not really an important stat for a defender, passing is ok but like i said if the ball drops to him just pass it away, passes always go to the player so his passing is ok not brilliant.

The rest of his card is pretty average, he is a solid defender, only 82 rated but an absolute tank, really really cheap aswell only cost me 20,000 coins and i must say hes one of the best defenders ive used, a must buy if you want a guy that can defend and head the ball.

Only cons are hes not good on the ball and a bit clumsy so if the ball does fall to him just get rid of it apart from that hes a beast.

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