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Best silver inform Rating 10 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 451 | Submitted by iballistic on 13 December

This guy is an absolute tank, you may think that his pace isn't quick enough to beat some of the pacier CB's but he has really good attacking positioning in game so that makes up for the difference and he is also quite strong so he can hold off defenders if he needs to. His shooting is better than the card says by a mile first game I played with him scored a bicycle kick and 3 decent goals from the edge of the box. Price wise I think he is worth 90-125k for sure, but wouldnt be surprised to see him go up to 140k. I've also tried his first inform and I can say that this one only improves on the beastly stats he had on the first. In my mind he is the best silver striker. He reminds me of lukaku, decent dribbling stats good shot and strength with a fair amount of pace, fun to play with a Austrian silver squad as they do have some very nice informs such as alar who is a very complete attacking mid. Give him a shot guys you will change your mind about mid 80 paced strikers. 10/10

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Get the ball, shoot, goal. Rating 9 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 442 | Submitted by shuliang on 18 December

I used him in this hybrid squad:


- HIS SHOOTING IS GODLY!!! 90 shot power, 92 finishing and 90 volleys - HE NEVER MISSES A CHANCE. EVER.

- Quite fast, 84 acceleration and 87 sprint speed means he can get past most defenders without much hassle.

- Decent jumping means that he does win a significant number of headers, making him a very all round striker.

- Not too expensive for a second in form that has been boosted by +9 overall. I paid 67k for him but I did get him in an open bid. BIN prices range from 74-80k on the PS3. Not sure about XBOX.


- Medium attacking and defensive work rates mean that very often, he helps defend and has to play from deep. However, this was not too much of a problem as he has great shooting from distance due to his ridiculous shot power.

- Lacks 4 star skills but not too much of a problem because you won't need them with him.

- Low curve of 65 means that he is terrible when it comes to finesse shots.

- The main downside to him is his 3 star weak foot, although he did manage to net a few with his left peg. However, don't expect to score regularly with it.

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Outstanding In-Form! Rating 10 / 10 | Position CF | Formation 4231 | Submitted by TheSpecialOne1986 on 16 March

Well, at first I have to say that he's incredible. Never used such an terrific silver player like Hosiner!

I play him in this Austrian league/Olympiakos-Hybrid - - and he's my unchallenged top-scorer. Normally I love it to skill, but with him you just have to shoot. He scores from everywhere, trust me!

- finishing: Hell yeah, 92 finishing! If you are inside the box, you definitely score.
- shooting: 90 Shot power, 90 volleys, 71 long shots. Great stats for a silver!
- pace: Sure, he has a lot of pace. With 84 accelereration and 87 speed you can beat each defender.
- agility: 95 agility is just perfect for a striker.

- 3 * Skills: If you love it to skill, you should search another player. For me, his skill stats are okay. Yes, nothing special, but not too terrible.
- positioning: 72 positioning is not that good, but his 92 finishing make this okay.

No Go's:
- curve: 65 curve is just a joke for a class player like him.
- heading: 79 jumping is nice, but 64 heading sucks quite a lot.
- work rates: med / med workrates are a bit irritating.

If you haven't got any problems with spending a lot of coins, just buy him. One of the best silvers of FIFA 13!

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SIF Beast Rating 10 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 352 | Submitted by gloves4222 on 10 April

At first I was a bit hesitant to use SIF Hosiner because of his price tag, but I soon found out that all my misgivings would be answered positively.

(10/10) PACE | The first thing I realized was his pace. With 84 acceleration and 87 sprint speed, he could escape some of the faster defenders, in my case, he slipped away from Dede with ease.

(10/10) SHOOTING | Then after he was past Dede, I felt like testing his shot out, because of his 92 shot power. His first shot (about 30 yards out) sailed into the roof of the net. Finesses will occasionally go in, but stick with the powered shots, they are GODLY. Finishes everything, doesn't waste any chances.

(6/10) PASSING | Mediocre, made a few poor passes and a few good ones. What you would expect from 50 passing. Don't need much of it as a striker though.

(9/10) DRIBBLING | His dribbling is surprisingly smooth, you can pass (in my experience) at least two defenders with roulettes and ball roll drag-backs. Sometimes his touch is goes awry and the ball ricochets off of his foot, but for the most part, his ball control was that of a pornstar and dribbled very well.

---Skipped defense b/c he is a striker and no one gives a fuck about defense as a striker--

(10/10) Oh my days, his heading turned out to be one of his top attributes, although is doesn't outrightly say it on his card. He seems so aggressive in the air and ended up winning tons of headers. I had Arnautovic on my squad so I sent in a lot of crosses, and this man reached about 90% of them.

All in all he is one of the best strikers I have played with on FIFA 13, he's quick, agile, a lethal finisher, and a beast in the air.I highly recommend you use the squad I have,, because he plays incredibly well with who he is paired with.

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