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Brilliant Rating 9 / 10 | Position LM | Formation 442 | Submitted by eh17 on 14 December

I bought IF Guardado for around 27,000 coins on PS3, which seemed pricy at the time. Before that I had normal Guardado, who was an absolute beast for his price. I like to put it this way: IF Guardado is a worse version of Messi. He can be absolutely brilliant. He doesn't score that much but is instrumental in midfield on my team. He can dribble, he can pass, he can even do some great long shots. I still have him in my Liga BBVA team and the only LM I would prefer over him is Ronaldo. Overall, I love playing with Guardado and he is one of my favorite FUT players.
Pace: 9/10: Extremely fast
Dribbling: 10/10: I find it rare when playing online for someone to stop Guardado.
Pass: 7/10: Can make a decent pass but he certainly isn't Xavi.
Shot: 8/10: Very clinical.
Heading 5/10: Don't buy him to be an arial threat.

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Seriously Underrated Rating 8 / 10 | Position LF | Formation 3421 | Submitted by redarmy97 on 13 January

I have been playing with this guy in my la liga squad for a good few months now and not once has he disappointed, he has exceptional pace and dribbling which really help me to weave in and out of defenders. His shooting is seriously underrated as well, he is a solid attacker with 7 or 8 shots from outside the box going in out of 10 for me. His heading is nothing incredible but he will win aerial battles from time to time.

The main thing that I love about this player is his agility and balance, although he is not the strongest I have beaten sometimes up to five defenders with this player.

I haven't played with Ronaldo but if, like me, you are nowhere close to being able to afford him, this guy is definitely the next best thing in terms of left wingers in Liga BBVA (I have played with IF Pedro, David Villa etc)

Great Pace
Great Dribbling
Decent Shooting (no RVP but will do the job)
Incredibly agile

Only three star skills
Low strength

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Great, Affordable LM Rating 9 / 10 | Position LM | Formation 451 | Submitted by SergioBiscuits on 05 April

Played him obviously at LM in a La Liga 4-5-1 and he was a great bargain (at least by TOTW standards). I use to have Villa in his spot but wanted someone quicker down the wings and he provided that happily. Great speed, great ball control and solid passing and shooting. Also his defensive stats are pretty good, definitely won a few balls from the opposing RB and whipped it into the box for Falcao to head home.

Pace- He's real quick and very agile, very easy to make your way down the wings with this guy!

Shooting- I actually scored quite a few nice goals with him, usually about 20-25 yards out, very solid finisher. He's also great at finding space to get open and get a shot. Most of my goals came from Jordi Alba taking the wing position and Guardado would move in towards the box. Just a quick pass, turn and shoot and that's almost always a goal. That said I can't say he is a top tier finisher and missed his fair share or didn't hit them hard enough. Still definitely someone you can count on to finish most of the time.

Passing- Key stat when it comes to the 451 where I played a very possession focused buildup (I think the 451 is absolutely the best for this) His long passes weren't the greatest but in the short passing game he was rock solid, nothing amazing, but very few errors. Solid crosser as well.

Dribbling- Great dribbler leaves nothing to be desired here.

Defending- I'm always looking for my midfield to have at least above 60 def because it can really help you control the midfield and take pressure off of your defenders. He and SIF Jordi Alba absolutely shut down the left flank, nothing got by those two. This is definitely a bonus, especially if you're playing a 3 at the back formation, he provides good support to your D.

Heading- Nothing special here.

I can't recommend this guy enough. Even if you can afford a more expensive LM, go with Guardado and use the extra coins elsewhere!

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