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What a tank Rating 10 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 3412 | Submitted by younes024 on 23 December

I have tested this tank over a period of 3 months now and I'm glad to report he has performed faultlessly. I find it to be one of the most beautiful tanks amongst my collection of various tanks.

The Akinfenwa traces its origins back to the 1950's, when the USA and Germany collaborated in the design of a replacement for the Beast tank, to serve in the European Theatre of the Cold War.
The USA decided that it wanted to proceed with its own project however, and developed the IF akinfenwa, whilst the Germans were stuck with the Beast project, renaming it the Heskey. The Akinfenwa has been considerably upgraded during its lifespan, combining devastating firepower with outstanding mobility to create what many regard as the best tank in the world.

Included are are range of accessories you can add to the Akinfenwa tank, a pair of antennae and of course a push button remote controller and instruction manual.

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Akinfenwa - Not all he's hyped up to be.... Rating 4 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 433 | Submitted by SlyfoxConor on 15 December

Akinfenwa, the apparent 'BEAST' does not live up to his status with this IF. For starters, his price tag is huge (I paid 178,000 -_-) due to all the KSIOlajidebt hype of his strength etc. but his performance doesn't match that at all. Don't get me wrong, his strength is good but the pace he has doesnt match his strenght as you get caught up with the slowest defenders due to Akinfenwa's awful in game acceleration and pace. I even tried to play a 4-3-3 with Walcott and Young on either side to push up the pace but it didn't help one bit. To the positives, he does live up to his strength and can hold off bronze defenders really easily as there other in game stats are awful but Akinfenwa cant hold off and out pace silver and gold defenders AT ALL. His shot is pretty good and he has a reaaly good finesse shot but overall Akinfenwa is a OP player who apparently has 'BEAAAAAAAAAASST' stats but uh.... he doesnt live up to that status.
Overall 4/10

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Compared to his NIF..... Rating 5 / 10 | Position CF | Formation 5212 | Submitted by holz on 21 January

First of all i bought him for 115k on the PS3 and played him as a CF behind Showunmi and Morgan in a 5-2-1-2. In 20 games he scored 17 goals and had around 10 assists, which is pretty good for a CF.
But there are a lot of negatives on him...


Compared to his NIF his pace felt exactly the same. His acceleration is terrible but his sprintspeed feels like 65. His strength felt also the same, but his 96 strength on his NIF is already amazing. His dribbling is awful, it's hard to dribble with a tank.


There is a huge improvement to his NIF. He has a very powerful shot and the finishing of a good gold player. His curve is also nice. Longshots are possible but you can't score 40 yarder with him, only from 20-25 yard.


There is no difference to his NIF. His short-/longpassing is decent together with 60 vision.


His heading is absolutely horrible. Although he is 5'10" he can't win a single header in a duel.


He has low/low workrates, this means he doesn't make a run without L1/LB. But at CF this isn't as bad as it shows. He can use his strength and his decent sprintspeed to get past the defenders or can pass the ball to faster players.

The last thing i want to say is that the NIF scored 21 goals in 25 games. There is no difference between the NIF and the IF except shooting. So I only recommend him if you are rich or you just love him that much.

- amazing strength and balance
- decent sprintspeed for a tank
- very powerful shot
- amazing finishing
- good curve
- decent longhots
- decent passing

- bad acceleration
- turns like the titanic
- hard to dribble
- one of the worst heading i've ever seen on a 5'10" player.
- nearly no difference between the NIF and the IF except shooting.
- very expensive for a bronze player

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The definition af a tank. Akinfenwa IF Rating 9 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 442 | Submitted by thethingsoflife on 05 March

I used Akinfenwa in a bronze English team, in the formation 442, he was played next to Westcarr and infront of McSheffery and Weston. I bought him for a total of 157,000 coins on the PS3.

Akinfenwa is obviously a player which is seen as a player people use to take the piss, which is the reason why I first bought him, but he is actually a class striker to use if you can play without pace (which to be fair, the team he was used in is all pace).

A stat people would look at and straight away move on is his 51 pace and for a bronze player, pace is one of the most important things, but I'm definitely not saying he is fast, but he is much higher than 51, I think a more fair number for his pace would be around the 65+ mark. Which isn't too bad taking into account his strength.

One of the most important things you must take into account when using Akinfenwa IF is the he will not go round defenders by doing simple dribbling, if your aim is to try and get round a defender, you must use the L2+R2/LT+RT dribbling because he seems to be unbelievable agile when it comes to that. Another very important thing to remember when using Akinfenwa is that he wont get to a through ball round a defender, so don't even try it, BUT, if you do have the ball with him and he is in front of the defender, there is almost no way that he will get tackled because even the strongest of defenders just bounce off of him. Which is fair, I mean, at the end of the day he does have a massive 99 strength.

Akinfenwa isn't a player you would assume to have the best shot in the world, which he doesn't, but it is easily one of the best I have used from a bronze player, this isn't shown on his IG stats aren't high on the finishing aspect, but for some reason, in-game he has a great finesse shot and it will curve in from almost any angle.

With Akinfenwa I currently have used him for a total of 47 games and in which he has scored a total of 67 (which isn't bad for a bronze tournament player)

Overall I would suggest Akinfenwa IF to almost anyone with a bronze English team, as long as there is two strikers in the team, because I don't believe that he would perform very well in this formation because there wouldn't be a player, who, if under pressure, could just pace it out and score a classical bronze pace abusing goal.

Thanks for reading and if this review helped you make your decision on whether to buy Akinfenwa IF and if so please take a second to like, because, at the end of the day, that's what its there for!



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BEAST Rating 10 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 352 | Submitted by alexh99 on 07 December

The only word with which I can describe the mighty AKINFNWA is BEAAAAST.
He is a really good player, considering he's a bronze! I played him next to the best striker in the game in my opinion (Aguero) and he wasn't bad at all!! But I do have to say it is impossible to compare Aguero with Akinfenwa.
Goods: His strength is his best advantage. If Akinfenwa is heading towards goal and your defender is behind him you are not going to be able to stop him because with his 96 strength, and his 80 balance, your defender is not going to be able to bring him down. His shot is also a pretty good attribute (again, considering he is a bronze). With his 71 finishing and his 66 shot power he is gonna rocket the ball into the net (like basically every player can do in this fifa).
Bads: He is veeery slow. He is not going to be able to speed past defenders. But you can solve this by dribbling past defenders and after you past his defense your done.

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Not all KSI says he is... Rating 5 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 352 | Submitted by JCoto on 23 July

In debth review of Saheed Adebayo Akinfenwa.

Pace 4/10 - He is as slow as his card says! Although his strength does help him get past players, there is no way you are going to like this card if you are about pace abusing and over-the-top through-balls. Saying this, when Akinfenwa hits his full sprint speed, he can outpace players such as Mertesacker and Varane! However he is generally slow and his acceleration is absolutely appauling...

Dribbling 7/10 - Saheed Adebayo Akinfenwa is a very strong player with decent dribbling and good ball control. His dribbling is not great but his strength makes up for it and means his dribbling feels a lot better than his card stats suggest.

Shooting 6/10 - Akinfenwa's finishing and shot power are one of his top stats however don't even try and take long shots with him! Volleys (I only hit one volley - it flew over the bar!) were average at best - 66 in his in game stats. In game, he has 56 long shots which I did notice in game. I am a huge fan of longshots and love seeing the net bulge after taking a beautiful longshot. Unfortunately, I could not do this with Akinfenwa. After criticising him, I feel his shot power was great and he finished most things inside the penalty area.

Defending 3/10 - Although defending is not a key stat for a striker (far from it!) I do like my attackers to have at least 20+ interceptions and marking (to intercept passes round the back and staying close to a defender when he is getting passed to) but Saheed Adebayo Akinfenwa has 15 marking and 17 interceptions... Many of you will be questioning why I think this is important but, as I said earlier, it is not too key.

Passing 5/10 - I found Akinfenwa to have fairly decent short passing (at 64) but could not change the play or do an accurate aerial through ball to save his life! (his long passing is 34...). However I did not notice this too much.

Heading 7/10 - Although Saheed Adebayo Akinfenwa stands at a mere 5'10", he is a great header of the ball (although his heading in game is only 63) and has fairly decent jumping stats - 61.

Other points: Unfortunately, Akinfenwa has Low/Low workrates, meaning he is frequently out of position and never makes useful runs. He has great strength (one of only 3 players to have 99 strength) and great aggression (at 79) - this was definitely Akinfenwa's highlight as he does not have much else to rave about...

All in all, I kind of enjoyed playing with Akinfenwa but at times he was very frustrating to use. Would I recommend you to spend 150k on this guy? Fuck no! Buy TOTS Valbuena or something - Akinfenwa does not live up to the hype KSI gives him and I really wouldn't recommend you guys to buy him. Have a great day! JCoto

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THE BEAST Rating 8 / 10 | Position ST | Formation 433 | Submitted by colombianteamsrop on 27 June

Adebayo Akinfenwa, the beast, a tank, so when his IF came out, I knew he was a player that i wanted.
Due to me building other teams and not really playing FIFA, it has taken me months to finally secure the services of this beast.

I'll go through some of his stats:

51 Pace- AWFUL. Just plain awful. Maybe it is because he is small and bulky, but he feels slower than Van Buyten (who I have used), it's so bad. If he goes through on a run, the chances are that he will be easily caught up with, by literally any defender. I'm no pace abuser, but he really is slow. Don't try any 1-2 passes with him.

64 Dribbling- Combined with his pace, his dribbling just really doesn't work at all. His 74 ball control, however, is pretty good so he will be able to get the ball and pass.

46 Defending- He is a striker, so it really does not matter. However, I did find that if a cm or cb did hold on to the ball to long, and Adebayo got close to them, he would win most standing tackles.

48 Passing- Not as bad as it looks. His short passing is fine as it is in the 60s, and he can play simple through balls, However don't expect anything more than that.

72 Heading- When he actually gets his head on the ball, it will go in, I've found it very good. But, due to his size and jump, he rarely gets the opportunity to head the ball.

64 Shooting- WHAT A LIE. This guy is insane inside the area, a real poacher. He has good shot power and finishing, so if he gets a chance, he scores. But, don't go trying longshots, because they won't go in.

99 Strength- Save the best til last. He is a monster. This is why his pace actually isn't that big a problem. No defender can get him off the ball. He shrugs everyone off, and is a key asset to his game.

I used him in this team:

I found that with these wingers, I really couldn't score with him. But, once I had worked this out, I made the swap to put IF Mirallas and Hazard into the wings, and he scored a lot more.

In 20 games he scored 17 goals, all in division one which I feel is a good enough return.

Pros: Great finishing, good short passing, good heading ability. AMAZING STRENGTH

Cons: Bad pace, passing as whole not that good, cannot dribble, feels very sluggish

I would give him a 8/10, because if you use him right he can be very good.

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